Mark Watches ‘Serenity’: Open Post

In the interest of collecting my thoughts in a more organized manner that’s easier to read than trying to search for my comments in our super awesome liveblog, I thought it best to allow us all to drop them here.

Because it would be seriously too difficult to run through things in a chronological manner like I usually do (and because you don’t need a plot summary of the movie YOU JUST WATCHED), LET’S BRING BACK LISTS fuck yeah.


  • This is one of the better expositions I’ve seen in a movie, and certainly for a movie dealing with a television show. I thought it introduced the plot to strangers while still being intelligent and valuable to all of us who had seen the show; the sudden shift to River’s point of view was an even greater insight into her mind. I liked it because it was Whedon’s attempt to make sure we sympathized with what she was going through by showing us what her mind was like.
  • The fact that Whedon never made the Alliance an entirely evil entity is also appreciated. River’s flashback scene at the beginning showed that there were people who meant well and that the Alliance certainly provided a meaningful life for some people under their rule. The key to understanding the main conflict is in this opening scene: there are people who don’t want to be a part of the Alliance, and they’ve been given no choice otherwise.
  • Watching Simon free River was so wonderful. Dude’s a badass and sometimes we forget that.
  • The Operative, played brilliantly by Chiwetel Ejiofor, is very, very creepy. Early is worse for me, but this is also another man convinced of his moral standing and the pragmatism that comes from it.
  • It was bittersweet to watch Whedon cycle through his introduction to all the characters we’d come to love. I knew that this would be over soon. noooooooooooooo
  • I was impressed with how seamless this segued from the final episode, only really skipping over two larger stories: What Inara and Book had each been up to.
  • As soon as the Reavers showed up during the raid, I secretly hoped we’d see more of them in this movie. I was very happy we did.
  • SERIOUSLY, FUCK THE REAVERS. Oh my god, they are so awful.
  • Could we expect an extension of Firefly without a scene of moral ambiguity? Watching Mal shove that man off the ship and then shooting him as the Reavers took him was difficult to watch and even worse when Zoe confronted him about. Shooting him was an act of mercy, but where does Mal draw the line about saving another life? It builds on the idea that the only people that truly matter to him are his crew.  “Maybe that’s why we lost,” says Zoe. Ouch.
  • Which…that does explain his very angry fight with Simon immediately after this. Simon is mad that Mal used River and you know what? I have to agree with him that while River did save their lives, Mal is using her to his own ends. It’s creepy and kind of rude how practical he is with her at this point in the story.
  • Fanty and Mingo are so scummy. I love it.
  • RIVER’S TRANSFORMATION SCENE. There were plenty of hints towards her identity as an actual weapon in the run of the show, but after that commercial triggers a memory of Miranda and she turns into THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING MACHINE. Holy shit. Also, I found it funny she kicked Jayne’s ass, since he sort of deserved that after his actions in “Ariel.”
  • I know it’s not funny, but the fact that Simon has a safe word for his sister is…well, it made me laugh. I can’t help it.
  • Mr. Universe is awesome. His female sexbot? Not so awesome. Really, really creepy, actually.
  • UGH SEEING INARA HURT. I like her so, so, so much. But I will say that the scene with the entire crew watching her and Mal talk was FANTASTIC. There aren’t many moments where they’re all together anymore, so I appreciated seeing it.
  • Mal and Zoe knew it was trap right off the bat. A+++++ forever.
  • I was sort of indifferent to The Operative until the battle in Inara’s place. Dude, you are fucked up. No thank you.
  • So we find out Miranda is a planet at the edge of the system. At first, I thought they’d discover it was actually Earth-That-Was, but oh god, it was so much worse.
  • That worse? That the Operative decided to go after every hiding place Serenity was known to frequent, which included Haven, where Book was hiding. When he died, I knew it was Whedon’s nod to us: Shit is so fucking real right now and you are not goddamn prepared for what I am about to do.
  • Mal’s first Reavers plan is TOTALLY FUCKED. Hey, let’s strap Book and a bunch of bodies to the hull of our ship and pretend to be Reavers. THAT’S TOTALLY WHAT BOOK WOULD HAVE WANTED. I mean, it does work, but…wow.
  • The Miranda story. Jesus fucking christ, this is the most important scene to the entire series. It re-contextualizes EVERY episode. We knew they wanted River because she was a weapon, but that hint in the very beginning of the movie came true: River had the ability to read the secrets hidden in the minds of “key members of Parliament.” That secret? The Alliance tested a chemical that sought to eliminate aggression. It worked, to the point that it killed every person on Miranda because they simply lost the will to live. All of them except a small percentage, who had the opposite reaction: they became so violent, they became the Reavers.
  • I thought Mal was walking into a trap unknowingly when he contacted Mr. universe about spreading the message to the entire ‘Verse, but his SECOND Reavers plan was even more brilliant than the first: trick the Reavers into following them through space and dropping them right on top of the Alliance ships. FUCK YEAH.
  • And just when you think everything is fine….Wash. Oh my god, Wash. You know, I expected them to return to Serenity afterwards and find out he was all right, but no. Whedon doesn’t work that way. They took a risk and Wash was the casualty. Seriously one of the most depressing scenes, especially when they try to avoid locking the doors and Zoe shouts, “He ain’t comin’ back!” Endless. Tears.
  • No, wait, not endless tears. Simon is shot, badly. WHEDON PLEASE STOP THIS IT HURTS TO WATCH.
  • Oh wait, what’s that? River turns into the most epic badass of all time? Her fight against the Reavers is SO AMAZING. Oh man.
  • There is a huge difference between The Operative and Early: Early would never have given up his mission, but The Operative, after observing the Miranda feed, realizes he’s been fighting on the wrong side the entire time.
  • The small graveyard scene is so fucking heartbreaking. His dinosaurs. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Though, I thought Simon had died? But no, he’s standing right there!
  • There’s a beautiful symmetry in River becoming the new pilot and for Mal’s newfound respect for her.
  • “What was that?”

