Mark Watches ‘Buffy’: Season Three Predictions

In the third season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, stuff happens and I’m going to try and guess what that “stuff” is. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to predict Buffy.

First things first: Let’s go over my predictions for season two!

  1. Buffy will slay vampires. AWESOME. I AM SO GOOD AT THIS.
  2. Xander will find someone other than Buffy to crush on, and we’ll see him actually get into a relationship. CORDELIA!!!!!
  3. Willow will ask Xander out once. Nope, but she did angrily throw this in his face when she discovered he was seeing Cordelia.
  4. We won’t see Buffy’s father at all. LOL.
  5. Cordelia will join the main group full-time. FUCK YES.
  6. At least one more person will learn about Buffy’s true identity. how about a million. All I care about is Joyce Summers, TBQH.
  7. We will find out where the Anointed One disappeared to. Didn’t he just….go away? I mean, we didn’t see him die or anything, so…perhaps he’ll go the way of the unaddressed plot thread? YES. OMG I AM SO GOOD THIS TIME AROUND. 
  8. Angel and Buffy will start dating because CHRIST THEY REALLY NEED TO ALREADY. YES. and then sad 🙁
  9. The main mythology of season two will have to do with….um…vampires. Yeah, I’ve got nothing. LOL.
  10. Twenty-six people will die on-screen, and I am going to try to keep track of that. (Vampires don’t count; a dead body does.) Well, I didn’t keep track at all, but I’m going to hazard a guess and say that it was WAY more than twenty-six. Did anyone else keep track? I SHOULD STICK TO THIS FOR SEASON THREE.

OKAY, SO. That’s not too bad! That may be the best prediction post I’ve ever done! To be fair, though, all of my predictions were super vague, so I feel like I cheated. This time around, for season three, I’ll try to be more specific. Shall we?


  1. The first episode of season three will be highly Buffy-centric. I’m guessing this because Buffy left Sunnydale and they sort of have to show where she went and what she did. However, now I realize they could just do what they did for season two’s opener and just show us Buffy returning from summer vacation. DAMN IT. Whatever, I’m sticking to it.
  2. Oz will die in season three. I am basing this prediction solely on the fact that I like him, I think he and Willow are cute, and Joss Whedon cannot tolerate joy over the course of one season. He’s been around too long and I imagine Whedon was just itching to pull the trigger at this point.
  3. Cordelia and Xander will break up. My general theme for these predictions will be: “Joy cannot last.” I think this is a healthy choice to have.
  4. Buffy and Joyce will have an extended conversation about her being the Slayer at least once in the season. Extended means it has to last at least five minutes.
  5. Joyce will slay a vampire. Look, I don’t care if that’s an irrational prediction. I simply do not care. I want Joyce to slay vampires, and I want it now.
  6. Giles will meet someone he develops a crush on by the end of season three.
  7. Angel will be retrieved from Hell.
  8. I’m making this separate just so I can at least get one prediction right, but I think Angel will come back via some sort of magic that Willow discovers and executes.
  9. On that note, Willow will continue to pursue doing magic in season three.
  10. We will find out why Principal Snyder is “in” with the Mayor of Sunnydale, and the mayor will play a larger role.
  11. Principal Snyder will die by a creature that’s not a vampire.
  12. We will see one snake in season three.
  13. There’ll be an episode about bees. Doesn’t every sci-fi show have a bee episode?
  14. Spike will come back, but not Drusilla.
  15. 112 people will die onscreen. This includes any staked vampires. REMIND ME TO KEEP TRACK OF THIS AS THE SHOW MOVES ALONG.

All right, those are pretty fun, no? Again, I swear I have to say this every time, but DO NOT TELL ME WHETHER I AM RIGHT OR WRONG ABOUT ANY OF THESE AND DON’T HINT OR WINK OR IMPLY ANYTHING. Just laugh. Or cry. I don’t care, but seriously, every time someone nearly spoils me. HAVE SOME TACT.

I wanted to close out this prediction post with an idea I’ve been mulling over for a while, but unsure how to execute. I’ve always loved a good mixtape, and lately, I’ve been seeing this wonderful collaborative and thematic mixes floating around Tumblr, based on specific episodes of shows or on characters. And I DEARLY LOVE THIS FOREVER. So! From here on out, I’d like to end each prediction post with a ten-song mix that I’ve assembled that contains thematic elements from the previous season of what I’ve just watched.

I grew up on hardcore and metal, and while some of that is represented here, I think this is a decent mix of loud and quiet, fast and somber, and might also give you a glimpse into my taste for music. I’ve also assembled playlists using two specific methods: Spotify (for those who have this wonderful service, that link will open the playlist in your Spotify player on your computer or on a mobile device) and an embedded Grooveshark playlist (for those who don’t have Spotify, but don’t want to pay to listen to this mix.) I’ve also included key lyrics I thought resonated well with this particular season. Enjoy!

