Mark Re-Watches ‘LOST’: Not In Portland

Oh, sweet babies. This is the first of three episodes commissioned by Deanna specifically because Juliet is the best. She’s my favorite character on the show, so this was a wonderful chance to remind myself exactly why I adore her as much as I do. Plus, look at her face, y’all. It’s perfect. PERFECT.

Video first!

  • So, some very important background information on this episode in case you didn’t watch this in real time. When season three came back on the air, ABC only aired the first six episodes before immediately going on a three month hiatus. It was agonizing for a few reasons. First of all, why come back and tease us with just six episodes? It was clearly a way to drum up ratings and drag the show out, and it was irritating. On top of this, the writers very specifically wrote the whole Hydra Island/cage arc knowing there’d be a break after six episodes, so we got this artificially dramatic set of stories that felt aimless and pointless. It was not pretty. I was still determined to stay with the show because I enjoyed it a lot, but a lot of people I know totally bailed on LOST at that point, never to return. 
  • I am not a fan of the first six episodes, though there are specific moments I enjoy. Mostly, though, I was all about Juliet. She was GREAT. I loved that she was set up as a contrast to both Ben and Jack, and I tend to adore characters who are set up as foils or comparisons to your standard male heroes. Like, I’d just spent forty-odd episodes with Jack, and Juliet stole my attention in a half hour.
  • Given all of this, when the show came back on in February of the next year, this was the episode we got. It is fitting that it’s Juliet-centric because season three finally felt new and exciting. Here’s this relatively new character who has a heartbreaking and emotionally relevant backstory who is doing INCREDIBLE THINGS in the present time. Plus, she gave the entire storyline with Ben’s cancer so much more meaning.
  • Oh god, RICHARD ALPERT. He is clearly the most dreamy castmember. This is canon.
  • I’d forgotten how much of this show focused on pregnancy. There was a lot of it on the show, and once Juliet was introduced, it was the first time we, as the viewers, finally started getting answers about what the hell was going on with pregnant women on the island.
  • It’s like a knee-jerk reaction, but every time I see Ethan, I wince. He’s so terrifying, even in flashbacks when he’s being nice! NOOOOO.
  • Yawn, it’s the Kate triangle. YAWN YAWN YAWN. More Juliet forever.


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