This isn’t quite over yet, for the record. I ordered all three of the graphic novels that span the gap between the TV series and the movie. In the next week or so, I’ll put one-off reviews of each one up on Mark Reads. And THEN we will be done and we can all cry forever.

So now I turn things over to all of you. What did you think of Serenity? Likes and dislikes? Best quotes? I didn’t include very many quotes because JESUS CHRIST THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD ONES. Also, MOAR GIFS OF THE MOVIE.

Your turn!

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434 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Serenity’: Open Post

  1. echinodermata says:

    So I was making a list of quotes from your reviews that I knew would be retrospectively interesting. Mostly, these quotes fell into two categories: 1, that you appreciate how the writers are willing to hurt their characters, and 2, that you wanted Book backstory.

    Regarding point 1, here's a quote from your Train Job review: "This show is quick to hand out injuries." NO FUCKING SHIT OMG. To quote tvtropes, I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I die.

    And Book's death is such that it just makes me feel he was so underused – easily the one thing I would have wanted had the show continued would have been to actually have some questions about Book answered.

    On rewatch, I generally just stick to River's fight scenes, as they're fun to watch without being soul-crushingly depressing. I love how it incorporates Summer Glau's dance background.

    And now that you're done, here's a fanvid! It's posted at the end of the liveblog by someone else, but so worth watching I'm posting a link here.

    Defying Gravity (Wicked)

    I also have links to two different crossover fanfics with HP, if you or anyone else wants them.

  2. Danielle says:

    Mostly I was too busy CRYING ALL OF THE TEARS. But Kaylee is still the most adorable thing out of everything ever.

  3. totiebinds says:

    I need to get into practice for liveblogging, I think. I kept on pausing the movie so I wouldn't miss anything while I was commenting. For some reason, Mal's badassery hit me a lot harder than when I saw Serenity the first time around. Holy shit that man is amazing.

    I don't know if you saw the comments, but people were linking you to the R. Tam sessions before and during the liveblog. I watched them right before I pulled up the movie and there's a number of OMG moments connected to the movie going on there. Creepy cool.

    • Fuchsia says:

      Yes, definitely watch the R. Tam sessions! You said that you wanted to see more of the hands of blue guys– while they definitely had an impact on the movie, they weren't actually in it, but they're in these videos!

  4. Israel says:

    "Sure would be nice to have some grenades, don'ch think!?"
    "Define 'interesting'." – "Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die."

  5. Kaci says:

    I really love this movie an inhuman amount, and it makes me cry so, so much. Wash's death gets me every single time, but by far, I cry the most profoundly when River is fighting the Reavers. It's one of the things I think Joss does so well–the blonde in the dark alley who by all television and movie logic will be the vampire's first victim is actually the Chosen One and can destroy them all; the brilliant but mentally broken waif of a girl whose big brother had to save her from the Alliance is the one who saves them from the Reavers. I know some people have issues with Joss's take on feminism and that's another discussion entirely. What I am speaking of here is turning cliche on its head. Those who, at first glance, appear to be weak are actually the strongest and they will fuck your shit up when the time comes. And seeing River come into her own always gets to me.

  6. Mreeb says:

    Fucking love this movie. It was everything I wanted to be and more. Beautiful. River's "My turn" scene is the best in the film – I got shivers. Also, I honestly thought Joss was so bitter about his show being cancelled that he was going to kill off everyone. I was also in major denial about Wash right up until the funeral. Love this movie.

  7. bookling says:

    <img src=""&gt;

    RIVER FUCKING TAM. Holy shit. This is the most epic scene of all time.

    But WAAAAASH. All the sads can not express my sadness for Wash. Just expect from now on that Whedon will always break your heart in the most vicious way possible.

    <img src=""&gt;

    • totiebinds says:

      "Just expect from now on that Whedon will always break your heart in the most vicious way possible. "

      This. Being a Whedon fan is being a masochist. He hurts you but you love it so you always come back.

    • Karen says:

      lol. Jears. But yeah, Whedon enjoys punching people in the grief bone. I loved Wash sfm, and I really wanted to learn more about Book. BUT NO. WHEDON GETS OFF ON BEING WITH HOLDING.

    • bookling says:

      Oh, also, favorite quote:

      "Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothing twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries."
      "I can't know that!"

      KAYLEE I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Bemoaning Simon leaving because you're horny and you were TOTALLY about to hit that. YES. This is why you're my favorite.

      <img src=""&gt;

      • Ms. Prufrock says:

        On a related note, this exchange between Kaylee and Simon:

        Simon: In all that time on the ship… I've always regretted… not being with you.
        Kaylee: With me? You mean to say… as in sex?
        Simon: I mean to say.
        Kaylee: [cocks her gun] To Hell with this. I'm gonna live!

        Oh, Kaylee. Never change.

    • Hypatia_ says:

      Best gif EVER.

      "My turn." ::wreaks total destruction upon the Reavers::

  8. For about a month when I had no cable, I'd go to sleep watching this movie. NEEDLESS TO SAY I MORE OR LESS HAVE IT MEMORIZED. I mean I can't quote it, but I have the story down pat and know when things are going to happen and know when to listen for favorite lines.

  9. Marc064 says:

    the safe word Simon uses is Russian for "that's ridiculous". As I pointed out to my friend (in justification for having the kanji symbols from the side of serenity tattooed on my wrist) it's 14 perfect episodes, 1 awesome film and 4 (so far) pretty great comics… It can never disappoint us or draw on too long and become stale and for that I (try really hard) to be happy its so short.

