Final ‘Firefly’ Schedule

No reviews this weekend, as we approach the end of this series, because I want to spread these out this week so it’s not too long before we do the liveblog. So here’s the final schedule we’ll use for the rest of Firefly.

Monday: Episode 12

Wednesday: Episode 13

Friday: Episode 14

Saturday, 11am PST: Liveblog of Serenity.

Immediately following on Monday, we will begin Doctor Who. For real. OH GOD, SO SOON, GUYS.

Thanks! Have a great weekend.

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718 Responses to Final ‘Firefly’ Schedule

  1. Meltha says:

    Unbelievable that it's gone this quickly, isn't it?

  2. Hanah says:

    Firefly is almost over…I AM SO TRAUMATISED BY THIS. But the fact that we are moving so swiftly on to Doctor Who soothes the pain a little because OMG, FAVOURITE PROGRAMME OF ALL TIME. <3333

    I hope my copy of 'Serenity' comes before Saturday – Amazon tell me it will be here by Wednesday but it being almost Christmas and it being the Royal Mail I just *know* it shall be late. *worries*

  3. EldaTaluta says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! BDM LIVEBLOG! I'll be home and awake for this one. I'm so excite! I'm gonna get some potato babies ready just for the occasion!

  4. Lily says:

    So sad that this is all it is 🙁


    I have the worst luck with tv. Everything I like either gets canceled or turns to shit.

  5. Fuchsia says:

    I'm so excited for Doctor Who! I'd been meaning to rewatch it, but netflix said they were taking it off instant watch so I didn't start. But they ended up not taking it off, yay, so I can watch along with you!

    But, so sad that Firefly is almost over. As I am every time I watch it.

  6. jonni13 says:

    Yay! So many things to look forward to!

  7. Tilja says:

    So, just to clarify, can you tell us with which Doctor Who are you starting? are you starting with New Series season 1 episode 1, Rose? Or are you starting with the first of them all, An Unearthly Child? This I ask to know what to prepare for when the moment comes.

    Also, I left this for the end because I'm trying not to face what this announcement means. I'm just getting into Firefly, I DON'T WANT FOR THIS TO END!!! IT'S TOO SOON!!! I hope they at least manage to answer all the main questions in the movie. I hate when shows are cancelled without any kind of ending at all.

    I'll be there all of next week for the end of the dream. 🙂

    • kaybee42 says:

      He's starting with 9 🙂
      (by that I mean Christopher Eccleston's first episode,Rose, not the 9th episode or anything…)

      • Tilja says:

        Thank you.

        I knew he was starting with the New Doctor Who but this post didn't let me know if he hadn't changed his mind or decided something else upon availability of the show. So thanks for your clarification.

        Sorry I didn't answer before, I'm trying to find where was the whole list of the 700 eps of the old series without summaries to link it here. No luck so far.

  8. TRVA says:

    When are you going to watch A Very Potter Musical/Sequel???
    I'm sorry to push, I just think you would get such a kick out of watching/reviewing those two.

  9. bookling says:

    I meant to re-watch Firefly/Serenity on schedule with you, but I finished them all and am watching Serenity right now. I also created a drinking game to play while watching the show or the movie, and it's working out pretty well right now. (Yes that means I am testing now and tipsy commenting.)

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  11. fireflyfan says:

    Mark, I don't know if your aware of it but Joss did a viral marketing of Serenity (the movie) through the release of five short web videos telling a story of River Tam's time before being rescued by Simon. The videos were released in 2005, one at a time, about a week apart, but before the movie came out and strangely (think Joss Whedon) there was no explanation of them. They just appeared and the fans had to find them and figure them out, which they did. IMO the best time to view them is after Objects In Space but before the movie. Right before the movie would be perfect.

    The 5 short videos can be seen here assembled together in the order they are meant to be seen.

    A long detailed explanation of them can be read here. May have minor spoilers but also contains transcripts of the videos.

  12. Miss_Connell says:

    Oh god, this is the first liveblog that's at a semi-reasonable time for me! I AM SO EXCITE!!

  13. azurefalls says:

    Doctor Who next Monday. OMG. (You're starting with Nine, right? I think that's what you said… )

  14. Esther says:

    I have yet to watch Firefly (shame on me, I know) but I am SO EXCITE for the Doctor Who reviews.

  15. diane says:

    Joss has a cameo in "The Message," near the end. Keep in mind that this was the episode they were filming when Firefly was cancelled, and the context for his cameo will be obvious.

  16. Araniapriime says:

    You're gonna love the movie, but even more, YOU are gonna LOVE Doctor Who!

    Maybe I'm projecting, because I LOVE DOCTOR WHO. The Ninth Doctor is "my" Doctor (you'll learn what that means soon enough from your commenters) and the first series of New Who introduces two of my favorite characters, including one of my major role models.

    • jessimuhka says:

      Some of my friends made DW tees for Comic Con this year that are baseball style and say "You never forget your first Doctor" on the front, and have the actor's name and # of doctor on the back. We made several Eccleston, a couple Tennent, and one Baker. I think you may need one.