Buffy Season Two Mixtape!

1) “Vampires” – Strung Out

Title-wise, this will probably seem like an obvious choice, but lyrically, it’s rather stunning how much this fits with the narrative of Angel, Angelus, and Buffy all at once. Strung Out is a melodic hardcore band I’ve sort of grown up listening to, combining metal, technical guitar and bass lines, and some of the catchiest riffs and melodies on the planet. I’ve been on a binge of them lately and it’s this song that finally made me stop and just accept that I need to do playlists for Mark Watches.

Choice Lyrics:

Some say in the darkest places, love can grow.

This solitary romance, we’ll never know.

Well, it’s this coffin break I’m staging to the road that leads me back to you

Will be the miracle I gave up everything to only be with you

Can’t seem to shake the loneliest curse of all

Eternity with just a memory.

2) “Mess” – Ben Folds Five

Okay, I swear all these songs aren’t super depressing, but this is one of the more bleak songs that (SURPRISE!) I adore with all my heart. Like most people, I came to love Ben Folds while I was in college, which was right around the time that Rockin’ The Suburbs came out. I was going to pick a song from that record until I remembered how appropriate “Mess” is to Buffy’s feelings throughout season two, especially the finale.

Choice Lyrics:

But then things go complicated; my innocence has all but faded

Oh, this mess I have made.

And I don’t believe in God

So I can’t be saved

All alone as I’ve learned to be

In this mess that I’ve made.

3) “3 ½” – A.F.I.

Look, I’m not gonna make a mixtape about a “spooky” show and not include A.F.I, okay? It’s just not gonna happen. The A Fire Inside E.P. is one of my favorite E.P.s in all of existence and this song, which opens it, is also one of my favorite hardcore jams. So good, and a clear sign of the direction A.F.I. was about to take with Black Sails in the Sunset. Super applicable to Buffy, Angel, and a little bit of Oz.

Choice Lyrics:

I pray that you won’t hesitate

As you watch me degenerate

To reach in my wounds and extract all my fear

I’m so sick of myself

(Mother, say you’ll pray for me)

I’m so sick of myself

(I’m premature in my decay)

4) “Ghosts” – Laura Marling

This is one of those singers who shocks you because at age eighteen, she was more talented than you will ever be in your whole life. A haunting voice that fits so well with her brand of pop folk, she’s a standard in my life ever since I discovered her a few years ago. This opening track off of Alas I Cannot Swim can fit nearly every character on this show, as all of them are mourning over ghosts that broke their heart before they met someone else. In my heart, though, it best represents Giles and Jenny Calendar.

Choice Lyrics:

Open up his little heart

Unlocked the lock that kept it dark

And read a written warning

Saying I’m still mourning

Over ghosts that broke my heart before I met you.

Lover, please do not fall to your knees;

it’s not like I believe in everlasting love.

5) “Roadside” – Rise Against

I started listening to Rise Against within months of Revolutions Per Minute being released, so it’s been a fascinating to watch them explode. Like, once I saw them headline a festival in Los Angeles and everyone in the crowd of thousands knew every single word, and it mystifies me that this melodic hardcore band from Chicago is so gigantic. I actually think that the record this song is from, The Sufferer & The Witness, is actually the band’s best, and this particular song is only made better because of Emily Schambra’s (Holy Roman Empire) vocals. I imagine that this is the song in Buffy’s head as she rides the bus out of Sunnydale.

Choice Lyrics:

And I don’t think you see the places inside me that I find you

I don’t know how we separate the lies here from the truth

I don’t know how we woke up one day, somehow thought we knew

Exactly what we’re supposed to do

So leave me at the roadside

And hang me up and out to dry

6) “Alright For Now” – Hot Water Music

I’ll find any reason to stick a Hot Water Music song on a mixtape, I swear. I love this band and their unique blend of punk rock, mid-tempo rock, and some disgustingly-good vocal melodies. This is song is for Giles.

Choice Lyrics:

I was back and forth

From armed to desperate,

Lost to fully aware.

How was your weekend?

You get your time alone?

It used to sound so peaceful,

Now it’s panic-ridden.

How was your weekend?

I’m alright for now,

But I haven’t been.

Got lots of shit behind me.

I’m alright for now.

7) “I Know It’s Over” – The Smiths

I think that for nearly any mood (but especially the dark ones), there is a Smiths song that fits. Or perhaps I’ll just force it to fit. This is Buffy’s theme for “Becoming, Part Two.”