    Then I watch it and cry endless tears that it should be on its 7th glorious season with story arcs so awesome that fox would apologise for ever being dumb enough to even consider its cancellation and make Joss our all-powerful ruler.

    • Karen says:

      I truly believe that this show could have lasted 7 seasons and been fantastic. (Haters to the left, the last two seasons of Buffy were wonderful in their own way.)

      • Marc064 says:

        yeah, whedon mentioned the Miranda arc was going to come up in season 3 or so, and take more time building up. So much groundwork was laid in the first 14 eps that we'd have been watching things now that we're hinted at in episode 1…..

        • MichelleZB says:

          We'd be watching a Season 1 Blue Sun conspiracy! And we wouldn't even know yet that River was a sleeper killer. Because Joss would unveil that over YEARS. Oh god.

      • MichelleZB says:

        Hey, no judgements here. Except for a few odd plot choices near the end few episodes, I thought Season 6 of Buffy was great. I really liked SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER.

    • Meltha says:

      I'm still rather amused by the slight apology that occured on Fox in one of their episodes of Bones. One character, Zach, was a huge Firefly fan and actually said something to the effect that canceling the show was one of the greatest mistakes every made on television. I couldn't help wondering if Boreanaz got that snuck in for Joss.

  10. kellythered says:

    I have confused feelings about the movie. On the one hand, as a movie, it's pretty damn good. But I think I prefer the show to the movie.

    I think with the show… you get more of an impression of just how big the Firefly verse is. I liked the rough and tumble look of it. The movie looks a little too sleek for my taste. You can also sense just how streamlined the story is, whereas with Firefly there were hints to complicated storylines that would have been a pleasure to watch unfold throughout the seasons.

    I think that ultimately my problem is that Firefly is just too damn good as a tv show. It makes a great movie, but as a tv show it was and would have been truly amazing.

    I'm not going to touch on Book's storyline, but since Inara's isn't going to ever be expanded on, I'm going to go ahead and discuss it. I think I would have loved the Inara storyline as it would have unfolded over the seasons. For those who don't know, there are three hints in the series as to what that storyline was, in addition to the frequent comments of how unusual it was to find a Companion on such a low class ship. The first was in the pilot, when she pulls out the syringe after they get news of the Reavers. The second was in Out of Gas, where she says "I don't want to die at all." The third was in Heart of Gold, and apparently had something to do with Nandi's comment to her about looking young? I don't know what the last one had to do with it, but the first two were a reference to something that Morena Baccarin confirmed in 2008- that Inara was dying from a terminal illness. I would have loved to see that play out because as much as it would have killed me, especially after getting attached to her, I would have loved to see her character arc. Once I found that out her character took on a new depth for me.

  11. liza says:

    GO WATCH THE EXTRAS. especially the gag reel. because that shit cracks me up every freakin time. yes, i've watched it multiple times. they're hilarious, and they have such a great relationship with each other, and…basically it's just awesome 😀

  12. shoroko says:

    True if kind of mean story: After being punched in the gut with it the first time, I kind of… loved watching people's reactions to Wash's death in the theater. I had no idea it was coming and it totally killed me the first time, but once I knew it was coming, I could appreciate how the rest of the audience would laugh at the "I'm a leaf on the wind" line, and then… stop laughing really fast.

    … and I did this to a friend when I took him to finally see it. I'm a bad person.

    • kmzh says:

      Ha, I do the same thing. It was a gut punch maybe the first 4 or 5 times, but by about the 10th time or so, I was paying more attention to audience reaction. I'm also a bad bad person.

    • Jerssica says:

      …I did this to my Mom.

      I had already seen it in theaters, and she LOVED the show so much (I think she was just in love with Mal and Simon) but I refused to tell her anything. We were both crying and she was whispering angrily to me "why didn't you tell me?!" Then Simon was shot and I was sure she was going to kill me.

  13. Serenity is tough, and when I get people into Firefly, I always hesitate at pointing them to Serenity- because once you see Serenity, you can't go back. I mean, you can go back, and obviously many of us have, but your precious innocence- that image you had of the whole crew traveling through space and getting into and out of trouble forever at the "end" of Firefly is no longer cannon. In other words, THEY ARE NOT PREPARED.

    I initially had a fairly lukewarm feeling about the movie, but it has grown on me in more viewings. I think this time I was actually distracted by the liveblogging, and other things going on around me, so it really added nothing to my viewing experience.

    I accidentally started a bit of a thread in the liveblog comments with my apparently unpopular opinion of Joss's killings. I didn't define my feelings well enough at first, but after a discussion I can say this: I still think the way Joss kills off major characters is cheap and fairly unnecessary. There seems to be a large amount of shock value, emotional manipulation, and "fridging" in his motivation, all covered up by this commitment to reality and heightened stakes. I'm not saying he should never kill any characters ever, but this is fiction and judging by the way he uses and lampshades tropes, he knows that; I simply think he wastes a lot of characters over his many works for little pay-off. He could do less in some situations to the same effect, and keep some actors in work. 😉 Maybe this is a moot point in the Firefly universe, as even if the characters were alive there would be little means to explore their future lives, but still. It just bugs me.

    Of course, with the terrible also comes the awesome- it's always great to see more of the Serenity crew, with awesome interactions and witty dialogue. "Do you want to be in charge of this ship?" "Yes." "Well… You can't!" I was thinking about how right Joss gets the lingo- "vasty nothingness"- and as I was thinking about that, I could see that coming out of Buffy's mouth, but somehow it works in the space western context even better.

