Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S03E08 – Lovers Walk

In the eight episode of the third season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, fuck you, Joss Whedon. Just fuck you. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Buffy.

Dear Joss Whedon.

I am so fucking upset right now.

I am irrationally attached to your characters. There. I said it. I’ve reached a point where even if I don’t like everything a work of fiction does, I believe the characters enough to the point where I almost react to them as if they are real people. Do you know this feeling? It’s where a show or a book can fuck up and do some ridiculous plot you hate and you don’t care about but you still watch or read along because their faces and I just want to hold them all so tightly.

Joss, I don’t even think you wrote this episode. There are two names attached to the writer and director credits for “Lovers Walk,” and neither of them is yours. But you know what? I see your clever ruse. This is your idea. It was your idea to bring Spike back, to make me happy that he was back, and then proceed to have him so ceremoniously ruin the lives of every goddamn person ever just so he could LEAVE AT THE END OF THE EPISODE WITH THE JOY OF AN EPIPHANY. No, seriously, who else would think to compose a final shot that would show us how alone Buffy, Angel, Cordy, Xander, Willow, and Oz all are at the same time, and then cut to Spike driving out of Sunnydale, singing “My Way,” and expect that it would tear people apart?

That’s only you, Joss Whedon. Only you could punch me in the face for half an hour and then, when I’m standing up after a momentary respite, you punch me in the stomach and then rip my heart out. And then you call this “entertainment.”

I’ve been threatening it for a while, and it’s high time I brought it into existence: I am finally writing you a sternly-worded letter.

I hate that you made these characters. I hate that you made them beautifully awkward representations of people most of us are familiar with from our high school days. Hell, I see myself in Willow and Buffy. You did this on purpose. You are either a demon yourself, or you made a pact with one. You knew this would happen. You knew this would hurt me. And you did it anyway.

Is this “good writing”? Who cares when you’ve shattered my heart beyond repair? Is this a brilliant script that reflects on how love can irrationally affect people you love and hate? It might be, but I can’t tell because I can’t see through the tears.

You made Oz give Willow a witch PEZ.

You made Xander notice that Cordy made him locker-worthy.

You made Angel give Buffy good advice from a loving place.

You made Spike genuinely tell Willow and Joyce all his problems with Drusilla.

You made Spike ask for “those little marshmallows.”

You did all of this on purpose. And maybe you didn’t even write it; perhaps the bulk of this was done by Dan Vebber. But you allowed it to happen. You allowed Cordelia, after having her heart broken, FALL THROUGH THE STAIRS AT THE FACTORY AND IMPALE HERSELF ON REBAR. You then tricked me into believing she was dead twice by showing her pass out and then having Willow and Buffy walk by a funeral. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?! WHO TAKES CASUAL WALKS NEXT TO A FUNERAL? YOU ARE FUCKING EVIL. YOU ARE SO GODDAMN EVIL.

Then you made the episode title “Lovers Walk.” Not “Lover’s.” You are making a statement. You spoiled the episode before it began and I didn’t even know it. You were teasing me with trauma before a single frame flicked across my screen. Why? Why must you do this?

But nothing broke me more than you allowing me to see all of the Scoobies and Angel heartbroken and alone. What are you trying to do to me? Don’t you know how this feels? DID YOU HAVE AN UNHAPPY CHILDHOOD? Whatever could make you treat me so terribly?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have irrationally assigned all of this episode to myself in a deeply personal way. This is how badly you’ve broken me. So here’s your stern letter, Joss Whedon, and a list of demands:

  • You will stop breaking my heart.
  • You will stop destroying Cordelia.
  • You will stop giving me all these feelings from watching a television show.
  • You will stop killing characters off.
  • You will stop making me think you’ve killed a character off.
  • Nothing bad will ever happen on your show ever again.
  • So there are four and a half more seasons full of puppies and rollercoasters, right?

If you do not meet my demands… Wait, who are we kidding? You don’t give a fuck what I think. You’re going to do what you want so that you can obtain magic powers from my tears. Well, I’m on to you, Joss Whedon. You can expect another angry letter from me if you taunt me like this again.

Yours angrily,


Death Count: 5Β – The shopkeeper, three vampires, and my own heart. That counts fuck you. Total: 30.

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562 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S03E08 – Lovers Walk

  1. arctic_hare says:

    – Obvious segue is obvious.

    – You're actually really not, Xander. You're a lying cheating jerkass. But Cordelia doesn't know that (yet). I hope you feel deep shame upon seeing her locker.

    – Yeah, Willow, the only thing you're able to give Oz is heartbreak when he finds out that you're a lying cheating jerkass too. I hope you feel deep shame upon receiving the Pez witch and hearing what Oz says.

    – You two are so awful, seriously. JUST STOP.

    – Ooh, Angel reads Sartre, he's so ~deep~

    – And Spike is such a creep.

    – "Cool" guy? I'd say you're more hot, Spike. Which makes sense, since you have such a fiery personality. You're rather smoking in this scene. Flameo, hotman. OKAY I'M DONE.

    – Why would anyone ever think it's a good idea to pour alcohol over a wound? OW NO DON'T DO THAT.


    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    – Yay, Mayor! Yes, it is a mixed metaphor, but a glorious one. I love the Mayor's brand of villainy, he is fantastic. All props to Harry Groener for a flawless performance.

    – I find it very telling that Xander's response isn't that it's wrong and skeevy to control someone's emotions/thoughts like that, but that he personally has bad luck with those sorts of spells. Methinks someone walked away from the events of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered having learned entirely the wrong lessons. Side-eying you both right now.

    – Spike is seriously creepy and scary in this scene. There are some genuinely funny bits, but brrrrr. We can see some Nice Guy entitlement issues slithering out too. All of which I expect from a villain, so, good writing here.

    – Spike venting to Joyce is my favorite part of this episode, especially when he asks for the marshmallows.

    – Also, wtf was Angel doing lurking outside Buffy's house?

    – Vg ohtf zr ubj Fcvxr'f fcrrpu urer vf hfrq nf "cebbs" ol fbzr snaf gung Ohssl/Natry vf ~rgreany gehr ybir sberire naq rire~ naq gung gur gjb pna'g zbir ba, rgp. Guvf vf pyrneyl whfg Fcvxr'f bcvavba, abg tbfcry gehgu.


    – Cordelia looks so miserable here. πŸ™ I'm glad she tells him to GTFO. ILU, Cordy. I just want to give her all the hugs, especially when she starts crying.

    – I have no sympathy for you, Willow. Nor you, Xander.

    – So this ends on an up note, I kind of ignored the fight scene in order to gif these lovely moments.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • cait0716 says:

      Why would anyone ever think it's a good idea to pour alcohol over a wound?
      It kills germs. Which is exactly why you do it and why it hurts so much

      The mayor's mixed metaphor! I always forget that he's even in this episode because there's so much other awesome going on. But he's playing golf! And he sold his soul! And he's wonderful in every way.

      • arctic_hare says:

        I can't imagine liquor would really be a good idea for it, though… which is how I should've phrased it.

      • knut_knut says:

        Isn’t he already dead? Can his wounds become infected? I’m kind of confused by the vampire mythology on this show

        • darkwater says:

          I wager is was just habit.. or a distraction from the pain. Add a different pain. Might be dead, but still has instinctual reactions like "pour something on it, quick!"

          • knut_knut says:

            True. How old is Spike again? I was pretty thrown off by the drinking too. I thought vampires couldn’t eat or drink at all, only blood.

            • settlingforhistory says:

              How old is Spike again?

              According to Giles, bearly 200 years.
              Uvf ntr punatrf sebz frnfba gb frnfba.

              Vamps and food (not really spoilery):
              Gurl pna rng naq qevax, gurl whfg qba'g arrq gb naq vg vf ab fhofgvghqr sbe oybbq.

              • knut_knut says:

                re: the food bit

                Ooo!! Interesting! Thank you!

              • darkwater says:

                Ur jnf ghearq va rvtugrra-rvtugl. Fb znlor svther ur jnf gjragl.. juvpu va 2000 znqr uvz bar uhaqerq naq sbegl lrnef byq.

                Ur fnlf bar-gjragl-fvk ng bar cbvag ohg ur jbhyq unir orra ghearq ng ntr frira uru fb gung pna’g or evtug.

                • cait0716 says:

                  V guvax gur bar-gjragl-fvk ersref gb ubj ybat ur'f orra n inzcver. Znlor? Va bar bs gur ynfg rcvfbqrf, ur zragvbaf gung ur jnf byqre guna Ohssl jura ur jnf ghearq, ng juvpu cbvag fur'f gjragl-bar. V nyjnlf chg uvz ng zvq-gjragvrf

                  • darkwater says:

                    V thrff. Gurer vf n ovg bs frafr bs erpbhagvat jura lbh qvr naq ghea vagb n inzcver. uru

                  • settlingforhistory says:

                    Bar-gjragl-fvk lrnef jbhyqa'g znxr frafr rvgure, orpnhfr ur jnf ghearq va rvtugrra-rvtugl, fb va 1997 ur jbhyq bayl unir orra bar-friragrra, abg pbhagvat uvf uhzna yvsr.

              • @liliaeth says:

                V whfg frr gung nf zber cebbs gung gur Jngpure'f erpbeqf ner abg nf eryvnoyr n fbhepr nf gur Jngpuref yvxr gb pynvz gurl ner. Juvpu vf jul V qba'g gnxr nalguvat nf tbfcry, whfg orpnhfr gur jngpuref fnl fb…

              • TrampyMcBitca says:

                Speaking of vamps and food, from what I recall regarding general vampire knowledge, garlic is bad for vampires. Does anyone remember if this was true in the Buffyverse?

                • settlingforhistory says:

                  It's part of the de-inviting spell, but I'm not sure if we ever see it used anywhere else.
                  Probably like the wafers in Buffy's weapons trunk, it helps against vamps, but the writers thought it too silly to use in a fight.

                  • notemily says:

                    Tvira ubj fvyyl gur jevgref ner fbzrgvzrf, gubhtu, V xvaq bs jvfu gurl unq hfrq vg ng fbzr cbvag. Yvxr, fcenlvat tneyvp-vashfrq byvir bvy ng gurz be fbzrguvat.

        • MrsGillianO says:

          Meat can go mouldy, so presumably damaged vampire flesh can too, if it's not disinfected.

        • GamgeeFest says:

          Well, technically, since vamps are dead and have no breath, they shouldn't be able to talk either, much less smoke. They shouldn't be able to heal, but they do. Just go with it. It's all fun. πŸ˜‰

      • devilscrayon says:

        Boats DID have cannons, and a loose one WOULD cause it to rock… honestly, I don't know where my mind goes these days…

        I love this part to pieces.

    • stephanie says:

      from the shooting script:

      CLOSE ON: ANGEL. The reason. He sits on the floor in front of the fire, reading. (Reading NAUSEA in the original French, oh Propmaster.)

      hee πŸ™‚

      • IceBlueRose says:

        I love the those little sidenotes in the shooting scripts so much, lol.

        • stephanie says:

          omg, so do i. i used to type them for, before they got shut down, and i still own a bunch of them – all joss eps of course – he's the best at the little asides. cracks me up so much – literally LOL'ing as i read.

          • Rayne says:

            You were one of my script elves?! Hi! Man, I miss that site. πŸ™

            • stephanie says:

              omg, YES!!! holy moly batman!!!!! all of the HI's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss that site too. i've still got one of my most prized possessions because of you and that site – a signed by tim minear and JOSS script of sanctuary!!!!! you rock!!!

              • Rayne says:

                That's awesome about the script! I moved across the country and ended up leaving them behind. But at least they're still readily available on the net if I get the urge to read one! (Which I still use them to look things up!)

                And you guys (the script elves) were a huge help!

                • stephanie says:

                  i moved too – not across the country – but i still ditched anything that wasn't a joss script – and then later went a purchased whatever script books i could get my hands on LOL. glad we were a help – I was more than happy to!!! πŸ™‚

        • Bonnie says:

          So do I. Which I already said, but my poor comment got eaten :((

    • Jvyybj gelvat gb svk ure ebznagvp gebhoyrf jvgu n fcryy?

      Jryy, ng yrnfg fur'f pbafvfgrag.

      V'z haqre lbhe fcryy…

      • @liliaeth says:

        Naq guvf vf bar bs znal ernfbaf jul V hggreyl qrfcvfr Jvyybj.

        Ng yrnfg Knaqre haqrefgbbq gung lbh pna'g whfg fbyir lbhe ceboyrzf jvgu n dhvpx fcryy.

        Rira gubhtu ur sbetrgf vg yngre ba nf jryy. (fgvyy fnl ur jnf pbirevat sbe Qnja va BZJS)

        • Zl crg gurbel vf ur jnf pbirevat sbe Rguna, jub unq fbzr fbeg bs rzoneenffvat qveg ba uvz.

        • arctic_hare says:

          Lrnu, V yvxrq ure rneyl ba, ohg jung fur ghearq vagb yngre znqr zr hggreyl qrfcvfr ure, naq frrvat gur frrqf bs vg va gurfr rcvfbqrf pbybef zl creprcgvba bs ure. Guvf vf gur fgneg bs n ubeevoyr cnggrea. Fur ernyyl vf n ybngufbzr vaqvivqhny naq V'yy sberire or veevgngrq gung gurl qvqa'g rira obgure gb tvir ure nal fbeg bs yrtvg erqrzcgvba nep, jr'er whfg fhccbfrq gb sbetvir ure.

          • Karen says:

            V guvax Jvyybj vf n ernyyl vagrerfgvat PUNENPGRE vs abg n tbbq crefba. V guvax ure nep jnf cerggl jryy pbafgehpgrq naq vg'f nyy ybtvpny naq tbbq. Ohg lrnu, fur'f n cerggl greevoyr crefba.

            • arctic_hare says:

              Bu, ab nethzrag gurer (gubhtu V guvax ure nep snyyf ncneg ng gur zntvpny penpx qra). Fur'f irel vagrerfgvat naq ure nep znxrf frafr, tbbq punenpgre ohg greevoyr crefba.

              • _Bailey_ says:

                Ohg ernyyl, juvpu bs gurfr punenpgref VF n tbbq crefba? Jvyybj pbafgnagyl hfrf zntvp gb gnxr gur rnfl jnl bhg, Ohssl hfrf/nohfrf Fcvxr, Knaqre qba'g rira trg zr fgnegrq . . . .

                V guvax znlor Gnen vf gur bayl punenpgre jub vf nyfb n tbbq crefba.

                Jryy, naq Wblpr.

                Naq gurl obgu raq hc qrnq. Jung'f gung fnl nobhg avpr crbcyr ba Jurqba fubjf?

        • TrampyMcBitca says:

          "Ng yrnfg Knaqre haqrefgbbq gung lbh pna'g whfg fbyir lbhe ceboyrzf jvgu n dhvpx fcryy."

          Jryy, ur bayl haqrefgbbq orpnhfr uvf nggrzcg ng gur fnzr guvat snvyrq zvfrenoyl.

          "Rira gubhtu ur sbetrgf vg yngre ba nf jryy. (fgvyy fnl ur jnf pbirevat sbe Qnja va BZJS)"

          Ohg jr urne uvz gnyxvat va uvf fyrrc nobhg jnagvat n unccl raqvat va Frysyrff va Frnfba 7 qhevat gur BZJS synfuonpx. Fb ur pbhyqa'g unir orra pbirevat sbe Qnja.

      • robin_comments says:

        Vg'f frevbhfyl sernxl ubj jr pna ybbx onpx ng guvf rneyl rcvfbqrf naq abj frr nyy gur onq ortvaavat gb oerj… Yvxr, vg jnf gurer nyy gur gvzr naq fur frrzrq fb fjrrg naq phqqyl, naq jr jrer fb lbhat naq anvir, naq jr nyy zvffrq gur fvtaf pbzcyrgryl.

        • hamnoo says:

          V ernq na nanylfvf bs Jvyybj bapr (qba'g erzrzore jurer rknpgyl, ohg V unir n Ohssl naq Cuvybfbcul obbx ng ubzr, fb znlor gurer)
          punenpgrevmvat ure nf n ynml crefbanyvgl, juvpu vf rknpgyl jung fur vf, naq juvpu vf jul V tvir gur jevgref fb zhpu perqvg sbe haqrefgnaqvat ure sebz gur trg-tb.
          Fur'f irel fzneg, gurersber qbrfa'g arrq gb fghql, gurersber qbrfa'g arrq gb jbex sbe vg. Fnzr jvgu rirelguvat ryfr. Nyfb, gur "phgrarff" vf bsgra n pbafpvbhf npg ol "phgr crbcyr" gb rnfvre trg jung gurl jnag. Jr nyy unir npgf, naq guvf vf uref bsgra.

    • misterbernie says:

      I approve of your gif choices does this surprise you.

    • Certain kinds of alcohols can be used as a disinfectant, killing the germs so that a wound doesn't get infected. It's not the *best* case scenario, granted. But it works in a pinch if you haven't got anything else on hand!

      Or at least this is what television has led me to believe. XD

    • Karen says:

      ITA with your chastising of Willow. WTF does she think she's doing? And I agree that Xander walked away from Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered with the WRONG LESSON.

      Spike definitely has some Nice Guy entitlement going on, but the show is commenting on it as CREEPY. We're supposed to think that Spike is being creepy and pathetic. It's only when Nice Guys are sympathetic or rewarded by the text that I start to get annoyed.

      – Vg ohtf zr ubj Fcvxr'f fcrrpu urer vf hfrq nf "cebbs" ol fbzr snaf gung Ohssl/Natry vf ~rgreany gehr ybir sberire naq rire~ naq gung gur gjb pna'g zbir ba, rgp. Guvf vf pyrneyl whfg Fcvxr'f bcvavba, abg tbfcry gehgu.

      Rj? Ernyyl? V qb guvax Fcvxr vf xvaq bs evtug nobhg gur snpg gung gurl'er abg sevraqf. V guvax gung jung Ohssl naq Natry unir vf guvf ubezbar qevira ~gentvp ybir~. Gurl jrer nyjnlf gentvp ybiref naq arire tbg gb or sevraqf svefg, naq znlor gurl'er abg ernyyl fhvgrq sbe sevraqfuvc. Naq V qba'g guvax gung'f n TBBQ guvat. V guvax vg fubjf ubj gurve eryngvbafuvc jnf fb shryrq ol rzbgvbaf naq qenzn naq jbhyqa'g unir ynfgrq ybat grez.

      • arctic_hare says:

        Exactly, I expect that kind of behavior from Spike and it's clearly intended to be creepy and pathetic… but it's undermined whenever Xander displays similar behavior and it goes uncommented on or worse, rewarded.

        Bu, V nterr nobhg gurz sbe fher. Fbzr fuvccref jvyy bs pbhefr vafvfg gung vg VF n tbbq guvat, naq znxrf gurve eryngvbafuvc zber ~ebznagvp~ naq guhf gur Bar Gehr Cnvevat bs gur fubj. Tnt.

        • settlingforhistory says:

          V guvax gur fcrrpu vf vs nalguvat cebbs sbe gur Fcvxr/Ohssl eryngvbafuvc, orpnhfr vg'f Fcvxr jub vf srryvat fb qrrcyl abg Natry.
          Vg nyfb fubjf Fcvxr pbzcyrgr bofrffvirarff va ybir, juvpu vf abg n tbbq guvat rvgure.

      • @liliaeth says:

        Rknpgyl, vg'f abg fb zhpu gung Fcvxr'f jebat, nf gung Ohssl naq Natry'f eryngvbafuvc vf xvaqn funyybj naq unf ab erny onfvf va sevraqfuvc, fb gurz cergraqvat gurl ner sevraqf vf xvaqn fvyyl.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        "Rj? Ernyyl? V qb guvax Fcvxr vf xvaq bs evtug nobhg gur snpg gung gurl'er abg sevraqf. V guvax gung jung Ohssl naq Natry unir vf guvf ubezbar qevira ~gentvp ybir~. Gurl jrer nyjnlf gentvp ybiref naq arire tbg gb or sevraqf svefg, naq znlor gurl'er abg ernyyl fhvgrq sbe sevraqfuvc. Naq V qba'g guvax gung'f n TBBQ guvat. V guvax vg fubjf ubj gurve eryngvbafuvc jnf fb shryrq ol rzbgvbaf naq qenzn naq jbhyqa'g unir ynfgrq ybat grez."


    • Fiona says:

      V nyjnlf gubhtug gung Fcvxr'f fcrrpu znqr vg fbhaq yvxr n snveyl haurnygul eryngvbafuvc ernyyl. Gura ntnva V jnf nyjnlf zber bs n Fchssl fuvccre zlfrys. Bs pbhefr ur'f RIVY fb vg'f abg yvxr ur'q unir jung nal bs hf jbhyq pnyy n urnygul vqrn bs eryngvbafuvcf, ng yrnfg sbe uhznaf.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        "Bs pbhefr ur'f RIVY fb vg'f abg yvxr ur'q unir jung nal bs hf jbhyq pnyy n urnygul vqrn bs eryngvbafuvcf, ng yrnfg sbe uhznaf."

        Guvf vf jung obgurerq zr fb zhpu nobhg gur Fchssl eryngvbafuvc va frnfba fvk. Wbff naq gur jevgref xrcg gelvat gb fnl, "Vg'f bxnl, gurl'er fhcreuhzna, gurl'er abg yvxr hf, fb jung Ohssl vf qbvat gb Fcvxr vf abg nohfr." Vs lbh jnag zr gb eryngr gb gurfr punenpgref, juvpu boivbhfyl lbh qb fvapr *lbh anzrq lbhe fubj nsgre Ohssl* gura vg vf nohfr, naq vg nyjnlf obgurerq zr gung juvyr Fcvxr jnf evtugyl pnyyrq ba uvf nggrzcgrq nffnhyg ba Ohssl, Ohssl jnf arire pnyyrq ba ure qbzrfgvp nohfr bs Fcvxr.

    • whedonzombie says:

      Pushing Daisies gif FTW!!!

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "- Vg ohtf zr ubj Fcvxr'f fcrrpu urer vf hfrq nf "cebbs" ol fbzr snaf gung Ohssl/Natry vf ~rgreany gehr ybir sberire naq rire~ naq gung gur gjb pna'g zbir ba, rgp. Guvf vf pyrneyl whfg Fcvxr'f bcvavba, abg tbfcry gehgu. "

      Lrnu, naq vg'f shaal gung gurfr fnzr crbcyr qba'g ubyq rirel bcvavba Fcvxr'f rire unq nf tbfcry gehgu – vg'f whfg gubfr gung fhvgf gurz gb oryvrir va.

      Naq va guvf fnzr rcvfbqr, Fcvxr gnyxf nobhg uvf rgreany ybir jvgu Qehfvyyn… Fb zhpu nobhg uvz orvat evtug nobhg guvatf.

      Shaal ubj guvf rcvfbqr nccrnef gb hcubyq Fcvxr'f vqrn bs ybir vf nyy nobhg n cnffvba gung oheaf naq pbafhzrf naq lbh svtug naq shpx naq vg'f nyy nobhg oybbq oynu oynu, naq gura fcraqf gur ynfg gjb frnfbaf fhoiregvat gung vqrn.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        "Lrnu, naq vg'f shaal gung gurfr fnzr crbcyr qba'g ubyq rirel bcvavba Fcvxr'f rire unq nf tbfcry gehgu – vg'f whfg gubfr gung fhvgf gurz gb oryvrir va."


        V bapr tbg vagb n *qvfphffvba* jvgu fbzrbar ba nabgure fvgr jub onfvpnyyl gbyq zr Fcvxr jnf gur qrivy vapneangr naq yvgrenyyl fnvq, naq V dhbgr, "Natry pna qb ab jebat." Guvf crefba unq orra tvira nqzva cbjre ba gur fvgr naq npghnyyl qryrgrq n ybg bs gur tebhcf naq guernqf nobhg Fcvxr. Yhpxvyl fur jnf dhvpxyl onaarq.

        V qb fuvc Fchssl, ohg gung qbrfa'g zrna gung V qba'g yvxr Natry. Va snpg, V yvxr uvz dhvgr n ovg (ba uvf bja fubj, zvaq lbh, orpnhfr ur trgf zber vagrerfgvat bire gurer) ohg V qba'g srry gung ur naq Ohssl jbex jryy nf n pbhcyr. Fcvxr naq Ohssl ner rira jbefr ng gurve ybjrfg, naq V pna nqzvg gung. Zl snibhevgr rcvfbqrf hfhnyyl vapyhqr Fcvxr, naq V qb erjngpu gubfr zber serdhragyl guna fbzr bs gur Onatry-urnil barf. Ohg gung qbrfa'g zrna V vtaber guvatf gung pbairavragyl qvfcebir zl nethzrag, be gjvfg guvatf bhg bs pbagrkg gb fhvg zl fuvccre-arrqf. V guvax cneg bs orvat n sna zrnaf frrvat gur ovt cvpgher naq pubbfvat jung zrnaf gur zbfg gb lbh. Sbe zrna, V inyhr gur eryngvbafuvc gung Fcvxr naq Ohssl ohvyg sebz gur nfurf bs gurve cerivbhf bar va frnfba frira bire Natry naq Ohssl'f pbafgnag V ybir lbh/V ungr lbh, fgnl njnl/fgnl sberire natfg-srfg. V gubhtug Ohssl naq Fcvxr ohvyg fbzrguvat ynfgvat naq nqhyg jurer Natry naq Ohssl arire zbirq cnfg uvtu fpubby.

        Tbq, V ernyyl jrag ba n gnatrag, qvqa'g V?

        • Crys says:

          (Sorry if this gets posted twice, my connection spazzed and may have eaten my response)

          "V gubhtug Ohssl naq Fcvxr ohvyg fbzrguvat ynfgvat naq nqhyg jurer Natry naq Ohssl arire zbirq cnfg uvtu fpubby. "

          HTU, GUNAX LBH! Jurarire V trg vagb n Onatry if Fchssl nethzrag V trg fb fvpx naq gverq bs urnevat ubj Ohssl naq Natry ner 'bzt fgnepebffrq yhi sberin.'

          V qb yvxr Natry. Arire yvxrq uvz va OgIF, ohg jura ur tbg uvf bja fubj naq ur orpnzr zber guna –gb dhbgr Fcvxr- "gnyy, qnex naq sberurnq" V trahvaryl yvxrq uvz nf n punenpgre (naq fuvccrq Natry/Pbeql FB uneq, sbe gur rknpg fnzr ernfba V fuvc Ohssl/Fcvxr; gur nsberzragvbarq ohvyqvat bs fbzrguvat ynfgvat). Uryy, gur hygvzngr qnapvat fcnmm-bhg fprar gung cerprqrf gur cresrpgyl gvzrq yvar "V qba'g qnapr," znqr zr yrtvgvzngryl ybir uvz.

          Gung univat orra fnvq, V jnf arire fbyq ba Natry/Ohssl. V gbgnyyl trg jul vg unccrarq naq V qb trg jul gurl pna arire frrz gb oernx serr, bar bs gur ernfbaf orvat gur ynpx bs frk. Fher, vg'f abg gur or-nyy-raq-nyy bs n eryngvbafuvc, ohg vagvznpl vf n irel vzcbegnag cneg bs n zngher eryngvbafuvc. Naq gurl'yy arire or noyr gb unir gung nf ybat nf Natry erznvaf phefrq.

          Ba gur Fchssl fvqr, jr unir gur hygen-cnvashy Frnfba 6 (phyzvangvat va "Frrvat Erq") gb pbaqrza gung fuvc. V'yy arire, RIRE rira gel gb ebznagvpvmr jung unccrarq orgjrra gubfr gjb qhevat gung frnfba. Vg'f bar bs Wbff'f orfg "or pnershy jung lbh jvfu sbe" zbzragf ba gur fubj. Gur snaf jrer pelvat sbe Fcvxr/Ohssl… naq jr tbg vg. Naq vg uheg yvxr uryy.

          Gur bayl guvat gung erqrrzrq gur fuvc (naq Wbff :c ) va zl rlrf jnf frnfba 7. Vg'f qrsvavgryl abg gur orfg OgIF frnfba bhg gurer naq vg qbrf vapyhqr fbzr ernyyl jrnx rcvfbqrf, ohg vg'f crccrerq jvgu zbzragf bs furre oevyyvnapr (abg arprffnevyl Fchssl eryngrq) gung znxr zr hanoyr gb whqtr vg gbb unefuyl. V arire gubhtug nal Fcvxr zbzrag va gur fubj jbhyq rire gehzc cerggl zhpu gur ragvergl bs "Sbby sbe Ybir" sbe zr, ohg gur irel ynfg fprar sebz "Orarngu lbh" arire snvyf gb erqhpr zr gb n oyhoorevat urnc bs grnef naq fabg naq jnvyf bs "FCVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVXR!" Frevbhfyl, V jbhyqa'g pner vs Fcvxr naq Ohssl arire tbg ebznagvpnyyl vaibyirq rire ntnva nf ybat nf gung zbzrag rkvfgf naq znqr gurz svanyyl fgneg gb gehfg rnpu bgure.

          • echinodermata says:

            It did post twice so I deleted the other comment.

            Also, please don't use the word "spaz" on this site.

            • Crys says:

              Ooops, sorry. I'm guessing it also means something offensive? :S Again, sorry; English is not my first language.