Choice Lyrics:

It’s so easy to laugh, it’s so easy to hate

It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

Over, over, over, over, over

Oh mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head.

8 ) “Scarlet” – Strung Out

Okay, I’m cheating. Two songs by the same band and from the same record. BUT IT’S SUCH A GOOD RECORD. And the general theme of celebrating a personal apocalypse fits so well for the post-Angelus moment of the finale that I couldn’t resist sticking this super catchy song on this mix.

Choice Lyrics:

We drone on; we persist without an end.

We destroy all life around us, we are the beauty from within.

And I’ve been tortured by my place in all of this

But you assure me of my purpose, what we are we’ve always been

So let’s embrace the downfall on this eve of destruction, baby

Hollowed from within, we get nowhere to hide

Damned with no secrets and maybe

The eerie glare of heaven will shine all night.

9) “Circles” – Dag Nasty

This is one of those bands that’s formative for who I am. After discovering Minor Threat in high school and being turned on to straight edge, I started researching all of the bands connected to the DC hardcore scene, so it was a natural progression that I listened to Dag Nasty. They’re actually more connected to the birth of the emo movement than hardcore, at least to me, and this song shows their more melodic, introspective side. For every Willow moment of truth and reason, I dedicate this song to her.

Choice Lyrics:

I never bothered to lift a finger

to make my point

Now I’m spelling it out

and nobody’s listening

It’s hard to take it to heart

It hurts to be apart

10) “Cold War” – Janelle Monáe

Oh, the queen of my heart. I think Janelle Monáe is currently the best pop artist in the world and I will defend that to the death. Buffy is a show about teenagers (and some adults) navigating a complicated moral atmosphere, and this song is a general commentary about doing what’s right, especially as it applies to the Scoobies in season two.

Choice Lyrics:

I’m trying to find my peace

I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me

And it hurts my heart

Lord have mercy, ain’t it plain to see?

This is a cold war

You better know what you’re fighting for

Hope you enjoy this! I wanted to start gradually doing some new stuff now that I have the extra time. See y’all tomorrow!

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282 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Buffy’: Season Three Predictions

  1. enigmaticagentscully says:

    PREDICTION TIME! Oh I am so fabulously unprepared, aren’t I? But first (and I’m SO excited about this, because it’s the first time I’ve gotten to do it and I totally forgot it was coming) let’s see what I got right/wrong last time!

    1.There will be a new main villain, but we won’t find out what/who until a few episodes in. OMG I AM A GENIUS. This happened first with Spike, and then with vamp!Angel. Ok, this one was kind of obvious really, but still!
    2.There will be vampires Yep
    3.There will be more prophecies Um…I don’t really remember. Were there? I’m gonna say no to this one. Boo!
    4.Buffy and Angel will…I don’t want to say ‘start dating’ because that seems a little inappropriate, but start being more obviously couple-y and hanging out more BWAHAHAHA so unprepared.
    5.Xander will finally get over Buffy, but Willow will find someone new in the meantime Yay Willow and Oz! And I think Xander is over Buffy as well, so two for two!
    6.Giles and Miss Calendar will also start dating because they are adorable and I will go down with this ship Oh god why. WHY. Still, this counts as a win, I suppose. It’s just hard to see it that way through my ENDLESS TEARS.
    7.We will find out more about someone’s past Giles, Jenny, Angel…yep, we certainly did!
    8.Actually, I really want some Angel flashbacks YUSSSS but only just in the finale!
    9.And some Giles flashbacks Kinda? I mean we got flashes of stuff…look it counts, ok?
    10.More people will die Yeah, I was playing it safe with this one.
    11.Still no-one in this whole stupid town will notice No, I was wrong! They’re all in on it!
    12. Ok, on the to the real stuff. A main character will die. I mean, this is Whedon, right? Right now I’m leaning towards Cordelia, Xander or maybe Buffy’s mom. I mean, I don’t WANT them to die but…Whedon. OH GOD WHY. Is it bad that I kind of wish one of these people had died instead? I literally didn’t think Jenny was important enough to be killed off at the end of season one, so I didn’t include her in this list. But in the space of half a season, she became my favourite character, and was brutally murdered. Fuck. My. Life.
    13.Conversely, a new main character will be introduced Oz! Also Spike and Dru.
    14.I will almost certainly hate them on principle, but grow to love them anyway Nope, I actually loved all of them right away!
    15.Joss Whedon will fuck with our minds constantly Well I guess I was somewhat prepared
    16.I will probably cry again If by ‘cry’ I meant ‘have a complete emotional breakdown, wander around in numb horror for days and sob helplessly at the sight of anything even slightly related to ‘Passion’ then…yeah.
    17.Stuff will…happen Boy, I was really putting the effort in here wasn’t I?
    18.THIS IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS MAYBE I’LL DO BETTER NEXT TIME THEN. God, past me is annoying. That scumbag hasn’t had to live through the emotional trauma of season two yet. I both hate her and envy her in equal measure.