    Anyway, Serenity is the very definition of bittersweet, and I'm glad you enjoyed it, Mark. As if you couldn't. =)

    • cait0716 says:

      As far as keeping the actors in work – characters almost always show up again after they've been killed off in one of Joss' shows, either in dream sequences, flashbacks, or through resurrection (Julie Benz' character Darla dies four times across Buffy and Angel). I think the theme that death isn't the end of a person is a big theme in Joss' shows.

      That said, there are certainly characters I would have like to have around for longer.

      • MichelleZB says:

        Was it Danny Strong who said that it's great to get killed in a Whedon show? I think so. He said, "If you're killed, it pretty much guarantees Joss will bring you back to do another episode or two at least."

    • summeriris says:

      I remember reading a review of an 'Angel' episode after 'Firefly' was cancelled. Gina Torres was in it and the writer of the article commented on how Joss Whedon was probably the most loyal producer in Hollywood as far as his actors went. Nathon Fillion also appeared in Buffy, and of course Alan Tudyick and Eliza Dushku in 'Dollhouse'. I rellay enjoyed 'Dollhouse'. I thought it had such an interesting premise. I hope that Joss has left Fox by now.

    • fireflyfan says:

      I don't think your opinion was all that unpopular. Alot of Joss fans have issues with his killing there favorite characters. I think though for me one of the defining moments of the series was in the Serenity pilot at the end when Mal shot Dobson without so much as a stop or I'll shoot warning. I liked the fact that Joss was going against the typical hero role where the bad guy always gets to shoot first and the good guy never gets hit.

    • arctic_hare says:

      No no, I totally agree with you re: Whedon's killing off of major characters. He pulls the same crap over and over again, and it's a big part of what made me turn from something of a fan to someone who kinda loathes him.

    • Binx says:

      I'm so late to this comment it isn't even funny, but I'll just type out my thoughts any way. While I feel that the majority of character deaths in the Whedonverse serve a major purpose, say something, and get the story where it needs to go, some are gratuitous in my eyes: that of Wash and Book among them. They were killed off seemingly "just because". I'd list the Whedonverse deaths that really stood for something and were important to the storyline, but that'd spoil Mark, seeing as how dude's years behind and is only now getting into Buffy 😉

  14. bookling says:

    THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME. I was just thinking about how Joss seems to have a love-bot theme running throughout his work. Buffy, Serenity, Dollhouse… they all have elements of it.

  15. cait0716 says:

    I'm sad I missed the liveblog. But man, what a great movie (which I've seen so many times I practically have it memorized)

    Mal: You'll have to tell me about [your past] sometime
    Book: No, I don't

    At this point in the movie, it was like Joss telling me I was never going to get Book's back story and I would just have to suck it up and deal. His death later in the movie basically confirmed that. His death was almost more devastating to me than Wash's (almost). I waited years for The Shepherd's Tale to come out. I paid an outrageous amount for it, but it was so worth it.

    The Operative is basically Early 2.0, and I adore the actor who played him (even though I can't pronounce his name for the life of me).

    After Wash died, I really did think that the entire crew was going to die. I was so scared during that final battle. But River is epically badass

    Mal is completely insane. Wash says as much in War Stories, but his plans with the Reavers really illustrate this. He will do anything it takes to do what he thinks is right. I love The Operative's reaction to the Reavers, one of the greatest moments in the movie.

    I'm so sad this is over! I'm even more sad because I haven't seen Dr Who and don't own it or have any way to watch it. I asked for it for Christmas, meaning I'll have to wait at least a week to come back to this blog (My life is just so tragic, I know!). But if it's not under the tree, I'm definitely going out and buying it.

  16. Znachki says:

    Mark – There are four graphic novels

    1) Serenity: Those Left Behind
    2) Serenity: Better Days
    3) Serenity: Float Out – a oneshot featuring Wash
    4) Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale

    • You can get the first two together as a two-comics-in-one thing so that makes 3 to order. I hope that's what Mark meant when he said he ordered three because I wouldn't want him to miss out on any of those.

  17. kmzh says:

    Just a note, I don't think they actually strapped Book to the ship for the Reaver run. Nathan jokes about it in the bloopers, but I assumed they used non-Book bodies in the movie.

  18. monkeybutter says:

    "Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!" I love anything that Kaylee says. There really isn't anything I hate about the movie other than Wash dying, but I guess Joss had his reasons.

    And I want to thank you for watching Firefly/Serenity because it got me to watch Dollhouse on Netflix and I'm really enjoying it (only like 5 eps in, so don't spoil me, I know nothing!). There are parallels between what the Alliance did on Miranda and to River, and what happens to the Actives in the Dollhouse, namely removing their personalities and awareness. Free will and personhood, and what happens when you screw with those things, seem to be important themes in Joss's shows.

    • cait0716 says:

      Holy crap. Episode 5 is when shit starts to get real. You are not prepared for that series. Enjoy it!

      • Plummy says:

        YES! After Episode 5 or 6, it's for REAL REAL. The first five or so episodes were more influenced by Fox and were more formulaic 'monster of the week' episodes, but after those Joss really got into the meat of the story and what happens behind the scenes, which is FABULOUS!

    • totiebinds says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE Dollhouse! It's the second Whedon show Fox has fucked over, which is so sad. But it was a brilliant concept.

      • monkeybutter says:

        My fault for not watching. The promos never appealed to me, and I have that problem a lot with Fox shows. I should just assume that if something on their network looks bad in the commercials, I'll love it.

    • bookling says:

      YAY DOLLHOUSE. So, so, good. And yet, again Fox fucked it up by making Joss re-write the pilot and the first few episodes because they weren't what they wanted the show to be. And, shocker, those episodes failed to earn much of an audience for the show and it eventually tanked.

      But I'm thankful for small favors: at least it got a second season.