          • _Bailey_ says:

            V nterr jvgu fb zhpu bs jung lbh fnvq gung V pna'g dhbgr naq ercyl gb nyy bs vg, orpnhfr V jbhyq onfvpnyyl or ercbfgvat lbhe ragver pbzzrag jvgu "GUVF!" naq "BZT LRF!" vagrewrpgvbaf nyy bire gur cynpr.

            Gur bayl guvat V ernyyl qvfnterr jvgu lbh nobhg vf frnfba frira. V npghnyyl ernyyl yvxrq vg nf n frnfba — Ohssl naq Fcvxr yrnea gb gehfg rnpu bgure ntnva, Jvyybj naq Knaqre yrnea naq zngher, Qnja vfa'g nf naablvat, naq "Yvrf Zl Cneragf Gbyq Zr" cebonoyl gvrf jvgu "Ybiref Jnyx" nf zl snibhevgr rcvfbqr rire (qnzzvg, abj V ernyyl jnag gb jngpu YZCGZ ohg V cebzvfrq zlfrys V jbhyqa'g erjngpu nurnq . . . . vgf sne rabhtu va gur shgher, evtug?). V guvax Wbff qvq n terng wbo jvgu fubjvat gur fbhy-frnepuvat bs obgu Ohssl naq Fcvxr (gur fprar lbh zragvbarq va "Orarngu Lbh" — *fbo* — cyhf Ohssl'f pbhafryvat frffvba jvgu gur inzc sebz "Pbairefngvbaf Jvgu Qrnq Crbcyr"). V nqzvg gur cbgragvnyf pna or naablvat, ohg ba gur jubyr V qba'g zvaq gurz (va snpg, V ernyyl xvaq bs ybir gurve pbzzragnel ba gur Fchssl eryngvbafuvc — "Gung'f ubg." "Fb, jr'er fhccbfrq gb znxr bhg jvgu [inzcverf] be fbzrguvat?" "Jura qvq lbh svaq [Fcvxr'f pelcg] pbzsl?") Gur bayl guvat V ernyyl qba'g yvxr nobhg F7 vf Xraarql. Fuhg hc, Xraarql. V ivbyragyl qvfyvxr lbh. Jryy, Xraarql naq Natry'f erghea ng gur raq orpnhfr Wbff gubhtug snaf jnagrq ubcr sbe Onatry. JGS.

        • @Ivana2804 says:

          I love your tangent and agree with all of it.

    • _Bailey_ says:

      "Ooh, Angel reads Sartre, he's so ~deep~"

      Hahahahahaha my thoughts exactly.

      ""Cool" guy? I'd say you're more hot, Spike. Which makes sense, since you have such a fiery personality. You're rather smoking in this scene. Flameo, hotman. OKAY I'M DONE. "

      I don't think I'll ever be done. SPIKE ILU.

      "I find it very telling that Xander's response isn't that it's wrong and skeevy to control someone's emotions/thoughts like that, but that he personally has bad luck with those sorts of spells. Methinks someone walked away from the events of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered having learned entirely the wrong lessons. Side-eying you both right now."

      Very good point. Methinks you are right.

      "Spike venting to Joyce is my favorite part of this episode, especially when he asks for the marshmallows."

      It is my firm belief that Joyce should adopt Spike.

      "Also, wtf was Angel doing lurking outside Buffy's house?"

      Being a creep?

      "Vg ohtf zr ubj Fcvxr'f fcrrpu urer vf hfrq nf "cebbs" ol fbzr snaf gung Ohssl/Natry vf ~rgreany gehr ybir sberire naq rire~ naq gung gur gjb pna'g zbir ba, rgp. Guvf vf pyrneyl whfg Fcvxr'f bcvavba, abg tbfcry gehgu."

      Crefbanyyl, V qba'g guvax gung'f rira gur cbvag ur'f znxvat. "Lbh'yy or va ybir gvyy vg xvyyf lbh obgu. Lbh'yy svtug, naq lbh'yy funt, naq lbh'yy ungr rnpu bgure gvyy vg znxrf lbh dhvire" — guvf vf abg n qrfpevcgvba bs gehr ybir! Vg'f n ybir va juvpu gur cnegvpvcnagf pnaabg shapgvba jvguva gurve eryngvbafuvc. Gurl pna'g or gbtrgure, ohg gurl pna'g or ncneg, naq gurl ner qbbzrq gb penfu naq ohea. Gurl qba'g unir n pubvpr OHG gb zbir ba, orpnhfr vs gurl nera'g tbvat gb or gbtrgure gura gurl arrq gb trg gur uryy NJNL sebz rnpu bgure be gurl'yy vzcybqr. V guvax gur jevgref ner hfvat Fcvxr gb sberfunqbj Natry yrnivat ng gur raq bs gur frnfba, v.r. gung vg pnaabg jbex orgjrra gur gjb, abg gung gurl orybat gbtrgure.

      • arctic_hare says:

        Bu, V pbzcyrgryl nterr! V'z whfg naablrq ol gur graqrapl bs fghoobea O/N fuvccref gb gjvfg vg nebhaq naq zvff gur cbvag ragveryl.

        • _Bailey_ says:

          Bu, lrf!

          V cbfgrq ryfrjurer nobhg n Onatry fuvccre jub bapr irurzragyl vasbezrq zr gung Natry pbhyq qb ab jebat. Dhbgr hadhbgr.

          Fbzrgvzrf, lbh unir gb jbaqre vs gurl rira jngpurq gur fubj. . . .

          • misterbernie says:

            …jnvg jung ab jnvg V qba'g rira jnag gb xabj

            • _Bailey_ says:

              Ab, lbh ernyyl qba'g. Vg jnf bar bs gur zbfg evqvphybhf qvfphffvbaf V unir rire unq va zl yvsr. Vg fgnegrq jvgu Fcvxr-onfuvat (ba n Fcvxr-gurzrq guernq sbe Fcvxr snaf, zvaq lbh) naq qribyirq sebz gurer, gb gur cbvag gung gur crefba, jub unq sbe fbzr ernfba orra znqr na nqzva, qryrgrq n ybg bs guvatf ertneqvat Fcvxr (vapyhqvat guernqf, tebhcf naq rira n srj hfre nppbhagf) naq jnf fhofrdhragyl onaarq sebz gur fvgr.

              V pna'g rira erzrzore nyy gur qrgnvyf (nfvqr sebz gung bar ovg orpnhfr vg jnf whfg fb bhgentrbhf) ohg gur crefba ernyyl unq ab vagrerfg jungfbrire va orvat engvbany.

      • Meenalives says:

        Joyce adopting Spike would be glorious! Ur qbrf npg yvxr n ovt oebgure gbjneqf Qnja, nsgre nyy. Abj V ernyyl jvfu gurer unq orra n fprar va "Fbzrguvat Oyhr" bs Fcvxr naq Ohssl naabhapvat gurve ratntrzrag gb Wblpr.

      • notemily says:


        bar bs zl snibevgr Ohssl/Fcvxr svpf vf pnyyrq gung

        bxnl V'yy whfg or va gur pbeare urer jvgu zl srryf

  2. cait0716 says:

    Oh Lover's Walk, I love you so. Spike is back and everything is wonderful. Okay, everything's actually horrible, but I still spend most of this episode in fits of giggles. I have a ton of thoughts, and they're all rather disconnected. I apologize in advance for this wall of text.

    I love that Spike just blows into town and leaves all this emotional destruction in his wake. He doesn't actually do much, he just drops a few truth bombs and lets everyone fuck things up for themselves. Also, there's a nice bit of symmetry in him driving over the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign.

    One of the best things about him being back is that we get another adorable scene between Spike and Joyce. In an interview about this episode, James Marsters sums up this scene as "Spike just needs a mom" which is so true. And I love that Joyce listens to him and tries to offer advice and goes to find little marshmallows for his hot chocolate. Then Angel shows up and we get the hilarious scene where he can't get in and Spike is making faces behind Joyce's back.

    Of course, Angel gets a few jabs in about Drusilla, later. I guess even with a soul he can't help taunting Spike about this. They have an incredibly antagonistic relationship and I love any and all interaction between them.

    Spike's line, "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it" is wonderful. It's one of the most quoted Buffy lines in the fandom. Part of what makes it great is the juxtaposition of gendered language and Spike just not caring about it. His lack of shame is a beautiful thing.

    We also get some great Spike and Willow interactions. Drunk Spike crying onto Willow's shoulder while she tries to comfort him even though she is completely terrified is one of the most hilarious things to me. I laugh all the way through that scene. And I love her even more when she stands up to him. It doesn't really accomplish much, but it's nice to see courageous!Willow. Also, I'm a shameless Spike/Willow shipper, so I gobble up any scene with the two of them.

    Then Spike leaves and Willow and Xander start making out and it's just bad news.

    Actually, let me back up to that spell Willow was going to cast. Because that was beyond idiotic. She doesn't want to deal with her emotions like a mature adult. Instead she wants a quick solution so she doesn't have to go through all the mess and heartbreak of actually choosing one of these guys and staying far away from the other one. I understand her emotions (I've definitely been there), but I hate the way she decides to deal with them. What's more, she's planning on casting this spell on Xander without his knowledge or consent. She thinks she knows best here, and she doesn't even consider talking to Xander about it. It's a good thing that he figures out what's going on and puts an end to it. At least someone learned a lesson from Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.

    Getting back to their illicit make-outs. Oz and Cordy just walk in at the worst possible time. I mean, it's good to get everything out in the open, and I like the message here that you will be caught. Even if you think you couldn't possibly be caught because you're out in the middle of nowhere, someone is going to find out. And then my heart just breaks for Cordy and she goes running up the stairs and falls and gets skewered and it's awful.

    I cackle evilly when the episode then cuts directly to a funeral. It's one of the most brilliant misdirects ever. And since I've seen all of this and know how everything works out, it doesn't even upset me anymore. Actually on my first re-watch I'd forgotten all about this, and when it happened I laughed really hard. I'm probably a bad person.

    And then we end the episode with sad shots of everyone alone while sad music plays that cuts suddenly to Spike rocking out to The Sex Pistols on his way to reclaim Drusilla. I love it.

    Some other small things:

    "Have you ever seen a chaos demon? They're all slime and antlers" – This is just an awesome mental image

    Buffy got a 1430 on her SATs. This makes me irrationally angry. I will never quite get over the fact that Buffy did better than me (I got a 1400). It's petty jealousy of a fictional character, but there it is.

    Did Spike's "I do as I please!" make anyone else thing of Loki's "I do what I want, Thor!"? I don't know if that's an internet thing or just a ginger-haze thing, but it has seeped into my subconscious.

    • "Unir lbh rire frra n punbf qrzba? Gurl'er nyy fyvzr naq nagyref" – Guvf vf whfg na njrfbzr zragny vzntr
      NAQ GURA VG ORPBZRF YRFF ZRAGNY NAQ RIRA ZBER UVYNEVBHF. Bu, Qeh. Gur punbf qrzba vf npghnyyl xvaq bs nqbenoyr?

    • DreamRose311 says:

      1400! We're SAT twins!! I had the same feelings!

      Going to just go ahead and post my thoughts here:

      NEVER noticed the lack of apostrophe before. I read that and thought 'No way, you're wrong, I totally remember seeing it there.' The brain does some pretty strange and interesting things…

      Reason number LOTS for my love of Oz – He's hurt when he sees them kissing, but his first thought/action is still 'we need to get out of here and deal with this suck later'

      • cait0716 says:

        *high five* SAT twins!

        I had never noticed the lack of apostrophe either! Mark is teaching me things! But it makes so much sense for this episode.

        • knut_knut says:

          WOO!!! SAT triplets?? I am ashamed to admit I’m a bit jealous of Buffy too. She barely studied!! *grumble grumble*

          • Jenny_M says:

            I think I got a 1410 due to a perfect score on verbal (I could hardly believe it myself) and…an um…not so perfect score on math. Suck it, math.

            • knut_knut says:

              Nice! I think I got the same score on all 3 sections. At least I’m consistent???

              • Jenny_M says:

                I'm An Old and didn't take the test when it had 3 sections – the idea of having to write is terrifying. The ACT had a science section, I think, which made me very angry. Because no.

                • cait0716 says:

                  I liked that the ACT had a science section, partially because I'm actually science-minded. I did really well on that test and then none of my colleges would accept my scores πŸ™

                  • Jenny_M says:

                    I am deeply in awe of people who can Science because I cannot and have never been able to Science very well! And I feel you on the waste of time the ACT felt like – I lived in the south so I had to take it, but ALL of my schools were northern schools.

                  • knut_knut says:

                    I didn’t take the ACT because it had a history section, but I kind of wish I did just to see if I would have done any better. But it would have been a complete waste of time and money because the schools I applied to either didn’t accept it or did that “just send us everything, we’ll sort it out!”

                    • cait0716 says:

                      I missed one question on the ACT (which my mom teased me about endlessly). I think it was way easier than the SAT. Or possibly just more balanced, which helped me out

                  • t09yavosaur says:

                    There was a state standerdized test that I had to take junior year and we were the first class who had to take the newly instituted science section as well. There was probably more to it but all I remember is that there were 6 or 7 questions about dams. I've gotten in trouble for speaking loudly about the dam questions on our dam test.

                • knut_knut says:

                  I just realized they had a weird way of converting the new SAT scores to the old because they took into account the length of the test or something weird like that. So I may not have actually gotten a 1400, but either way, Buffy’s score was higher than mine and I will be forever jealous.

                  The writing part was SO EASY, if you wrote really simply. I’m pretty sure my introduction was something like “I believe _____” and then straight into my body paragraphs, but I got a 12/12. The only hard part was having 25 minutes O_O

                  • Jenny_M says:

                    I could have done that! Though knowing the literacy levels of a lot of kids in this country, I feel for the poor testing board who probably has to get through pages of txt speak. One thing I think is seriously lacking in our system (well, there are many things, but…) is excellent grammar education. Even reading the Little House books, the stuff that Laura Ingalls was learning how to do on the freaking prairie would be considered a bit too difficult for schools now. I'm sure there are teachers would love to teach it!

                    • knut_knut says:

                      I would love to see how kids today write their essay section! My sister and I are 6 years apart but the way we write and interact with technology (particularly our phones- I’m prone to leaving mine in strange places while hers never leaves her hands) is completely different. Obviously, our personalities are a huge factor, but it’s still interesting to see the differences.

                      There are a lot of problems with our education system πŸ™ I wish we’d focus less on standardized testing, because I think lessons then tend to be about teaching the test, or at least they were at my school whenever a state or national test was coming up. We’d abandon all regular lessons and focus only on how to ace the test.

                    • Jenny_M says:

                      Blerg, I hate that. I'm Little Miss Type A, and I test very well. However, there are so many other people who test poorly but it doesn't mean they're not smart. It just means they either learn differently or express their intelligence differently. I was always like…just because I can use my number two pencil to fill in a circle in a timely manner doesn't make me smarter, y'all.

                    • cait0716 says:

                      No kidding. I learned a lot about grammar, but it was all in my Spanish class.

                    • redsenshi says:

                      Japanese taught me more about english than English ever did.

                  • echinodermata says:

                    Wait really, you're supposed to write simply for the written part? Hm…maybe that explains some things for me…

                    • knut_knut says:

                      apparently! I took a practice SAT and was told to simplify my writing because the readers go through tons of essays and won't want to read something really dense

                    • notemily says:

                      see that's the kind of thing that shouldn't affect your score and yet does. I hate standardized tests because they're treated as unbiased measures of intelligence, but NO test is unbiased.

                • notemily says:


                  I like my comforting, familiar multiple choice bubbles that must be properly filled-in with a number 2 pencil

              • cait0716 says:

                my score was evenly split, too. Congrats, Jenny, on the perfect verbal score. That's really impressive!

                • Jenny_M says:

                  It is my greatest accomplishment in life. Well, not really, but it was a nice little confidence boost. However, it is amazing how much I've forgotten between then and now. The other day I forgot how to spell 'dissolve'.

                  • notemily says:

                    I got a medal in 7th grade for having the third-highest verbal score for 7th graders in Southeastern Wisconsin or something really specific like that. (There's a program here where middle-schoolers take the SAT for some reason.) I was ridiculously proud of it. The best part is one of my friends, who was a guy, was REALLY ANGRY that I did better than him because guys are smarter than girls. (yes that guy sucked but dude, I was twelve)

                    I have also lost all ability to word as I got older. I blame it on a combination of (a) brains getting less agile with the natural aging process or whatever, (b) not reading as many books and reading more internets, and (c) drugs. I'm on a tricyclic antidepressant for my stomach (yeah) that has the side-effect of drowsiness, and I swear it's made my mind work slower in general.

    • IceBlueRose says:

      "Also, there's a nice bit of symmetry in him driving over the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign."

      V ybir gung guvf orpbzrf n ehaavat wbxr fvapr nsgre gurl fvax Fhaalqnyr, Tvyrf nfxf fbzrguvat nybat gur yvarf bs "Jung qvq guvf?" naq Ohssl ercyvrf "Fcvxr." naq gura gur bgure "Jrypbzr gb Fhaalqnyr!" fvta whfg gbccyrf bire va gb gur pengre. Fcvxr jvyy arire nyybj nal bs gubfr fvtaf gb erznva fgnaqvat, yby.

      I love the scene with Spike making faces behind Joyce's back and just being all "That's right. You're a very bad man!"

      It's probably horrible of me but I was gleefully awaiting Mark's reaction to this episode – whfg yvxr V'z tyrrshyyl njnvgvat uvf ernpgvba gb Gur Jvfu ba Zbaqnl jura ur trgf gb frr jung Fhaalqnyr vf yvxr jvgubhg Ohssl. Uryyb, inzcver!Fpbbovrf. Re…jryy, cneg bs gur Fpbbovrf ng yrnfg. Orpnhfr rira jvgu gur oernx hc, Pbeql vf fgvyy n Fpbbol gb zr. Bapr n Fpbbol, nyjnlf n Fpbbol. Gura bss gb YN fur tbrf!

    • Karen says:

      YOU HAVE GOOD THOUGHTS, especially regarding Willow and Spike both together and separately.

    • SecretGirl127 says:

      Spike and Willow shipping? No, can't get bechind that. However, I would love if Giles and Mama Summers get together without magic chocolate. Giles is better than Ted! Mama Summers is different than Jenny, but no better/worse. Actualy, Jenny is much better for Giles, but since I can't have that, I'll wait patiently for this.

    • notemily says:

      …pretty sure I did as well as or better than Buffy. Don't remember exact score. *hides*

      Also lol at the gingerhaze reference. I DO WHAT I WANT THOR


  3. hpfish13 says:

    SPIKE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spike is my favorite character so the first time I watched this episode, I screamed really loudly with joy when that wonderful cut happened at Cordelia’s “Why would anyone want to come back here?” But I’ll get to that in a bit!

    First of all, I thought it was interesting that Buffy got a 1430 on her SAT, which is what I got and I had the highest score in my graduating class. So I wonder what score Willow got (at most it’s 1540). I liked taking the SAT’s, but I’m glad I didn’t have to do the essay portion (ours was the last year!) because I would have done terribly at that. I love multiple choice tests! *is a nerd*

    I’m glad to see Xander and Willow’s “relationship” come to an end, but, man did it end in tears. Cordelia, my heart is breaking for you. The look on her face when she sees the two of them is just devastating, and then she gets so badly injured (that cut to the funeral—JOSS WHEDON!!! *shakes fist*). And poor Oz, he’s just so sweet, and, though it’s much more subtle, I think this moment has him being the most shocked and hurt we’ve seen so far.

    Buffy and Angel: I like the way they develop in this episode. It hurts sure, but I think it is the right move for the two of them. There is too much between them for them to try to be friends.

    And now onto SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is a barrel of laughs throughout this entire episode.

    •Drunk Spike: “Yeah, you. You think I'm afraid of you? We were happy! You brainwashed her. I could just…(drinks) Yeah, I'll show *you* who's a cool guy. (starts to leave) You're goin' down.”
    •Spike on fire
    •Every time Spike gets all mopey “It was that truce with Buffy that did it. Dru said I'd gone soft. Wasn't demon enough for the likes of her. And I told her it didn't mean anything, I was thinking of her the whole time, but she didn't care. So, we got to Brazil, and she was… she was just different. I gave her everything: beautiful jewels, beautiful dresses with beautiful girls in them, but nothing made her happy. And she would fliiirt! I caught her on a park bench, making out with a *chaos* demon! Have you ever seen a chaos demon? They're all slime and antlers. They're disgusting.
    She only did it to hurt me. So I said, 'I'm not putting up with this anymore.' And she said, 'Fine!' And I said, 'Yeah, I've got an unlife, you know!' And then she said… she said we could still be friends. (leans over and sobs on Willow's shoulder) God, I'm so unhappy!”
    •But especially his whole interaction with Joyce
    Joyce: Well, she sounds very unreasonable.
    Spike: She is. She's out of her mind. (sniffs) That's what I miss most about her. (smiles)
    Joyce: Well, Spike, sometimes even when two people seem right for each other, their lives just take different paths. When Buffy's father and I…
    Spike: (interrupts) No, this is different. Our love was eternal. Literally. (calms down) You got any of those little marshmallows?
    Joyce: Well, lemme look.
    •And his whole taunting of Angel being stuck outside the house
    •This “You're *not* friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. (points at his temple) Love isn't brains, children, it's blood… (clasps his chest) blood screaming inside you to work its will. *I* may be love's bitch, but at least *I'm* man enough to admit it.”
    •The fight with Buffy, Angel and Spike all working together. V guvax guvf vf gur bayl gvzr jr frr guvf unccra.
    •And his decision to leave “Oh, sod the spell. Your friends are at the factory. I'm really glad I came here, you know? I've been all wrongheaded about this. Weeping, crawling, blaming everybody else. I want Dru back, I've just gotta be the man I was, the man she loved. I'm gonna do what I shoulda done in the first place: I'll find her, wherever she is, tie her up, torture her until she likes me again. (goes to leave) Love's a funny thing. “ Only you Spike could make this sound kind of adorable.

    This comment is really long, but this is one of my favorite episodes out of the entire series, and, despite the sadness, one I rewatch frequently!

    And now, from my episode guide! (There are a surprising amount of spoilers in the summary for this episode)
    Episode 8: Lovers Walk
    Written by Dan Vebber, Direct by David Semel
    Airdate: 11/24/98
    Love casts its magic spell and leaves a trail of broken hearts in Sunnydale. Spike blames Angel and Buffy when Drusilla breaks up with him. Cordelia and Oz catch Xander and Willow kissing, and Buffy decides it’s time to stop seeing Angel.

    • cait0716 says:

      Despite the sadness, this episode just makes me happy. I love Spike too much

      Man, that synopsis is all sorts of spoilery. It just lays out the final act.

    • rocketsandroll says:

      Spike and Joyce's hot chocolate conversation is an all time favourite of mine. It's one of the most memorable scenes from when I first started watching (I believe this was my first Spike Episode even).

      But then I find all their interactions priceless.

    • IceBlueRose says:

      I love every single interaction that Spike and Joyce have. They're fantastic. V pna'g jnvg sbe gur fprar jurer gurl gnyx nobhg Cnffvbaf. Vg'f fubeg ohg V ybir vg.

      Naq V oryvrir lbh'er evtug. Jr frr Ohssl naq Natry svtug fvqr ol fvqr, Ohssl naq Fcvxr, naq Fcvxr naq Natry ohg guvf vf gur bayl gvzr jr frr nyy guerr svtugvat gbtrgure ba gur fnzr fvqr nyy ng bapr.

    • ZeynepD says:

      Spike: Best relationship counselor in the entire series so far.

      This is kind of saying a lot.

    • GirlWith1Eye says:

      yes to all of this. i just love spike so much. his interactions with joyce have been some of my favorites and i like his perspective on things. so many great spike quotes from this episode.

    • Dru says:

      Not gonna lie, Spike being mopey and Joyce playing Agony Aunt to him is my favourite scene of Season 3. FACT.

      (and I have been waiting for this since Spike first showed up – I mean, from whacking him over the head with an axe to offering up relationship advice and marshmallows, their progression is pure flawlessness.)

  4. Joss, I don’t even think you wrote this episode.
    Word on the street is that Joss heavily rewrote this episode. His fingerprints are all over it.

    You will stop breaking my heart.

    You will stop destroying Cordelia.

    You will stop giving me all these feelings from watching a television show.

    You will stop killing characters off.

    You will stop making me think you’ve killed a character off.

    Nothing bad will ever happen on your show ever again.

    So there are four and a half more seasons full of puppies and rollercoasters, right?
    Yes. Um, I mean no. No.

    In other news, Joss has never seen the movie TRON.

    • darkwater says:

      Pretty sure Joss at least gets the draft script before shooting begins and does a notes/slight rewrite on all episodes.

    • cait0716 says:

      Yeah, even the episodes he doesn't have a writing credit on, he edited and added lines. Almost all of the writers joke that at some point a fan compliments them on a line they wrote and 95% of the time it's actually a line Joss wrote.

      Angel spoilers:
      V'z n yvggyr fpnerq sbe Znex gb trg gb gur sbhegu frnfba bs Natry. Gur jevgref whfg nofbyhgryl qrfgebl Pbeqryvn'f punenpgre naq vg'f cnvashy gb jngpu. Naq vg tbrf ba sbe fb ybat orsber lbh svaq bhg gung vg jnfa'g ure nyy nybat, ohg hagvy gura gung frnfba whfg uhegf gb jngpu.

      • Noybusiness says:

        Vfa'g vg cerggl pyrne sebz gur fgneg, jura fur xvyyf Yvynu, gung fur'f cbffrffrq? Gur bayl guvat bhg bs punenpgre fur qbrf orsber gung vf fyrrc jvgu Pbaabe, nygubhtu gung'f n jubccre.

        • cait0716 says:

          Ohg gung qbrfa'g unccra hagvy unysjnl guebhtu gur frnfba, naq fur'f npgvat cerggl njshy sbe n juvyr orsber gung. Vg qbrfa'g nyy trg fcryyrq bhg hagvy arneyl gur raq bs gur frnfba.

          • Noybusiness says:

            Ab, bgure guna gur Pbaabe guvat fur'f qbvat n pbaivapvat wbo bs npgvat yvxr Pbeql. Naq znlor vg'f abg pyrne evtug jura fur xvyyf Yvynu, ohg jura fur'f gnyxvat gb gur Ornfg va gur arkg rcvfbqr, vg'f pyrneyl abg Pbeql fcrnxvat.

            Jryy, gurer'f gur "jr pna'g or gbtrgure orpnhfr V fnj nyy lbhe qrrqf nf Natryhf" guvat, juvpu vfa'g greevoyr, ohg jvyy or, sbe Znex jura vg unccraf, nabgure rknzcyr bs Jurqba-l cnvashyarff.

          • Crys says:

            V erpnyy na rira rneyvre fvta. Vg'f ng gur irel raq bs gung rcvfbqr jurer Ybear aneengrf jung unccrarq naq uvf fcryy (gelvat gb trg Pbeql'f zrzbel onpx) znxrf rirelbar erireg onpx gb 17. Bar bs gur ynfg fprarf va gung rcvfbqr vf Ybear tvivat gur 'nagvqbgr' gb Pbeql, fur erzrzoref rirelguvat naq jr trg gur fubg bs n faneyvat qrzba bcravat vgf rlrf. V qba'g erzrzore vs gurer jnf nalguvat orsber gung, ohg guvf vf gur svefg pyhr V tbg fur jnfa'g ernyyl urefrys. Be jnf vg yngre ba naq V'z erzrzorevat guvf nyy bhg bs beqre?

      • Karen says:

        Htu. Fyrrcvat jvgu Pbaabe. Htu htu htu. V whfg pnaabg jvgu gur znwbevgl bs frnfba 4 bs Natry.

        • Fiona says:

          V cersre gb cergraq gung frnfba sbhe bs Natry arire unccrarq, nfvqr sebz gur cneg jvgu Snvgu naq Jvyybj, rfcrpvnyyl gur Pbaabe Cneg *fuhqqre*.

          • cait0716 says:

            Lrnu, frnfbaf bar, gjb, naq svir ner gur barf V graq gb erjngpu. Gurl unir n ybiryl ynpx bs Pbaabe naq zrybqenzn naq nofheqvgl. Nygubhtu zl snibevgr cneg bs gur jubyr frevrf vf gung gurl ernyvmrq guvatf unq tbggra bhg bs pbageby ol gur raq bs gur sbhegu frnfba naq gurl whfg uvg gur zntvp erfrg ohggba.

          • Noybusiness says:

            Vg jnf avpr ubj Pbaabe fubjrq hc va Frnfba Svir jvgu n pbzcyrgryl arj naq abg!njshy crefbanyvgl.

    • Noybusiness says:

      "In other news, Joss has never seen the movie TRON. "

      Is that true or a joke I don't understand?

    • Jenny_M says:


      Sorry, it is my favorite show, ever.

    • Rayne says:

      I seem to recall that the script had to be rewritten at the last minute because Juliet Landau was originally supposed to be in it, but ended up not being able to do it. So Joss stepped in at the last minute and heavily rewrote the script.

      • Polgara says:

        How did I not know that? Now I feel the need to track that original down.

        • hamnoo says:

          Dear god, if you find it, TELL ME PLEASE.
          Oh god.

          • GamgeeFest says:

            I believe the DVD set has the original script as an extra for this ep. If it is there, I can scroll through it to see if Drusilla was supposed to be in it.

