Confirmed Shows for the Future

Below is a list of shows that Mark will 100% watch for Mark Watches, either as a main feature or a double feature. Shows in bold are in the immediate schedule, meaning that they are either added to the Master Schedule or were announced on the site as coming up in the near future.

Updated as of 03/29/18


  • Code Geass
  • Monster (anime)
  • Babylon 5
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Yuri On Ice (season 1)
  • Slings & Arrows
  • Steins;Gate
  • Galavant

Suggestions are now open! Please use a single thread for each show you are suggesting. You may upvote a suggestion you agree with and comment on that thread to show support, as I generally pick shows that have the most interest for a Mark Watches treatment. I will respond to threads if a show suggested must be rejected, as I have seen a few things over the years on my own, but otherwise, I’ll let y’all do your thing. 

When suggesting a show, please do your best not to spoil anything major or significant. This is totally weird, I get it, but try as best as you can to limit any discussion to the content or story of the show so that I know as little as humanly possible. At this point, I trust y’all implicitly, so I’ll mostly be looking at what’s voted highest rather than have people try to convince me to watch it.

Have fun!