    • MichelleZB says:

      Joss even deals with the whole "free will" theme in Buffy and Angel. Both of them are reluctant heroes to a certain extent.

      Buffy didn't choose to be the Slayer, but she has to be anyway, and deals with it sort of well sometimes, but badly other times. Being a Hero and saving the world a lot destroys Buffy from the inside, over years and years, and she can see it happening, and hates it and loves it at the same time.

  19. pica_scribit says:

    That whole scene of them dravving the Reavers through space, culminating in Wash's death, just about sends me into cardiac arrest every time. My heart is literally racing through the whole scene, even though I've seen in about ten times by now. You know the makers of a movie have done something right when that happens. Joss pulls no punches, and I love him for it.

    Oh, and the love bot? All I can say is, watch Buffy. This theme will recur, and the moral implications will be explored. (Say you're gonna watch Buffy! Say it, please, Mark! But…y'know…AFTER Doctor Who.)

  20. Caitlin says:

    Mark, you may be interested to know that a graphic novel telling Book’s story (finally!) was just released.

  21. crazyravenclaw says:

    I didn't get to do the liveblog, but I wore my Serenity t-shirt today in honor of it! (Yes, I have a Serenity t-shirt. It has River's badass silhouette on it. I also have a Firefly one with the dinosaurs saying, "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" Feel free to judge me.)

    Anyway, I'm glad you loved the movie! I still haven't gotten my hands on the graphic novels, but I REALLY want to read The Shepherd's Tale, so I might have to go buy them.

  22. cheshire7 says:

    I loved all of this movie. Even the parts that were heart-breaking.
    I knew you'd love it too, Mark.
    It may take a while, but I don't think Joss is done with it either.

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  24. katconquers says:

    Ok now thatg you have seen serenity how spot on was my comment ab out umbridge being a true believer?

    Whedon references forever

  25. TyBlack says:

    I had real thoghts on the movie but they were all driven out of my head when I noticed that one of the Reavers River destroyed was wearing Han Solo's outfit.

    I do remember that I felt more sad when Book and Wash died because I knew how sad Mark would be.

  26. affableevil says:

    I'm so sad that I missed the liveblog 🙁 However, my family and I did churn out an impressive 1,400 sugar cookies today. Love the movie, but I will never ever ever get over the deaths of Book and Wash (TEARS 4EVAH srsly).

    Lastly, I highly recommend reading this if you're interested in Zoe/Wash whatnots:

  27. pbrim says:

    Now that it's not a spoiler anymore, I wanted to share my favorite Firefly filk Leaf on the Wind.

  28. fireflyfan says:

    Mark, I notice that you haven't made any comments about the river tam sessions. Did you watch them? Just curious.

  29. whatsername says:

    They finally came out with a Book backstory graphic novel/comic which I got the husband for Christmas so I haven't actually seen it yet. But it's something at least.

  30. cjazzle says:

    likes: Fruity Oaty Bars! Makes a man out of a mouse! Fruity Oaty bars! Make her come out of her blouse!
    and: miranda. DUH. revelations = 1 billion atomic bombs in my head

    dislikes: the darker lighting. i understand it had to appeal to a wide audience, but the lighting and the colors were so dark, and like, river's hair was super dark and emo, and that's totally not what it was like in the series. i can accept it all, but just a pet peeve detail.

  31. Hypatia_ says:

    Oh god, it should have been the Buffybot. With no explanation. It's just…Mr. Universe has the Buffybot. Because he does.

    • Openattheclose says:

      You know, I could totally buy the Buffybot surviving earth's destruction. That thing was indestructible (and so perky!).

  32. blackrose says:

    Wash! Noooo! Saddest thing ever, he was my favorite character.

  33. Lolua says:

    I have no appropriate gifs, but I humbly offer my favorite Firefly fanvid for your enjoyment:<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>I especially like unflappable!Zoe near the end of the bridge.

  34. Tonie says:

    The first time I saw this movie was my freshman year of college. One of my friends that lived down the hall just heard this heartwrenching scream "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!" at 2 AM and had NO IDEA what was happening.

    PS. My theory about Book's past? He had to have been an operative. There's no way he would have known that much about them otherwise. It totally fits too, the Operative's manic religious fervor –> Wash's toned down, realistic faith. I always got the feeling he was atoning for something that happened during his Alliance days, as well.

    Also the deleted scenes are on youtube. My favorite is on this link
    at about 4:20. The Operative says "Serenity. You lost everything in that battle… How did you go on?"
    And Mal's response? "You're still standing there when that engine starts, you never will find out"
    I love this because, to me, that's really the only way to deal with so huge a gaping hole something like that leaves in your life. You keep moving, you don't get dead, and eventually you just figure it out. It's so Mal so sum something like that up so tersely.

  35. karate0kat says:

    Have you seen the video of Summer Glau in fight training? The woman is a goddess.

  36. PJG says:

    I have to apologize for a spoilerish comment I posted earlier today on the episode 14 comments— unforgiveable…. and completely unintentional. SyFy showed Serenity a week or so ago towards the beginning of Mark Watches. Ive seen all episodes and the movie a few times each already, and was throroughly enjoying following along with Mark's watching and everyone's comments. In my befuddled head, the Reavers scene in Serenity occured in the early part of the Firefly series that I was re-watching at the same time. :::hangs head in shame, and turning in my geek card::::

  37. Seeing Wash die is about the saddest thing in the universe. My friend and I actually got so depressed over the notion of his death – especially with poor Zoe, who wanted a baby with him so bad – that we decided to tell ourselves that Zoe is totally pregnant and just doesn't know it yet (and she didn't miscarry from that awful battle or anything because life is MAGICAL LIKE THAT DAMMIT) so that she can have a little Washling.