  17. momigrator says:

    WHAT! I thought we still had a good 12 or so episodes left. I don't want this series to be over. -ALL THE SADFACES FOREVER-

    However, if Doctor Who is half as good as Firefly, and it stays on Netflix Instant watch, perhaps my grief will be assuaged a bit.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Firefly was my favourite TV show ever until I started watching Doctor Who. It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but by the end of the first season (of the new show) it had completely stolen my heart. If only Joss Whedon would write a couple of episodes, my whole life would be made.

  18. SiobhanC says:

    OMG, can't wait for you to watch Doctor Who. 😀

  19. Suzie says:

    I might, MIGHT be able to make this… I'm going home that day but I should get home around 4pm then this will be 7pm so as long as my parents don't mind me disappearing as soon as I get back…

  20. tinzilla07 says:

    DOCTOR WHO! oh it makes me so proud to be British 🙂

    So excited AND I have the DVDs! AND I'll be on my Christmas holidays! I AM SO EXCITED. I HOPE YOU ARE EXCITED TOO. EVERYONE SHOULD BE EXCITED. HOORAY.

  21. fakehepburn says:


    You don't even understand. I found this show in SEPTEMBER, and now I am OBSESSED, and you will be obsessed as well.

    I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that Doctor Who is the GREATEST THING OF ALL THE THINGS.


  22. MichelleZB says:

    Doctor Who!!!! OMG. So awesome.

    I began with the 2005 reboot, too. But I have to say that, after watching a few episodes, I did go get some spoilers from the internet–just a general sort of run-down of what happened before the 2005 shows. I felt it enriched my watching experience, just because I had a bit of a better idea of the history of Doctor Who.

    I would recommend reading a summary or two on the internet. Like, Wikipedia or something. The new episodes include nods to the fans of old skool Doctor Who, and it's nice to get some of the references.

  23. rainbowsinside says:

    I am excite! Monday means that my finals will be over, which means I can watch along! Because I've never watched Dr. Who even though I've been meaning to.

  24. Sara says:

    bb, consider Watching 'Battlestar Galactica'. (and yes, the word watch gets capitalized when you do it). I have never had so many SHIT JUST GOT REAL moments with a television show as with that one, and they have some really smart and heartbreaking things to say about love and the nature of humanity. I think you'd really like it.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      That is happening 3rd. After Doctor Who, I'll be doing Avatar: The Last Airbender and then Battlestar. 🙂

      • Sara says:

        This is me doing the Yes Dance:


      • notemily says:


        I'm really late to this party (by which I mean this comments thread) because I got super behind on my Firefly watching and am only catching up now. BUT IN THE MEANTIME my roommate has been making me watch Avatar and it's seriously the best thing ever. I knew it was supposed to be amazing, but it's also hilarious and silly in just the right amount, which I was not expecting.

        And I think Battlestar is a great choice because it's a show that gives its fans a LOT to think and talk about, so there will be some epic discussions going on around here.

        Plus, if you Watch Battlestar then two of my favorite internet recappers will have recapped the same show. ~WORLDS COLLIDE~

  25. Nakeefeet says:

    Yay for all of this. I've been recovering from surgery for the past week and can't type except for on my phone, which makes commenting difficult. The pain meds don't help with little things like remembering where I am in a sentence , either. Anyway, I can't tell you how wonderful it's been to watch along with you. Discovering Firefly has been total joy, and I can't wait to read your take on Doctor Who. *all the hearts*

  26. EmilyAnne90 says:

    Question for Mark about the format of the Live-blog of Serenity.

    Is it going to be the same format as the live blogs over on buzznet, where we all just go crazy in the comments?

    I ask because I wonder if you have ever considered using or a similar program to host a live blog within the post. Those are just nice because it is easier to follow along without having to constantly refresh. I always found that to be rather difficult.

    Just a suggestion, though. I can't wait to participate, in whatever way you chose!

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      I am looking into it in the future, but I'll need the Premium version because liveblogs have historically brought around 25,000-50,000 people in at a time and the Basic only allows 5,000 per month. So I have to save up to buy it/subscribe to it.

      • EmilyAnne90 says:

        Wow. 50,000 people?!

        I guess that is a nice problem to have. Like, "Oh bugger, too many people want to watch movies with me. Whatever shall I do?!"

  27. jubilantia says:

    Doctor Who EXCITE

    Oh, I can't wait.

  28. Time Cat says:

    So I just finished my speed archive binge of your Harry Potter reading and Firefly viewing so now I have to WAIT for each review! This makes me quite, quite sad. But Doctor Who? So exciting! One of the fun things about it is what different opinions the fans have. With Harry Potter and Firefly, the fandom is more or less in agreement about a lot of things (except the shippers, but, you know… they're shippers), but with Doctor Who, EVERY SINGLE episode, Doctor, companion, writer, screwdriver model, etc have vocal fans who love, despise, or go meh. (And then there's Lawrence Miles, who hates everything very intelligently. His blog is definitely worth reading.) I'm very, very curious to see your opinions.

  29. Lauren says:

    omg you’re going to watch Doctor Who? So exciting! I just finished all of the seasons that have already finished. Love it so much.

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