Mark Watches ‘Cowboy Bebop’: Session 15 – My Funny Valentine

In the fifteenth session of Cowboy Bebop, Faye shares her mysterious past with Ein. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Cowboy Bebop.

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This was wholly unexpected, and it was terribly good.

Again, Bebop doesn’t take the easy way out when it comes to its characters, and this is no exception. It’s weird to feel so satisfied while watching this show because its very nature is unsatisfying. “My Funny Valentine” spends half an episode giving us this emotional, meaningful flashback, one that is then immediately re-contextualized by the second half into something far more cynical and dark. I should have guessed as much, though, given that this show isn’t all that saccharine and sweet.

So, Faye’s flashback: I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I WANTED IT. She was dropped into the show with no history whatsoever, but for some reason, I hadn’t craved her backstory as much as I wanted information about Jet and Spike. The show, once again, was very ambiguous about Faye’s past, and now I can see why. The story told here in “My Funny Valentine” wouldn’t be as powerful if we’d gotten more direct hints along the way. Even before I knew the truth about what had happened to Faye, this still explained a lot about why she is the way she is.

The thing is, what we see in the first half of this episode is the truth, at least from the perspective of Faye. She believed that Dr. Whitney Matsumoto truly fell in love with her, wanted to help her escape the insurance agency, and then gave up his life when he saved her from them. Even worse, the millions of Woolongs she was in debt were only made worse when she found out that Whitney willed her his own debts. The true power of this episode, then, is conveying the horrific experience that Faye went through. She wakes up after 54 years in cryogenic sleep and she doesn’t even know why she was asleep. A great deal of the first half of the episode shows us this disorientation. She doesn’t know what the cryo doctor is talking about, she can’t remember what happened to her that got her put into cryogenic sleep in the first place, and then she wakes up to discover she is hundreds of millions of Woolongs in debt.

I think that scene where Faye tells Whitney the names of the objects around her is integral to understanding just how bewildering this all is. It’s bad enough to wake up without any memory of who you once were; it’s even worse when what little you do know about the world has been rendered meaningless. It’s why Faye flips out. If she can’t even recognize the gadgets around her, how much of the world has changed without her in it? God, how great is that scene where she stumbles upon the interactive ads from the vending machine? It’s another perfect example of how she’s been left behind.

That’s one of the reasons I believe Faye runs out on other people. Until she learns the truth of what Whitney did to her, what we see in the first half of “My Funny Valentine” is the reality that Faye has had to cope with for three years. I’d like to think that she’s been on her own, stealing what she can and conning whom she’s able to, because she never wants to depend on another person again. It’s about holding reality close to her so that it doesn’t slip away again (for 54 years!!!), leaving her behind.

Of course, appearances are not what they seem here. This is not a case of an unreliable narrator, though. What Faye experienced is what we see in the opening of “My Funny Valentine.” Faye really did wake up after 54 years, and she really did love Whitney. But we have to accept that she was conned (and badly) into taking one man’s debts from him. And after all this? JET WALKS HIM ONTO THE BEBOP. In that one moment, this episode changes in more way than one. Now, we have to start thinking about this as if it’s a revenge story. I mean, come on. It’s Faye we’re talking about! Of course she’s going to want revenge, though it wasn’t in the way I expected. Unfortunately, Faye is, once more, left without closure. Confronting Whitney and his con doesn’t give her the answers she wants. Like I said, this is technically about being dissatisfied, right? Faye doesn’t learn who she is by chasing the past; Jet doesn’t get the bounty he thought he was getting, either. They’re both left unsatisfied with their present state. And for all that Jet claims that women don’t operate under reason, I think this episode goes to great lengths to disprove this by showing us how no one does. The crew of the Bebop have all done foolish, irrational, and unreasonable things in the hope of something more. (Except Edward and Ein. Bless them.)

It might be heavy-handed and cheesy, but with this revelation, I like that “My Funny Valentine” essentially tells these characters that their only true hope is in moving forward. It fits the show stylistically, too. Has the past ever gave any of these people what they wanted? That’s certainly not the case with Spike, and now I’m curious if Jet’s past (and the reason for his mechanical arm) is just as cynical. Oh god, I can’t wait to watch more.


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