    Was that not one of the most epic things ever? <3 the Firefly 'Verse forever and ever.

    Oh – by the way – welcome, officially, to the Browncoats, Mark 😉 it's an honour to have you on board.

  38. Robyn says:

    I just watched all 14 episodes back-to-back THEN watched Serenity. Didn't make it in time for the liveblog, but thanks Mark – you actually inspired me to actually DO IT. I'd always kinda wanted to but thought Nathan Fillion was kind of lame. Now, I think he is over 29 different kinds of awesome and was introduced to a short but fantastic show. WAAAASSHHHHH! NOOOOOO!
    Now that all is said and done, thanks Mark and thanks Mark fandom. Love you all!

  39. Sheilla says:

    Thank you Mark for taking me back in time of seeing Firefly and Serenity through unknowing eyes. From episode 1 to the movie this was a very special story and I have missed it for a long time, but you made it all new and shiny again. Thanks!

  40. Enigmaticrose4 says:

    So, I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this since I haven't read all of the comments, but Word of God is that Book used to be what Early was. He eventually 'saw the light' and became a Shepard.

  41. grlgoddess says:

    I haven't seen Serenity in a while, but this is what I mainly remember from it.

    I knew about Wash's death before I started Firefly, I just didn't know when it was going to happen. When it did, I was a bit… underwhelmed. That was it? I expected it to be a big deal, very dramatic, but they just had to move on, which was far more in character. This still bothers me. I guess it was a good idea to keep true to the characters, but his death lost some impact for me.

    I also felt that Inara and Book were both a bit… unnecessary? I love them, but I think the movie could have been just as good without them.


  42. ldwy says:

    I loved that there was that part when they are with Book at the monastery and Mal asks him about his history…something like "you've got to tell me about that sometime" and Book is all "No I don't."
    It was a great nod to the fact that THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ALL DESPERATE TO KNOW and unfortunately Whedon just didn't have time. I'm glad there's the comic though, I have to get my hands on a copy.

  43. Jennreyn says:

    Fun fact that I JUST FIGURED OUT NOW: I definitely used to be obsessed with TWO DIFFERENT (and truly awful) Canadian shows that Kaylee was on before this. That, and I totally have a board game that came with a VHS tape you played while playing the game, and she is totally the annoying neighbour girl in it. I forget what the game is called now (or if we even still have it) but you had to do chores so you could go to a party or something? Anyway it was awesome, and it has Jewel Staite.

    THE END.

    • MichelleZB says:

      One of the shows is Flash Forward. I don't know what other show you're talking about.

    • fireflyfan says:

      I know Jewel was in later episodes of Wonderfalls and was also in one episode of Dead Like Me.

    • amandajane5 says:

      She's also the doctor in the entire fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis. She had a cameo in the first season, but she was a wraith, so the heavy makeup allowed her to come back as a human character. It's pretty fun stuff.

  44. niamheryoumind says:


    Yes. That's the point I started yelling STOP KILLING PEOPLE JOSS! at the screen. >:O.
    I think he has said 'kill your darlings' in regards to writing deaths. That if all your favourites live, what was the point of the danger they were in.

    I personally think that Books history is shown through The Operative's plot. He was an operative and had a similar experience, loosing his professional reason to live and will go on to find his new one, be it the bible or something else.
    I'm not sure how 'canon' this is but it works for me.

  45. alianora says:

    For me, it wasn't until Wash's death and Simon getting shot that I actually got SCARED. When Book died, I relaxed, because we'd gotten the death out of the way, and everyone else would make it.

    And when Wash was impaled, I was in the midnight showing, and I literally babbled to myself for the next two minutes. "Wash! Wash! JOSS YOU BASTARD YOU LIED TO ME! WAAASH!"

    I second the gag reels and the R Tam sessions, because the gag reel is HILARIOUS and the R Tams are terrifying and amazing.

  46. valely199 says:

    I just have to express HUGE appreciation for the fact that the entire ship was constructed in real life, allowing us to have that AMAZING non-stop shot in the opening scene of the movie. Watch – Mal goes from the cockpit and literally walks through the entire ship, all one shot. A testament to Whedon's brilliance. (Also, it makes me happy forever that Serenity was real <3)

    • NB2000 says:

      It's actually two sets (one for each level of the ship) and two shots very subtly edited together. When the camera quickly moves from Mal to Simon at the top of the staircase is where the join between shots is.

  47. lyvanna says:

    Here's a couple of fun quotes from Gina and Jewel as to what they think happened after Serenity:

    Gina Torres: "I will tell you my fantasy: Zoe was pregnant when all that went down [her husband died] and she’s got this little beige, curly red headed baby running around the ship. Jayne’s trying to teach him about Vera [laughs] and he and I fight because I think the kid should learn about guns from me. Kaylie & Simon are very happy. It’s a better-verse. And Mal, well, Mal’s still just a little twisted. His communication skills have not improved. But he’s a good uncle Mal and I just think we’re all still flying. I’m by his side. That’s Zoe."


    • lyvanna says:

      Jewel Staite: "In my perfect imagination, it ends a little something like this: Nine glorious seasons later, Kaylee and Simon have had several beautiful brunette babies, a couple of which have turned out to be crazy geniuses like their Auntie River (Firefly: the Next Generation?), and one who mysteriously looks a lot like Matthew Fox, who became a regular cast member in season six. River has finally found her marbles and is now captaining her own ship with her loyal second-in-command, Jayne, who claims that River is the best captain he's ever known. Saffron is now their mercenary, and Jayne's lover. And because this is the future and vast discoveries have been made in the world of medicine, Jayne is pregnant with their first child. Inara and Mal finally profess their undying love for each other while Inara is, well, dying in his arms (something gruesome, lotsa blood), and Mal finally realizes that life is short. And promptly confesses his (other) undying love to Zoe. And she promptly punches him in the face."