    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Sooooo, Predictions for season three!

      1)It will be less depressing than season two. Seriously, there’s no way it could be more depressing, short of killing off every single character but Buffy and have her go completely insane…please don’t make that happen?
      2)We’ll see Spike and Dru again, but not until a few episodes in.
      3)There will be a new main villain, with Spike and Dru as more of a ‘wildcard’ type thing.
      4)Angel will be brought back somehow. Look, I’m cheating with this one because I know he has his own spin-off show, but let me have it anyway.
      5)Buffy will have to deal with her mother, but they will eventually reconcile.
      6)Either Xander/Cordy or Willow/Oz will break up. I don’t want them to, but I don’t think they’ll be allowed to just stay happy.
      7)I feel like Willow’s magic stuff is building up to become more important, though I’m not sure how.
      8)Oz being a werewolf will also be brought up again, or at least mentioned
      9)We will find out more on what the heck is going on with Snyder and the other town officials.
      10)OMG maybe SNYDER will be the new main villain! PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.
      11) Yet another new member of the Scooby gang will be introduced.
      12) And…yes, another main character will die. I feel a little safer saying this now because for me the worst has already happened. It’s hard to see how they could top Jenny’s death, but I’m sure they’ll try.
      13) I will continue to annoy everyone by getting really upset any time anyone even obliquely mentions Jenny.
      14) Xander, Willow, Giles and Cordy are probably safe though.
      15)One character will leave the show, but NOT die.
      16) We’ll find out more about the Watchers. Actually this is more of a wish than a prediction. I just really want to know how that system works!
      17) There will be one really funny episode
      18) There will be one really terrifying episode
      19) There will be one episode of which I feel completely differently about to the rest of the fandom, and I will really embarrass myself by the comments I make. (This hasn’t happened yet, but I live in fear of it)

      Special Bonus Prediction That’s Really More Of A (RHETORICAL) Question:
      Will there be a new Slayer? Because Kendra died but…here’s the thing, I’m not quite sure how it works. When Buffy ‘died’, was Kendra called because ‘the Slayer had just been killed’, or because ‘there was no Slayer in the world’? If the former, then there should be a new girl called to replace Kendra at the moment of her death. If the latter, then Buffy was still alive when Kendra died, there was technically no absence of Slayer-i-tude, so no-one new will be called and Buffy will be alone again.
      Just some food for thought.

      So, on with the show!

      • Mez says:

        …ner nyy gur arj ivrjref urer cflpuvp, be fbzrguvat?

      • Kickpuncher says:

        Re: #8, I would find it absolutely hilarious if everybody just forgot Oz was a werewolf in season three.

        Also, I predict that somebody will reference that Angel is a vampire.

        • enigmaticagentscully says:

          Well it seems like they've all forgotten so far. It hasn't been referenced once since the episode we found out!

          • RoseFyre says:

            True, but he's barely appeared since then. After Phases, he was only in Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered – which was right after, so it wouldn't be a full moon anyway – and then not again until both parts of Becoming, when, frankly, there were more important things going on.

            Whether or not it's mentioned, I won't say, but he hasn't appeared enough for me to notice it not being mentioned, if that makes sense.

            • enigmaticagentscully says:

              Fair enough. It's not particularly a complaint of mine, I'm just looking out for it to come up next season.

              • RoseFyre says:

                *nods* I kind of wish Oz had appeared more – I get that they didn't always want Buffy to be the fifth wheel, and he's the non-regular character, but…sometimes I wonder why he wasn't there in, like, Passion. Though at the same time, the focus wasn't on him, and I'm not sure what role he would have played. *shrugs*

      • haguenite says:

        Ahhhhhh, I just love your predictions to bits! I will just take any rot13 stuff to the spoiler blog, because I don't want to spoil the fun!

      • sporkaganza93 says:

        Gurer jvyy or bar ernyyl shaal rcvfbqr

        Bu zl tbq, ONAQ PNAQL. V ybir gung rcvfbqr FB. ZHPU. V pna'g jnvg gb trg gb vg.

      • icy says:

        re: special bonus prediction… Welcome to the endless "how are slayers called" & buffista board discussions of the summer of 1998. It's a very good question. And since it's all mystical, we can't even go look to physics or anything to help reveal its mystical logic. Both scenarios are plausible! It's fun!

      • LadyPeyton says:

        "There will be one episode of which I feel completely differently about to the rest of the fandom, and I will really embarrass myself by the comments I make."

