Mark Re-Watches ‘LOST’: LaFleur

So much Juliet, and so much residual pain. That’s okay, though, because y’all, I LOVE SEASON FIVE. I think it is the best of the entire show. (Wow, I really do like the fifth season/fifth book of a lot of things.) And this episode is one of many reasons why.

Before we discuss “LaFleur,” here’s the video:

  • I consider it a success on the part of the writers in making Sawyer a likable/sympathetic character. Which is not suggesting that you have to like Sawyer, and I get it if you don’t. But he started off as a wildly antagonistic character (one that was a foil for Jack and Sayid, which is why I still liked him) who was mean, rude, openly racist, and painfully selfish. I think it’s monumental that by the time we get to season five, Sawyer is in a position of authority, he’s nice, he is purposely putting himself at risk to help his friends, and he hasn’t lost his beautiful sass.
  • Sawyer/Juliet until the end of time, I swear.
  • Years after they were introduced, the Dharma Initiative are featured heavily in the second half of the season and, again, it’s one of the best things the writers ever did. We get SO MANY ANSWERS about what they were doing all those years ago, but that’s not the point of this. That’s why I enjoy this so much. The story that this season tells is incredible, and the “answers” are mostly incidental. Plus, I do love time travel, so there’s that!
  • I love Richard Alpert and his eyeliner.
  • This season is also particularly complex, considering that the main characters are spread in three separate timelines/places. This whole part of season five – starting with “316” – is when the convergence started to happen. Even then, I never felt like I didn’t understand the show (thank you Daniel Faraday!) to a point where it frustrated me. The writers respected their audience for the most part, but they didn’t go so far as to write plotting that was unintelligible.
  • That being said, it’s not like I totally understand the time jumps when this first aired. I didn’t! I didn’t realize that a lot of this was part of the massive war the Man in Black and Jacob were having with one another, using their powers to manipulate these people or kill them off.
  • Oh god, I’ve been commissioned to watch “The Incident” the first weekend of March, and I will have so many feelings about that.


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