A note about tour, commissions, and reviews!

Hello, friends! If you don’t know, I am going on tour during the month of March across the United States and Canada. I’ll be in the south, the Midwest, the east coast, and eastern Canada. I’m very excited! This tour is to celebrate and promote the fact that I will have completed the final book in the Mark Reads Harry Potter series. I’ve been eager to get back out on the road again, and I’ve finally found the time and money to make it happen!

UPDATE: Due to a whole lot of confusion, I am opening commissions up and leaving them that way. Far too many folks did not understand what I meant and thought EVERY commission was due by the 9th, so to avoid this, I’m leaving them open. On top of that, I booked four very expensive venues and, frankly, I need the commission money so that my bills are paid before tour. Thank you! – Mark

Last year, I did a lot of writing on the road, and it ended up being too stressful to manage. It was a logistical nightmare, especially since there were large patches without any access to wi-fi or electrical outlets. (There were also a lot of Greyhound trips, and odds bobs, I am never doing that again.) Anyway, I am going to advance write posts for the entirety of the time I am on tour starting RIGHT NOW.  These would have been virtually impossible to do on the road. I don’t want the schedule to go off track or have to deal with delays. It’s too stressful, and once you factor in having to record myself reading and watching things, it’s darn near impossible whilst traveling. So, it’s much more manageable for me to do this in advance so I can enjoy traveling and have more time to hang out with y’all each day and not have to worry about writing.

This means that commissions are still open, but there will be the possibility of a delay if I am on tour! So please understand that I won’t always have time to give you a 24 hour turnaround on any re-watches, fanfic/fiction commissions, etc.

Because I will be doing so much of this in advance, that means that I will be way ahead of schedule, and I’d like to give folks the chance to claim any unclaimed chapters or episodes. I start The West Wing, Friday Night Lights, and Blackout in the next month, so there are lots of things to commissions!

Here is a list of all Mark Watches posts that I will be writing in the next few weeks THAT DO NOT HAVE VIDEO COMMISSIONS CLAIMED ON THEM. As they are claimed OR as I write the review for them, I’ll remove them from this list so you will know what is still available to be commissioned. This way, you can still keep track of where I am in case you can’t buy a video immediately!

Friday Night Lights


Additionally, if you would like to commission me to read something horrible while I am on tour, you can do this! It won’t cost you anything extra, and I’ll still record up to 30 minutes of a reading for you. It will just be recorded LIVE while I am on tour. Below are a list of all 27 tour dates. You can ask for your fic to be read at a specific date that you are attending OR you can inflict the horror upon a date of your choice. Which is evil and I highly recommend you do it. I will note if a date has been claimed. Your video will be uploaded after the event!

Remember, normal commission rules still apply. Don’t send me anything with rape, a plethora of slurs, spoilers for upcoming projects, or anything that exists solely to be gross and offensive. Bring your worst!

March 1-2: ConNooga
March 3: Atlanta, GA 
March 4: New Orleans, LA
March 6: Houston, TX
March 7: San Antonio, TX
March 8: Austin, TX
March 9: Dallas, TX
March 10: Denton, TX
March 13: Chicago, IL
March 14: Minneapolis, MN
March 15: St. Louis, MO
March 16: Indianapolis, IN
March 17: Cincinnati, OH
March 18: Columbus, OH
March 19: Cleveland, OH
March 20: Toledo, OH
March 21: Ann Arbor, MI
March 22: Toronto, ON
March 23: Ottawa, ON
March 24: Montreal, PQ
March 25: Boston, MA
March 26: Providence, RI
March 27: Syracuse, NY
March 28: New York City, NY
March 29: D.C. Day #1
March 30: D.C. Day #2

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