            • hamnoo says:

              BY THE WAY, isn't there suppossed to be a season 2 commentary for Becoming? It says so on my DVD packaging, but there is nothing on the disc.

              • GamgeeFest says:

                Checked the episode and it does have an "original" script. It says nothing about Dru being in the show, she's not even listed on the character list. So, this isn't the original original script then.

                No commentary for Becoming, either part, on my DVD set. I believe the only season finales that have commentaries are for season 5 and 7. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Hecubot says:

      Though Dan Vebber is the credited writer, Joss wrote the whole thing. The original script was for Dru and Spike to return but Juliet could not come back, so it needed to be rewritten in one weekend.

      Joss checked into a hotel with a boombox and played nothing but Husker Du and The Replacements all weekend as he bashed out a Punk Rock Love Extravaganza. And that's how it happened.

      Dan Vebber later went on to write for Futurama.

  5. knut_knut says:

    <img src=""&gt;


    However, Spike returned! And I really liked when Buffy finally broke things off with Angel at the very end (even if she was dressed 3 times her age). And that you didn’t actually kill Cordy. BUT I STILL HATE YOU.

    • darkwater says:

      It'll be alright. Promise.

    • IceBlueRose says:

      Well…there was a little Giles? Not much of a comfort, I know. But this little exchange does make me grin:

      Giles: I suspect your mother will want to, uh, put it on the refrigerator.
      Buffy: Yeah. She saw these scores, and her head spun around and exploded.
      Giles: I-I've been on the Hellmouth too long. That was metaphorical, yes?
      Buffy: Yes. She was happy.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      this gif is just so perfect

    • notemily says:


      Ugh, I HATE that! It annoys me SO MUCH. Joyce is supposed to be the mom on this show!

  6. misterbernie says:

    On rewatch, I enjoyed this episode a lot less than I thought I would. So there we go with rather few thoughts:
    – I have no idea what SAT scores mean so, uh, THINGS. For reference, my final grade average in high school was 1.9 which I was extremely happy about because our grade scale runs from 1 to 6, so these scores confuse me. Also, "my sarcastic voice sounds a lot like my regular voice" is something I say very often. Also, Willow’s academic achievement excitement makes me happy.
    – Ironic segue to Spike!
    – Hey writers, I see how you’re stepping up the adorableness on Oz and Cordy’s part so this episode will be so much more heartbreaking. Obvious writing is obvious.
    – Druidic rituals in California? Writers, what? Also Giles, you’re turning into a dad.
    – The funny segue cut fairy is busy today. Also Willow, Xander, you’re not really doing the secret part anymore here.
    – Just because Angel is reading la Nausée doesn’t mean he’s magically deep, writers.
    – Love spells… anti-lust spells… not a fan of using magic as a problem-solver, kids. Work your issues out like regular folk, k
    – This whole scene with Spike and Willow just makes me so deeply uncomfortable. Especially the weird part with her patting him and going "there, there"; I assume it’s meant to be a quick humorous bit, but after she was just begging him not to hurt her I can't enjoy that bit.
    – The baby food metaphor is really drawn out too much.
    – Death fake out!
    – Can we put the Xander/Willow plot behind us now?
    – Bye, Spike.

    German title: Liebe und andere Schwierigkeiten – ‘Love and other difficulties’.

    • cait0716 says:

      SAT scores are (or were) out of a possible 1600 points, but all scores are rounded to ten point (so something like 1425 would be impossible). I don't exactly know how scoring works, because you actually get negative points for wrong answers, but everything's weighted. A 1430 is a really good score and, like they say in the episode, means you could get into almost any college in the nation.

      • eruonna says:

        Well, a low SAT score might keep you out of some schools, but you need more than a high SAT score to get into most. (I may still be bitter about not getting into the school I wanted.)

    • Noybusiness says:

      That German title is actually kinda funny.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I think that might be one of my favorite German titles so far

    • Jordan says:

      At the time Buffy was on SAT scores were out of 1600. There was a math section and a verbal section, each worth 800 points. In the US GPAs were out of 4.0 (with 4.0 being the highest, also called an "A"… 3.0=B, 2.0=C, 1.0=D, 0.0=F)

      Just an FYI for non-US Watchers

      • misterbernie says:

        The ABCDF system in the US always confused me. WHY BE THERE NO E, America, WHY

        (I assume F = Fail was just too tempting, but still)

        • hamnoo says:

          I think it's actually also kind of weird that we have an 5 (equalling a suppossed E) in Germany. Why fail twice? Though of course one needed two 5s for failing, and only one 6.

        • Plactus says:

          The school system I attended from kindergarten to fourth grade, and then again for tenth and eleventh grades, used E instead of F. It seemed just as weird. (And then my last school didn't officially use letter grades at all, although we all understood what our percentages translated to.)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    ilu mark.

  8. iremo says:

    The falling on rebar happened to Charisma Carpenter when she was five years old. Now they don't have to worry about accidentally showing the scar!

    I love how genuinely *offended* Spike seems when Buffy and Angel tell him they're friends.

    • cait0716 says:

      The falling on rebar happened to Charisma Carpenter when she was five years old. Now they don't have to worry about accidentally showing the scar!
      What! I did not know that

      • hamnoo says:

        It's in one of the Buffy companion books. She tells a very funny story how she went back inside her house and told her mom, who was just preparing to leave for an evening … somewhere, that she had a boo-boo. (Is that how you say it? Baby speech, basically.) Her mother responded in terms of "Well, show me and I'll blow on it, okay?" And then she saw it and freaked out.

    • Oh my god, poor Charisma! D: I didn't know that!

  9. stephanie says:

    mark – the rumors are that joss did extensive rewrites on this script – and i don't believe dan ever wrote another buffy ep, so there ya go… all joss.

    from the shooting script:

    CLOSE ON Cordelia as her eyes roll back in her head and her body goes limp. As far as we know, she just died.


    We arm down just long enough that we're convinced it's Cordy's funeral, then the camera finds Buffy and Willow walking in foreground

    totes on purpose!! thanks joss!!

  10. rocketsandroll says:

    Thlf, V'z trahvaryl qernqvat gur Gur Obql.

    • @wickedzen says:

      Bayl rcvfbqr gung npghnyyl znqr zr pel. Gur fprar jurer Naln pbzcynvaf gung fur qbrfa'g haqrefgnaq jul rirelbar'f ernpgvat gur jnl gurl qb. V vqragvsl pbzcyrgryl.

      • @farwell3d says:

        V onjy yvxr n onol ng gung fprar rirel gvzr V jngpu vg. Fbzrgvzrf V pel evtug sebz gur fgneg, fbzrgvzrf vg gnxrf n juvyr, ohg V unir arire tbggra cnfg Naln'f fcrrpu jvgubhg oernxvat qbja.

        Gur Obql… Dhvgr cbffvoyl gur orfg znqr rcvfbqr bs gryrivfvba rire, ohg sne gbb qnza cnvashy gb or nalbar'f snibevgr. Whfg n cresrpg ovg bs fnqvfz.

    • SallyAmber says:

      V'ir orra qernqvat vg njuvyr. Rirelgvzr ur zragvbaf ubj zhpu ur ybirf Wblpr zl urneg uhegf.

    • _Bailey_ says:

      Vg jvyy or qrinfgngvat, ab qbhog, ohg V guvax jr fubhyq srne "V Jnf Znqr Gb Ybir Lbh" naq "Frrvat Erq" zber, qhr gb gur harkcrpgrq angher bs gur qrnguf (Wblpr'f va VJZGYL nf n pyvssunatre sbe "Gur Obql", naq Gnen'f va FE nf n pyvssunatre sbe gur erfg bs gur frnfba).

    • Karen says:

      BU TBQ. ZR GBB.

      Gung rcvfbqr unf znqr zr shyy ba htyl pel. Vg'f fb enj naq erny naq vg uhegf fb zhpu.

  11. darkwater says:

    Best. Review. Ever. Of course I knew what it was all about and had an idea how you would react.. but damn. Does it make me evil or sadistic that I pretty much laughed my way through reading this? It's just the joy of seeing first time reactions again, honest. Also Mark is funny.

    Also I love this episode.

    Best line? "I may be love's bitch but at least I'm man enough to admit it."

    Spike = the awesome.

  12. cat lady says:

    In most shows, this would have been a season-ending cliffhanger. But in Buffy, it's only episode 8. We're just getting started!

  13. SosaLola says:

    I loved when Spike grabbed Xander like that. I'm a hopeless Spander shipper.

    I remember my gasp when they implied that Cordelia died bayl gb ernyvmr gung fur'yy nccrne va yngre rcvfbqrf. V jngpurq F4 Ohssl naq F1 Natry orsber F3 – rkprcg gur Mrccb.

  14. Noybusiness says:

    "Loneliness of Six"

    [youtube mpv3WKHeHLA youtube]

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      It was so weird going to see the Muppet film today, because the credits came up at the beginning, and it was like 'score by Christophe Beck' and I was like…huh.

      Well that's a weird coincidence.

      • Noybusiness says:

        You had an Oz-style reaction?

        • enigmaticagentscully says:

          Always. πŸ˜›

          Actually, I HAVE been told multiple times that my sarcastic voice sounds just like my regular voice…
          Although, unfortunately it tends to manifest in the opposite direction to Oz's problem, so people always assume I'm being sarcastic 24/7. It makes it really hard to give anyone a compliment, because they think I'm just being an asshole.

          Of course, if I go abroad I spend a lot of time telling people: "No, I'm not being sarcastic…I'm just British."

  15. arctic_hare says:


    Either way, though, what does Spike have to worry about germs? He's a vampire! It's just a weird scene.

  16. settlingforhistory says:

    Spike is back! And everything else is depressing:

    -I still don’t really get the scores of SAT’s.
    What is the full score? Are the scores points or percentages?

    -“Your sarcastic voice sounds a lot like your normal voice”
    I know the feeling, people usually think I’m being sarcastic when I’m just honest and the
    other way around.

    -I don’t know what Spike was doing back in Sunnydale. Did he just want to mope in the town
    were they had been happy? Be jnf ur qenja gurer ol uvf nggenpgvba gb Ohssl?
    Nsgre nyy jr frr yngre va n synfuonpx, gung Qeh nyernql xarj jung jbhyq uccra orgjrra gurfr

    -Spike has the best heartache of this episode. I feel kind of bad for him, but it’s also unbelievably entertaining.

    -Oh got these pictures in the locker and a Pez witch! The writers know how to drive home how crushed Oz and Cordy will be later.

    -I love that we’ve reached the point where one can no longer make jokes about monsters without the Scoobies taking it seriously. (“ure urnq fcha nebhaq naq rkcybqrq” Ab, vg jnf bayl na narhevfz. *fuhqqre*)

    -Fbzrubj Fcvxr vf irel uneq gb frg ba sver, ur frrzf gb or gur bayl inzc jub pna whfg eha njnl sebz fhayvtug jvgubhg qlvat va gur cebprff. (Yngre ur whfg arrqf n oynaxrg.)

    -Naq fb gur frpbaq zntvp fubc bjare qvrf. Gung wbo vf nyzbfg nf qnatrebhf nf grnpure va guvf gbja.

    -Why would any college take Buffy, with her record? Don’t they usually care about things like “set a gym on fire”, “Left school for months”, “got expelled”?

    -Nabgure rknzcyr bs Jvyybj gelvat gb fbyir ceboyrzf va eryngvbafuvcf jvgu zntvp.
    Knaqre’f yvggyr zvfunc fubhyq unir gnhtug ure orggre. Ohg fur arire yrneaf.
    Fcvxr gubhtu frrzf gb qvfyvxr zntvp va yngre frnfbaf, rira vs vg jnf jung oebhtug Ohssl onpx.

    -Gung’f gur fjrngre Jvyybj vf jrnevat urer vf gur bar Fcvxr fnvq ur yvxrq va frnfba sbhe, evtug?

    -“Something ishy” I just love this word and Cordy’s face when she says it.

    -Joyce is such a great mum, even to a heartbroken vamp. She even makes him coca with marshmallows.

    -They never de-invited Spike, so irresponsible.

    -“Why don’t you come on in?” So quite vague invites are enough. So you should be really careful what you are saying to a vampire in your home. Lrf, V'z gnyxvat gb lbh, Qnja!
    Naq nf jr frr va gur fcva bss, lbh qba'g rira unir gb or ng ubzr jura lbh vaivgr n inzc, "Lbh ner nyjnlf jrypbzr ng zl ncnegzrag" vf nyy gur vaivgr ur arrqf.

    -“We killed a homeless man on this bench.” How romantic. Yuck!

    -And now we get to Spike’s most famous speech “You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, you'll shag, you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends.” I just love this so much.
    Fhzf hc Natry naq Ohssl’f eryngvbaf dhvgr jryy. (naq Fcvxr naq Ohssl’f)

    -They can’t have normal injuries like a broken ankle or a sprained wrist, right? It has to be an iron rod through the stomach. (Though Charisma had a similar injury once, which is why they chose this, I guess.)

    -It’s so nice to see Buffy and Spike fight together again. They are a good team.

    -‘V jnag zl tveysevraq onpx, fb V unir gb hfr ivbyrapr.’ Lrf, gung jvyy jbex bhg fb jryy va gur shgher, Fcvxr.

    -I was so sure that Cordy had died, even without the graveyard scene. It would have been typically Joss. He knows how to make it worse of course, by breaking everybody’s heart.

    -It’s nice that Buffy can be so honest to Angel and make such a mature decision.
    (Vagrerfgvat gung yngre gur ebyrf ner fjvgpurq naq Natry vf gur bar jub gryyf Ohssl, gung ur pna’g tvir ure jung fur arrqf naq fur jba’g npprcg vg. Guvf eryngvbafuvc vf jnl gb pbzcyvpngrq.)

    • ambyrglow says:

      1600 is the full SAT score (well, it isn't any more, but it was at the time that this episode was filmed)–800 for the math section plus 800 for the verbal section. Points, not percentages. The lowest possible score (again, at time of filming) was 400, which is sometimes joking referred to as the points you get just for writing your name correctly.

      • settlingforhistory says:

        Thanks, I always get so confused about these things.
        So is there a score where you have to retake the SATs or do you just need them for college?

        It's funny that you get 400 points as the lowest possible score, it seems so high.
        Why was there never a lowest possible grade you could get here, so unfair. I would have needed that for several classes especially Russian, that one was my Achille's heel.

        • ambyrglow says:

          There are certainly scores at which you might want to re-take the SATs, but no, they're not, like, final exams or anything and no one can make you take them. They're not even required to go to college–there's an alternate test, the ACT, that serves the same purpose. Traditionally, the ACT was used primarily in the midwest and the SAT on the east and west coasts, but I'm told things are a little more mixed up these days.

          And now you know more than you ever wanted to know about American standardized testing.

        • quenstalof says:

          It's one factor colleges use for admissions. Usually it's compared with GPA, so if you have a lower SAT score, but a high GPA you're fine or vice versa. Some schools have minimum SAT scores and/or minimum GPA's. With a 1430, Buffy would only need like a 1.8 GPA (which would be mostly D's and F's) to get into a California state university.

        • notemily says:

          It's funny that you get 400 points as the lowest possible score, it seems so high.

          I was wondering about that, and this is how I made it make sense: I think 400 is the baseline score they started with, and then added or took away points from there. So by leaving your test entirely blank you would get a 400. Every correct answer gets you a point. But if you get the WRONG answer, they take away 1/4 of a point. That was the "guessing penalty." So if you got the wrong answer on all 1600 questions, you would get 0 points, because they would have taken away 1600 x .25 = 400.

          I have no idea if this is true, but unnecessary math is fun!

          ETA: I should add that I DO know the .25 point guessing penalty is true, or at least it was back in the day. I have no idea if the 400 figure has anything to do with that.

          • RoseFyre says:

            I think 400 is the baseline, but there weren't 1600 questions, not in three hours. That would be *thinks* 533 1/3 questions per hour, which is 8.888888 etc. per minute. There was no way it was that high.

            So I think the minimum score was actually somewhere in the 200-300 range, though I forget the exact number, but it was something absurd, iirc.

      • canyonoflight says:

        I'll add that the full score now is 2400; they added an essay section which is worth 800.

        • pica_scribit says:

          Which makes my fairly good score back in the day sound all kinds of pathetic now.

          • 00guera00 says:

            Me too : (

            There was a fic that had Buffy all 'oh, it's not that great of a score, everybody but Xander got a better score than me,' when she got 1450…I made the 'huh?' face for a while (because 1450 is a great score) until I figured the author must be from the ones who took the new test where 1450/2400 isn't quite so awesome.

            eta- my πŸ™ lost it's (

    • cait0716 says:

      Gung’f gur fjrngre Jvyybj vf jrnevat urer vf gur bar Fcvxr fnvq ur yvxrq va frnfba sbhe, evtug?

      Vg vf! V ybir gung fprar, gbb.

    • t09yavosaur says:

      "-I was so sure that Cordy had died, even without the graveyard scene. It would have been typically Joss. He knows how to make it worse of course, by breaking everybody’s heart."

      The problem I had was I knew that she didn't die here. (That is my superpower, I have avoided most spoilers but I know when certain people die/leave) I was freaking out a little because I didn't know what was going on.

      • settlingforhistory says:

        I was so spoiler free the whole time naq V guvax V unq ab vqrn nobhg gur fcva-bss.

        Vg jbhyq unir orra n orggre qrngu guna gur bar fur trgf va Natry naljnl.

      • brandy says:

        Yeah, at this point I was like 90% but not 100% sure that fur jnf va Natry, so I was confused and worried and mostly confused. And kinda pissed since she was my favorite character at the time.

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      (“ure urnq fcha nebhaq naq rkcybqrq” Ab, vg jnf bayl na narhevfz. *fuhqqre*)

      Ohg jnf vg n "shaal" narhelfz? Juvpu orpnzr n GI Gebcr.

      • settlingforhistory says:

        V guvax gung jbhyq or zber yvxr "sevqtr ubeebe", whfg yvxr Ohssl'f yvar gb Knaqre gung "hagvy fbzrbar ybfrf na rlr".

  17. Seventh_Star says:

    “baby like his supper! baby like his supper!”

    -naq gur guveq, naq svany, ernfba jul frnfba 3 yntf oruvaq va zl zbfg snibevgrfg ohssl frnfbaf rire: ABG RABHTU FCVXR.

    when he (drunkenly) blows into town, you realize (or i do) just how much you missed him. james marsters manages to elevate everyone’s performances.

    spike and willow?
    spike and joyce?
    spike’s speech to angel and buffy about love?


    -the rest of this episode? NOTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING HURTS. and yet i love it like i love things that are not good for me.

    -small stuff:

    buffy would totally get popcorn steam all up in the face opening the bag like she does.

    that sculpture? mask? wall-hanging dodad in the magic shop? look, i don’t know what it is, but those massive boobs are really distracting. and it takes a lot for for my gaze to be torn away from spike’s gorgeous cheekbones.

    it’s a nice touch that allan (the deputy mayor) says “helluva time”. he’s emulating the mayor’s old-fashioned way of speaking.

    the end of this episode is ALL THE SADS, but it’s difficult to be all weepy while buffy is wearing a hot pink cheetah-print shirt. whose idea was that?

    • monkeybutter says:

      pvcurerq cneg bs lbhe pbzzrag orpnhfr vg vzcyvrf gung gurer'f n ybg zber Fcvxr va gur shgher.

    • yeah_whatever says:

      > "baby like his supper! baby like his supper!"

      This line always makes me laugh out loud πŸ˜€ One of the best Spike quotes!

    • caia says:

      You know, because I'd only ever seen the reruns, I hadn't seen the, "Heard you'd gone soft… Like baby food," and Spike offering a taste. Without that, all the, "Baby likes his supper? Baby likes his supper?" seems just random sadism.

      • cait0716 says:

        I hate that the cut scenes out of the television reruns. I always notice it, because I've watched my DVDs so many times and it always bugs me. Anything to squeeze another ad in, I suppose?

        They also, very subtly sped up each episode for re-runs. Just enough the shave 60 seconds or so off the 44 minute run time.

        • caia says:

          You mean, the actual pace of the whole tape? That's so weird!

          • cait0716 says:

            Yeah. And they even maintained the sped-up speed when they released the DVDs outside the US. Which makes absolutely no sense.

            From wikipedia: "The Region 2 and 4 DVDs play the episodes at 4% faster than the Region 1 DVDs. This reduces the running time of each episode by about two minutes (not counting the "scenes from previous episodes"). It also causes the sound to be raised by two-thirds of a semitone. For example, a C note is raised to a note two-thirds of the way from C to Cβ™―."

            The link contains spoilery info about all of Buffy

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      Bar bs gur guvatf gung vexrq zr n yvggyr ovg nobhg gur Frnfba 3 QIQf gung V unir vf gung Fcvxr trgf n cvpgher ba bar bs gur QIQf juvyr Tvyrf qbrf abg. Ur jnf va 1 rcvfbqr!

  18. devilscrayon says:

    Love isn't brains, children- it's blood. Blood screamin inside you to work its will.

    I love this line so much I want to make a tattoo out of it and wear it forever. Seriously.

  19. katherinemh says:

    Bxnl, fb V nz jngpuvat Ohssl sbe gur svefg gvzr, ohg V nz abg gbgnyyl hafcbvyrq. V'z cerggl fher gung V'ir frra fbzrguvat fbzrjurer nobhg Pbeql tbvat bss naq orpbzvat n erthyne pnfg zrzore ba Natry, fb sbe gung fcyvg frpbaq jura gurl fubjrq gur shareny, V jnf gbgnyyl sbbyrq naq V jnf yvxr, "BU ZL TBQ JUNG VS PBEQL QVRF OHG GURA FUR PBZRF ONPX NF N INZCVER (FBZRUBJ????) NAQ GUNG VF JUL FUR TBRF GB OR BA NATRY NAQ JUL V UNIR FRRA GUVATF NOBHG UBJ PBEQL/NATRY VF NA NPGHNY GUVAT GUNG UNCCRAF???"

    ….vg znqr frafr ng gur gvzr. Xvaq bs.

  20. Tat says:

    Spike and Joyce drinking hot cocoa! With little marshmallows!

    This is my favorite scene in the entire Whedonverse. I really think Joss missed an opportunity here. A Spike and Joyce spinoff would have been way better than Angel (I'm only half kidding).

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Gurl pbhyq unir fubja gung vafgrnq bs gur sbhegu natry frnfba, gung jbhyq unir znqr zr ernyyl unccl naq vg jbhyq unir cebonoyl tbggra zber sna ybir.

      • Tat says:

        Gurl jbhyq unir unq gb oevat Wblpr onpx sebz gur qrnq. Rira gubhtu V jbhyq unir fgvyy jngpurq n mbzovr Wblpr jngpu Cnffvbaf jvgu Fcvxr bire pbpbn, fur ernyyl tbg gur fvatyr orfg fraq bss bs nal punenpgre ba gryrivfvba. Lrnu, V'z grnevat hc whfg guvaxvat nobhg vg.

        • settlingforhistory says:

          V nterr, Wblpr'f qrngu jnf cher urnegnpur, ohg V'z tynq fur fgnlrq qrnq, vg jnf gbb shyy bs zrnavat naq srryvatf gb yrg ure pbzr onpx zntvpnyyl.

          Jung nobhg synfuonpxf gubhtu? Jr pbhyq unir unq na ragver frnfba shyy bs gurfr jvgu Wblpr naq Fcvxr zbzragf juvyr Ohssl vf ng pbyyrtr.

          • Tat says:

            Wblpr ernyyl qvq trg gur funsg va Frnfba 4. Vs gur fubj jnf ba gbqnl vafgrnq bs gur 90'f vg jbhyq unir znqr n terng frg bs jrrxyl jrovfbqrf. Fcvxr fgbcf ol sbe grn jvgu Wblpr naq gurl qvfu nobhg yvsr, ybir naq Cnffvbaf.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      I would watch that show until the end of time.

    • MrsGillianO says:

      To this day I cannot see a bag of little marshmallows without thinking of Spike and Joyce!

  21. darkwater says:

    Hey, the statement could be true.. up to a point. Things could be alright.. just before Joss appears out of a slick black pool of ooze to rip Mark, Alice and knut_knut's souls from them… again.

    Happy watching! πŸ˜€

    • knut_knut says:


      now I'm worried

      • darkwater says:

        I was going to type out some comfort but I don't want to even come close to spoiling all the happy happy joy joy that is also still to come (for the series as a whole).

        It's Whedon. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Enjoy the ride. πŸ™‚

  22. dasmondschaf says:

    I wonder how vampire metabolism of alcohol works.

    I mean, when you’re alive that long, are you more prone to cirrhosis? How does a dead body repair its liver? Alternatively, if the liver is dead, how do vampires sober up? (bgure guna gur UNEFU YVTUG BS QNL unununun)

    (of course this is one of my favorite episodes, but really, what is there to say about something so terribly fabulous? It would just be an entire post of me quoting the episode I just watched. Liver disease is much more fun.)

    • monkeybutter says:


      shgher rcvfbqr gvgyrf ner fcbvyref

    • cait0716 says:


      It's the answer to everything

      I dunno, I figure the liver can repair itself thanks the a vampire's amazing healing ability. And along those same lines, I image that it would take more alcohol to get a vampire drunk (we see Spike finishing off three bottles of whiskey in this episode) and that the effects wouldn't last as long

    • @sab39 says:

      There's a more fundamental problem that was deeply plot relevant last season… No heartbeat = no bloodflow = no bloodflow to certain parts of the anatomy = how the HELL did Angel manage to have sex?

    • Patrick721 says:

      Rule of Funny
      -Would spike be funny if he was drunk and mopey?
      -Drunk Spike it is!

  23. Noybusiness says:

    My favorite part was when my mother yelled at Angel for acting all goody two-shoes when Spike recounted the bench-killing.

  24. plaidpants says:

    Wow. Clearly a strong theme this episode, that ends with everyone being upset and alone (except, for Spike of course. He's alone, but not upset about it!).

    I was super excited to see Spike back, it didn't seem unnecessary or over the top, I think it fit really well into the storyline. I LOVED the scene of him sitting and (repeating) the Dru break-up story to Joyce – and asking if she had tiny marshmellows, if I'm not mistaken!

    Re the SATs: I felt kinda bad that Xander was the only one who had done poorly on the exam; although I do remember Cordelia claiming she tested well – that's apparently true! Also, I'm sure Buffy did do well, but let's get real: getting a great score on the SAT is not by itself what it takes to get into college, gpa, extracurriculars, all those other things make a difference. However, I found it weird that everyone assumed Buffy going away for college = not being a slayer/fulfilling slayer duties anymore. Um, do vampires not exist anywhere else? I mean, Faith and Kendra were certainly slaying things elsewhere, and Buffy managed to burn down her school gymnasium near LA, so I highly doubt that leaving Sunnydale would mean no more slaying.

  25. Inseriousity. says:

    Such a great funny little episode. Spike comes back broken-hearted. A vampire without a soul who is so filled with emotion and a vampire with one who's been on the same "I'm a cute nice guy, lots of love and kisses… but no sex (oops)" emotion all the way through if you just count the times he's actually got his soul.

    I love the Joyce/Spike scene. Best part of the episode for me! Just hilarious that he hardly knows her but opens up so much to her and Joyce is nice enough to not care and just goes along with it. Funnily enough, I don't think he'd have bit her or anything even if Buffy and Angel didn't show up on time. He seems to have a respect for her he doesn't have for the others.

  26. Karen says:

    YESSS THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE EPISODES OF SEASON 3! I love it so much. So let's get started!

    As the Slayer, Buffy never really considered her future. She figured she’d spend her life fighting vampires and demons and probably die young. But now there’s Faith to help lighten the load and she did really well on the SATs. College is a possibility now and that opens up a whole new and scary future. But Buffy is still feeling pretty tied to Sunnydale because of Angel. She and Angel are trying to be friends, but Buffy is still way too emotionally attached to Angel.

    Aaaand Spike is back! Dru broke up with him and now he’s kind of a wreck. He’s been hitting the sauce and is haunting his and Dru’s old places. He even falls asleep where he gets exposed to sunlight. OH SPIKE. YOU ARE A MESS. Spike blames Angel for driving the wedge between himself and Dru, and while looking for ingredients to curse Angel, he sees the Willow is a witch now and gets it in his head to have Willow make Dru love him again.

    Cordelia and Oz are so happy in the beginning of the episode! Cordy is adorable, putting up pictures of herself and Xander in her locker. And Oz gives Willow a PEZ witch. LIKE THIS IS MAKING EVERYTHING WORSE. As a viewer, we know that Willow and Xander are being unfaithful, so seeing their significant others being so happy is really painful.

    Willow has decided that enough is enough and she is going to do a de-lusting spell on herself and Xander without Xander’s knowledge.

    Dear Willow,
    You can’t perform magic on someone without their consent or knowledge in order to make your own life easier. It’s wrong.