      Gina's makes me go 'awww', Jewel's is hilarious.

  48. Amy says:

    I think one of the best things about this movie, is that Joss has perfect timing for when you need a laugh to relieve you from the tension. It is never just a cheap shot. For example: After Wash dies… there is a long time of sitting with your mouth open in shock by what is happening… and then "Do you mean to say.. Sex" And you laugh and breath again for a moment before it all happens again. It is never a cheap laugh but one that is so in tune with the characters. Mark you really need to go to a Equality Now , Can't stop the Serenity Screening… best fun ever!

  49. D.J. says:

    I loved reading all your thoughts on this, it was like watching it for the first time all over again. And I love it that your thoughts and impressions echoed mine, lol.
    Couple thoughts: 1. We didn't get enough Inara (due to time of course, but still, sadness. and 2. The cinematography of the movie is SO gorgeous. It's colder than the series, which had such a feeling of warmth, but its sort of beautiful too. Alliance-y, and blue, like Simon's infirmary.
    and 3. You know the guy Mal shoved off the hover? That's the brother from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia! Morena Baccarin was dating him at the time. Incidentally, there is also a clip on the Season 1&2 DVD of that show of a scene Morena did in their unaired pilot in which she plays a MtoF transexual, which is sort of hilarious. It used to be on YouTube somewhere but I can't seem to find it now..

  50. Tilja says:

    You know you've watched too much telly when you can accurately predict every twist in the plot. I've watched too much telly.

    I knew there were deaths because of people talk throughout the years. Never paid attention to it because it didn't mean a thing to me, though. It still hurts like hell to watch them!
    Knew the Reavers were Alliance created from the moment they were a human leyend of unspecified origin but very new in existence: points didn't add up. The moment I positively knew it was so was when they pointed out Miranda was behind the line of Reavers. Why would things like Reavers stay in a single point shielding a left over planet with no real interest? Answer: they come from there = they come from the Alliance. Failed experiment is the next logical assumption.
    When Serenity left Miranda, I thought at first they had already gone past the line of Reavers and was disappointed because wouldn't it be logical to just get rid of the two problems by making them fight each other? That way the Alliance would have a good oportunity to also eliminate a terrible pest from their 'perfect regime', something they had somehow left undone after fighting war against poor people and soldier boys (YES, I wanted to destroy them more completely by making them go against their own creation and see them losing). Then Mal showed me my idea come true. YAY!
    River's behaviour and powers was so typical I didn't even give it a second thought. Very predictably resolved all of her story.
    All out-of-human/physical-range stunts were made possible by the liberal use of fx a movie can apply, thereby making all kinds of impossible and unreal survivals possible, something the more realistic series didn't have the budget to perform.
    Mr Universe's sexbot, the latest Deus Ex Machina for helpless capitains who wish to take down an entire regime in just one message.

    I thought there were going to be more deaths! It would've been the logical conclusion of something that will never come back. Too bad. Sadder this way.
    Never expected Kaylee's will to fight and live activated in THAT way! Hooray for a Great Conclusion! Aghast at River's peeking on the last scene.
    Mal's misplaced nerve plexus was just LOL. Simply THE BEST.
    Did you notice River's expressions? The mobility of her face is great!

    I probably have more thoughts but I need to check on the rest of the comments before I can say.

  51. fireflyfan says:

    "So now I turn things over to all of you. What did you think of Serenity? Likes and dislikes? Best quotes? I didn’t include very many quotes because JESUS CHRIST THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD ONES."

    This is one of the things I like about Firefly and Serenity. There are more quotable lines in each episode than most shows have all season. I think as a character Jayne has the best ones.

  52. BinahtheBold says:

    Here is a comic I absolutely love that has many Firefly/Serenity references.
    <img src=>

    And here is a short comic-story about Nathan Fillion et al. <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  53. Starsea28 says:

    I was so sad that I couldn't be with you during the liveblog. I love Serenity but in a different way from Firefly. The series is warmer, it has rougher edges, there is an edge of hope; that edge is almost gone in the movie because of the absence of Book and Inara. I feel like Joss's understandable bitterness and sorrow at being unable to keep Serenity flying on the small screen fed into the script, which is why you had Book's death (the death of faith) and then Wash's (the death of humour). But Simon (devotion) is saved. I hated Wash's death, I still do. I understand why Joss did it but I don't agree. It felt similar to the death of Remus and Tonks. I loved everything with River, Simon and Kaylee. I liked the Operative, I felt he was a good antagonist.

    • PJG says:

      Yes, I hated Wash dying. I hate anytime someone I've grown to care about dies. It sucks. And its life. Real Life. And when its Real Life it sucks even more. And it also happens that sometimes, people die after the seemingly dangerous period, when you don't want it, but circumstantially can kind of be prepared for it. That just when you think you can breathe, that the danger is passed and things will work out ok, shit happens, and people you care about die. And it hits you right in the gut. Just like with Wash.

      Thats when shit gets real. And, unfuckingfortunately, because its true, its what makes the writing (and acting) so good, that even though its escapist fictional fun romp, there is that kernel of truth at the core. Maybe we can have a happy ending, be heroes in our own story, and even if we do, we still may get the shit beat out of us, and barely be standing at the end, but we we too will go on. And Live.

      • Starsea28 says:

        Mmm, yes, the Real Life argument. There's Real Life and then there's Overkill. And I feel like Whedon crosses the line into Overkill in Serenity. Just my opinion.

  54. Whitney says:

    I'm still waiting for the "River Tam Kicks Everyone's Ass" movie.

