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Mark Watches ‘Serenity’: Open Post

In the interest of collecting my thoughts in a more organized manner that’s easier to read than trying to search for my comments in our super awesome liveblog, I thought it best to allow us all to drop them here.

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Mark Watches ‘Serenity’ LIVEBLOG!

This should be fun, since we’ve not done a liveblog on the new site with the new comment system. If this is your first liveblog ever, welcome and sit down for a brief instruction on how these things go down.

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Mark Watches ‘Firefly’: Episode 14 – Objects in Space

In the fourteenth (and final) episode of Firefly, Whedon tackles the complicated and sometimes disturbing implications of a world of existentialist absurdism as a bounty hunter brings his particularly frightening brand of terror onboard Serenity in order to collect the … Continue reading

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Final ‘Firefly’ Schedule

No reviews this weekend, as we approach the end of this series, because I want to spread these out this week so it’s not too long before we do the liveblog. So here’s the final schedule we’ll use for the … Continue reading

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Mark Watches ‘Firefly’: Episode 5 – Safe

In the fifth episode of Firefly, we get a much-needed flashback to explain more of Simon and River Tam’s life; unfortunately, the method that triggers it is a near-fatal gunshot wound and a kidnapping. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark … Continue reading

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Mark Watches ‘Firefly’: Episode 4 – Shindig

In the fourth episode of Firefly, a slow episode dealing with aristocrats, ruffling dresses, and companions turns into a fast-paced (and, admittedly, bizarre) duel scenario in which Mal fights for Inara’s honor and respect. Yes, Mal gets into a fight. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the (new) future of Mark Watches!

That’s right. TWO SITES. RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME. People had pitched for me to do TV/movie series for review, but I felt that it would have been odd to have them under the Mark Reads banner. So…why not create … Continue reading

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