    Naq guhf ortvaf Jvyybj’f crapunag sbe qbvat zntvp ba crbcyr gb fhvg urefrys. Htu. Jura fur zrffrf jvgu Gnen’f zvaq va frnfba 6, V whfg pnaabg jvgu ure, naq lrg vg’f fbzrguvat gung ernyyl unf vgf ebbgf nyy gur jnl onpx urer va frnfba 3. Jvyybj ernyyl frrf zntvp nf n dhvpx svk gb ure ceboyrzf. V yvxr gung guvf nfcrpg bs ure punenpgre vf pbafvfgrag, ohg vg’f fbzrguvat gung trgf zber naq zber rkgerzr gur zber cbjreshy fur trgf. Jvyybj’f chefhvg bs zntvp naq cbjre vf ernyyl frys-freivat. Naq guvf vf jul V jvyy qrsraq fbegvat Jvyybj vagb Fylgureva hagvy zl qrngu. Zntvp (naq xabjyrqtr) vf n zrnaf gb na raq jvgu ure, naq abg na raq va vgfrys. Fur’f abg n Pynj.

    The writing for Spike is so great in this episode because he’s equal parts threatening monster (like when he holds the broken bottle to Willow’s throat) and pathetic sod (like when he, 10 seconds later, cries to Willow about how Dru didn’t even have the decency to kill him). He swings back and forth between those two extremes, and it is SO much fun to watch James Marsters play it. Gung fprar jurer Fcvxr vf pelvat ba Jvyybj’f fubhyqre vf fb snohybhf naq erzvaqf zr n ybg bs gur fprar va frnfba 4 jurer Fcvxr svaqf Jvyybj va gur qbez ebbz gung fur naq Ohssl funer, naq ur vagraqf gb ovgr ure ohg ur pna’g orpnhfr bs gur puvc naq fur ernffherf uvz. VQRX. V WHFG RAWBL GURVE QLANZVP. He’s pitiful and yet frightening and she is scared and yet tries to comfort him.

    Spike is absolutely brilliant in his scene with Joyce, crying over hot cocoa about his Dru problems. AND HE ASKS FOR MARSHMALLOWS. OMG. (Frevbhfyl, V ybir gur Wblpr naq Fcvxr sevraqfuvc glcr guvat gurl unir tbvat ba va frnfba 5. Fcvxr ernyyl qvq pner nobhg Wblpr naq jnf fnq gung fur qvrq.) The way he taunts Angel because Angel has been de-invited and as far as Joyce knows, Angel is a killer, is so delightful. Like the faces he makes pulls Joyce’s back, pretending to bite her, kills me. Then Buffy arrives, pins Spike, and invites Angel in and Joyce is all “I AM SO CONFUSED. WHAT IS GOING ON? WILLOW IS A WITCH? WHO IS GOOD AND WHO IS EVIL?” That whole sequence is some truly enjoyable television.

    Seeing Cordy and Oz so worried about Willow and Xander is just like … ouch. They care about their significant others so much, and their SOs have been cheating. UGH. They’re all ready to run to the rescue, and when they get there they find Willow and Xander kissing. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANTED. HOW CAN YOU TWO HURT OZ AND CORDY LIKE THIS? And THEN as Cordelia is running away she falls through the stairs and is impaled by re-bar. Xander later shows up at the hospital with flowers, but Cordy doesn’t want to see him. And dude, I wouldn’t if I were her. She’s really been hurt by this.

    • arctic_hare says:

      JVYYBJ VF QRSVAVGRYL N FYLGUREVA. Lbh jvyy trg ab nethzrag sebz zr ba gung!

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Uru, Fbzrguvat Oyhr

    • Bar bs gur guvatf gung jnf vagrerfgvat ba n erjngpu jnf abgvpvat Jvyybj'f hfr bs zntvp naq ubj vg nyy ernyyl jnf ohvyqvat hc gb frnfba fvk, juvpu vf bar ernfba V raqrq hc yvxvat gung frnfba zber ba n erjngpu. V arire gubhtug bs Jvyybj nf n Fylgureva, ohg bbbu.

      • cait0716 says:

        Lrnu, rira nyy gur "angheny cbjre" Gnen fnlf fur unf V guvax vf n erzanag sebz phefvat Natry va Orpbzvat. Tvyrf jneaf ure gung fur'yy or bcravat n qbbe fur pna'g pybfr naq, yb naq orubyq, fur vf riraghnyyl birejuryzrq ol gung cbjre.

    • yeah_whatever says:

      >The way he taunts Angel because Angel has been de-invited and as far as Joyce knows, Angel is a killer, is so delightful. Like the faces he makes pulls Joyce’s back, pretending to bite her, kills me.

      Love when Spike makes those faces. I wish I could find a .gif of this somewhere.

    • cait0716 says:

      But Buffy is still feeling pretty tied to Sunnydale because of Angel.

      As my boyfriend commented (and somehow I had never considered), is Angel tied to Sunnydale? Couldn't he just follow her to college and solve this problem?

      Bxnl, Jvyybj nf n Fylgureva vf fbzrguvat V'q arire rira pbafvqrerq orsber, ohg vg znxrf nyy gur frafr. Lbh whfg oyrj zl zvaq. Naq gung onynaprf gur Fpbbovrf bhg avpryl jvgu Ohssl va Telssvaqbe, Tvyrf va Enirapynj, naq Knaqre va Uhssyrchss. Frevbhfyl, ubj qvq V abg pbafvqre gung orsber?

      • settlingforhistory says:

        I think it's not that Angel is tied to Sunnydale but to the fight against evil.
        Buffy leaving for college somewhere would also mean leaving her Slayer responsibilities to Faith, so if Angel would follow her, how could he make amends for what he (or Angelus) has done?

    • Karen says:

      [hahah. Had to delete and repost because I missed something I meat to ROT13.]

      Spike’s storyline is resolved when he rediscovers joy in life via fighting. He might have lost Dru, but he’ll be ok. He’s remembered how much he likes to fight and be evil. And he’s going to make her love him again by being the evil vampire she fell in love with. But before he comes to that conclusion, he has some really interesting things to say to Buffy and Angel.

      “You’re not friends. You’ll never be friends. You’ll be in love ‘till it kills you both. You’ll fight and then you’ll shag, and you’ll hate each other ‘till it makes you quiver, but you’ll never be friends. Love isn’t brains, children. It’s blood- blood screaming inside of you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.”

      I think this section of dialogue is incredibly insightful. Buffy and Angel were never friends. They didn’t every really hang out as just friends. Angel hung around protecting her because Whistler set him on this mission and Buffy represented hope of redemption for him. And then they just had this tragic love story and this pull towards each other. But it was never really a friendship. So now that they can’t really be lovers anymore, they’re stuck trying to figure out how to be friends, and it’s not working.

      Naq bs pbhefr gung ynfg ovg cerggl zhpu fhzf hc Fcvxr’f punenpgre. Sbby sbe Ybir, vaqrrq. Ur’f qribgrq gb Qeh naq gura yngre (perrcvyl) bofrffrq jvgu Ohssl. Naq rira jura gurve eryngvbafuvc vf ubeevoyr naq gbkvp va frnfba 6, ur yrgf Ohssl hfr uvz naq ur srrqf vagb gur shpxrq-hc-arff bs gurve eryngvbafuvc. Gura va frnfba 7, Fcvxr vf hggreyl snvgushy naq qribgrq gb Ohssl. Ur’yy fgnl vs fur nfxf uvz gbb naq ur’yy or gurer sbe ure jura ab bar ryfr vf. Vg’f abg nyjnlf n tbbq guvat gung Fcvxr vf “ybir’f ovgpu”, ohg gurer’f ab qralvat gung ur vf.

      Buffy has taken to heart what Spike said, so she goes to see Angel. “We’re not friends. We never were. I can fool Giles. I can fool my friends. But I can’t fool myself. Or Spike, for some reason. What I want from you, I can never have.” [V yvxr gung guvf rneyl va gur Fcvxr/Ohssl eryngvbafuvc jr frr gung Fcvxr pna frr guebhtu ure. V guvax gung cerggl gehr bs gurve jubyr eryngvbafuvc, rira jura vg’f shpxrq hc.]

      Angel doesn’t want to accept that. But he knows that he still loves Buffy, and so they need distance.

      The end of the episode is great with the strummy strummy la la music over a montage of sad Scoobies who have all lost the people they love and then bam! It’s Spike! Happy because he’s going to try to get Dru back and he’s listening to a rock version of Paul Anka’s “My Way”. EXCELLENT.

      • robin_comments says:

        I think this section of dialogue is incredibly insightful. Buffy and Angel were never friends. They didn’t every really hang out as just friends.
        *nods* Though, to me, pointing that out should be, like… not a good thing? If you're not friends, if you were never friends… that's just not a good foundation for a relationship to me. I kind of tend to think that needs to be part of something that's supposed to be a serious, lasting relationship. I do understand why some people to take those speeches as a powerful, starcrossed romance indicator for B/A, but for me it's like the nail in the coffin. Different strokes, different folks. πŸ™‚

        • Karen says:

          ITA with you. They worked as a high school type relationship, but I don't think that they would have lasted.

          • Dru says:

            which is what makes it so frustrating gung Wbff fvzcyl JVYY ABG YRG VG TB.

            V'z xvaqn-bx jvgu Ohssl/Natry hc gb guvf cbvag, ohg ol Frnfba 7 (naq yrg'f abg rira trg vagb gubfr oynfgrq pbzvpf) gurve jubyr fpugvpx srryf yvxr n qrnq ubefr gung'f orra orngra zhpu gbb bsgra.

      • lyvanna says:

        "Ohg V pna’g sbby zlfrys. Be Fcvxr, sbe fbzr ernfba"

        V jnf ubcvat fbzrbar jbhyq chyy guvf yvar bhg, vg nyjnlf gvpxyrf zr ba erjngpu (ubj pna fbzrguvat nccneragyl abg cynaarq frrz fb sberfunqbjrq?! – tbbq punenpgre jbex V thrff). Npghnyyl dhvgr n ybg bs guvf rcvfbqr svaq zlfrys tvttyvat guebhtu abj 'pnhfr Ohssl whfg ungrf Fcvxr fb zhpu naq va n srj lrnef gvzr…

        Nyfb, Jvyybj nf n Fylgureva… oevyyvnag.

      • notemily says:

        I believe it's the version sung by "Sid Vicious" (actually Gary Oldman as Sid) from the film "Sid & Nancy." Since Spike & Dru's characters were partly inspired/influenced by Sid & Nancy, it's appropriate.

    • Seventh_Star says:

      great comments. i don't know how to post gifs on here, so i will just do this:

      *claps loudly and enthusiastically*

    • caia says:

      Am I the only one who would have been down for Angel getting boils on his face, or his parts falling off?

      Just me, then?

    • IceBlueRose says:

      " (Frevbhfyl, V ybir gur Wblpr naq Fcvxr sevraqfuvc glcr guvat gurl unir tbvat ba va frnfba 5. Fcvxr ernyyl qvq pner nobhg Wblpr naq jnf fnq gung fur qvrq.) "

      LRF. GUVF. Naq gung'f jul vg nyjnlf znxrf zr fb znq ubj Knaqre gerngf uvz jura Fcvxr fubjf hc gb yrnir sybjref sbe Wblpr ba gur cbepu. Knaqre ernyyl evcf vagb uvz jvgu gur jnl ur vtaberf Fcvxr'f cebgrfgf gung Wblpr jnf "n svar ynql" naq gura jura ur npphfrf Fcvxr bs hfvat guvf nf n jnl sbe Fcvxr gb trg pybfre gb Ohssl. Gura Jvyybj cbvagf bhg gung Fcvxr unqa'g yrsg n pneq jvgu gur pneqf naq V nyjnlf jnag gb beqre Knaqre gb znepu uvf ohgg nsgre Fcvxr naq ncbybtvmr ohg gung jvyy arire unccra. Teee, V whfg jnag gb funxr Knaqre naq fznpx uvz jura V frr gung fprar!

      • Karen says:

        HTU LRF. Vg cvffrf zr bss orpnhfr yvxr rira nsgre Knaqre vf va n pbzzvggrq eryngvbafuvc jvgu Naln, ur FGVYY trgf fhcre wrnybhf bs Fcvxr. Yvxr, rira gubhtu Fcvxr fubhyqa'g or n guerng ng nyy, vg ernyyl frrzf gung gur jnl Knaqre gerngf Fcvxr va gung fprar vf orpnhfr Knaqre vf orvat cbffrffvir bs Ohssl.

    • Dru says:

      Spike and Joyce is my favourite scene of THIS ENTIRE SEASON. I love that they've gone from her hitting him with an axe to him actually treating her like she's his mother instead of Buffy's (and I love that Spike is asking a woman about 1/4 his age for relationship advice/comfort). And most of all, I love that said comfort involves food.

      (it kills me with giggles every time he asks for the marshmallows, how many times do we see girls on telly/film consoling themselves with food after a bad breakup? I love that here it's toughie badass Spike who wants some sugar in his undead bloodstream).

      Abj V'z jbaqrevat jurgure Qnja jnf va gur ubhfr jura Fcvxr pnzr, vg'f fb shaal gung Ohssl'f zbgure naq fvfgre obgu frrz gb yvxr Rivy!Fcvxr zber guna gurl yvxr Natry. (Joyce always seems so uncomfortable around Angel – though she has every reason to, even without the Angelus stuff)

    • notemily says:

      V ybir gung frnfba 4 fprar jvgu Fcvxr naq Jvyybj gbb, naq vg'f n terng zveebe bs guvf bar. Gurl qba'g unir rabhtu fprarf gbtrgure.

      Gb zr, Jvyybj'f punenpgre ernyyl pbzrf bhg va gur arkg rcvfbqr, juvpu jr'yy gnyx zber nobhg ba Zbaqnl bs pbhefr–gur fprar jura Bm fnlf ur ernyyl arrqf ure gb yrnir uvz nybar, naq fur xrrcf ybbxvat sbe n jnl gb ZNXR uvz sbetvir ure. Fbzrgvzrf gurer vf ab jnl gb znxr guvatf orggre evtug njnl, naq lbh whfg unir gb jnvg naq npprcg gung lbh'er abg va pbageby bs rirelguvat. Jvyybj ARRQF gb or va pbageby, jurgure ol zntvp be bgurejvfr, naq fur arire shyyl npprcgf gung fbzrgvzrf guvatf fhpx naq lbh pna'g cerirag be erzrql gung.

  27. NB2000 says:

    Yay Lovers Walk! Such a good episode.

    – Buffy's reaction to her SATs is pretty much the way I reacted to my GCSEs, complete shock at not failing.
    – "Now you can leave and never come back." Oh Cordelia. Vebavp pbafvqrevat fur'f gur bar jub yrnirf naq arire pbzrf onpx.
    – SPIIIIIIIIIIIIKE! Love the callback to his original introduction, and the drastic change for this one.
    – Random symbolic presents, Oz continues to be adorable.
    – James Marsters actually did the stunt of having his hand set on fire, it's both hilarious and really sad.
    – It's a slightly pointless scene that could have been cut and not missed but the Mayor playing golf in his office while discussing Spike is one of those perfect character moments. He's so affable while talking about selling his aide's soul in place of his own.
    – Jvyybj'f fbyhgvba gb ure ceboyrz vf gb hfr zntvp ba vg, vg'f nznmvat ubj rneyl guvf fgnegf.
    – Vg zvtug whfg or zl vagrecergngvba ohg jung Fcvxr fnlf urer nobhg gur oernx hc qbrfa'g dhvgr zngpu jvgu jung jr frr va Ybire'f Jnyx, ur unfa'g npprcgrq jung fur jnf fnlvat naq vf chggvat nyy bs gur oynzr ba ure.
    – "Beautiful dresses with beautiful girls in them" It's another one of those moments where I'm torn between laughing and being really freaked out.
    – Spike and Joyce are just wonderful, she's just so supportive and comforting. And then he starts mocking Angel behind her shoulder and it's the funniest thing ever.
    – Yay for Oz's slightly creepy wolf senses finding Willow, and Xander I guess.
    – Vg'f fcbbxl ubj Fcvxr'f "Lbh'er abg sevraqf" fcrrpu pna xvaq bs fbeg bs svg uvzfrys naq Ohssl vs lbh fdhvag n ovg. Lrnu V'z ernpuvat.
    – Ugh poor Cordelia and Oz.
    – The thrown bottles of Holy Water are a nice idea, seems like something they might consider using more often.
    – The fake out with Cordelia's not-funeral is just EVIL, even after seeing this episode several times it's still painful.

    • Bonnie says:

      Vg'f fcbbxl ubj Fcvxr'f "Lbh'er abg sevraqf" fcrrpu pna xvaq bs fbeg bs svg uvzfrys naq Ohssl vs lbh fdhvag n ovg. Lrnu V'z ernpuvat.

      Actually, it's not reaching at all.
      Vg nccyvrf zhpu zber gb Fcvxr naq Ohssl guna gb Natry naq Ohssl. Natry naq Ohssl jba'g rire unir gur ybir/ungr/ybir/ungr/bire naq bire naq bire ntnva eryngvbafuvc, naq gurl'yy pregnvayl abg funt. Fcvxr vf gbgrf cebcurgvp.

    • caia says:

      I love Spike talking to Joyce. This was the first time I noticed the stark contrast between the two conversations… with Willow, he gets all share-y, but then he feels the need to go back to threatening. But with Joyce, the threatening… isn't. It's just GRR faces to mock Angel.

      Makes me wonder — why the difference? Was it just that he was drunker with Willow? That he needed something from her? That he could smell her neck and that made him hungry? Would he have considered gnawing on Joyce if he'd literally leaned on her shoulder?

      I think not, but I don't have any reason I think not, other than that Joyce has the magical power of Mom.

      • Pseudonymph says:

        Joyce has the magical power of Mom.

        Lrc, gung'f nyy vg vf. Fvapr jr svaq bhg yngre gung Jvyyvnz gur Oybbql unf snveyl qrrc-frngrq zbzzl vffhrf.

      • Dru says:

        Joyce has the magical power of Mom.

        Well, she did whack him in the head with an axe once, I think he respects her for it. (but yeah, that was Magical Mom Power too)

    • Karen says:

      Lrnu, V guvax Fcvxr naq Qeh'f oernx hc jnf ergpbaarq n ovg va "Sbby sbe Ybir"

  28. cemeterybaby says:

    It always makes me irrationally pleased that Buffy and I got the same SAT score. :')

    The amount of sympathy I feel for Xander and Willow is approximately 0. However, the amount of sympathy I feel for Cordelia cannot be properly quantified in any known system of measurement.

    Also, I hate the line "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it". Sorry. (Not really.) V jvyy nqzvg gung vg'f uneq sbe zr gb rira rawbl Fcvxr nf n tyrrshy ivyynva va gur rneyl frnfbaf, orpnhfr zl ungerq bs uvz sebz frnfba 5 bajneq vf fb vagrafr gung vg pbybef zl jubyr creprcgvba bs uvz. Jrveqyl frnfba 4 vf gur bayl bar jurer V pna ernyyl fgvyy fgnaq uvz. V thrff orpnhfr V rawbl crbcyr znxvat sha bs uvz onfvpnyyl gur jubyr frnfba.

  29. Revisionist4 says:

    Love this episode

    Spike comes back! He amusingly manages to ruin three relationships while fixing his own. Also Xander your excuse that you were near to death doesn’t cut it to paraphrase the Watchercast: that excuse doesn’t work as you live in Sunnydale, you could die at any time.

    Guvf vf bayl gur gvzr va nyy bs Ohssl naq Natry gung jr trg gb frr Ohssl, Natry, naq Fcvxr svtug gbtrgure nf n grnz naq gurl npghnyyl jbex irel jryy gbtrgure.

    • notemily says:

      Also Xander your excuse that you were near to death doesn’t cut it to paraphrase the Watchercast: that excuse doesn’t work as you live in Sunnydale, you could die at any time.

      Oh, good point. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

  30. Karen says:

    Lbh jvyy fgbc qrfgeblvat Pbeqryvn.


    • arctic_hare says:

      V funer lbhe rgreany ovggrearff.

    • cemeterybaby says:

      V fvzcyl pnaabg jnvg gur frireny zbaguf vg jvyy gnxr gb trg gb frnfba 4 bs Natry gb gnyx nobhg guvf, fb yrg zr qb vg urer vafgrnq! Ubarfgyl ol gung cbvag V unq nyernql qvfyvxrq jung gurl unq qbar gb Pbeqryvn–V fgvyy yvxrq ure crefbanyyl, ohg V ybngurq Pbeql/Natry naq V gubhtug gurl unq tbggra evq bs n ybg bs ure cevpxyvarff naq eryhpgnag tbbq thl fugvpx naq gung'f jung unq znqr ure ernyyl sha sbe zr. V haqrefgnaq ribyivat ure (vg jbhyqa'g unir orra oryvrinoyr vs ol yvxr frnfba guerr bs Natry fur jnf fgvyy fvtuvat nobhg ubj fur tbg ebcrq vagb qbvat perrcl fghss yvxr fur qvq va uvtu fpubby) ohg V gubhtug gurl jrag gbb sne vagb znxvat ure, yvxr…xvaq naq urycshy naq n terng svtugre naq n znegle sbe ure ivfvbaf naq trarenyyl, yvxr, cresrpg? Ohg ntnva, fgvyy yvxrq ure. Whfg qvqa'g svaq ure nf pbzcryyvat.

      Ohg frnfba sbhe? WRFHF PUEVFG SHPX LBH WBFF JURQBA. SBE YVGRENYYL RIRE. Guvf vf gur fgbelyvar gung cerggl zhpu frnyrq zl ungerq bs uvz naq uvf ohyyfuvg cebpynzngvbaf bs jevgvat srzvavfg fubjf naq srzvavfg punenpgref. Orpnhfr abg bayl qvq gurl pbzcyrgryl ehva Pbeqryvn, gurl qvq vg orpnhfr Punevfzn tbg certanag naq Wbff jnf znq gung gurl unq gb punatr gur fgbel nepf sbe vg. Yvxr, gurl pbhyqa'g unir whfg chyyrq gur byq "nyjnlf unir ure fgnaqvat oruvaq n qrfx be ubyqvat ure chefr va sebag bs ure fgbznpu" gryrivfvba gevpx. Ab, gurl unq gb znxr ure CBFFRFFRQ OL NA RIVY RAGVGL NAQ UNIVAT FRK JVGU NATRY'F XVQ NAQ GURA TVIR OVEGU GB NA RIVY TBQQRFF NAQ NYFB CHG URE VA ERNYYL HTYL PYBGURF GUR JUBYR FRNFBA. Orpnhfr bar bs gur npgbef qnerq gb unir n onol. Shpx bss Wbff Jurqba.

      • cait0716 says:

        Natry vf onfvpnyyl gur bccbfvgr bs n srzvavfg fubj.

        • arctic_hare says:

          Vg ernyyl vf. V zrna, V ybir n ybg bs vg, ohg vg vf qrrcyl znffviryl nagv-srzvavfg nsgre n juvyr. Vg fgnegf bss jryy rabhtu, ohg whfg qrfpraqf vagb njshy naq arire ernyyl erpbiref sbe zr (gubhtu ng yrnfg gurl tbg Punevfzn gb pbzr onpx sbe Lbh'er Jrypbzr gb fnyintr Pbeqryvn, naq znl V whfg fnl ubj tengrshy V nz gung gur bevtvany cyna sbe gung rcvfbqr, gb unir vg or Ohssl ivfvg, qvqa'g cna bhg? GUNAX LBH FZT sbe abg jnagvat gb qb vg, orpnhfr vg whfg jbhyqa'g unir jbexrq.)

          • cait0716 says:

            V qba'g rira guvax vg fgnegf bss gung jryy. Gur svefg fprar – n oybaqr tvey orvat nggnpxrq va na nyyrl naq fnirq ol n ureb – vf rknpgyl jung Ohssl jnf gelvat gb fhoireg. Gur svefg fvk rcvfbqrf eribyir nebhaq Natry fnivat n qnzfry va qvfgerff naq gura jr punatr guvatf hc n ovg ol yrggvat Qblyr or gur qnzfry va gur friragu rcvfbqr. V zrna, V trg vg naq V ybir vg, ohg V pnaabg ybbx ng vg guebhtu n srzvavfg yraf. Vg jbhyq whfg qrfgebl zl ragregnvazrag.

            • arctic_hare says:

              Bbs, tbbq cbvag. V unira'g frra nal bs gur svefg frnfba va fb ybat gung V pbzcyrgryl sbetbg nobhg gung.

      • arctic_hare says:

        Pbeqryvn'f frnfba sbhe nep vf bar bs gur ovttrfg ernfbaf jul V qba'g guvax Jurqba vf npghnyyl n srzvavfg. Fb vg tevaqf zl trnef rirel gvzr V frr snaf snjavat nyy bire ubj "srzvavfg" uvf fubjf ner naq V rira bapr fnj n pbzzrag ba urer, ba n Fureybpx erivrj, nobhg ubj Jurqba jevgrf srznyr punenpgref orggre guna nal jbzna jevgre NAQ ZL URNQ WHFG NOBHG RKCYBQRQ JVGU ENTR.

      • Karen says:

        Pbeql/Natry vf bar bs zl ovttrfg BGCf bs nyy gvzr, fb V'z tbvat gb unir gb qvfnterr jvgu lbh gurer. V npghnyyl guvax gung ure nep jnf ernyyl jryy qbar. Guvf rffnl qbrf n terng wbo bs rkcynvavat vg:

        Ohg frnfba 4 jnf n qvfnfgre naq lrnu gur jnl Wbff unaqyrq Punevfzn'f certanapl jnf ernyyl njshy naq ur pynvzf gb or n srzvavfg, ohg V guvax ur unf n ernyyl funyybj haqrefgnaqvat bs srzvavfz.

        • arctic_hare says:

          All of this. And I love that essay (and all his essays, really).

        • cemeterybaby says:

          Gunaxf sbe gur yvax! V whfg ernq gur jubyr guvat; vg'f ernyyl vagrerfgvat, fb gunax lbh sbe gung. Gur guvat vf, V'z abg nethvat gung ure nep jnfa'g jryy-qbar–V guvax vg jnf (hc gb frnfba guerr, bs pbhefr). Gurer jrer cnegf V sbhaq birexvyy be n yvggyr urnil unaqrq (yvxr ure qrzba cbjref orvat yvxr, rzcngul naq chevslvat yvtug…fhogrkg encvqyl orpbzvat grkg rgp) V whfg gubhtug gung ure punenpgre qrirybcrq vagb fbzrbar V qvqa'g vqragvsl jvgu nf zhpu naq jnfa'g nf vagrerfgrq va. V zrna, yrg zr znxr vg pyrne, vg'f abg yvxr V ungrq ure be gung V nz onssyrq nf gb jul crbcyr jbhyq fgvyy ybir ure, be znlor rira ybir ure zber. V trg vg! Vg'f whfg abg n punenpgre genwrpgbel gung nccrnyrq gb zr crefbanyyl…

          Nygubhtu V guvax gung unf fbzrguvat rdhnyyl gb qb jvgu jul V pbafvqre Ohssl gb or n orggre fubj guna NgF (juvpu zvtug or na vagrerfgvat qvfphffvba sbe rirelbar gb unir bapr Znex'f svavfurq gurz). Vg nyjnlf fgehpx zr gung ba Ohssl crbcyr whfg fbeg bs qb gurve fuvg. Gurl uryc crbcyr naq zbfg bs gurz qb vg orpnhfr gurl jnag gb naq gurer'f abar bs gur raqyrff gnyx nobhg PUNZCVBAF naq JNEEVBEF naq CEBCURPVRF. V zrna, va frnfba fvk rirelbar ernpgf jvgu erihyfvba ng gur vqrn gung Ohssl pbhyq punetr crbcyr sbe ure Fynlvat–naq lrg gung'f jung unccrarq ba Natry. NgF frrzrq ernyyl vairfgrq va znxvat nyy bs vgf punenpgref rkgenbeqvanel crbcyr qbvat rkgenbeqvanel guvatf. Rirelbar jnf n travhf, be na nznmvat jneevbe, be OBGU, naq V guvax gur punenpgrevmngvba fbeg bs fhssrerq va gur tbny gb znxr rirelbar PUNZCVBAF. Ohssl naq Jvyybj jrer gur gjb fgebatrfg punenpgref ba Ohssl, ohg rirelbar ryfr–Knaqre arire ernyyl orpnzr nalguvat zber guna n pbzcrgrag svtugre. Naln jnf urycshy jvgu qrzba xabjyrqtr ohg abg n ovt svtugre, hayrff fur jnf n qrzba. Gnen jnf n tbbq jvgpu ohg abg rkgerzryl cbjreshy yvxr Jvyybj. Gurl jrer abezny crbcyr qbvat rkgenbeqvanel guvatf jvguva gur yvzvgf bs gurve bja beqvanelarff (rira Ohssl jnf, gb na rkgrag, orpnhfr fur qvqa'g unir gur yhkhel bs pbasyngvat ure novyvgl gb znxr zbarl naq fheivir jvgu ure fnperq qhgl). Naq V nz abj ernyvmvat gung guvf pbzzrag vf tbvat bss va n PBZCYRGRYL qvssrerag qverpgvba, ohg V ubcr vg znxrf fbzr frafr?

          Abarguryrff, guvf rffnl jnf n fhcre tbbq ernq naq V yvxrq vg n ybg. Pyrneyl V nz whfg shyy bs srryf nobhg gurfr fubjf gbqnl.

    • cemeterybaby says:

      Well, I had a reply to this, but I don't know where it's gone. πŸ™ Anyway, I suppose suffice it to say gung V nz evtug gurer jvgu lbh naq jvyy or fcraqvat gur ragvergl bs gung nep cbfgvat "Shpx bss Wbff Jurqba" va rirel erivrj.