        Honestly, I think Buffy fandom is so diverse that you'd be hard pressed to find something that not even a small segment of fans agreed with you about.

      • Ryan Lohner says:

        "It will be less depressing than season two. Seriously, there’s no way it could be more depressing, short of killing off every single character but Buffy and have her go completely insane…please don’t make that happen? "

        Nah, that's season seven. Just kidding. Or am I?

      • TrampyMcBitca says:

        I must say that i love the prediction threads!

        Naq Znex'f Ryrira naq Gjryir… Ojnu!!

      • echinodermata says:

        Please don't use "insane" on this site.

        • enigmaticagentscully says:

          Oh right…um, quick clarifier: I was using the word not as a slur or hyperbole, but in it's literal sense – I actually fear that Buffy could could her sanity.

          Would you still consider that unacceptable use? If so, is there an alternative term I should use?

          I realise as a mod I should probably know these things for future reference anyway…

          • echinodermata says:

            "Insane" isn't a medical or psychiatric term and has a lot of negative baggage, so please use other words to discuss mental health. Off the top of my head I believe "mentally ill," "neurodivergent/neuroatypical," and "has a mental disability/disorder" are fine when speaking generally about mental health.

    • cait0716 says:

      I'm so glad you loved Oz right away! As an eleven year old Xander/Willow shipper I definitely hated him on sight. I think I'd warmed up to him by the time he became a werewolf, certainly before the end of the season.

    • Katie says:

      Didn't Acathla come with a prophecy of his own? So you could count #3?

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  3. erinmarie says:

    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.

    Fuhg gur shpx hc.

  4. pica_scribit says:

    Pica's 10 Predictions for Mark Watches Buffy, Season 3:

    1) Mark will predict that Buffy will slay vampires.

    2) Mark will predict that Buffy will slay things that aren't vampires.

    3) Mark will predict that Angel will come back somehow, because…spinoff.

    4) Mark will predict that Willow will be awesome and do some more magic.

    5) Mark will predict that Giles will be awesome and badass.

    6) Mark will predict that Cordelia will be awesome and tactless.

    7) Mark will predict that Xander will make douchey, sexist remarks, but also have redeeming moments.

    8) Mark will predict that Joss Whedon will do a little jig while stomping on all our hearts.

    9) Mark's predictions will be mostly wrong, except about really obvious stuff.

    10) Mark will be completely unprepared.

  5. Jenny_M says:

    “Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf va jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr.”

    Bu zl TBQ.

  6. DreamRose311 says:

    The Obvious: Everyone will be unprepared!!

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    Cerqvpgvba Cerqvpgvbaf:
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    – V guvax n ybg bs crbcyr jvyy cerqvpg gur Znlbe orvat gur ovt onq be ng yrnfg n znwbe cynlre, gubhtu Znex'f cerqvpgvba ertneqvat guvf jvyy vapyhqr n
    "Be jr'yy arire urne nobhg gur znlbe ntnva" glcr nqq-ba va cneraf.
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    – V guvax rknpgyl 5 crbcyr jvyy jbaqre vs jr ner tbvat gb frr Gur Svefg ntnva nsgre Nzraqf, juvyr zbfg jvyy or fb jenccrq hc va FZT'f urnegoernxvat njrfbzrarff gung gurl jvyy
    sbetrg gung vg jnfa'g ernyyl qrsrngrq (Gurfr 'ahzore bs crbcyr' cerqvpgvbaf jbhyq tb orggre vs V xarj rknpgyl ubj znal arj-gb-Ohsslf jr unq…)
    – Ravtzngvpfphyyl jvyy or bar bs gur crbcyr jub jvyy abg sbetrg Gur Svefg qhr gb vg'f hfr bs Wraal'f vzntr.
    – N pbhcyr zvtug fhfcrpg gung gur znlbe vf n ehfr naq gur Svefg jvyy or gur ovt onq.
    – Rirelbar jvyy xvaqn ybir gur Znlbe. Vg'f uneq abg gb.
    – V pna'g jnvg gb frr vs nsgre Tenqhngvba Qnl cg 1, ubj znal crbcyr guvax gung Ohssl jvyy whfg fgvyy or noyr gb svaq Snvgu (Vg'f n fznyy gbja!!), be jvyy npghnyyl tb
    "BZT ur'f tbaan qevax Ohssl!"
    – Bbbu nyy gur crbcyr gung ner tbaan guvax sbe unys n frpbaq gung Pbeql vf qrnq va Ybire'f Jnyx!

    Jryy guvf vf cebonoyl cyragl… V ybir frnfba 3 fb zhpu! Pna'g jnvg!

