Mark Re-Watches ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: Intervention

Hey, did y’all know I love season 5 of Buffy? DID YOU KNOW THIS? Oh god, can we just use this space to talk about Sarah Michelle Gellar?

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The fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar was not showered with awards for her performance on Buffy is a crime. Let’s use “Intervention” as an example. Throughout this episode, she plays Buffy and the Buffybot, and then at the end, she is Buffy pretending to be the Buffybot, who is a satiric, overly-happy version of Buffy in the first place. She did this, and we understood it. This woman has so much talent in her! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE IN ONE HUMAN BEING???

This is actually a great episode to watch after “Passion” because it’s nowhere near as upsetting as that one, though I admit Spike’s entire use of the Buffybot is completely and totally revolting. Actually, I think that’s a huge reason why it took me so long to warm up to the idea of Buffy/Spike. His behavior in this episode demonstrated how he viewed Buffy, and it was… gross? Like, it was! He had this weird version of her in his head that was both an idealization and an icky insult at the exact same time. You know, I think this might have been easier to understand had the show made it more explicit that Spike did not know how to love a person because of that whole tricky soul-lacking thing. That is an interesting way to look at season 5 and season 6 Spike, and I’d be interested in hearing if that’s how other folks read his development in the latter seasons.

PS: I miss Tara.

PPS: I miss this show.

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