    • IceBlueRose says:

      V ernyyl jvfu jr pbhyq xabj jung gur bevtvany cyna sbe frnfba sbhe jnf orsber gurl sbhaq bhg gung Punevfzn jnf certanag naq gura unq gb ehfu gb erjevgr gur frnfba gb vapyhqr vg. (Gubhtu, ernyyl, jevgref, lbh pbhyqa'g unir pbzr hc jvgu n orggre fgbelyvar gung? Htu.) Orpnhfr Ivaprag X'f fperragrfg nf Pbaabe fubjf n pbzcyrgryl qvssrerag qverpgvba.

      Npghnyyl, qbrf nalbar xabj jung gur bevtvany cyna jnf? Be vf gung bar bs gubfr guvatf gung gurl grnfrq hf jvgu ol yrggvat vg fyvc gung gung cybg jnfa'g gur bevtvany cybg ohg gura gurl arire gryy hf jung jnf? (V unir ab vqrn vs gung rira znqr frafr. Lrrfu, V arrq fyrrc.)

      • Karen says:

        Jung V urneq jnf gung vg jnf fhccbfrq gb or onfvpnyyl yvxr Qnex Jvyybj. Yvxr, Pbeqryvn jnf fhccbfrq gb unir frra nyy gur fhssrevat bs gur jbeyq qhevat ure gvzr nf n uvtu cbjre naq vg jnf tbvat gb jnec ure be fbzrguvat naq gura fur jnf onfvpnyyl tbvat gb qrfgebl gur jbeyq gb chetr gur jbeyq bs fhssrevat.

    • notemily says:

      V'ir frra yvxr… unys na rcvfbqr bs f4. Vg'f gur bayl Natry frnfba V xabj irel yvggyr nobhg. Fb V'z xvaq bs phevbhf gb frr guvf. V zrna, V xabj gung fbzrguvat anzrq Wnfzvar vf gur ivyynva naq Tvan Gbeerf vf vaibyirq, naq V xabj gung Pbeql naq Pbaabe trg gbtrgure, juvpu vf whfg HTU HTU JEBAT. Ohg V qba'g xabj gur qrgnvyf bs jung unccraf gb Pbeqryvn'f punenpgre, rkprcg gung fur trgf certanag naq unf ERNYYL onq unve.

  31. Kickpuncher says:

    Joyce/Spike is the OTP to end all OTPs.

  32. Katarina_H says:

    Awww, poor Mark! I'm now quite grateful that I saw this episode so early in my Buffy days, since it meant I got all of the entertainment and none of the heartache, seeing how I didn't care that much about any of the characters yet. It's still one of my favourites to this day, naq bar bs gur ernfbaf V'z zru nobhg yngr-frnfbaf Fcvxr; guvf vf gur Fcvxr V svefg fnj naq rawblrq.

    Also, for Angel viewers, V ybir gur pnyyonpx va Hagbhpurq:

    Natry: Lbh xabj ubj uneq vg vf gb guvax fgenvtug jvgu n erone guebhtu lbhe gbefb?
    Pbeql: Npghnyyl, V qb. Orarsvgf bs n Fhaalqnyr rqhpngvba.

  33. alz says:

    If I were forced to list my top 5 favorite scenes from all of Buffy, I am pretty sure that Spike having hot chocolate with Joyce would make the cut.

    That scene is pitch perfect character moment that works in so many ways…

    Most shows are not not written well enough to pull off a scene like that…much less actually want to do it, and have it make sense…

    • tanbarkie says:

      I think my favorite aspect of that scene is that it's so bizarre, and yet makes perfect sense. A lesser script would've reveled in the "odd couple" nature of the scene, and really emphasized the awkwardness of two so profoundly different characters interacting. It would've played it off purely as a joke rather than humorous character-building.

      Whedon's brilliance here is to avoid that instinct entirely and focus on the commonalities between the two characters. Joyce understands heartbreak, and (as someone else noted above) Spike needs a mom more than just about any character on the show. They're also both deeply emotional people. It makes perfect, if warped, sense that they'd connect over Spike's breakup with Drusilla. That it builds on their brief encounter in "Becoming Part 2" only makes the scene even better, as we then get an added dose of continuity.

      And the whole thing builds up to Spike making faces at Angel from behind Joyce, which may be one of the greatest comedy bits in television history.

      God, I fucking LOVE this episode.

      • alz says:

        I think what I find most amazing is how it's a sort of "perfect storm" of occurrences…It only works with Joyce and Spike, it had to be after Joyce was made aware of everything supernatural, it had to be while Joyce still believed Angel was evil and while he wasn't invited in…as well as many other far more "spoiley" aspects (like fcvxr qbrfa'g lrg unir uvf "puvc ceboyrz") that all had to come together just right to fit in so beautifully here. It's the perfect scene in the only perfect moment it could have been.

        These are ways you can tell a show is truly hitting its stride.

  34. robin_comments says:

    Can I say that I find Buffy’s SAT scores super unrealistic? And not just the actual scores coming from what we’ve seen of Buffy, but also the expectations based on them. I don’t know about now, but as someone who was actually a teenager looking at colleges with her friends during that time period, decent scores did NOT at all make up for the kind of academic record Buffy has, especially with her complete lack of extracurricular activities.

    But everything’s okay because Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!

    Cordelia’s locker! Couplely pictures with Xander displayed! *sobs forever*

    This episode is like THE BEST because of magical Spikeness and then THE WORST of ALL THE THINGS EVER because of Oz & Cordy being sweet significant others while Xander/Willow are grossly unfaithful gross people behind their backs.

    ”I don’t have anything to give you…” Well, I dunno Willow. How about BETRAYAL AND PAIN?

    Angel reading Satre. AHAHAHAHAHA.

    I love the Mayor golfing in his office, because I used to have a boss who did that. It’s so ridiculous. I enjoyed the little note that the Mayor’s office had been well aware of all the evil hijinks last season and weren’t threatened by them at all, just bemused. (I will assume they had no idea about the getting sucked into a hell dimension bit, though. I’m thinking that would have required a swift intercession.)

    One thing I find really confusing is why there’s this implication that ANGEL would be something to keep Buffy in Sunnydale. I mean… what? HE’S A VAMPIRE. He’s one of the least tied-down people on the planet. Like he couldn’t follow her anywhere in the world, as a boyfriend or just as a friend. I DON’T GET IT. Angel is not a restrictive factor in your choice here, Buffy. He is the easiest part! All the dude needs for a drastic move is the name of the local butcher. Willow, Xander, Giles, your mom – they’re the complication.

    Oh, WILLOW. Doing magic on someone without their consent, especially something that takes away their personal feelings? That’s a big no-no. I get the issues and guilt, but trying to pass the spell off to Xander as something else is seriously wrong. For once I’m 100% on Xander’s side. Just NO. Even if the feelings are inconvenient, they’re his. It’s up to him to control himself or not, and it’s up to her to respond to his overtures or not. She doesn’t get to force him to feel and behave differently through magic. I’m glad he stood up to her on that.

    Spike… I’m thinking that you don’t know how to be very best friends. LOL.

    “God, I’m so unhappy.” Spike screaming horrible threats and then unloading on Willow and leaning on her shoulder is such a classic scene for me. Oh, SPIKE. Drunk vampires, so unpredictable!

    I looooove the fake-out where you think Spike is going to attack Joyce, and then he’s totally bonding with her. And Spike mocking Angel! Gehyl, Fcvxr naq Wblpr gbtrgure vf nyjnlf n pynffvp Ohssl zbzrag sbe zr. "V yvxrq gur ynql. Haqrefgnaq zbaxrl obl? Fur jnf qrprag. Qvqa'g chg ba nvef. Nyjnlf unq n avpr phccn sbe zr. Naq fur arire gerngrq zr yvxr n sernx." *fbof*

    “I guess you had to be there.” THEIR FACES.

    “I may be love’s bitch. But at least I’m man enough to admit it.” oh, SPIKE. ha, I love him so. also, "now that was fun." Spike can always find joy in the simple (violent) things! hee.
    Spike and Buffy having to fight on the same side, even for a moment? Always a pleasure!

    I can’t even deal with how things end up for poor Cordelia. It’s too awful. Cannot compute.

    • Jenny_M says:

      Scores can cover up a multitude of sins, though. I had a friend who got a 1450 (or something like it), but he'd maintained a C average all through school (he was smart, just didn't apply himself), and had no extracurriculars beyond a DUI. He wrote an admissions essay about how he'd never been challenged in high school, and wanted to find himself in college, applied to Cornell, and got in. It's rare, but it happens.

      • robin_comments says:

        Yeah, I suppose there are the rare exceptions. I just find it weird that everyone's acting like it's a done-deal now, talking about Brown, when I knew someone who scored in the 1500's with great grades and didn't get into the top schools. aw, well. As you say, it happens. And it's just TV anyway. πŸ™‚

    • cait0716 says:

      One thing I find really confusing is why there’s this implication that ANGEL would be something to keep Buffy in Sunnydale. I mean… what?

      I am right there with you. Angel already moved from New York to Los Angeles to Sunnydale for Buffy. What's another move?

    • _Bailey_ says:

      "Bar guvat V svaq ernyyl pbashfvat vf jul gurer’f guvf vzcyvpngvba gung NATRY jbhyq or fbzrguvat gb xrrc Ohssl va Fhaalqnyr. V zrna… jung? UR’F N INZCVER. Ur’f bar bs gur yrnfg gvrq-qbja crbcyr ba gur cynarg. Yvxr ur pbhyqa’g sbyybj ure naljurer va gur jbeyq, nf n oblsevraq be whfg nf n sevraq. V QBA’G TRG VG. Natry vf abg n erfgevpgvir snpgbe va lbhe pubvpr urer, Ohssl."

      Lrg zber cebbs gung Ohssl naq Natry pna'g zbir cnfg uvtu fpubby nf n pbhcyr. Natry zhfg or njner gung ur pbhyq sbyybj ure, ohg ur'f gbb ohfl jbeelvat gung fur qbrfa'g jnag uvz va ure yvsr nalzber, juvyr Ohssl vf gelvat gb srry uvz bhg ohg jba'g whfg NFX. Gurve pbzzhavpngvba fxvyyf ner frevbhfyl ynpxvat.

    • _Bailey_ says:

      "One thing I find really confusing is why there’s this implication that ANGEL would be something to keep Buffy in Sunnydale. I mean… what? HE’S A VAMPIRE. He’s one of the least tied-down people on the planet. Like he couldn’t follow her anywhere in the world, as a boyfriend or just as a friend. I DON’T GET IT. Angel is not a restrictive factor in your choice here, Buffy."

      Angel must be aware that he could follow her, but he's too busy worrying that she doesn't want him in her life anymore, while Buffy is trying to feel him out but won't just ASK. Their communication skills are seriously lacking.

    • notemily says:

      Angel reading Satre. AHAHAHAHAHA.

      This is my exact reaction to that scene. EVERY TIME. HE'S BASICALLY A PARODY OF HIMSELF.

  35. Mandy says:

    My heart is so broken.
    I spent the whole episode looking to Willow and Xander and screaming "Don't kiss, please, don't kiss". It was like I knew what would happen later. Gosh, Cordy had pics of Xander on her locker.
    And oh my God, for just one second I really belived that Cordelia was dead. I was in shock.

    I really love the scenes where he have to fight on Buffy's side. And I adore his sense of humor.

  36. Raenef_the_5th says:

    Gosh this ep! So wonderful! And painful. This is for all the people who shipped Xander and Willow from season 1 and 2… GETTING THE THING YOU WANTED IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY.

    Cordy. Poor Cordy!!!!

    Also, I never realized that it was "Lovers Walk" and NOT "Lover's Walk". EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, I UNDERSTAND NOW!

    • tanbarkie says:

      "Also, I never realized that it was "Lovers Walk" and NOT "Lover's Walk". EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, I UNDERSTAND NOW!"

      I know! It's really hard to throw strikes when you're besotted with the batter.

  37. stellaaaaakris says:

    I would like to cosign this letter please.

    A note to the person who wrote this episode: FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU FOR MAKING ME THINK CORDELIA DIED
    P.S. I also love you for bringing back Spike. <3

    Things I liked: Therapy session with Spike and Joyce. Somebody please make a sitcom of the two of them drinking tea and hot chocolate while dishing out advice. The Witch Pez dispenser. Oz, I love you so much. SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKE SPIKEYSPIKEYSPKIKEYSPIKESPIKE Also I'm glad he came back without Drusilla. I don't really like her and I enjoy Spike's character way too much to want to have to split my attention with yet another character during his onscreen time.

    Things I disliked: Willow and Xander – soooo much. I've hated that ship since the beginning and now they had to go and hurt two of my favorite characters. Buffy/Angel. Way to try to make Angel look all deep and angsty – reading dark, French books by the firelight while dressed all in black. (But if they're not going to see each other anymore, that means less Angel screen time, yes? That would go in the "Things I like" column.) Spike leaving πŸ™ Don't go, Spike. I'll miss you.

    Question: Spike's wardrobe has shifted a touch, yes? I don't recall him ever wearing blue jeans last season. Black leather pants are coming to mind, although they may just have been black pants.

    • Bonnie says:

      He wore black jeans last season, I think. Because black leather trousers are worn only when someone is diabolically evil, like Angel was. Spike is not demony enough to warrant leather trousers, but he's demony enough not to be allowed blue jeans.

      • settlingforhistory says:

        "Vampire in leather pants" on Buffy is the opposite of "Draco in leather pants", you need to wear fluffy sweaters or tweed to be a good person. (And now I'm imagining Spike in a fluffy pink sweater.) .

        • Bonnie says:

          Be gjrrq? πŸ™‚ Jnvgvat sbe lbh, Erfgyrff naq Gnohyn Enfn.

          • settlingforhistory says:

            Bu, lrf Enaql Tvyrf vf zl snibhevgr punenpgre.
            Gung gjrrg znxrf uvz ybbx fbb unaqfbzr. : )

          • MrsGillianO says:

            Gura gurer'f gur Unjnv'vna fuveg naq fubegf. Abg n tbbq ybbx.

            Wnzrf jnf nyzbfg fnpxrq bire gurz, orpnhfr ur ungrq gur fubegf fb zhpu gung ur chg uvf bja wrnaf ba sbe gur przrgrel fprarf naq ab-bar abgvprq gvyy vg jnf gbb yngr. V'z ba uvf fvqr.

            • Bonnie says:

              Bu, gung'f jul gurl punatr! V'ir nyjnlf jbaqrerq nobhg gung, naq punyxrq vg hc gb Fcvxr'f yvsgvat n cnve bs Tvyrf' wrnaf jura gurl tbg gb uvf cynpr, jvgubhg Tvyrf abgvpvat. Be gb nabgure pnfr bs gur fubj'f Zntvp Gebhfref bs Fhqqra Nccrnenapr. Gheaf bhg vg jnf whfg gur npgbe trggvat nyy puvyqvfu. Ur cebonoyl erzrzorerq gubfr fubegf jvgu jvfgshy abfgnytvn jura frnfba fvk naq 'ab pybgurf sbe lbh, rire!' ren pnzr. :))

      • stellaaaaakris says:

        The kinds of trousers you wear on this show are very important, I'm noticing.

    • Noybusiness says:

      Speaking of Spike's look, someone should keep track of whether he has that black nail polish in every episode he appears in.

  38. t09yavosaur says:

    -I usually read the first sentence of the episode description by accident but I don't care about being spoiled today because SPIIIIIIIKKKKE!!
    -Willow. I got less than that on the verbal. Please stop lowering my self esteem.
    -Why are we not told Cordelia's score? These are the things I need to know.
    -Oh Spike, never change.
    -I retract that statement. Get less drunk.
    -You aren't Locker Door Material atm Xander. Try and fix that.
    -Look at how much is not deserved.
    -They do make a werewolf pez now I am sure. I have a German Shepard Dog at least.
    -Oz and Cordy are breaking my heart. I guess that will be the point of today's episode.
    -Giles was invited to a retreat? Or is this solo? Also, America has druid landmarks!?
    -Here is how Oz and Cordy won't know: STOP DOING IT!
    -Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, I sense a theme.
    -Oh Spike, I am torn between feeling bad for you and wanting to yell at you to quit it.
    -I see, Spike. You just needed someone to talk to. Joyce is a better choice than ripping Willow's hair out and threatening her and Xander.
    -That is awesomely creepy Oz.
    -Spike, you got it bad.
    -Willow and Xander, I used to reserve my growls for Angelus.
    -Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Note: I only type this out if I am growling for real)
    -That Tai Chi has really done something for your fighting style Angel.
    -Yaaay! Happy Spike!
    -He kinda reminds me of the Ninth Doctor the way he is speaking there.
    -Spike makes up for all the sad faces.

    I see what happened to all my emotion for the past few episodes. It was waiting for today.

  39. I know that it ends in absolute calamity and awfulness, but all I can ever think about when I re-watch this episode is THANK GOD EVERYONE FOUND OUT ABOUT WILLOW AND XANDER BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST SO HORRIBLE AND UNCOMFORTABLE AND SQUIRM-INDUCING TO WATCH.

    That being said, oh, Mark. πŸ™ *hugs you across the astral plane* I'd say this is the last time this will happen, but…

    Zl oblsevraq naq V ner whfg svavfuvat hc jngpuvat Natry sbe gur svefg gvzr, naq jr whfg tbg gb gur rcvfbqr nep jurer Serq qvrf naq V QVQA'G JNAG GB YVIR BA GUVF CYNARG NALZBER V JNF FB VAPERQVOYL HCFRG.

    • threerings13 says:

      Re: your ROT13

      IKR. I think that is the thing in all of Buffy and Angel that upset me the most. So many tears.

    • GirlWith1Eye says:

      guvf vf abg jurer v gubhtug lbh jrer tbvat j/ guvf plcure. lbh qvqa'g rira fgnl j/ gur ogif fcrpvsvp qrnguf, lbh jrag sbe serq. bu tbq, ure qrngu fprar naq jrfyrl orvat gurer naq fxwnqaosxtysu :'( v arrq gb tb jngpu unccl guvatf be yvfgra gb ybir funpx sebz tyrr

      • "V'z abg fpnerq… V'z abg fpnerq… V'z abg fpnerq. Cyrnfr… Jrfyrl… jul pna'g V fgnl?"


        Frevbhfyl, V jnf n pbzcyrgr naq hggre jerpx jura jr jngpurq gung. Zl oblsevraq qvqa'g jnag gb oryvrir vg unq unccrarq. Vg'f whfg… tbq, Serq'f qrngu vf fb qenja-bhg naq ubeevoyr naq rzbgvbany naq NJSHY, naq rira bapr vg'f nyy qbar lbh pna oneryl oryvrir vg npghnyyl unccrarq. Vg sryg fb haarprffnel naq genhzngvp naq V guvax vg'f gvrq jvgu Gnen'f qrngu sbe zr sbe gur zbfg urneg-funggrevat. πŸ™

  40. David F says:

    Since there are so many non-Americans here likely to ask about this, here's how SAT scoring works: At the time this was aired, the SATs consist of 2 tests; math and verbal. Since then, they've added a writing test as well. Each test is scored in points from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800, in increments of 10. I have no idea why. The average is supposed to be 500 per test, 1000 aggregate. So the maximum score at the time was 1600 (now 2400). Buffy's score of 1430 is really good, and definitely enough to get her into any college she wants if the rest of her application is as good.

    There's also another college admissions test called the ACT, but it's not really used outside the midwest. It consists of the same sub-tests, but each test is scored from 1-36, and the aggregate score is the rounded average of the subscores, not the sum.

    • dasmondschaf says:

      I recall hearing somewhere that the range is from 200-800 because the test was originally meant to identify aptitude within the middle ranges (say, from the 20th – 80th percentile over the full population). It wasn't intended to differentiate between people at the 5th and 15th percentile of "aptitude" or between people at the 85th and 95th percentile.

      Of course, this could all be total BS, and I wish I could recall where I first heard it.

    • Jenny_M says:

      I would add the southeast to the ACT as well – we were all required to take it in Tennessee, and most southern schools require it over the SAT.

  41. unefeeverte says:


    BZT. V whfg ybbxrq hc gur arkg gjb rcvfbqrf. GUR JVFU NAQ NZRAQF. LRF CYM.

    • caia says:

      ABG NZRAQF. Lbh thlf, V pna'g erzrzore jub vg jnf, ohg fbzrobql qvq Ohssl erivrjf bapr, naq sbe Nzraqf, nyy gurl pbhyq qb jnf yvggyr qenjvatf naq zhggre nobhg, "Fghcvq fabj."

      • Bonnie says:

        Nzraqf vf ubeevoyr. V ivivqyl erzrzore gung bar erivrjre fnvq gung vg jnf erzrzorerq zbfgyl sbe Obernanm'f ubeevsvp zbhfgnpur naq npprag naq Fzvqtr'f gentvp rkcrevzrag jvgu fubeg sevatr. Nyfb, jurer qb gurfr crbcyr yvir? Fvapr jura qbrf fabj pbire hc gur fha?

        • cait0716 says:

          VG'F ZVENPYR FABJ!

        • Karen says:

          Vg'f orra fcrphyngrq gung vg jnf zntvp fabj frag ol Gur Cbjref Gung Or juvpu V xvaqn ohl. GCGO ner irel vairfgrq va znxvat fher gung Natry trgf gb YN fb gung ur pna or gurve punzcvba.

          • caia says:

            Oh, I got that. I just hates it.

          • Bonnie says:

            V xabj. Qbrfa'g znxr vg nal yrff fghcvq. V'z naablrq ubj nalguvat gurl pna'g rkcynva njnl jeg Natry, gurl whfg punyx hc gb gur CGO. 'Uz, ubj pna jr trg Natry onpx sebz Uryy fb gung ur'f fgvyy va gur nhqvrapr'f zvaqf orsber uvf fcva-bss? Jr xabj! Yrg'f unir gur CGO fcvg uvz bhg bs Npnguyn!' 'Yrg'f fnir Natry sebz gur fha! Jul fubhyq jr obgure jvgu nal ybtvpny punenpgre ohvyqvat gung zvtug znxr guvf thl ng yrnfg ybbx yvxr ur'f jbegul bs fbzrguvat? Cvssyr! Jrr jba'g obgure fubjvat vg, jr'yy whfg gryy vg, naq jr'ir tbg n oevyyvnag vqrn! Yrg'f hfr ZNTVP fabj!'

            Ovggre? Zbv? :))

      • caia says:

        V sbhaq vg! Znffviryl fcbvyrel erivrj sbe Nzraqf.

  42. noeji says:

    – James Marsters has such great on-screen chemistry with every character.

    – This is one of my favorites and my most re-watched episode from Season 3 πŸ™‚

    – There is something cathartic about the final scene, where Spike drives down the road while singing 'My Way'.

    – I recently came across a post that says Spike's "You'll never be friends" speech was about his relationship with Angel, and Angel knew it. I have never thought of this ‘til now but I approve of this notion wholeheartedly. xD

    – Jura V jngpurq F7 sbe gur svefg gvzr (bayl gjb lrnef ntb nf V’z n yngr pbzre), V gbgnyyl bireybbxrq gur snpg gung “Fhaalqnyr fvta” snyyvat bire sbe gur guveq gvzr orpnhfr bs Fcvxr !!

    – French title: Amours contrariés – ‘Thwarted Love’. (My French is rusty, so please correct me if I'm wrong.)

    • threerings13 says:

      I recently came across a post that says Spike's "You'll never be friends" speech was about his relationship with Angel, and Angel knew it. I have never thought of this ‘til now but I approve of this notion wholeheartedly. xD

      Totally new head!canon. <3

    • znachki says:

      James Marsters has such great on-screen chemistry with every character.

      I've always said that James Marsters can generate chemistry with a concrete block.

      • noeji says:

        Yep. It's been known that Spike even has chemistry with "gur qbbe". (lol. I don’t know if it’s a spoiler, but just in case …)

      • LadyPeyton says:

        One of my favorite fandom quotes about James Marsters of all time is: "If they told James Marsters that his new love interest was a cement block, he would have chemistry with the cement block. We would all be Spike/Cement Block shippers, and there would be a S/CB fic list, and whenever JM looked at the block just so, we would all post things like, 'Whoa, Cement Block looked hot tonight."

        And it's so true!

      • Patrick721 says:

        James Marsters also does the audiobooks for the Dresden Files series, so he even has chemistry with himself!

  43. fantasylover120 says:

    The only non pain moment I can think of in this ep is the Spike/Joyce moment which was beautiful beyond belief. I'm sorry, I have a soft spot for these two hanging out.
    Daily Buffy Quotable:
    "Real love isn't brains, children, it's blood; it's blood screaming inside you to work its will."-Spike
    "Now that was fun. GOD! It's been so long since I had a decent spot of violence! Really puts things in perspective."-Spike
    Not many this time as my heart was too busy being stomped on by Whedon to pay attention to the good quotes.

  44. ajaxbreaker says:

    Angel spoiilers:

    "Lbh jvyy fgbc qrfgeblvat Pbeqryvn."

    Guvf pbzzrag znxrf zr fb fnq tvira ubj Pbeql'f punenpgre vf hggreyl qrfgeblrq nsgre frnfba 2 bs Natry πŸ™ Svefg fur orpbzrf rnegu-zbgure, pna-qb-ab-jebat Pbeql jvgu gung ubeevoyr fbppre zbz unvephg, gura fur vf gnxra bire ol na rivy ragvgl, gura fur vf certanag naq purjvat hc gur fprarel, gura fur qvrf. V ybir frnfba 4 bs Natry rkprcg sbe gur snpg gung vg jnf greevoyr gb frr Punevfzn ba gur fperra ABG cynlvat Pbeqryvn.

    Ba nabgure abgr: Qbrf Znex xabj gung Pbeqryvn genafvgvbaf gb Natry

    • robin_comments says:

      Zlfrys, V npghnyyl rawbl Pbeql va frnfba guerr, ohg V gbb nz fhcre ovggre nobhg jung'f qbar gb ure nsgre gung. V guvax guvf vf zl fvatyr uhtr ovggrearff cbvag sbe gur ragvergl bs gur Ohsslirefr. Gur bayl cynpr jurer V'z whfg yvxr, 'AB. SNVY. GURER VF AB TBBQ URER.' Pbeqryvn'f punenpgre qrfreirq zhpu orggre guna fur hygvzngryl erprvirq.

      • Noybusiness says:

        V qba'g trg ubj nalbar gubhtug Frnfba 3 Pbeql jnf bhg bs punenpgre, be n tbbql gjb-fubrf. Fur fb jnfa'g.

      • Karen says:

        V ybir ure va frnfba 3 gbb! V guvax vg f ernyvfgvp cynpr gb gnxr ure punenpgre. Pbeql qbrfa'g whfg FRR crbcyr'f cnva, fur RKCREVRAPRF vg. Ure ivfvbaf unir punatrq ure, naq V guvax vg znxrf gbgny frafr gung fur'q orpbzr zber pbzcnffvbangr orpnhfr bs gurz.

    • Katarina_H says:


  45. tanbarkie says:

    Heh. Am I the only one who doesn't find this episode utterly devastating? I mean, don't get me wrong, there's some messed up shit goin' on, and that montage at the end (beautifully scored by Christophe Beck) is heartbreaking.

    But… SPIKE.


    HAIR ON FIRE. (Abg sbe gur ynfg gvzr.)








    I may be alone in this, but every time I watch "Lovers Walk," I'm far too busy laughing my ass off at Spike's antics to really be destroyed by the kicks to our emotional groins Whedon delivers at the end.

    …OK, maybe I'm a little destroyed. But that's part of the fun too. πŸ˜€

    • Bonnie says:

      I'm with you.

    • tanbarkie says:


      [youtube arMXYEDuWPg youtube]

    • Karen says:

      I'm there with you. I feel sad for Cordy and Oz, but Spike is just so hilarious through the rest of the episode that idk. THIS EPISODE FILLS ME WITH GLEE.

    • hpfish13 says:

      I'm totally with you on this. Guvf vf nyfb gur jnl V srry nobhg Fbzrguvat Oyhr naq Gnohyn Enfn

      • tanbarkie says:

        Oh def. Gnohyn Enfn, rfcrpvnyyl – V bsgra sbetrg gung rcvfbqr fgnegf NAQ raqf jvgu hggre rzbgvbany ghezbvy, orpnhfr gur fghss va orgjrra vf fb qnza SHA.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Yeah, I was a little surprised at this too. I found after watching this episode, my main thought was 'that was friggin hilarious'. Sure a lot of sad relationship stuff happened but…SPIKE!

      Also, I was so relieved about Cordy that people breaking up didn't seem that bad by comparison. I'm actually pretty glad everything's just out in the open now?

      • tanbarkie says:

        Yeah, the Cordy thing helps. In a way, it's almost a trope inversion in and of itself – the trope being "Whedon always kills someone." You're so ready for Joss to murdelize one of your beloved lead cast members that it's all the more flooring when it turns out she didn't die.

      • hassibah says:

        Also the funeral shot was just such an absurd level of trolling that on repeated watchings I can't take it seriously, no matter how sad everything else was. Breaking up is a good thing for Cordy right now, I'm just glad she is in a place where she can start to heal, so I'm not going to feel sad about that.