    • @AnFaolain says:

      Bu tbq…Oberq abj…

      V ybir Inzcver Jvyybj fb zhpu naq V ybirq gung cuenfr, ohg V jngpurq gur frnfba 6 svanyr sbe gur svefg gvzr n srj qnlf ntb.

      Abj fnlvat oberq abj gbb bsgra.

      Nyfb, Naln ybir.

    • Fuzzysnowpuffs says:

      Gurfr ner fbzr uhzbebhf cerqvpgvbaf. Gubhtu ubarfgyl jura V svefg jngpurq Ohssl V jnf n ivpgvz gb znal bs gubfr gjvfgf. V gubhtug znlor Pbeql qvrq va "Ybire'f Jnyx" kQ Rkprcg V xarj fur jnf va Natry fb V yvgrenyyl gubhtu "Uzzzzz, znlor fur'f n tubfg va Natry?" Lrnu… V qba'g rira xabj. V nyfb guvax V whfg sbetbg nobhg Gur Svefg nsgre "Nzraqf"… Jura Frnfba 7 ebyyrq nebhaq V jnf yvxr "Jnvg, uhu?" Yby

  7. @AnFaolain says:

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf “va” jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr.
    Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.
    Gurer’yy or na rcvfbqr nobhg orrf. Qbrfa’g rirel fpv-sv fubj unir n orr rcvfbqr?
    Fcvxr jvyy pbzr onpx, ohg abg Qehfvyyn.

    Jul qvq lbh unir gb chg gur orrf va Znex? JUL? GUR ORRRRF!!!!

  8. mzh says:

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf “va” jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr.
    Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.


  9. Scottish Eddie says:

    Ubyl Tbbq Cerqvpgvbaf Ongzna!

  10. darkwater says:

    Qnza uvf cerqvpgvbaf nera'g onq. V ynhturq ng gurfr.

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf “va” jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr.
    Gur Znnnnnnnnnlbe!!!

    Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    Gur Znnnnnnnnnlbe!!!

    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.
    Gur Znnnnnnnnnlbe!!!

    Abguvat nobhg n arj Fynlre? Ubcrshyyl ur'f fhecevfrq. 🙂

  11. hpfish13 says:

    -Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    -Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.

    V'z qlvat jvgu ynhtugre ng gurfr gjb orvat evtug arkg gb rnpu bgure!!!!!

  12. NB2000 says:

    *laughs at you, possibly evilly*

    naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr.

    Bu ur qbrf, yvgrenyyl.

    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.

    Bxnl V whfg syng bhg ybyrq ng guvf.

  13. Maya says:

    Tvyrf jvyy zrrg fbzrbar ur qrirybcf n pehfu ba ol gur raq bs frnfba guerr.



  14. rabbitape says:

    I LOVE the mixtape idea, and I'm launching Spotify right now so I can start listening.

    And, I really hope some of you awesome commenters are similarly inspired to create playlists, because wouldn't that be the most fun ever? For the next-season-prediction-and-end-of-season-mixtape posts to be filled with additional mixes?

    • dazyndara says:

      That is such a great idea! Also given how diverse I'm sure everyone's music tastes will be, this could be an awesome new way to find new bands!

  15. Trey says:

    Fanxrf? Gurer ner ab fanxrf urer… zjnununun 🙂

    Frevbhfyl, fbzr bs gurfr jvyy or fb rrevr jura Znex ybbxf onpx ng gurz.

  16. haguenite says:

    Bu zna, nobhg Bm. Znex vf tbvat gb trg avpr naq pbzsl, jvgu Bm orvat n fgncyr guebhtubhg F3 naq gura whfg jura ur yrnfg rkcrpgf vg, OYNZZB JBEFG IREHPN RIRE NYY LBHE PERLF.

    Nyfb LRF GUR ZNLBE LRF. Ur jvyy trg lbh n avpr tynff bs zvyx jura lbh'er hcfrg, orpnhfr lbh arrq fgebat obarf.


    Anyway, those were the spoilers, and I just wanted to say I'm lovin' the mix. A lovely friend made mixes for all the Doctor Who companions a while back and she put "Cold War" on the Martha Jones mix. It works for Buffy just as well as for Martha. Oh, fandommy music. You rule so very much.

    • Elyssa says:


      Zl RKNPG gubhtugf jura V ernq uvf cerqvpgvba.

      "jryy tbfu!"

  17. @sesinkhorn says:




    Also, Janelle Monáe and Hot Water Music!!!!

  18. Kickpuncher says:

    Cerqvpgvba gjryir – bu zl fgnef.

  19. Inseriousity. says:

    bzt ubj gur uryy qvq ur trg ryrira naq gjryir, vg'f yvxr gur uneel jvyy qvr cerqvpgvba nyy bire ntnva!

