Here is the updated MW Double Features schedule!

So, starting this week, I will have caught up (more or less) to my previously announced Double Features schedule. I figured that it was time for me to choose what was coming next, and in doing so, I re-arranged things a bit and decided to go all-in. This is a ridiculous order-of-shows, and I don’t care. LET’S JUST DO IT.

First things first: here’s the Master Schedule. In the next three months, THIS WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. The Double Features schedule may be very erratic over the summer. I am going to attempt to keep it as uninterrupted as possible, but I’ve got SEVEN conventions through the end of August, and I would like to plan out a few dates in Europe while I’m there for the Discworld Convention in Warwick. This means that regular features for Mark Reads (Discworld, Young Wizards), Mark Watches (DS9, Voyager), and  monthly Patreon videos take priority over everything else. It is entirely possible that I may go a week or two without a Double Feature video/review, and then you’ll get a huge batch of them at once. I have to spend this month (starting Monday) trying to compose enough posts to cover the sites through the week of July 18. That’s 60 posts, and about 18 days to do it. It is possible I’ll get them all done fairly early, and then I’ll devote all the remaining time to Double Features ONLY.

Now, as for the schedule: At the time I made the announcement of these shows on Patreon, Terriers had few commissions and The 100 had a full run. Additionally, given that I speak often at conventions, I’ve been dodging spoilers for whatever happened on The 100 that made a lot of people want to talk about it. I’ve managed to do avoid spoilers for the whole season (MAGIC!!!), and I want to take advantage of my schedule to make sure that before I head out to CrossingsCon, Convergence, and Leviosa, I have seen all of season 3. So it’s been reversed with Terriers, which happens after it. Anyway, the first 4 episodes of season 3 are on the Master Schedule, so there’s no break after the Doctor Who Christmas special for 2015. Huzzah!

Thus, here is the order for the Double Features that I’ll tackle as best as possible over the next year:

  • The 100, season 3
  • Terriers
  • Agent Carter, season 2
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • iZombie, season 2 ¹
  • Steven Universe ²
  • Disney’s Gargoyles ³
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Person of Interest
  • Jane the Virgin


  1. Season 1 of iZombie will be completed next month thanks to Ellie, who commissioned the entire series as part of their Patreon support for the last year. I adored this show so much that I made the rare decision to upgrade it to a pure Mark Watches video/review show. If you haven’t seen this show, it’s fucking incredible, and I can’t wait to actually write about it.
  2. IF YOU ARE COMMISSIONING ANY OF THE REMAINING EPISODES OF Steven Universe, which was EASILY the most suggested show of my LIFE, it is imperative that you read this note about how to do it. In order to make commissions fair, a single purchase for $25 will allow you to claim TWO UNCONNECTED EPISODES PER ORDER. Since the show is comprised of 11-minute episodes, I thought it unfair to charge the normal price for a supporting video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE THIS WIKI PAGE WHEN YOU ARE CHOOSING YOUR EPISODES. To prevent my assistant getting super confused (which happened last week when commissions came in all at once), you must denote your choice in the “season x episode” format. For example: 1×02, 2×23, 3×01, ETC. Don’t give the title, don’t just write “episode 84.” This way, my assistant doesn’t have to search out what people mean and there’s no risk of giving the same episode to two different people.
  3. I’ve been told since announcing this show that I should skip season 3. It’s not often that I don’t watch an entire show, so I am officially rejecting this suggestion. I have no idea why people told me this, but if there’s a decline in quality or if something weird happened behind the scenes, I’ll deal with it. As I do with everything I watch, I will give it the attention it deserves, and I will watch everything in the order it aired. So season 3 is still a part of what I’m doing for the site.

Whew! Remember, you can claim an episode here for $25 an episode, and I will shout at you at the opening of it (and throughout) as part of your sponsorship. There are still plenty of episodes left for Agent Carter, Steven Universe, Serial Experiments Lain, Gargoyles, Person of Interest, and Jane the Virgin. Thank you, as always, for making this a thing that I do and enjoy. It’s so surreal, and I’ll never get over how cool and fun my life is because of all of you.


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