    • Tat says:

      To be honest this was the episode that got me hooked on the show. I'd catch it when I could, but not a regularly. Maybe that's why I wasn't so devastated. But after watching this episode I realized Buffy was as much a comedy as a drama. It's always been funny, but this one put it over the top for me.

    • Ernqvat Znex'f erivrj, nyy V pbhyq guvax jnf "bu, tbq, ubj gur shpx vf ur tbvat gb unaqyr 'Gur Obql'?" πŸ™

    • hassibah says:

      Yep, I'm here too.

  46. caia says:

    Vs Znex vf syvccvat bhg yvxr guvf bire jung, gb n ybat-gvzr Ohssl sna, srryf zbfgyl yvxr n yvtug-urnegrq ebzc, V pna'g vzntvar jung ur'yy qb jura jr uvg gur Jvfuirefr.

  47. Nattlinnen says:

    The spike speech is the very definition of beauty. Here I embrace my fanboyism. Further, My way is such a fantastic song, Sinatra, Sex Pistols or Gary Oldman from the movie Sid and Nancy. Whichever.

    This episode ranks somewhere on my top ten, where changes every day. (It's also the first Spike episode I ever saw as I started with season three of all seasons)

  48. rabbitape says:

    Oh my failing heart, this episode! When watching the series as it aired, every night after an episode ended, I wished I could watch the next one the very next day. After this one, I was glad I had a week's reprieve. I needed it.

    Lots of folks have discussed Spike's comment to Buffy and Angel about how they can't be friends, and I want to add on to the commentary that, for the show's audience (primarily teens, given that this was on the WB) this was probably something helpful for them to hear in relation to their own breakups — "Stop trying to be friends with your ex. It's not working, and it's torture. It's over, and you will not be friends."

    Or possibly I was projecting my own teen issues onto the show at the time…

  49. red ira says:

    According to wikipedia:

    Charisma Carpenter's scar

    Carpenter has a large scar on her belly from a childhood accident. At five years old, playing around a swimming pool that was still under construction, she fell onto a piece of rebar. With the events of this episode, her character gains an identical injury with the same method.


    • tanbarkie says:

      I wonder how that conversation between Whedon and Carpenter went.

      • Jenny_M says:

        I love when writers bring in actors' real life quirks and talents to the show. There's an early episode of The Office that was spun from John Krasinski being good at basketball. I bet Angel and Buffy went ice skating last season because SMG was really good at it.

    • Sadie says:

      Zbfg bs gur cvpgherf V pbhyq svaq bs Punevfzn jvgu ure oryyl ivfvoyr jrer sebz cubgbfubbgf jurer fpnef zvtug or pbirerq hc jvgu znxrhc; ubjrire, V qvq svaq guvf.


      V guvax V'z frrvat gur fpne nebhaq gur zvqqyr bs ure evopntr? Vg'f abg irel ivfvoyr, ohg vg'f gurer. V'z nyfb ybivat gur va-havirefr pbagvahvgl.

  50. Oh, Mark, you are so precious and unprepared.

    Let's all take bets on how many more "sternly worded letters" Mark is going to write Joss before this show is over. My money's on fifty.

    The Pez witch is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I've seen this episode dozens of times and it never fails to melt my heart.

  51. lawrence_s says:

    I have lots of things I could say about this episode, but what stands out to me every time is that Joyce suggests Carnegie Mellon as a possible school for Buffy.

    I mean, of all the arbitrary places they could have picked to name. I guess maybe by 1998, CMU was better known. But when I started there only a few years earlier, most people I mentioned it to either had no clue where it was or that it even existed, so it always struck me as weird (but exciting at the same time) to hear it mentioned on a popular TV show.

    • znachki says:

      It was probably chosen becasue one of the writers or staff went to school there. It happens all the time. For instance, a couple of seasons ago one of the guest characters on NCIS went to the University of Washington – because one of the writing staff did and wanted to get it in sometime. Burt on Raising Hope wore a UW shirt in one episode, because Garrett Dillahunt is a grad.

      I've always thought it was a nice way to give a little shout out to ones alma mater.

    • Tat says:

      I wouldn't be surprised if one of the writers went there. At the time it was like the ivy league for art students (Andy Warhol went there!… kinda.), I remember thinking about applying just to see if I could get in.

  52. Sarah S says:

    I'm going to do something I rarely do, mostly because of that sense of fairness that I sometimes curse. What if Xander learned his lessons about consent and magic and whatnot, but he doesn't have the right words to explain it to Willow? He's not big vocabulary guy, nor is he someone with a lot of practice at introspection. What he may have meant, without being able to articulate it (a common problem in this sort of thing being a use of "normal" or "didn't work" as a shorthand for a much more complex problem the speaker doesn't understand him or herself and is simply using the word because "normal" et al includes many aspects of what they actually want), that these things never work right because the emotions of the caster and subject are too complicated to allow something like this to work, given that it's supposed to have such a specific want.

    But I'm being really nice about this. Mostly, I just still wanna smack the guy.

  53. MidnightLurker says:

    This is Sunnydale. ANY casual walk is likely to pass at least one funeral.

    • Sarah S says:

      This is a good point. WIth twelve cemeteries naq n "qrnguf" frpgvba gb gur fpubby arjfcncre, it does make sense that that would happen.

    • tanbarkie says:

      Heh. Now I wish they'd thrown in background funerals at random in outdoor scenes.

      Buffy and Willow walking down the street… in front of a funeral!

      Xander skateboarding… in front of a funeral!

      Angel being enigmatic… in front of a funeral!

      Buffy patrolling… in front of a funeral!

      Giles admonishing Xander… in front of a funeral!

      The Bronze… in the background of a funeral!

      Angel losing his soul, twisting with agony… in front of a funeral!

  54. Kari18212 says:

    All I've got for today is YAYAYAYAY SPIKE IS BACK!!! And drunk, miserable Spike who goes to Joyce to talk about his love life and ask for the little marshmallows in his hot chocolate is my favorite Spike. And since I love little marshmallows in my hot chocolate this clearly means we're meant to be right?? (That is obviously a joke, but I watched this originally when I was maybe 13, and I did irrationally fixate on any tiny thing that we had in common because of my ginormous crush on Spike, so I was really excited about the hot chocolate scene).

    I choose to ignore the rest besides Spike, because it all made me sad.

  55. Fiona says:

    Hello again. I finally managed to get a download of an episode which didn't take years to work so I can finally do a ridiculously long list post again. This one is particularly long because I love this episode so much. I love Passion too so clearly I secretly enjoy emotional trauma :). Anyway, here goes:

    – Double dating is always a terrible idea Xander, don't you know that? Haven't you watched any sitcoms?
    – I love how excited Willow gets over academic achievement, it's adorable.
    – 'Now you can leave, and never come back!' She does have a point, although doesn't she know that in these things they always have to stay in the same place or risk suddenly turning into Dawson's Creek and have 500 episodes which don't have Dawson anywhere in them? (That show gave me an irrational hatred of Katie Holmes which continues to this day. Damn you Joey!)
    – Anyway, best return ever :D.
    – Svefg gvzr urnevat Wnzrf fvat. Vs V unq zl jnl ur'q fvat va rirel rcvfbqr.
    – I'm crap at bowling. That's the problem with having no hand-eye coordination :).
    – I can't imagine Watchers being particularly outdoorsy kind of people somehow. Stay indoors where the tea and scones are.
    – 'There's not going to be any rash.' Extreme facepalming going on here. Poor Buffy, I think we've all been there.
    – STOP THAT YOU TWO and how is bowling sexy?
    – James is pretty good at drunk acting, unless he actually is just drunk.
    – What is the costume people's obsession with putting Willow in fluffy jumpers? She isn't twelve.
    – (V bayl whfg abgvprq ubj vg fnlf gung gur Znlbe vf Evpuneq Jvyxvaf gur guveq. Qb gur crbcyr bs Fhaalqnyr whfg nffhzr gung ur unccrarq gb ybbx rknpgyl yvxr uvf sngure naq tenaqsngure? Nffhzvat ur ernyyl unf orra ehaavat Fhaalqnyr fvapr vg ortna yvxr vg fubjrq va bar bs gur pbzvpf.)
    – How is it that the Mayor manages to stay scary while talking about mixing metaphors? That's some seriously great acting and writing there.
    – One thing I do like about Angel is that he clearly has Buffy's best interests at heart, although that may be with a healthy dose of self loathing to go with it.
    – I love how Spike straddles a very fine line between being sympathetic and still pretty scary in this episode. It shows perfectly the difference between him and Angelus.
    – ('Unir lbh frra n punbf qrzba? Gurl'er nyy fyvzr naq nagyref, vg'f qvfthfgvat.' V yvxr ubj guvf trgf n pnyyonpx yngre ba.)
    – (Gur fprar va frnfba sbhe nsgre Fcvxr trgf uvf puvc vf snveyl fvzvyne gb guvf bar. Vg qbrfa'g frrz gung bqq gb zr gung Jvyybj jbhyq or fbzrbar ur'q or noyr gb gnyx gb nobhg gurfr guvatf. V thrff vg'f orpnhfr fur frrzf snveyl unezyrff ng guvf cbvag.)
    – 'I haven't had a woman in weeks.' Continuing the vampire feeding=sex metaphor they always went with. I think they milked that theme as much as they could get away with really.
    – Willow standing up to Spike <3. She's not some delicate flower.
    – 'If at first we don't succeed, I'll kill him and we'll try again.' This is why I love you.
    – I love Spike and Joyce's awkward friendship moments. Her advice is pretty good too.
    – Mmmm mini marshmallows. Sudden desire for hot chocolate.
    – 'You're not invited.' The emphasis he puts on invited is so weird but I love it. More taunting please Spike. (Zl crefbany snibhevgr vf uvf svefg fprar va Natry, 'dhvpx, gb gur Natryzbovyr!'. Vg arire trgf byq, rira jvgu Wnzrf' bqq cebahapvngvba bs 'cbbsl').
    – And the smirk too <3. I will forever associate that look with Spike.
    – 'Xander's a witch?' Poor Joyce, she really has no idea what's going on.
    – THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PRONOUNCE POOF JAMES. Well it's fairly homophobic anyway but it still distracts me every time.

    • Fiona says:

      – Oz's werewolf senses are creepy (nyfb n fvta bs qrcerffvat fghss gb pbzr, qnza lbh Wbff! V qba'g ungr znal punenpgref va Ohssl ohg V ernyyl qb ungr Irehpn, rira gubhtu Bm jnf whfg nf gb oynzr).
      – 'He's probably just got them locked up in the factory.' 'Hey! How thick do you think I am?' You need to find new hiding places for hostages man.
      – And Buffy calls Spike pathetic for the second time…
      – Spike's speech is perfect, it's one of my favourites in the whole series.
      – Is it me or is Xander less annoying in this episode? Him being unconscious for a chunk of it probably has something to do with it.
      – And now he's annoying me again. STOP IT YOU TWO! SERIOUSLY.
      – Oz's hurt face gets me every time. I mean it's not that noticeable but clearly he wouldn't suddenly become incredibly expressive.
      – Ewwwwww to the impalement thing, especially as it was based on something that actually happened to Charisma.
      – This vampire fight seems a bit tacked on to add some action and fill a bit of time but at least we get to see Buffy and Spike fighting on the same side again.
      – Xander suddenly got better extremely quickly.
      – I like how much Spike thrives on violence. I bet he starts fights in pubs just for something to do :).
      – Don't cheat on your girlfriend or she'll get impaled seems like a pretty extreme message to me, although Joss does always go for the story with the most trauma possible.
      – You've got to love the funeral fake out. It's almost like going into Firefly thinking that Kaylee might actually die in that scene, which is one of my favourite scenes ever by the way.
      – I can remember being sad that Cordy didn't take Xander back in this episode when I first watched it. Now I can completely see why and I couldn't see it any other way. Cordelia isn't the kind of person to forgive that easily, nor should she when Xander's been such a git to her.
      – ('V pna'g sbby zlfrys, be Fcvxr sbe fbzr ernfba.' Onununununun. Lbh unir ab vqrn jung'f va fgber sbe lbh Ohssl.)
      – Extra angsty ending, nicely undercut with Spike being his usual brilliant self <3.

      'So there are four and a half more seasons full of puppies and rollercoasters, right?'
      If only Mark. If only :). I don't think that even counts as a spoiler because it's Joss, of course it won't be.

    • Patrick721 says:

      "How is Bowling sexy?"
      -Clearly you haven't seen the Big Lebowski.

  56. @sesinkhorn says:

    Oh hey, super fast load times! This is excellent!


    Yeah, the Cordy fake-out really got me the first time I saw this. My reaction was very similar. WHAT? WHAT?! NO! YOU CAN'T! YOU CAN'T YOU CAN'T OH YOU DIDN'T FUCK YOU.

    On a serious note, even though this episode guts me, I really have to commend the writers again for being unafraid to let their characters SHITTY LIFE CHOICES have real and serious consequences.

    • caia says:

      What I fail to get is Xander's motivation for cheating with Willow. Willow, okay, she crushed on him forever, and now he suddenly notices her. Plus, the thrill of the secret, as she implied to Buffy in the last episode.

      But Xander? Are we supposed to believe he saw her in formal wear, and suddenly he's infatuated? I mean, sure, Willow's cute, but she always was. Cordy's also beautiful. I dunno, the only reasons I can come up with — he wants what he can't have, he wants all the female Scoobies to be his — aren't particularly flattering to his character.

      But it's hard to argue them. Like in the last episode, do we really believe Xander had only the safety of the world in mind? Or is he mad that Buffy was sucking face with Angel again? If it had been Buffy who'd suddenly decided to kiss him when she saw him in formal wear, not Willow, would he have pulled away? I don't think he would have.

      • tanbarkie says:

        Sometimes you just suddenly "notice" someone. Someone you've known forever. Without warning, he or she just hits your eye a certain way and your perception of that person shifts. Maybe just a little, maybe a lot. But just enough so that what was once purely platonic on your part no longer is.

        I dunno. It's happened to me more than once, so Xander's infatuation made perfect sense in my brain. He saw Willow as "Will" for so long – the friend he grew up with, that he knew when they were both little kids. A surrogate sister. Then she comes out in that (let's face it) stunning dress, and… whoa. FEELINGS. SRRYVATF VA ARJ CYNPRF.


        Makes sense to me. πŸ™‚

        • @sesinkhorn says:

          I can see where you're coming from, it's just something I personally can't really comprehend because I've never experienced it. I've never known someone for a really long time with the accompanying platonic feelings and then all of sudden been attracted to them. If I'm going to be attracted to someone, it's pretty rapid-onset with me. Even the kids I went to school with from Kindergarten through high school… the ones I was attracted to as a teen were the ones I had some level of childlike-attraction to, as well.

      • @Ivana2804 says:

        I'm with you, I don't believe in a sudden attraction for no reason. Something has to happen for you to 'notice' someone like that – something more than a dress.

        The only explanation that makes sense to me is that he started thinking about her that way when she found a boyfriend. He showed jealousy of Oz a few times in season 2. Then the possibility of losing Willow when she was injured and in a coma made him realize how much she meant to him and he told her ILY, though I think he wasn't sure if it was romantic or friendly, but she showed that the first person she turns to now is Oz, not Xander. It does seem to boil down to wanting what he can't have, but maybe it's also that Willow now has a boyfriend so he's starting to see her as a sexual being rather than a platonic childhood friend.

        I have a harder time believing that Willow would do it than Xander. Yes, she had a crush on Xander for a long time, but she seemed completely in love with Oz since Phases up till Homecoming when she started making out with Xander. She called out for Oz in Becoming II and then seemed like a great resolution to the W/X story – he might be noticing her differently now, but she's in love with someone else now. Maybe after thinking for so long that nobody liked her, she's just enjoying sudden attention from two guys – two guys she likes – and enjoying the feeling of doing something forbidden. But that's a bit sudden – a few episodes ago she didn't even dare have lunch outside of school premises.

        I just have a hard time believing in this storyline. If it was one kiss, it would've been believable, but the idea of the two of them being so attracted to each other that they're carrying on behind Oz's and Cordelia's backs is something I find implausible. I believed it when Xander and Cordelia couldn't keep their hands off each other, but I just find the idea of Xander and Willow lusting after each other a bit funny. Their relationship was always been sexless, even when they were about to kiss in When She Was Bad they seemed like two 8-year olds, and I'm not seeing any more sexual chemistry/attraction between them now. I certainly don't see such a big attraction that would make Willow betray Oz and risk hurting him.

        Meh. Of all the storylines on BtVS, this is one I'd most like to strike from canon, not because I dislike what they're doing (even though I do) but because I just can't believe it would happen. The best explanation so far that I've read is that they were actually both afraid of growing up and having real relationships, so they were subconsciously undermining them by turning to their childhood friend. But the very fact I have to work hard to make sense of it shows what's wrong with it.

        • caia says:

          You make good points. It doesn't make sense as an ongoing thing. I find Willow/Xander more believable as cute than as sexy — which is part of why it's disturbing, they have them play footsie and be cute while they're cheating.

          Zl rkcynangvba jbhyq or gung gurl arrqrq gb trg Pbeqryvn bhg bs gbja sbe N:gF. Ohg gung'f boivbhfyl fubj ybtvp, abg punenpgre ybtvp.

        • stormwreath says:

          Yes, she had a crush on Xander for a long time, but she seemed completely in love with Oz since Phases up till Homecoming when she started making out with Xander.

          Vg'f n ergpba, bs pbhefr, ohg va yvtug bs Frnfba 4 V'ir nyjnlf frra vg yvxr guvf:

          Jvyybj ybirq univat n oblsevraq ng ybat ynfg. Vg zrnag fur jnf, dhbgr, 'abezny', naq qvqa'g unir gb or nybar. Naq Bm jnf n jbaqreshy thl, naq fb pbafvqrengr, naq ure vagryyrpghny rdhny, naq gurl pbhyq gnyx sbe ubhef (jryy, fur gnyxrq; ur yvfgrarq naq bppnfvbanyyl fnvq, "Uhu"), naq fur ybirq uvz, ernyyl fur qvq. Naq gur xvffvat naq znxvat bhg naq rawblvat unys n zbagr naq ebhaqvat frpbaq onfr jnf… avpr. Vg jnf bxnl. Fur rawblrq vg, ubarfgyl… ohg vg qvqa'g yvtug ure ba sver gur jnl fur'q urneq vg jnf fhccbfrq gb. Naq gung jbeevrq ure, qrrc vafvqr ure urneg. Znlor gurer jnf fbzrguvat jebat jvgu ure.

          Fb fur fgnegrq syvegvat jvgu Knaqre. Naq sbe n juvyr gung *jnf* rkpvgvat – ohg creuncf vg jnf bayl orpnhfr vg jnf vyyvpvg naq frperg naq onqjebat, abg orpnhfr vg jnf jung fur ernyyl jnagrq…

        • notemily says:

          The best explanation so far that I've read is that they were actually both afraid of growing up and having real relationships, so they were subconsciously undermining them by turning to their childhood friend. But the very fact I have to work hard to make sense of it shows what's wrong with it.

          The affair itself is played very realistically, but what's not realistic for me is that their relationships with their SOs were going great and then out of nowhere they're kissing all the time. If we had seen any signs of Cordelia and Oz wanting to have a more "grown up" relationship and Willow and Xander resisting, it would be easier to believe. Or if there had been some specific needs that weren't being met by their SOs that Willow and Xander found in each other. That would be easy for me to believe, because Willow and Xander were friends forever so it would make sense they'd know each other and "get" each other better than their SOs, except that the show never even hinted that this was the reason behind the affair, so it fell kind of flat for me. Basically what I'm saying is I agree with you.

  57. Danny_SAP says:

    <img src=""&gt;

    OZ But we should celebrate, do something.
    CORDELIA Like, the four of us?

    Will somebody please provide me with a gif of Cordelia mouthing "No"? A still doesn't really do it justice.
    <img src=""&gt;

    WILLOW It's a very intimate situation. It's all sexy with the smoke and the sweating and the shoe rental…
    XANDER You're turned on by rented shoes?
    WILLOW That's not the issue.

    Everybody's got their kinks.
    <img src=""&gt;
    Angel is deep.
    <img src=""&gt;
    Although I do have to say that Angel has pretty good reasons for feeling the existentialism right now.
    <img src=""&gt;
    Spike is king of the pratfall.
    STORY TIME: I once passed out drunk on a roof and woke up with a killer sunburn.
    <img src=""&gt;

    WILLOW I can't do this anymore, Xander! I mean, this whole 'us' thing is… bleagh!

    There's a thing called "consent" Willow.
    <img src=""&gt;

    ANGEL Spike.
    JOYCE Oh, my God. Get out of here!
    SPIKE Yeah. You're not invited.
    JOYCE He's crazy. He'll kill us.
    SPIKE Not while I breathe. Well, actually, I don't breathe.
    ANGEL Joyce, listen to me.
    JOYCE You get out of this house, or I will stake you myself.
    SPIKE You're a very bad man.

    James Marsters you were perfectly casted.
    <img src=""&gt;

    SPIKE The last time I looked in on you two, you were fighting to the death. Now you're back making googly-eyes at each other like nothing happened. Makes me want to heave.
    BUFFY I don't know what you're talking about.
    SPIKE Oh, yeah. You're just friends.
    ANGEL That's right.
    SPIKE You're *not* friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood… blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.

    Spike's second great monologue.
    <img src=""&gt;

    SPIKE Oh, yeah. You two. Just friends. No danger there.
    BUFFY Could we just do the damn spell now?
    SPIKE Oh, sod the spell. Your friends are at the factory.
    SPIKE I'm really glad I came here, you know? I've been all wrongheaded about this. Weeping, crawling, blaming everybody else. I want Dru back, I've just gotta be the man I was, the man she loved. I'm gonna do what I shoulda done in the first place: I'll find her, wherever she is, tie her up, torture her until she likes me again.

    Spike certainly knows the way to my heart.
    <img src=""&gt;
    I name this piece of rebar Joss Whedon.
    <img src=""&gt;

    XANDER Look, Cordy, I want you to know that I…
    CORDELIA Xander?
    XANDER Yeah.
    CORDELIA Stay away from me.

    <img src=""&gt;
    It's like looking into a mirror of my teenage years.
    Although Spike's singing the Gary Oldman version from Sid & Nancy, here's the original with Sid Vicious from Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle.
    PS: Buffy saying "Be kind, rewind" is a reference that will probably be lost on most kids these days. Also it's important whether or not there's an apostrophe in the title: Lover's Walk vs. Lovers Walk.

  58. Avit says:

    Joyce should just be everybody's mom, except for the fact that it'd be too much for one person to handle. Cerrzcgviryl jrrcvat sbe Gung Frnfba.

  59. VicarPants says:

    I can't re-watch this episode while I'm dealing with some kind of viral plague. I can't. I won't. I refuse. The tears will not bring down the fever.

  60. elisi says:

    * You will stop breaking my heart.
    * You will stop destroying Cordelia.
    * You will stop giving me all these feelings from watching a television show.
    * You will stop killing characters off.
    * You will stop making me think you’ve killed a character off.
    * Nothing bad will ever happen on your show ever again.
    * So there are four and a half more seasons full of puppies and rollercoasters, right?

    <img src=""&gt;

    <img src=""&gt;

    Couldn't help myself…

    Here, have some Spike:

    <img src=""&gt;

    <img src=""&gt;

    <img src=""&gt;

  61. devilscrayon says:

    Me too, even knowing how it will all end. The exchange:
    Willow: What's the occasion?
    Oz: Pretty much you are.

    …I melt from the sweetness of it all.

  62. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Sorry for my lateness guys! The Muppet Movie was awesome! Anyway…

    All together now:

    Oh how I’ve missed you! I didn’t even realise until you came back!
    Guys, I think drunk!Spike may be my favourite thing in the whole world. I was in fits of giggles when he accidentally passed out and the sunlight started burning him. And him pouring out his sorrows to Willow and Joyce…he’s just by turns so utterly pathetic and a complete raging asshole.

    Ok, now that’s out of the way, I want to say something serious. If I had a heart attack during this episode and DIED it would be ENTIRELY JOSS WHEDON’S FAULT. My blood would be on HIS FUCKING HANDS.






    And then I realised it was a total fake-out and I was left feeling all breathless and weird.


    But man this was depressing…everyone is left really sad at the end…actually, I’m feeling weirdly positive about the whole thing? I mean, what happened wasn’t exactly fun, but now everything is out in the open. Buffy’s moving on from Angel and thinking about college, Xander and Willow have had to face up to their feelings, and Oz and Cordelia aren’t being kept in the dark.
    And Spike…well, maybe that’s why I’m feeling so positive. Spike is just back to his old joyful self. Don’t get me wrong, the guy’s a murderous douche, but it’s just so refreshing to see something going right for anyone in this show, I couldn’t help but smile as he drives off into the sunset singing out of tune.

    Alice’s Dad’s Comment Of The Episode:

    “That’s another magic shop owner that’s been killed! These places must be available on a short lease – comes fully stocked, just ignore all the chalk outlines on the floor…remind me never to open a magic shop in Sunnydale.”

    • arctic_hare says:

      I continue to adore your dad's comments. <3

    • cait0716 says:

      You're dad has excellent comments.

      And I totally get the positive feeling. It's that relief when the secrets finally come out. People are hurt, but at least they were forced to be honest with each other and now everyone can move forward without all the lies mucking things up.

    • Fiona says:

      It's definitely a case of when Spike's happy I'm happy. He's at his best when he's so joyous and having fun fighting <3.

    • LucyGoosey says:

      The Muppet Movie was awesome

      OT: yes, yes it was, no matter which one you're talking about

    • Karen says:

      The Muppet Movie was SO fun. I'm glad you liked it!

      And yes, Spike is just a delight in this episode. Like he's an unapologetic asshole, but he's still so much fun to watch.

    • kaydeefalls says:

      Naq gura V ernyvfrq vg jnf n gbgny snxr-bhg naq V jnf yrsg srryvat nyy oernguyrff naq jrveq.


      "Lbh'er jrypbzr."

    • @kingofdoma says:

      Abcr. Pbeqryvn'f nyvir naq jryy. V qvqa'g unir gb gryy lbh gung, ohg V gubhtug V jbhyq naljnl. Lbh'er Jrypbzr.

      -Wbff :Q

    • Jenny_M says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the movie that my boyfriend, Jason Segel, co-wrote and starred in! I will pass your comments on to him!

      (Haha, I don't think.)

    • Ginsue says:

      I feel bad for you being fooled by the funeral scene. It looked suspicious to me.

      If it is a fake-out funeral, the camera will pan over a group of people without a close up of one.
      If it is the real deal, the camera usually focuses on the face of an adored character with tears in their eyes before pulling back to show the funeral for maximum effect.

      Basically, I shouted, "HA! I knew it wasn't Cordy's funeral you heartless directors!"

    • Patrick721 says:

      The Muppet movie was absolutely amazing. Saw it for the second time last night, and that movie is just…I heard someone describe it as "bottled joy" and that's exactly right. The songs are amazing (Chris Cooper rapping! Barbershop Like Teen Spirit! Cluck You!), the acting is amazing, they did just the right amount of fourth wall breaking…I need that movie on DVD. And I NEVER buy movies.

      Man or Muppet had better win an oscar.

      And if anyone here didn't tear up during "Rainbow Connection", they have no soul.

    • notemily says:


  63. feminerdist says:

    This was me last night when I watched this for the first time:


    Buffy: (while walking by the funeral) So Cordelia's going to be okay?

    Me: ……………….
    *blink blink*

  64. Jordan says:

    Since there have been lots of comments about SAT scores…

    At the time Buffy was on SAT scores were out of 1600. There was a math section and a verbal section, each worth 800 points. Now there is a writing section, also out of 800 points, making the total out of 2400. In the US GPAs were out of 4.0 (with 4.0 being the highest, also called an "A"… 3.0=B, 2.0=C, 1.0=D, 0.0=F)

    Just an FYI for non-US Watchers

  65. misterbernie says:

    Yep, 1 is "very good" and 6 is "fail". Except for the last year, where we were graded according to a 15 point system where 15 = 1+, 14 = 1, 13 = 1-, etc… and then those scores were added up and divided in a complicated manner (e.g., I had to have three of four biology semesters counted, but none from PE, but I did need to attend PE and prove it just by having grades) and then converted into the traditional scoring system, on the basis of which you may or may not attend university courses (basically, wanna study law or medicine with something worse than 1.4? AHAHAHAHAHHA no u).

  66. whedonzombie says:

    This is your best review yet!!! All of these points you touch on are EXACTLY all of the reasons why, so many years later, I still rewatch Buffy and Angel on a regular basis, visit Joss Whedon-centric websites (and yours) daily, and devour books and comics written within this universe. I can't extricate myself from the Buffyverse. Joss made it impossible to NOT care about these characters and the world they inhabit. Since the late 90's, all of my pets have been named after Buffy characters. I joke that it is an unhealthy obsession, but I'm largely ok with that because I just adore all of these characters SO MUCH– even the ones I hate. Try as I might, there is no escape for me.

  67. nextboy1 says:

    OK, so I watched this episode this morning, and it blew me away, and also destroyed me. It's a brave move to basically fuck up EVERY character's happiness in one episode, but let's face it, it's been brewing for a while.

    This episode is BRILLIANT. Bringing Spike back, seemingly as a loveable drunk, only to have him single-handedly cause anarchy simply through being heartbroken, was just amazing to watch. No, he didn't cause any of the cheating or lying between the group, but the insertion of him as a catalyst into the group to drop a few home truths and put people in the right place like a little puppet master was brutal, but brutally funny at the same time.