  20. iremo says:

    Znex qvq erznexnoyl jryy guvf gvzr! Gung'f ng yrnfg rvtug fcbg-baf bhg bs svsgrra. (Avar? V guvax gurer'f cebonoyl n Ohssl/Wblpr pbairefngvba svir zvahgrf ybat va gurer fbzrjurer…)

    • Rob M says:

      Gur Ohssl/Wblpr urneg-gb-urneg va "Snvgu, Ubcr Naq Gevpx" juvyr Snvgu vf va gur bgure ebbz znxvat sevraqf jvgu Ohssl'f sevrf zhfg or svir zvahgrf ybat…

  21. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Oh, and I'd just like to add my very own song to the Buffy Season two Mix Tape.

    I've always loved the song 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin, but now every time I listen to it I can't help but think of Giles/Jenny. Though of course…when I listen to any song, see any inanimate object or indeed have any concious thought, I can't help but think of Giles/Jenny, so…

    You’re in my arms
    And all the world is calm
    The music playing on for only two
    So close together
    And when I’m with you
    So close to feeling alive

    A life goes by
    Romantic dreams must die
    So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
    So close was waiting, waiting here with you
    And now forever I know
    All that I want is to hold you
    So close

    So close to reaching that famous happy end
    Almost believing this was not pretend
    And now you’re beside me and look how far we’ve come
    So far
    We are so close

    How could I face the faceless days
    If I should lose you now?

    We’re so close
    To reaching that famous happy end
    And almost believing this was not pretend
    Let’s go on dreaming for we know we are
    So close
    So close
    And still so far

    [youtube 8Zgc5-tK3J8 youtube]

    • Maya says:


      • t09yavosaur says:

        I was gonna post the same thing!!! It is the only song from Enchanted that *always* makes it onto my playlists.

  22. t09yavosaur says:

    ~Lets get the easy ones out of the way: Buffy will slay vampires: Of course.
    ~And other things: Lets see: Frat Lizard, One Bounty Hunter, Ted, the Yeerk Mama, Demon Puree (The Judge), the Kindestod, and Acathla.
    ~One of the two episodes I have seen before will be in this season. (I know this one is true because I looked at the episode titles cause I am a cheater sometimes. Sorry): Actually I got 2 out of 3 episodes of Buffy I have seen before, one of which I had forgotten I had seen.
    ~Hopefully we get some Werewolves as they make everything more fun, when they aren’t pining: OZ IS AWESOME AND WEREWOLVES ARE AWESOME.
    ~Less pining this season? I expect to lose this one: The fact that this season was twice as long means I lost this no question.
    ~Willow will get a boyfriend who is not an internet demon: Yay Me!
    ~He will probably be some other kind of supernatural being: Double Yay Me, eventually.
    ~Xander will stop making Mark-ers (Mark-ettes?) fight. Please Xander: Y’all will have to let me know about this one.
    ~Angel will still be Creeper McCreepyson but I will still enjoy looking at him: In fact I enjoyed looking at him more as Angelus than Angel.
    ~He and Buffy will continue their forbidden romance nonsense, with hopefully less nonsense: They continued, but the nonsense level rose traumatically.
    ~Cordelia will be involved more now. But still be shallow: I hope she never changes.
    ~Giles will be nerdy: Always.
    ~Computer Lady will be awesome: *sob*
    ~Uh…Shenanigans: Many
    ~Xander and Willow will learn to fight since it is really about time for that to happen: We never saw them learning but we did see them dusting.
    ~The Annointed One will NOT be the Big Bad but he will help the actual one: Wow, I am gonna say I got this one. He helped Spike an Dru come in by dying, in turn giving Angelus someone to go to to help him execute his evil plans. (Also if Dru and Spike hadn’t reformed the Judge, Angelus might not have shown up so soon.)

    14 out of 15 and One on the fence.

    Season 3 Predictions:
    ~First I think Cordy and Xander will break up. Not because I want them to but because I think it would be thematically effective, and I don’t want it to be Willow and Oz
    ~I’m gonna say that my last “previously-viewed” episode will be this season. I have no clue this time.
    ~Spike will show up so he can be entertaining some more
    ~Oz will do some more werewolfing. Maybe for the good of mankind.
    ~Danny Strong is going to continue his background existence, with a prominent role sometime in the future.
    ~There will be another slayer. She (he?) will take over while Buffy is gone.
    ~Buffy will obviously come back early on because the show is named after her.
    ~Lets say Angel will come back this season too. Angst and all.
    ~Joyce will welcome Buffy back and they will live in harmony for a bit. I can’t actually visualize this happening but it would be nice.
    ~I want to predict something about Willow but predictions have evil powers on this site, so I predict that she will do more magic.
    ~I suppose I predict that the Romani curse will have consequences.
    ~Now I need a Giles prediction. How ’bout Ethan comes back again and causes some shenanigans.
    ~Oooo, and we get to meet more Watchers.
    ~Here is my big one. Snyder is obviously in some conspiracy with the mayor. and it seems they really wanted to get the slayer out of town. I have been deliberating whether this is for good or evil purposes and I am going to go with good, but for selfish reasons. I think they want to perform some type of magic without slayer intervention.
    ~Oh, and Whistler will show up again to be unhelpful some more.