  55. Hotaru-hime says:

    I screamed when Wash died. Whedon likes to kill people, but this… fuck man. This was worse than any other deaths that I had seen in the Whedonverse.

  56. Stephen Morton says:

    Dunno if anyone else has said, but the line  ”Maybe that’s why we lost,” was said by Mal after Zoe says that during the war they would never left a man behind. That shows how much Mal's changed since the war. As he says to Simon once "I look out for me and mine…"

  57. stellaaaaakris says:

    OHMYGOD. Why would you do this to me, Joss Whedon? Is it because I didn't watch Firefly back in the day? I'm sorry! I swear, I didn't know about it! Why would you do this to my heart?

    Back in 2006, I wandered into a neighbor's dorm room and a bunch of us tried to pick a movie to watch. We eventually settled on Serenity. I've never been interested by space but I decided to give it a shot because I love Alan Tudyk. Well, a fire alarm went off 15 minutes in as they always did at my school and I never finished the movie. I'm so glad I didn't. I knew it was based on a TV show and I don't think it would've had the same impact on me if I hadn't come to know and love these characters.

    I get called "cold" a lot and that I have a heart made out of stone for a lot of reasons, particularly the fact that you can count the number of movies I cried in on literally one finger. But goddamn you Whedon, I now have to add a second finger to my count. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, WASH. I actually cried out a "NO" as he was speared.

    Thoughts: Very weird seeing actors I'm used to in space, like Cam from Bones as the teacher or one of the lab assistants who got knocked out by Simon when he rescued his sister was the guy who played Larry (or Ed) on The West Wing. Goodness, Summer Glau, you move beautifully. I so believe you as this graceful killing machine. Nice hair, Book. Sadness forever. Inara looked very pretty. I'm still not invested in her character, but that flashbomb was badass.

    For some reason, I've always loved adventure flying scenes. They are my favorite kind of action sequence. I even watch Pearl Harbor just to watch them playing chicken with planes. I was so feeling Wash's skills while being a leaf on the wind and then it had to go and be ruined. And I kept on crying for the rest of the movie. Didn't stop. Simon gets shot – tears. Kaylee gets darted – tears. The Operative finds out the truth about the Reavers (OMG) – tears. Some giggles in the mean time, but then the tombstones and them flying away from the planet – endless tears.

    Goodbye, Mal and crew.

  58. PJG says:

    I cannot believe that no one's said anything about the dress for Zoe that she wore for the funerals. Yeah, shallow I know, but it was so striking. I cried through it all (obviously) and the realization that it was either her wedding dress, or that slinky dress that Wash wanted Mal to give him the money for in Shindig. It was gorgeous, she looked incredible. I think I would just about kill to look that gorgeous….

  59. dee says:

    *Buffy Spoiler*

    Oh Wash… it gave me that feeling when Joss killed Anya in the Buffy series finale. Like, there were bound to be casualties when it comes to war, so why not Anya…in the end it could be anyone. *sob* oh Joss, you and your heartbreaking genius!

  60. I want to say all kinds of stuff about how awesome this movie is. It's the best adaption I have ever seen – from a book or tv show. But I can never get past that one scene, whenever I think about it.


    Is dead.

    Nothing else matters.

    It is because of this event that I have scrapped this entire otherwise brilliant movie from my personal cannon regarding this series. It may seem immature, but I do. I mean I'm a fan of realism and the contribution which character deaths make to that. But… Wash! So I applaud Joss on the realism level but I will forever sit with my face in my hands and my eyes squeezed tightly shut for that scene.

    Oh, well, maybe there is one quote that possibly cheers me up: "My muscular buttocks it's 40!"

    I didn't post this till now because it has spoilers for at least all the episodes, but here is my personal tribute to Wash:
    And a quick tribute to the 'mo now that I'm linking stuff:

  61. shadeedge says:

    I think the difference between Early and the Operative is that Early's motivation is "Nothing matters. Therefore, I may do what I like.", whereas the Operative's motivation was "Only one thing matters, the perfection of the Alliance; therefore, I may do what I like to create it."

    Plus Early was entirely limited in terms of his self-awareness, which is what River turned against him. The Operative, on the other hand, is perfectly aware of what he is and what he's doing; his ignorance is about the Alliance rather than himself.

  62. fireflyfan says:

    Fringe is moving to friday nights. The first episode is named Firefly. Seriously.

  63. ramondestroys says:

    So much sad when Book and Wash died 🙁

    Wash 🙁 🙁 🙁

  64. pica_scribit says:

    So just after we watched this, and I was all bummed about Wash, I watched a few episodes of Arrested Development to cheer myself up. The first one I watched? There was Alan Tudyk! I completely forgot he appeared on that show. It made me feel much better.

  65. dumbxblonde07 says:

    Omg, I was sooo shocked when they discovered the big secret. I seriously thought it was going to be something hokey… in fact, I was worried when I saw a bunch of dead people. I was like, oh, who'd have guessed, the alliance has a dead planet. whoopsie! And then they discovered the tape! Ah, amazing!

    Also, Wash dying – so sad!

    And Simon was just really badly injured. When River says he's been protecting her and now it's her turn, she leaps out and tosses his bag back in because he had forgotten it. Inara then used his bag to help everyone. they totally thought River was dead though. Loved the scene when the door opens up and she's standing there like a beast!

  66. Imogen says:

    Oh Joss Whedon why do you hate nice things? When Wash died I cried forever and ever. And I still cry now, every time I watch ANY EPISODE OF FIREFLY because I know what he does to Wash. I hate you Joss Whedon.

  67. peacockdawson says:

    I just watched it, and I don't think I liked it very much. It wasn't what it could have been. As a show it could have been so much more.

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