    And…Joss Whedon, you are a TROLL, a big smelly troll. That funeral shot was evil, and, being quite attached to this site, I worried Mark would be watching with the same terror for those few seconds of thinking Cordelia was dead, and not finding the strength to go on. Just cold. All this after having her catch her boyfriend cheating and then impale herself and have to rely on said boyfriend to save her? Savage.

    AND with Spike, after all the trouble he caused, basically saying, "actually, bored now, you're all as unhappy as me, your friends are at the warehouse, CYA" was again, Whedon laughing in my face.

    I loved this episode so much, despite the pain. That was one amazing piece of TV. Especially the fight scene, with Buffy, Angel and Spike teaming up. Amazing.

    I'm actually scared to watch any more episodes, I do not want to see awwkard group being awkward. It may take me a few days.

  68. elisi says:

    Yes, yes I did. And oh, it is THE line. πŸ™‚

    • devilscrayon says:

      *hugs you*
      *steals gif*
      *is forever in your debt*
      and if I ever have the guts to actually GET this tattoo, I will post a pic of it. promise.

      • elisi says:

        Gifs snagged from this Tumblr (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!):

        And I almost feel as if Spike's line is a spoiler in itself, y'know? Although I rather love it when characters sum themselves up:

        'I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it!' <- Spike in a nutshell. <3

  69. 1979semifinalist says:

    Oh! I have been so excited for Spike to come back! YAY! I hoped Mark would be happy to see him (NOT DISAPPOINTED!)

    I've always loved this episode for so many reasons…Spike most of all of course.

    I always find it a bit interesting in retrospect that the Willow/Xander thing is pretty driven by Xander…I mean Willow is complicit of course…but he doesn't seem that concerned about Cordelia while Willow is really torn up about what she's doing to Oz. I wonder what that's about? I also wonder why I never really thought about it before.

    Are we supposed to assume Xander is just a hormone crazed jackass that doesn't care so long as he's making out with someone? Or that he and Cordelia are much less of a "match" than Oz & Willow and thus he's less bothered by the idea of hurting her/cheating? Or is simply supposed to be that he's an "insensitive boy" and Willow's a "sensitive girl" (that seems unlikely given the show usually being smarter than that)? Or just that he's more fundamentally "into" Willow than she is into him?

    I remember feeling very differently about this when I first watched it…but looking back I'm feeling much more confused.

    That said, Oz is probably my second favorite character in the entire Buffyverse…so…"where Oz goes, so goes my nation" to paraphrase the great Oz. πŸ˜‰



    • settlingforhistory says:

      I really don't think that the relationship is driven manly by Xander. The moment Willow reminds him of their partners he stops and he looks guilty, just like she does. You can see that Cordy's rejection at the end of the episode really hurts him and arkg rcvfbqr ur gevrf gb ncbybtvfr ntnva naq ntnva.
      The way Xander reacts to the locker pictures makes me think, that maybe he just at that moment realised how much he means to Cordelia. Before that he probably thought that their relationship could survive this even if Cordy found out. Juvyr Jvyybj vf irel hapregnva nobhg ure eryngvbafuvc jvgu Bm, juvpu znxrf ure cyna gung avpr riravat jvgu uvz naq Gbz Wbarf zhfvp.

      • 1979semifinalist says:

        Well, I don't think Xander feels good about hurting Cordy and I think he does care about her, and he also just doesn't want to straight up be a horrible person (regardless of some other evidence we've seen to the contrary) but I just get the feeling here…gung vs Jvyybj jnf bxnl jvgu vg, gurl'q raq hc qngvat naq yrnir Pbeql naq Bm oruvaq. Gurl'ir obgu srry onq nobhg vg, ohg gurl'q whfg riraghnyyl tb sbejneq jvgu gur nggenpgvba rgp., vs Jvyybj jnf vagb vg…ohg fur'f abg, fur jnagf gb or jvgu Bm…naq fb vg raqf.

        I don't know. I see it a lot differently re-watching it now. It's funny.

        • settlingforhistory says:

          V qba'g guvax n eryngvbafuvc orgjrra gurz unq nal cbgragvny, vg jnf whfg nggenpgvba gb rnpu bgure naq n pybfrarff gung pbzrf sebz xabjvat rnpu bgure sbe fb ybat. Vs gurl unq orra bcra nobhg vg, vg jbhyq cebonoyl unir svmmyrq bhg dhvgr snfg.

    • echinodermata says:

      Please don't use the word "crazed" on this site.

    • notemily says:

      I think Willow has more invested in her self-image as a Good Person. Xander knows he sucks. πŸ˜›

  70. ambyrglow says:

    Fb V'z abgvpvat fbzr cnenyyryf orgjrra Ybiref Jnyx naq Bapr Zber jvgu Srryvat. Obgu ner "yrg'f trg rirelguvat bhg va gur bcra" rcvfbqrf jurer punenpgref' frpergf harkcrpgrqyl cbhe bhg naq yrnir rirelguvat n fzbxvat ehva. Jvyybj gevrf gb fbyir eryngvbafuvc ceboyrzf jvgu zntvp, Ohssl fgehttyrf jvgu ure srryvatf sbe n inzcver, Knaqre unf gur snpnqr bs uvf eryngvbafuvc evccrq njnl gb erirny qvfpbagrag orarngu.

    Vg'f lbhe onfvp Wbff Jurqba rkgenintnamn: jul unir bar punenpgre haqretb rzbgvbany genhzn jura lbh pna trg gurz nyy va bar oybj ng qvfpbhag engrf?

    Ohg vg'f vagrerfgvat gb zr gung gurl raq va erirefrq cynprf–Knaqre naq Pbeql fcyvg juvyr Knaqre naq Naln fbyqvre ba, Ohssl naq Natry znxr gurve svany oernx juvyr Ohssl naq Fcvxr unir gurve svefg (V guvax?) xvff, Jvyybj naq Bm fbba erhavgr juvyr Jvyybj naq Gnen oernx hc. Vagragvbany zveebevat? Pbvapvqrapr?

    Rvgure jnl, Ybiref Jnyx cebivqrf zber oehgny oernxf, juvyr Bapr Zber jvgu Srryvat yrnirf nyzbfg rirelbar sybhaqrevat sbe qverpgvba. Vg'f yvxr Jurqba vf pbzvat vagb uvf bja naq ernyvmvat lbh pna perngr rira zber nhqvrapr cnva ol fgergpuvat guvatf bhg gb gur yvzvg.

    • L_Storm says:

      Gubhtu V arire dhvgr gubhtug nobhg vg, V ernyyl nterr.

      Rfcrpvnyyl nf ba guvf erjngpu V srry guvf rcvfbqrf, zber guna nyzbfg nal bgure, fubjf gur ortvaavatf bs Jvyybj'f zvfhfr bs zntvp. Gur jubyr vffhr bs ure vtabevat pbafrag? Gung zntvp pna whfg fbyir ure ceboyrzf? Lrc, fbhaqf yvxr frnfba fvk gb zr.

  71. pica_scribit says:

    HOW did Buffy get a 1430 on the SAT?! I was a total Willow in school. I was good at math and English. I *enjoy* taking standardised tests. I only got a 1390. Buffy picks answer bubbles based on how long it's been since there was a "B". How does she get a better score than me?!

    • Meenalives says:

      Multiple choice tests basically test how good you are at taking multiple choice tests. They have nothing to do with actual knowledge. I do horribly on essay tests and I didn't take any math in college and I still, without studying, got a combined 1500 on the verbal and math sections of the GRE (which has the same format as the SAT). My SAT was 1480, and it's really exclusively because I am very good at instantaneously excluding the obviously wrong answers. It's a talent that's really only useful for taking standardized tests (if I were a bit less ethical I could make a whole lot of money doing that). With just the background of one year of college biology I could pass my Mom's multiple choice nursing school tests, but you really don't want me to be a nurse. I basically think the SAT is a completely useless and classist exercise, but that's another rant.

      • pica_scribit says:

        Yeah, I recently became an official SAT tutor, and part of the training was that I had to take a practice test. I graduated high school 14 years ago, and have not taken a math class since then, and I ended up getting a combined score 50 points higher than my original score (not counting the new essay section). I've never taken the GRE, but sometimes I kind of want to just to see how I would do. I just think standardised test are…kinda fun? I need help, I know it.

        • Delta1212 says:

          I love standardized tests. When I was younger, I played a game where I tried to reverse engineer the questions and figure out why the wrong answers given were selected and where they came from. By the time I hit high school, the game had become “can I pick the right answer from the choices given before I actually read the question.” I was surprisingly accurate, especially in math.

          I actually had an AP Calc teacher who worked extra hard to come up with questions to stump me because I’d walk in and answer the practice questions he put on the board every day without actually solving them.

          Based on the way he continued to formulate answers, I’m fairly confident that he never worked out the strategy.

          But yeah, answering multiple choice questions really is a skill that has very little to do with the subject matter, and while a person with a strong knowledge of a subject will usually do pretty well on them regardless of test taking ability, it’s pretty easy to score very highly with only moderate knowledge of a subject.

        • notemily says:

          I took the SAT three times and got a higher score each time, which just shows that it's not a measure of "innate" intelligence. I mean, it's not meant to be an IQ test, but it really does depend on how good you are at taking standardized tests, which is a skill that can be learned.

    • Nos says:

      Slayer senses?

  72. mangoface says:

    Um, am I the only one on this comment area that likes Angel? (of course, I’m biased because I saw his series first)

    • Nattlinnen says:

      I started to like Angel after about three rewatches of Buffy. It took time and training but now I like him sort of like an old, a bit strange, friend.

      Rkprcg uvf nccrnenapr va ohssl frnfba frira. fbq bss!

    • lyvanna says:

      V yvxr Natry ba uvf bja fubj, ba Ohssl V whfg svaq uvz n ovg oynaq. Ba uvf bja fubj ur npghnyyl unf n crefbanyvgl.

      • Plactus says:


        V unq fvzvyne srryvatf ertneqvat Pbeqryvn, nygubhtu va uvaqfvtug V guvax fbzrguvat zhfg unir orra jebat jvgu zr abg gb ybir ure va gur svefg cynpr.

        • lyvanna says:

          Fnzr urer – fur'f zl snibhevgr punenpgre ba 'Natry' ohg ba svefg jngpu V arire ernyyl jnezrq gb ure ba OgIF. Ba erjngpurf V ybir ure ba OgIF abj, ohg nz fgvyy cerggl nzovinyrag gbjneqf Natry hagvy ur fcvaf bss… jrveq.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      I no longer scream in vitriolic rage, rend my clothing and curse him into an infinity of dark agonising nothingness every time he appears on screen, does that count?

      I mean…it's progress, right?

    • Polgara says:

      Nope, I've always been a Buffy/Angel 'shipper.

    • tanbarkie says:

      I am full of <3 for Angel. Ohg zbfgyl nsgre ur trgf uvf bja frevrf. Uvf orfg zbzragf ba OgIF pbzr nf Natryhf (naq, irel bppnfvbanyyl, Shaal!Natry).

    • 1979semifinalist says:

      V yvxr Natry nf n punenpgre, ohg abg jura pbzcnerq jvgu Fcvxr. Naq qrsvavgryl abg nf n pbagvahvat ybir vagrerfg sbe Ohssl. Fcvxr vf n zhpu orggre zngpu sbe ure (riraghnyyl) va nyzbfg rirel jnl.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      I actually like Angel a lot, the problem is that there is not much more to him than his relationship with Buffy. You can like his artistic talent or his brooding (which I always loved, because I'm really broody myself), but appart from that he is simply "Buffy's (ex)boyfriend".

      Gur fcva-bss tvirf uvz fb zhpu zber qrcgu, fb bs pbhefr lbh frr uvz va nabgure yvtug jura lbh fgneg jvgu gung.
      Whfg yvxr xabjvat "Fhcrefgne" znxrf hf nyy fb rkpvgrq sbe rirel nccrnenapr bs Wbanguna.

    • Shadowmarauder says:

      I think he's a lot better on his own show, on Buffy he's not really been given all that much personality.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      Well, Angel was the first Buffyverse character I liked thanks to the fact that V fnj fbzr NgF frnfba 1 rcvfbqrf orsber V fnj nal bs OgIF, naq Natry jnf ng uvf zbfg yvxrnoyr va frnfba 1 bs NgF.

      I now love some other characters much more than him, but he's still in my top 5 favorite characters (Rkprcg va Raq bs Qnlf/Pubfra naq va frnfba 8, jurer ur'f na naablvat vqvbg.) Mostly onfrq ba uvf bja frevrf, jurer ur'f zber vagrerfgvat guna ba OgIF, but V qba'g trg gur crbcyr jub yvxr uvz orpnhfr gurl guvax ur'f cresrpgyl aboyr naq urebvp naq jungabg. V yvxr uvz orpnhfr ur'f qrrcyl zrffrq hc naq qnex naq nagvurebvp rira gubhtu ur'f pbafgnagyl gelvat gb or n ureb, ohg ur xrrcf fperjvat vg hc. V yvxr punenpgref yvxr gung. Ur naq Qneyn ner zl snibevgr punenpgref ba NgF..

      Va frnfba 3 bs OgIF ur'f engure obevat, ubjrire, rkprcg jura ur vagrenpgf jvgu Snvgu be cergraqf gb or rivy.

      • Your reasons for liking Angel are my reasons as well. *high-five* Ur shpxvat gevrf. Ur gevrf, fb shpxvat uneq. Urycvat gur urycyrff. Abguvat jr qb znggref, fb nyy gung znggref vf jung jr qb.

    • LadyPeyton says:

      I like him on his own show. Far, far away from Buffy.

    • arctic_hare says:

      Jngpuvat uvz ba guvf fubj vf jrveq gb zr, orpnhfr vg'f yvxr ur'f abg lrg ernyyl Natry gb zr. Gur Natry V'z npphfgbzrq gb vf gur bar ba uvf bja fubj, jurer ur orpbzrf npghnyyl vagrerfgvat naq tebjf nf n crefba orlbaq orvat "Ohssl'f oblsevraq". Ur'f rfcrpvnyyl pbzcryyvat va frnfba gjb, V srry.

    • Karen says:

      Adding my voice to the chorus of people that find him more interesting on his own show. On Buffy, I think he's pretty boring.

    • hassibah says:

      SJVJ V svaq Natry n ybg zber yvxnoyr ba uvf bja fubj juvyr ba Ohssl ur oberf zr, ohg my making fun of him is more about my distaste for vampire romance than anything.

  73. John says:

    I actually really like this episode! I dislike ALL of the couples as they are in season 3 so far, and I enjoy that this episode really messes with things. =3 Buffy's getting over Angel, Oz is weird with Willow, Cordy is pissed at Xander, Dru left Spike, and Xander and Willow have now owned up to their stupid flirty nonsense. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

    Super epic spoilers for those of us in the know:
    Vs lbh pna'g gryy, V zhpu cersre Ohssl jvgu Fcvxr, Jvyybj jvgu Gnen, Pbeql jvgu Natry, naq Knaqre jvgu…uryy, V thrff V unir gb fnl Naln.

    Mark, you seem really angry with Joss, but I actually LOVE the way he screws with and tortures the audience. Does this make me a masochist?

    • John says:

      Also, when I first saw this episode and was tricked into thinking Cordelia had died (I knew she hadn't beforehand), I actually started laughing. Not at the funeral or at the thought of Cordy dying, but I thought what Joss did was soooo brilliant.

      Maybe I'm terrible. =/

      A note: Mark, you frequently talk about the writers, but you should know that Joss not only had to approve every script, he often rewrote lines and even wrote entire scenes/sequences in many episodes without being credited. So yes, you can blame him.

  74. haguenite says:

    Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by Joss Whedon.
    <img src=""&gt;

    Spoilers through S6: V'z pbzvat hc ba Frrvat Erq va zl erjngpu naq qrne Wrfhf, V whfg jnag gb pel nyy gur grnef. Ng gur raq bs Ragebcl, jura Gnen tvirf gung fcrrpu gb Jvyybj naq fur fnlf "pna lbh whfg or xvffvat zr abj" naq gurl xvff naq gur svefg gvzr lbh fnj gung lbh sryg FB UNCCL ORPNHFR SVANYYL RIRELGUVAT JBHYQ OR BXNL naq gura OYNZZB AB: WBFF JURQBA, YVSR EHVARE, TBRF GB GBJA NAQ RIRELGUVAT VF GREEVOYR?

    Znex guvaxf ur'f uhegvat abj? Ur unf ab vqrn.

    • @sesinkhorn says:

      V erzrzore ernqvat fbzrguvat bapr nobhg snaf bs OgIF naq nyy gur inevbhf gvzrf gurl jrer yvxr JUNG GUR SHPX, rvgure nobhg Ohssl trggvat fahoorq ol gryrivfvba njneqf sbe fbzr gehyl fgryyne rcvfbqrf be orpnhfr bs n cybg cbvag. Gnen? Jnf n TVTNAGVP BAR. Frevbhfyl, V erzrzore frrvat gung sbe gur svefg gvzr naq whfg abg orvat noyr gb cebprff. BU TBQ. BU TBQ JUNG WHFG UNCCRARQ. JUL JBHYQ GUR HAVIREFR YRG GUNG UNCCRA.

    • stephanie says:

      Ur unf ab vqrn. Ab vqrn jungfbrire. Gur urnegoernx Wbff perngrf va gung zbzrag vf sberire rgpurq va zl fbhy. πŸ™

    • Jordan says:

      LOVE the GIF πŸ™‚

  75. Meenalives says:

    This is the first episode in which I get seriously angry at Willow. Watching the series this go-round, I’ve realized that one of Willow’s main character traits (which often manifests itself as a flaw, though it isn’t inherently) is her need to “fix things,” whether it’s pushing to get Angel’s soul back or pushing Buffy to date again. Willow has a need for perfection, not only in herself but in the people and the world around her, and this can be a good thing (and it’s one of the things that makes me identify with her, along with being a geeky, Jewish, dhrre girl) but casting a spell to change Xander without his consent or knowledge is completely beyond the pale. It would have been okay if she had cast the spell solely on herself, but Willow has a need to fix people and control situations that is slowly coming into focus. Every time I watch this show I find her less sympathetic, though I continue to identify with her. I’m not sure what that says about me.

    (Spoilers for later seasons) Guvf arrq bs Jvyybj gb svk guvatf ernyyl pbzrf onpx gb ovgr ure va gur nff va frnfba 6 (naq vg’f obgu gur ernfba jul V ybir Jvyybj nf n ivyynva naq jul V ungr gur jubyr zntvpny nqqvpgvba cybg, fvapr gurl nyernql unq Jvyybj’f gentvp synj pbzcyrgryl rfgnoyvfurq sebz frnfba 3 bajneq, naq vg jnfa’g nqqvpgvba). Jvyybj pna’g npprcg gung Ohssl vf qrnq, obgu orpnhfr bs tevrs, naq orpnhfr vg qbrfa’g svg jvgu ure cresrpg jbeyqivrj, naq gur vqrn gung fur pbhyq unir znqr n zvfgnxr ol oevatvat Ohssl onpx vf n pbzcyrgr fubpx gb ure. Jvyybj unf gb “svk” Gnen naq gurve eryngvbafuvc, naq va qbvat fb fur orpbzrf na nohfre naq cbffvoyr encvfg, qrcraqvat ba lbhe bcvavba. Gnen’f n jubyr ybg zber sbetvivat bs gung guna V pbhyq rire or. Jvyybj unf n arrq sbe obgu pbageby naq nccebiny, juvpu Bm jnf ynvq-onpx rabhtu gb tenag naq juvpu Gnen pbhyq nyybj rneyl va gurve eryngvbafuvc, ohg bapr Gnen fgnegrq gb fgnaq hc sbe urefrys fur unq gb or “svkrq.”

    I’m worried now that I’ve gained everyone’s hatred by saying disapproving things about one of the most popular characters. Willow is still probably my favorite character besides Giles, and anyway this is going up late enough that I’m not sure anyone will read it.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      I agree so much with this comment.

      It's understandable that Willow wants these conflicting feelings to go away, but time and maybe a bit of distance from Xander could have done that, too. She doesn't just want to "fix things", she wants to fix them right now.
      Jura fur nyzbfg phefrf Bm nsgre ur purngrq ba ure naq yngre nsgre ur yrsg ure vg'f orpnhfr fur jnag'f gur cnva gb tb njnl vzzrqvngryl. Jura fur znqr Gnen sbetrg gurve nethzrag fur whfg jnagrq rirelguvat gb or cresrpg ntnva jvgubhg univat gb jbex bhg gurve ceboyrzf.
      Zntvp vf fvzcyl jnl gb grzcgvat, orpnhfr vg bssref na rnfl naq dhvpx fbybhgvba.

      V ybir Jvyybj n ybg naq V yvxr frnfba fvk sbe nyy vg'f fnq cybgf, ohg jura rire V frr ure hfr zntvp va gur rneyvre frnfba V jvfu fbzrbar unq ng yrnfg gevrq gb fgbc ure orsber vg jnf gbb yngr.

      • Meenalives says:

        Exactly. Juvpu vf jul V unir n ceboyrz jvgu gur pbaprcg bs zntvpny nqqvpgvba, orpnhfr Jvyybj'f ceboyrz vfa'g zntvp cre fr, vg'f gur jnl fur hfrf vg.

        • ghostofdurruti says:

          Lbh pbhyq fnl gur fnzr guvat nobhg n qeht, gubhtu. Qehtf nera'g vaureragyl onq, ohg vg'f rnfl gb nohfr gurz naq raq hc uhegvat lbhefrys be bguref. Juvpu vf jul V guvax gur zntvpny nqqvpgvba guvat npghnyyl jbexf nf n zrgncube, qrfcvgr gur fvyyl jnl va juvpu vg jnf bsgra rkrphgrq.

    • @sesinkhorn says:

      I read it πŸ™‚

      V nofbyhgryl guvax gung n orybirq punenpgre pna or qrrcyl, qrrcyl synjrq naq qb fbzr gehyl njshy guvatf naq fgvyy jbex. V qba'g guvax vg'f jebat ng nyy gb pnyy Jvyybj bhg sbe ure ubeevoyl zrffrq hc orunivbe. Jr qba'g unir gb rkphfr ure be gel gb znxr vg bxnl gung fur qvq GREEVOYR, GREEVOYR GUVATF.

      Gung'f cneg bs jung V ybir fb zhpu nobhg Jurqba'f punenpgref… ur'f abg nsenvq gb znxr gurz qb fbzrguvat ungrnoyr. Gbb znal jevgref gerng gurve punenpgref yvxr ornhgvshy qryvpngr sybjref jub pna qb ab jebat, naq vg'f abg ernyvfgvp jevgvat. Erny crbcyr ner synjrq. Erny crbcyr qb anfgl, frysvfu guvatf. Gung qbrfa'g zrna gung jr unir gb ungr gurz, orpnhfr va ungvat gurz, jr'q xvaq bs or ungvat bhefryirf.

      Ba gur syvc fvqr, fbzrgvzrf snaf trg ernyyl vagb cebivat gung n snibevgr punenpgre'f npgvbaf ner rkphfnoyr orpnhfr gb nqzvg gung gurl qvq fbzrguvat njshy vf nqzvggvat gung lbh qba'g ernyyl ybir gur punenpgre be… fbzrguvat. Vg'f bxnl gb or pevgvpny bs n punenpgre'f npgvbaf, rira ungr gurve npgvbaf. Vg arire znxrf lbh yrff bs n sna be n ungre be jungrire ryfr crbcyr pbzr hc jvgu.

    • arctic_hare says:

      You'll get no hatred from me, trust me. V nterr pbzcyrgryl gung ure nep jrag bss gur envyf jvgu gur fghcvq "zntvp nqqvpgvba" fgbelyvar. Vs gurer'f nalguvat fur'f ubbxrq ba, vg'f cbjre naq pbageby. Gurl frg hc guvf ornhgvshy nep sebz gur trgtb naq gura gbgnyyl qebccrq gur onyy, naq vg sehfgengrf zr gb ab raq.

    • stormwreath says:

      Jvyybj unf gjb ovt iveghrf: 1) fur'f rzcnguvp naq flzcngurgvp naq whfg cynva avpr, naq fur jnagf nyy ure sevraqf gb or unccl. 2) fur'f irel, irel vagryyvtrag, naq pna hfhnyyl frr gur evtug fbyhgvba ybat orsber nalobql ryfr.

      Ohg yvxr n cebgntbavfg bs n pynffvp gentrql, ure iveghrf ner gur irel guvatf gung qrfgebl ure. Fur jnagf rirelobql gb or unccl, naq fur'f hfrq gb xabjvat orggre guna nalbar ryfr jung gb qb. Naq gura fur'f tvira gur cbjre gb znxr nyzbfg nal jvfu pbzr gehr jvgu n jnir bs ure unaq.

      Lbh xabj jung gurl fnl: cbjre pbeehcgf, nofbyhgr cbjre pbeehcgf nofbyhgryl. Fjrrg nqbenoyr Jvyybj trgf unaqrq nofbyhgr cbjre. Frnfba 6 vf gur erfhyg.

      • ScarecrowCeno says:

        Ah great guys…. v unq n ybg bs ungr sbe gur rivy-yrfovna pyvpurf va frnfba 6 nf vg jnf, naq gur punenpgre nohfr gung vf Gnen (frevbhfyl, lbh guvax rirelbar ryfr fhssref, fur unf n gbgny bs yvxr 6 zbaguf unccvarff va ure ragver yvsr orgjrra snzvyl nohfr, guvaxvat fur'f n qrzba, trggvat qenva fhpxrq naq gura gur oernx hc!)… ohg lrnu, unq zl ungr naljnl, naq abj lbh oevat hc gur boivbhf npphfngvba bs encr gb Jvyybj sbyybjvat gur zvaq jvcr va frnfba fvk. Guvf frrzf boivbhf ohg V unqa'g pbafvqrerq vg orsber. Gurer'f fbzr terng fghss, trarenyyl rneyl ba, ohg fnqyl frnfba fvk vf jura ohssl ernyyl whzcrq gur funex sbe zr. Naq V unir bar zber ernfba gb guvax fb abj!

        • Meenalives says:

          Gur guvat vf, V npghnyyl yvxr gung cneg bs frnfba fvk, orpnhfr vg svgf fb jryy jvgu jung jr xabj bs Jvyybj'f punenpgre fb sne. Vg'f "Ybire'f Jnyx" be "Jvyq ng Urneg" gnxra gb gur rkgerzr, naq vs bar bs gur Fpbbovrf jbhyq ghea rivy vg jbhyq or Jvyybj. V qb ungr gung vg snyyf vagb gur rivy yrfovna pyvpur, naq V qba'g guvax gung Gnen unq gb qvr gb znxr Jvyybj ghea rivy (V xvaq bs jvfu vg unq orra Gnen oevatvat Jvyybj onpx sebz gur oevax engure guna Knaqre, vg jbhyq znxr n avpr flzzrgel jvgu Jvyybj fnivat Gnen va "Gur Tvsg,") cyhf V UNGR jvgu gur sver bs n gubhfnaq fhaf gung Gnen qvrf gur zbzrag fur trgf fbzr npghny punenpgre qrirybczrag naq tebjf n onpxobar.

          • ScarecrowCeno says:

            Zragvbavat "gur Tvsg" whfg fbeg bs erzvaqf zr ubj F5 cerggl zhpu qvq gur rknpg fnzr fgbelyvar ohg orggre. Gnen trgf oenva fhpxrq, Jvyybj tbrf nyy qnex iratnapl. frevbhfyl, gurl cerggl zhpu erplpyr vg bayl Jneera vf ab Tybel naq gura Jvyybj pneevrf ba ure pyvpur cngu bs qrfgehpgvba. Naq bs pbhefr orpnhfr vg'f Ohssl gurl chyy n 11gu ubhe "naq bs gur jbeyq" yvgrenyyl bhg bs abjurer nf vs gur crefbany gentrql jnfa'g rcvp rabhtu. (V thrff gurl jnagrq Knaqre gb fnir gur jbeyq ivn orvat beqvanel… qvq abar bs gurz npghnyyl jngpu Gur Mrccb?). Frr, v trg Jvyybj unf gurfr synjf, ohg gurl'er abg rira oebhtug hc naq gur jubyr fgbelyvar vf n zrff. (Nabgure crrir vf ab bar vf obgurerq nobhg Enpx… ur znl or n zntvpny qeht qrnyre, ohg ur'f fgvyy uhzna naq ur'f qbar sne yrff rivy guna Jneera!). Nu, V'yy gel naq fnir zl frnfba fvk enagf sbe nabgure qnl!

            • Nattlinnen says:

              Ertneqvat jvyybj va frnfba 6, gur zbfg fpernzvat zvfgnxr nppbeqvat gb zr vf gur hfr bs Nzl nf n "onq tvey" jub yher Jvyybj vagb rivy. Jvyybj pbhyq unaqyr gung nybar.

