Mark Watches ‘Steven Universe’: S01E10 – Steven’s Lion

In the tenth episode of the first season of Steven Universe, Steven befriends a lion and everything is perfect. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Steven Universe.

I’m jumping right into this.

The Crystal Gems

So seriously, where do the Gems get their missions? Why are there these loose gems spread all over earth, and how did they get there? Where did their powers come from? Is there a logic to how they affect the world? Are there other Gems out there doing the same work, or is just these three Gems? I’m not desperate for this kind of information; I actually think it’s been a lot of fun to be dropped into this world and these adventures. I’m just curious about the worldbuilding that’s going on here. In just ten episodes, Steven has been trusted more and more on these little journeys, which is a cool development. I feel like there might be little hints here and there, but they’re so subtle that I’m not able to pick up on them.


Living the Dream

So, Steven Universe is providing me with the chance to exist purely in my fantasies, and getting to cuddle with a giant lion is really, really high up that list. You know those videos of the professional cat trainers who have developed a rapport with lions and tigers from years and years of foster care and love and respect and understanding and education? I would honestly pursue that as a career if I wasn’t doing this writing thing. Those videos are like catnip for me. I just want that SO BADLY. Don’t take me to a zoo because I will talk to all the animals as if they can understand me and I am ridiculous and I will also sing songs to them and about them and YOU DON’T KNOW.

Or maybe you do. But I love that Steven Universe has tapped into this because most kids I know would love this opportunity. So what would you do if you had a giant cuddly pink lion following you around? YOU WOULD ABSOLUTELY MAKE IT TALK LIKE STEVEN DOES, FIRST OF ALL. I would ride the lion around if it was cool with it. I would go out for fishy pizza with it. I WOULD SHOW IT OFF TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS. Oh my god, I would plan day trips with my lion friend and I would plot out vacations and this is something I actually considered seriously for a second: “Could you bring a lion on a plane if they were well-behaved?”

God, this is ruining me.

Ulterior Motive

I know it’s sort of my thing to overthink absolutely everything under the sun, but it’s actually kind of fun to not really want to do that with Steven Universe. Like, I kept trying to consider if there was some deeper meaning to this story. On the one hand, Steven displays his impulsive tendencies once more, tossing the gem pillow in the sand once he realizes the pink lion exists solely to protect everyone else from it. He then immediately takes responsibility for this, despite that it’s at great risk to himself. I admire that, and if there’s a “message” here, that’s a pretty fantastic one.

But I mostly just think this episode is a lot of fun, and Steven actually gets to keep the lion in the end, so I’m satisfied. Also, I haven’t written this down, but my god, I LOVE WHEN STEVEN’S EYES DO THE STAR THING. And they did SUPER STAR EYES and SUPER SAD EYES in this episode.

I am already so glad I’ve started watching Steven Universe.

The video for “Steven’s Lion” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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