Mark Predicts ‘Princess Tutu’: Season 2

Sweet baby lions, this is going to be the best disaster ever.

Okay, so I feel like the first “season” gave me enough to predict the next one, but not enough to make me feel even the slightest bit prepared for what’s going to happen. More or less, I feel like these are less predictions and instead requests for answers because what the fuck is going on in Princess Tutu?

Shall we?

  • Tutu will recover at least EIGHT more heart shards for Mytho.
  • Mytho will come to know Ahiru’s other two forms/identities.
  • We will discover Fakir’s true purpose BEYOND him protecting Mytho.
  • We will find out that Rue was manipulated into becoming Princess Kraehe.
  • Drosselmeyer will get punched in the face by thirty bears for being an asshole. STOP ASKING FOR TRAGEDY.
  • We will see Edel one more time.
  • We will get some sort of explanation for this show’s weird thing with animals and why so many anthropomorphic animals exist in this universe.
  • Pike and Lilie will find out who Ahiru really is.
  • Cat-sensei will find someone to marry him. (I’m not even going to bother asking for an explanation of his marriage thing. It’ll never happen.)
  • Okay, this isn’t a prediction but a question I can’t believe I have never asked. DO ANY OF THESE FUCKING CHILDREN HAVE PARENTS?
  • Rue will eventually refuse to become Princess Kraehe.
  • They will all have to fight Drosselmeyer in the end.
  • None of the protagonists will die.
  • No one will get married.
  • I am going to be emotionally devastated a lot.

Remember, we start the second season of Princess Tutu tomorrow!

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