    • L_Storm says:

      V'z tbvat gb oevrsyl qrsraq gur nqqvpgvba yvar bs frnfba fvk… Naq vg vfa'g orpnhfr V guvax vg'f tbbq. Ohg ubarfgyl, V'z abg fher ubj ryfr gurl pbhyq unir uvtuyvtugrq ure fgehttyr naq gura tbg ure gb FGBC HFVAT ZNTVP. Jung znxrf gur yngre cneg fb gentvp, gung greevoyr zbzrag jura jr frr ure ghea gb zntvp gb gel gb oevat Gnen onpx, vf gung fur gheaf onpx gb gur irel guvat fur unq svanyyl dhvg fb fhpprffshyyl.

      Fb onfvpnyyl, V qba'g guvax gung jvgubhg gur nqqvpgvba qvfnfgre (naq lrf, V nterr gung vg vf n qvfnfgre) gung gurl pbhyq unir fbyq Jvyybj tvivat hc zntvp, naq ubj qnza uneq gung jnf sbe ure gb qb.

    • notemily says:

      naq vg’f obgu gur ernfba jul V ybir Jvyybj nf n ivyynva naq jul V ungr gur jubyr zntvpny nqqvpgvba cybg, fvapr gurl nyernql unq Jvyybj’f gentvp synj pbzcyrgryl rfgnoyvfurq sebz frnfba 3 bajneq, naq vg jnfa’g nqqvpgvba


  76. Flowerry Pott says:

    Oh, Mark. As painful as it was to witness your suffering through "The Books That Will Not Be Named" (for which I'm still sending you HUGS ON THE ASTRAL PLANE), it's infinitely more painful to see how you suffer from something that you love. I'm sending you TWICE AS MANY HUGS ON THE ASTRAL PLANE FROM NOW ON.

  77. @Ivana2804 says:

    A few thoughts about about Spike in this episode:

    – "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."

    One of the most memorable and most quoted lines in the show. But also, in a way, most quoted in the wrong context. Every time I see it mentioned, it's to bring up how Spike is "love's bitch". That's not the important part, the important part is "man enough to admit it". In that scene, he's lecturing Buffy and Angel on trying to deny that they're in love. The episode revolves around love and people doing stupid, bad and wrong things out of love. The whole point of this episode is that they're all love's bitches, but most of them don't want to admit it. Spike is different because he welcomes those emotions and is proud of them and is ready to do all sorts of things for love instead to try to fight against it.

    This line reminds me of another one from a few episodes ago – from "Beauty and the Beasts":

    Platt: Lots of people lose themselves in love. It’s no shame. They write songs about it. The hitch is: you can’t stay lost. Sooner or later, you have to get back to yourself.
    Buffy: But if you can’t?
    Platt: Love becomes your master, and you’re just its dog.

    Naq Ohssl orpbzrf n crefba jub'f xrrcvat ure srryvatf zhpu pybfre gb gur purfg naq gelvat arire gb yrg urefrys or ybir'f qbt ntnva. Va "Fbzrguvat Oyhr" fur qvntabfrf urefrys nf fbzrbar jub pna'g uryc ohg srry gung erny ybir naq cnffvba pbzrf jvgu cnva naq svtugvat, naq gura fur gevrf gb trg njnl sebz gung jvgu Evyrl, jub fur qbrfa'g frrz gb srry n ybg bs cnffvba sbe, ohg guvaxf vf "fbyvq" naq fbzrbar jub "jbhyqa'g uheg zr" (juvpu fbhaqf irel fvzvyne gb jung fur fnvq nobhg Fpbgg Ubcr). Fur vqrnyvmrf gurve eryngvbafuvc nf n tbbq eryngvbafuvc onfrq ba gehfg ("Vg'f arj. Lbh xabj jung znxrf vg arj? V *gehfg* uvz. V xabj uvz." nf ur gryyf Natry). Rkprcg gung vg'f abg arneyl nf cresrpg fvapr n) Evyrl qbrfa'g gehfg ure rabhtu, nf frra irel fbba va Gur Lbxb Snpgbe jura ur guvaxf fur purngrq ba uvz jvgu Natry, o) Evyrl jnagf ure gb srry svrel birejuryzvat cnffvba sbe uvz naq vfa'g fngvfsvrq jvgu orvat gur fbyvq oblsevraq, fb ur p) orgenlf ure gehfg juvyr gelvat gb svaq uvf bja 'qnex fvqr'.

    Gura va frnfba 6 fur naq Fcvxr ner ybpxrq va n "cnva naq svtugvat" glcr bs eryngvbafuvc jurer gur cnffvba vf gurve znfgre naq gurl ner obgu vgf fynirf ('qbtf') naq arvgure bs gurz vf unccl. Ohg Fcvxr vf guebjvat uvzfrys vagb vg, whfg nf ur nyjnlf qvq, npprcgvat gur ebyr bs ybir'f ovgpu, juvyr Ohssl gevrf gb svtug vg naq qral vg naq vafvfgf gung guvf vf abg erny ybir.

    – Spike's speech to Buffy and Angel: the show seemed to be using him as a "truth-teller", but people are far too ready to take his OPINION as gospel truth. Yes, he's right that they're not friends, they're still very much in love, and being friends with your ex you're still in love with doesn't work. But that they will be in love "until it kills you"? Come on. Presuming that two people will ALWAYS be in love is a bit too much.

    Ur nyfb gnyxf nobhg uvf naq Qehfvyyn'f rgreany ybir, naq jr xabj ubj gung ghearq bhg.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      – More of Spike's ideas about love:

      "She just left. She didn't even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire. I mean, is that too much to ask? You know? Some little sign that she cared?"

      "Lbh nyjnlf uheg gur bar lbh ybir, crg."

      "I'm gonna do what I should've done in the first place: I'll find her, wherever she is, tie her up, torture her until she likes me again."

      Presumably, without her consent – since they're not in a relationship now, and I'm sure that tying up and torturing as a part of consensual sex was a regular part of their relationship (see Drusilla's comment about branding iron in What's My Line 2, for instance), but I suppose Spike thinks he went too 'soft' since he's doing it only when she wants to. But soulless vampires probably don't have the same ideas about consent that we do, so it might work on Drusilla. Cebonoyl qvq jbex, fvapr gurl frrzrq gb trg onpx gbtrgure orsber fur yrsg uvz sbe nabgure vpxl qrzba. (After all, Spike got her back in Becoming II by teaming up with Buffy against her and Angelus, pounding on his rival with a metal bar, knocking Drusilla unconscious and dragging her to his car.)

      Gung cyna vfa'g gung sne sebz gelvat gb trg Ohssl gb jnag uvz ntnva ol encvat ure gb znxr ure 'srry vg' ntnva.

      Vagrerfgvat ubj Fcvxr'f irel zrffrq hc ivrjf bs ybir ner cbegenlrq nf shaal naq nzhfvat va frnfba 3 jura vg'f nyy nobhg uvz naq Qeh, fhccbegvat punenpgre naq jnpxl inzcverf, naq gura gubfr fnzr ivrjf frrz qrrcyl qvfgheovat nf jr jngpu uvf eryngvbafuvc jvgu Ohssl va frnfba 6.

      – "Love isn't brains, children, it's blood…blood screaming inside you to work its will."

      Pynffvp fbhyyrff!Fcvxr qrsvavgvba bs ybir. Znxrf zr guvax bs n shgher rkpunatr:

      Ohssl: V'z abg fnlvat V qba'g unir srryvatf sbe lbh. V qb. Ohg vg'f abg ybir.V pbhyq arire gehfg lbh rabhtu sbe vg gb orpbzr gung.
      Fcvxr: Gehfg vf sbe byq zneevrqf, Ohssl. Terng ybir vf jvyq naq cnffvbangr naq qnatrebhf. Vg oheaf naq pbafhzrf.
      Ohssl: Hagvy gurer'f abguvat yrsg. Gung xvaq bs ybir qbrfa'g ynfg.

      Vapvqragnyyl, Ohssl'f vqrnf nobhg ybir punatrq n ybg fvapr frnfba 2, jura fur gbyq Natry: "V ybir lbh. V qba'g xabj vs V gehfg lbh". Fur gbyq uvz "V qba'g gehfg lbh" va Jura Fur Jnf Onq naq vzcyvrq va va Fnapghnel (naq va frnfba 8 fur gryyf uvz ntnva fur qbrfa'g gehfg uvz). Fb jung qbrf ure pbzzrag gung "gung xvaq bs ybir [oheavat cnffvba jvgubhg gehfg] qbrfa'g ynfg" fnl nobhg ure eryngvbafuvc jvgu Natry?

    • Rebcake says:

      Great points, both about the importance of being honest about your emotions, lest they rule you, and about Spike getting his bias all over his brutal honesty. I won't comment on the rot13 stuff, except to say "yup".

  78. Ginsue says:

    I am really trying to process three episodes in a row. The last two episodes, though, were put to shame with this one. "Band Candy" gave us a bit of wackiness with a returning character, Ethan. He just has to turn the whole town upside down. Then "Revelations" gave us some uncomfortable… revelations. Nothing is right, and at the end, the conflict is not fully resolved. Then this one gives us both. Spike! Spike returns in all his mayhem-causing wackiness, and the revelations are even more uncomfortable! Guess which episode I liked the best!

    Okay, episode may have destroyed a few hearts along the way, but it was fun once in a while.

    In the middle of all this love-miscommunication, it is the villain who actually seeks relationship advice. Ever since last season, I just wanted him and Joyce to have more awkward scenes together, and I never thought I would get that realistically. It is perfect! The villain of the series is looking for some advice from his unknowing hostage! I have a certain weakness for villains experiencing normal problems and doing normal things. XD I always have. I remember watching Powerpuff Girls and the endless amusement I got watching Mojo Jojo go grocery shopping or seeing a therapist (Didn't he do that once?) It's a beautiful thing.

    I wish the episode just was about Spike and Joyce talking out his issues *sigh*, but no. It was also heartbreak, Cordy-pain, awkwardness, and me yelling at characters who I relate too much with.

    I am actually proud of Spike's assessment of love (other than the 'love's bitch part', but he is the villain). Throughout Buffy's relationship with Angel, I felt as if her feelings were pushed aside as weak and inferior to logic. I actually understand the fear of Angel losing his soul. However, emotions serve as a motivator. I do not think that Buffy's feelings for Angel or Xander and Willow's feelings for each other were in the wrong. However, love is not just for lovers. Buffy has a loving obligation to her friends. Willow and Xander have a loving obligation to Oz and Cordelia respectably. It seemed as if they blamed their lust for each other, which is a weird thing for them to feel guilty for, when they should have felt more compassion for others. The wrong thing was not considering others involved, not the feelings themselves. I do not know if I am making sense. This is that one episode where Willow was completely in the wrong with Xander, trying to enforce that anti-lust potion, blaming the feelings instead of their actions that hurt others. &gt;.&lt; Actually, if I am on anyone's side, it is Cordelia and Oz's, especially Cordelia. Jeez, I can just feel her character's development. She was still being dramatic about Xander's disappearance, but she did not actually make the drama about herself!! So much positive change for her character, and this is what she gets… a hole in the stomach.

    • arctic_hare says:

      "I have a certain weakness for villains experiencing normal problems and doing normal things. XD I always have."

      ME TOO.

  79. pica_scribit says:

    I grew up in the US, and I never understood GPA. But then, I was home schooled part time, did correspondence courses, and took classes at the local community college, besides going to the high school, so my GPA was irrevocably fucked up. I don't even remember what it was. But I had a good SAT score, and a good university wanted me, so yay.

  80. Caitlin says:

    I seem to be in the minority around here in that Willow and Xander's cheating didn't really bother me until the heartbreak itself? I don't know. I think they're adorable. I love them together just as much as I love them with Oz and Cordelia. Obviously I'm totally against cheating, but I wasn't shouting at the screen the way a lot of people were (until, as I said, Cordelia and Oz discovered them; ugh noooooooo). Sometimes I'm an easy shipper.

    • Pam says:

      You may be in the minority, but you’re not alone. I shipped them hard early on, and I liked that we got to see them into each other at the same time for a bit (even if it was a horrible situation).

  81. _Bailey_ says:

    This is my favourite episode of Buffy ever. I never get tired of watching it. NEVER.

    I love the Buffy/Spike interaction.

    I love the Spike/Angel interaction.

    I love the Spike/Willow interaction.

    I completely and will forever fucking ADORE the Spike/Joyce interaction.

    I'm not too keen on the Buffy/Angel interaction, but after such an awesome episode, I don't particularly care that I don't like it. Plus GOOD FOR YOU BUFFY for realizing that you and Angel are just fooling yourselves. And GOOD FOR YOU for listening to Spike, because he made some awesome points and I am glad that you are not just rejecting them out of hand simply because he is a vampire and you don't like him.

    I think we've all noticed that my theme here is SPIKE. ILU please be my pet vampire.

    And though my heart breaks for Oz and Cordy, that too pales in comparison to my complete and utter love for this episode. (Plus I think Cordy is well rid of Xander and I believe she will realize that once she stops hurting so much.)

    Lastly, because I'm too in love with this episode to think straight, I must end on Spike's "You're not friends" speech, because it is one of the best things I have ever heard.


  82. Hanna_the_Glam says:

    It's all been said too well at this point, so the only thing I can add is NO FAITH. πŸ™ I understand she's not a part of any of these plot lines, but still. I miss her!

  83. kelseyofcake says:

    -Aaaww, come on Willow your SAT scores are better than mine were.
    -Wait how did Buffy do better than Willow? I'm not saying she isn't smart, but Willow has been consistently portrayed as being brainier. Although, it is standardized testing.
    -I feel bad for whoever has to keep putting that sign up. Hey Spike!
    -I…feel sad for Spike? He's all drunk and seems so upset.
    -Writers, I see you putting these locker scenes here to make us even more irritated with Willow and Xander and even more sad at the end! I SEE YOU!
    -Oh yay, Giles actually got invited to the retreat!
    -”You're turned on by rented shoes?” “That's not the issue”
    -Spike, what on earth are you doing? How does Angel not hear him?
    -Hmm, a de-lusting spell? Seems like a really indirect and immature way to deal with the problem, Willow. ESPECIALLY since you were going to do it without asking Xander! This is not okay. Maybe if the spell was only to make your feelings about Xander go away, that would be one thing, although still immature.
    -Thanks show. I don't feel so bad about Spike anymore.
    -She's comforting her kidnapper. And Spike is ranting and having tea with Joyce. This is kind of hilarious?
    -Poor Joyce really needs someone to give her an update on the situation here. Especially since she's in the know now.
    -And now we arrive at another one of the frequently quoted moments in this series: Spike's 'love's bitch” speech.
    -NO guys! You're forgetting about your friends. Of course Buffy will find Spike and save you guys! You are not going to die, so please don't do anythi-
    -Look show I find it difficult to laugh at Spike here when Cordelia is impaled and is heartbroken over Xander kissing Willow. YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY MY ABILITY TO FEEL POSITIVE EMOTIONS.
    -ACK! I know I've seen this and know Cordelia didn't die, but that last shot in the scene with the funeral in the background is just evil trickery! Joss, you really do live off the tears of your fans. I can almost hear him laughing maniacally as he senses thousands (millions?) of fans crying out in agony for that two seconds.
    And the psyche out was unnecessary because I'm still upset over how heartbroken she is. And now she's crying. I don't want Cordelia to cry, I want her to be happy and not injured or heartbroken! V'z nyfb orvat erzvaqrq gung guvf vf ubj fur qvrf: va n ubfcvgny orq. Naq whfg guvaxvat bs gur snpg gung fur qbrf hygvzngryl qvr va gur frevrf vf whfg fb cnvashy sbe zr. V fgvyy senagvpnyyl fpebyy nf snfg nf V pna jura fbzrbar ba ghzoye cbfgf n tvs be fperrapnc sebz "lbh'er jrypbzr", ohg jr'yy gnyx zber nobhg guvf jura jr trg gurer.
    -”Tell me that you don't love me” nice way of making a callback to “I only have eyes for you”
    -No, please go away, sad music. I feel plenty painful without you.
    -So Spike gets to feel happy while all these characters I love feel like crap. πŸ™

    The worst part of this for me is the fact that I lack the ability to hate or yell "fuck you" at Xander and Willow for what they did, and what they caused, because Joss did too good a job of making me love his characters. I do shout abuse at Xander often over certain things but I can't even really hate him. Somehow, in less than three seasons Joss Whedon has made me love these characters like they're real people that I know and love. It's almost like they're family to me because I just care about them so damn much, so instead of being able to step back and say "Look what you did! You've been acting awful and gross and now look what happened, I don't like you anymore", it ends up being more like a parent agonizing over the horrible decisions their children are making. "I can't believe you did this! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME? I thought you were better than this, you are in the biggest trouble anyone can ever be in!"
    And that just makes stuff like this hurt even more. πŸ™ Damn your skill for writing characters and making me feel for them, Joss!

    Does anyone have that comic enigmaticscully made where she's yelling at Joss through her computer? I think it applies here.

  84. Delta1212 says:

    Ok, so I'm not new to this show. I've seen every season of Buffy and the first season or two of Angel.

    I still spent a minute blankly staring at my screen going "What?! Cordelia died? That didn't happen! What?!" I was trying to figure out if there was a sub-plot I'd forgotten about where they bring her back to life.

    That sounds bad, but it's made worse by the fact literally the one scene I remembered from this episode was Cordy and Oz finding Willow and Xander and Cordy getting impaled. *facepalms*

    On the plus side, I realized this time around that I got the exact same verbal score as Willow, and that gives me a fuzzy, warm feeling.

  85. Plactus says:

    So before I watched this epsiode… Tuesday or Wednesday, one of those days I wasn't sleeping… I thought I'd seen it before. About halfway through I realized I hadn't, and couldn't figure out how I managed to not. I was still familiar with it because of transcripts and scripts, but I'd never seen it. Makes me rethink whether I've seen half the remaining season 3 episodes I think I've seen. I mean, I think so, but I was wrong about this one…

    I tried keeping my bullet point thoughts list on this episode, but after Spike kidnapped Willow and Xander, the show had my full attention and I couldn't make myself alt-tab out, so the short list I compiled didn't get saved and was pretty useless anyway.

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever, mostly because of Spike. I've always thought of it as a fun episode, despite all the heartbreak in the end, and seeing it live bore that out. (Gur fubg bs Fcvxr wnzzvat gb Fvq Ivpvbhf (be Tnel Byqzna, nf gur pnfr znl or) nyjnlf znqr zr ynhtu va gur frnfba sbhe perqvgf; frrvat vg va pbagrkg urer whfg znxrf vg orggre.) And cemented its place among my favorite episodes.

    Nf fbba nf Knaqre fnvq ur jvfurq ur naq Jvyybj pbhyq whfg znxr gurve srryvatf fgbc, V fnvq, "yngre-frnfba Jvyybj jbhyq qb n fcryy…" naq gura fur gevrq gb naq V jnf, "UBJ QVQ V SBETRG GUVF."

    Re: Fakeout funeral: I laughed when I first read the transcript because I knew that Cordelia survived. It wasn't so funny seeing it live because the joke was ruined and the mood wasn't particularly conducive to laughter.

    As for the broken hearts… well, Willow and Xander had it coming. And at least the worst is over now.

  86. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    I'm dealing with all the rot13 being sent to spam right now.

    It looks like my fiddling last night helped speed up the site a bit! yay!

    • SecretGirl127 says:

      Heavy rot13 days only make me more excited for what may be in the future episodes. Then I realize most of the english comments are about how Josh likes to torture his loyal viewers and I become paranoid that all those rot13 comments are about how destroyed I will be in the future. Probably for the best that I'm not seeing all of the taunting jibber jabber.

  87. GamgeeFest says:

    That scene with Spike and Joyce is about the only good thing to come out of this episode. The rest is just heartbreak.

  88. Anton says:

    ah and i thought i'd burst laughing at your BAND CANDY review. it pales in comparison to this … forget breaking hearts … my tears are from laughter.

    just so we're clear i'm laughing with you … because you get it. you get why buffy holds a special place in so many hearts.

  89. spikesjojo says:

    You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood…blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.

    Okay – there are some who have this theory that this comment is not directed to Angel and Buffy, but really spoken about Angel and Spike. Spike lost Dru, and came back to Sunnydale to get back together with his soulless sire. But Angel is all souled up and with Buffy. "You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. " sounds a lot more like Spike and Angel than Spike and Buffy.

    Love the Joyce scene, always. I also really love the small scene where Angel (who staked his own sire for Buffy) moves between Buffy and Spike when she just makes a mild threat. Hey, unrepentant Spike/Angel shipper here.!

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      Buffy's threat wasn't very serious, and considering gur graqrapl gb pbasyngr frk naq ivbyrapr gung obgu Fynlref naq inzcverf fubj, maybe Angel felt threatened in other ways. πŸ˜‰ (Feel free to interpret that in the way you'd prefer to rather than in the way I meant it. It works for both our ships.)

  90. mutatio42 says:

    Qvq Pbeqryvn'f 'V sryy' erzvaq nalbar ryfr bs Gnen'f 'lbhe fuveg'? πŸ™ Grnef sberire

  91. Austin says:


    I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am that you are blogging Buffy. I followed you through HP and loved every step of the way. Then I found out yesterday that you had been blogging Buffy. Buffy is my all time favorite show, and you are my all time favorite blogger. Right now I'm taking my roommate through Buffy. We're doing the no spoilers rule, and she's loving it. We started in August, and we're now mid-Season 7. You're almost halfway through a fantastic journey, and I'm so excited to watch all of your reactions. It's like watching Buffy for the first time all over again. πŸ™‚

    I love that you love Cordelia and Joyce. They are my personal favorites. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the fantastic work! You are awesome.


  92. Remy says:

    Even if your heart DIDN'T count, you miscounted the number of vampire deaths by at least one

  93. Deborah Weatherhogg says:

    I have read a few of your reports – and loving hearing your comments. Keep it up.

    Just have to say though, I had never noticed the missing apostrophe on the title – and how appropriate it is. Thank you

  94. @farwell3d says:

    Favorite episode of season 3 (rkprcg znlor Gur Cebz) mostly due to SSSSSSPPPPPIIIIKKKKKEEEE!!!!!111oneelven

    Best character in the history of fiction. period. End of story.

    Oh, and my god the scene with Spike and Joyce. Just like the end of season 2, it's just purely magical to see them together.

    And, my favorite speech in the entire fucking series:

    "You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood…blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."

    • ZeynepD says:

      Indeed. From the mouths of Spikes.

      I just did my rewatch a few minutes ago, and even Buffy comments on it—"I can fool [everybody], but I can't fool myself… and Spike, for some reason."

  95. Patrick721 says:

    Well, I figure this is the best place to post this video I just found after a buffy clips binge on youtube
    [youtube 09yc01WwGnY&feature=related youtube]
    James Marsters' voice makes me question my sexuality a bit.

    • ZeynepD says:

      Under that lighting… am I the only person who can suddenly see him perfect for casting Yhpvsre, va gur _Fnaqzna_ vapneangvba?

      And Patrick721, if this is your first viewing of the series, don’t decipher: Gurer’f n zbzrag, V sbetrg juvpu frnfba, jurer gur ivrjre vf fhqqrayl pbasebagrq jvgu Nagbal Fgrjneq Urnq fvatvat “Oruvaq Oyhr Rlrf.” Jura lbh pbzr npebff gung jvgubhg jneavat… grzcrengher’f evfva’, vf nyy V’z tbvat gb fnl.

      Naq gura bs pbhefr gurer’f jura jr trg gb urne zhpu zber bs Znefgref’ ibvpr, gbb, naq V pna’g jnvg sbe Znex gb trg gurer.

  96. Joss has said "I don't give viewers what they want, I give them what they need."

    Honestly, seeing the rerun of this on FX, I don't think I've ever hated a fictional character more than I did Spike at the end of it. Evne though I know he didn't cause anything that wasn't going to happen anyway eventually, and even with two years plus additional viewing in my perspective, I still felt like that.

    The Mayor's reaction to Spike's return, absolutely in character. Harry Groener is a superb talent, rmeinds me of Ross Martin in some ways. And I'm glad the Mayor, unlike most show-biz villains who represent traditonal systems, is a likeable, even sympathetic character rather than total yeeesh like JR Ewing or the various Generals on M*A*S*H.

  97. In Xander and Willow's basically non-existent-because there-is-no-real-defense-for-it defense, they didn't try to keep lying and cover it up with "We thought we were going to die of thirst and we were so upset it just happened." No, they admnitted that this wasn't the first time, that they'd been flagrantly fluking for weeks. Now, see in what ways, simialr and/or different, they move on from here.

  98. notemily says:

    Lovers Walk. I'm late commenting to this because I was wiped the fuck out after work yesterday, but this is such a great episode so I wanted to wait until I had enough energy to write a properly meaningful comment. Or at least a wordy one.

    – Xander and Willow STOP HANGING OUT
    – I love how Cordelia says she has some experience in hiding her intelligence. So many girls do, and it's so sad.
    – Buffy did kick ass! Back in the day before you could get a 2400. The scores are so confusing now and I don't know what any of them mean
    – I can just imagine the people whose job it is to put the Sunnydale sign back up. "AGAIN?!"
    – Poor Spike. Wait, am I feeling bad for Spike? Hee, I love this show.
    – I feel awful for Cordelia here. She actually LOVES Xander and the relationship is progressing really well AS FAR AS SHE KNOWS.
    – It's a pez witch!
    – It's true, the frat parties and the demons on this show tend to be in the same place.
    – Now I'm imagining Faith with a Miss Sunnydale banner on.
    – LOL at Spike almost burning to death when the sun comes up. DRUNK SPIKE IS HILARIOUS
    – [bzt gur oryy ba gur zntvp fubc qbbe]
    – "I would sell my soul for a decent short game! Of course… it's a little late for that."
    – The Mayor is so awesome. "I'm just funnin'." The little whistle when the Deputy Mayor sits on the desk. MIXED METAPHOR. "Boats did have cannons. And a loose one would cause it to rock!"
    – Ah, the eternal dilemma: high-school boyfriend or college? Always go with college, Buffy.
    – [Nu, Jvyybj, nggrzcgvat gb fbyir crefbany ceboyrzf jvgu zntvp fvapr 1998.]
    – SPIKE STOP THREATENING WILLOW. I love how Spike is simultaneously terrifying AND pathetic. "I will threaten to stab you with a broken bottle! And then I will cry about my love life."
    – "I was thinking of her the whole time!" MY SPIKE/BUFFY SHIPPY FEELINGS ARE AWAKENING YOU GUYS.
    – "Yeah, I've got an un-life, you know!"
    – Hee hee hee Spike making faces behind Joyce I LOVE THIS EPISODE
    – Oz has werewolf smelling powers!
    – I know everyone loves the "you'll never be friends" speech, and you know, sometimes it's true. But sometimes the best relationships come from friendships. Not that I'm saying Buffy should date Xander–DEAR GOD NO–but being friends is not a BAD thing and it certainly doesn't preclude a relationship.
    – I do love Angel's "that's right" when Spike says "you're just friends" though. Angel is just so… such a GOOD guy.
    – And the sad guitar of infidelity plays one last time. Sigh.
    – Vampires, fight, etc. Seriously, I tune out during this bit.
    – Fight IN the magic shop!
    – "Does baby like his supper?"
    – Holy water fight!
    – I love Spike's solution to his love problems. "…torture her until she likes me again!" Coming from anyone but Spike, it wouldn't be the same.
    – "I didn't know what I wanted. I wanted everything." This is so true. I've said before that I've had experiences like Willow and Xander in these past few eps, and that's how a lot of it goes: you want everything, and you're hiding from the fact that you can't HAVE everything, until you can't hide anymore.
    – "We're not friends. We never were." Maybe that's the problem, Buffy.
    – "Or Spike for some reason." MAH SHIPPY FEELS
    – "Tell me that you don't love me." Drama, drama, drama. *eyeroll*
    – The thing is, they can STILL BE IN LOVE and NOT HAVE SEX and yet STILL SPEND TIME TOGETHER. Jesus Christ. It's called Not Acting On Every Desire You Have. Willow and Xander could have used a few lessons in it, too.
    – Cordeliaaaaaaa
    – I wouldn't want to speak to Xander ever again if I were her, either. Go the fuck away, Xander.
    – Everyone is sad now. Downer ending. Except for Spike!

    • trina says:

      "I would sell my soul for a decent short game! Of course… it's a little late for that."
      I love how assistant guy looks a little worried about his own soul for a moment.

      "Or Spike for some reason." MAH SHIPPY FEELS

      The thing is, they can STILL BE IN LOVE and NOT HAVE SEX and yet STILL SPEND TIME TOGETHER.
      I guess that's part of the whole B/A as a teenage relationship thing, but that subtext in their conversation bothers me. I'm like, '…seriously? that's… not really about love is about?" Gurl nyjnlf npg yvxr guvf vf fbzr vzcbffvoyr vzcrqvzrag naq gung arire jbexf sbe zr, orpnhfr V thrff V whfg srry yvxr… vs vg'f ubarfgyl fhccbfrq gb or ovt, zntvpny Gehr Ybir gura na vanovyvgl gb trg vg ba gbtrgure fubhyq abg fgnaq va gur jnl. Gurl pbhyq trg gung cneg ryfrjurer be whfg gnxr pner bs ohfvarff gurzfryirf be… jungrire.

  99. Rina says:


    You still don't understand Sunnydale.
    There are funerals ALL OF THE TIME in that town.
    ALL THE DAMN TIME. You can't take a walk in that town without passing one.
    But yes, I was about to punch someone in the throat when they made it seem like Cordy died.

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