Mark Predicts ‘Voyager’: Season 4

ahhhhhh AHHHHHHHH THAT CLIFFHANGER WAS TOO MUCH! But I love the potential it has given this show, so I am thrilled to be wildly wrong about everything because Voyager just got so good, y’all. LET’S DO THIS.

First things first, of course. Let’s address season three’s… ahem… predictions? Very bad guesses?

  1. The Voyager crew will get off the planet they’ve been stranded on by the end of the first episode. Okay, a very good (but easy) prediction.
  2. Suder, Tom Paris, and the Doctor will orchestrate the means to do so. Another great one!
  3. At least one person will die on the surface of the planet. Hahaha. ACCURATE. Right? Technically???
  4. Chakotay will only see his son once this season outside of the premiere. OH. SO ABOUT THAT, MARK. Jesus, I tried, and I wasn’t even fucking close.
  5. At least once this season, the crew will find a shortcut home that will reduce how long they need to travel. I’m bringing this back to the next season.
  6. At one point, they’ll be able to send a communication home. I’m saving this until later, good lord. I don’t think that will happen for a while. 
  7. Most of this season’s serialized plot will concern the Kazon. You know, this only feels silly in hindsight. It was a good idea at first!
  8. We’ll see three new species in the Delta Quadrant. CAN WE BAN SPECIES 8472. PLEASE.
  9. We’ll get an episode set entirely in a holodeck. Okay, not ENTIRELY in the holodeck, but “Worst Case Scenario” is about the closest thing to this, and I am pathetic, so I’m counting this.
  10. There will be at least one flashback episode. There was an attempt. 
  11. Another Q episode! The Q and the Grey!!!
  12. Season 3 ends in a cliffhanger, too. Just stop me now. STOP ME.

And with that, let me attempt to predict season 4:

Voyager Season 4 Predictions

  1. Janeway will make a successful deal with the Borg.
  2. But it will not get them entirely through Borg space.
  3. Working with the Borg, the Voyager crew will find a way to use the nanobots against Species 8472.
  4. But they will not destroy the species or stop them. They’ll reappear again in this season.
  5. Harry will be cured, and I say this mostly because I will be FURIOUS if they kill him off.
  6. Tom and B’Elanna will start dating.
  7. This season will feature the ramifications of Chakotay disagreeing with Janeway, even if it’s only one episode.
  8. Tuvok will mind meld with someone else.
  9. Neelix will try to date at least once this season.
  10. Kes will talk about leaving Neelix at least once this season.
  12. I also think there will be an update on all the holonovels that people were writing due to “Worst Case Scenario.”
  13. At some point, the Voyager will have its journey home shortened.
  14. Voyager will get out of Borg space by the end of the season.
  15. Only to meet a new antagonist in the season 4 finale!


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