    • sporkaganza93 says:

      ~Xander will stop making Mark-ers (Mark-ettes?) fight. Please Xander: Y'all will have to let me know about this one.

      Ha ha! You must be joking. Not even slightly.

    • NB2000 says:

      Qnaal Fgebat vf tbvat gb pbagvahr uvf onpxtebhaq rkvfgrapr, jvgu n cebzvarag ebyr fbzrgvzr va gur shgher

      Bu Rnefubg.

      Ubj 'obhg Rguna pbzrf onpx ntnva naq pnhfrf fbzr furanavtnaf

      Furanavtnaf vf fhpu na haqrefgngrzrag.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Out of curiosity, which other episode have you seen?

    • Bonnie says:

      I hate series three, but one of your predictions made me slightly nostalgic and more than slightly gleeful.

    • echinodermata says:

      Deleted a small section for "Jngpure'f pbhapvy". Unfa'g orra zragvbarq lrg. I considered rot13ing it, but having rot13 in the middle of all the non-rot13 predictions felt too pointed.

      • t09yavosaur says:

        You deleted part of one of my predictions? Isn't that a spoiler to me?

        • echinodermata says:

          You can read the rot13 in my comment; sorry if that wasn't clear. The part I deleted was a term that has not been used on the show yet but will in the future, so it's presumably something you've already heard and picked up somewhere else and was already a spoiler to you. I'm not confirming or denying your actual prediction, merely removing the use of that particular term. And I double-checked with episode transcripts to make sure it was a spoilery term.

          Assuming you get email notifications via intensedebate, you can compare your original comment (from a reply that was sent before mine) to the slightly modified one still posted to see exactly what I removed. It's not much, and I deleted a portion of the prediction commentary, but not the actual prediction itself.

          • t09yavosaur says:

            I know which one it is but I didn't know that was a real term. I did pick it up somewhere but it was from a post on this site, V guvax sebz nebhaq gur gvzr Xraqen svefg fubjrq hc. V nyfb nffhzrq fvapr Xraqen unq ure bja jngpure gung gurer jrer zber guna bar naq gurl zhfg unir fbzr glcr bs betnavmngvba. Zl cneragurfvf qvq nfx vs vg jnf n erny guvat. I try to be very careful about posting things I know from outside interactions.

            I understand the strict spoiler policy and I really don't mind being spoiled, especially for something so minor but I want to make sure you know that I did not know that fact until you removed it.

            • echinodermata says:

              Ah, sorry then for having to spoil you, but it honestly was necessary because it is a spoiler that Mark shouldn't know. Hopefully the comment you picked it up from has already been dealt with; I know I've had to edit comments a couple of times so far for that particular spoiler, so I do worry how many new-to-Buffy folks read those before they were changed. At least one, apparently. Sorry that happened to you, and if you or anyone else think something might be a spoiler please go ahead and report it.

              And in the future if you think something might be a spoiler but aren't sure (you did wonder if this was a thing on the show, meaning you knew it could be a spoiler), please err on the side of caution.

    • UnstrungZero says:

      I am literally sitting here giggling to myself over and over with each prediction I read.

      Frevbhfyl, V jbhyq arire unir qbar nf jryy nf nyy gurfr arjovrf ner qbvat, V pna'g cerqvpg penc. XD

  23. Fuchsia says:

    Laughing so much at everyone's predictions.

    That is all.

  24. Mez says:

    "Gur svefg rcvfbqr bs frnfba guerr jvyy or uvtuyl Ohssl-pragevp."


    "Bm jvyy qvr va frnfba guerr. V nz onfvat guvf cerqvpgvba fbyryl ba gur snpg gung V yvxr uvz, V guvax ur naq Jvyybj ner phgr, naq Wbff Jurqba pnaabg gbyrengr wbl bire gur pbhefr bs bar frnfba. Ur’f orra nebhaq gbb ybat naq V vzntvar Jurqba jnf whfg vgpuvat gb chyy gur gevttre ng guvf cbvag."

    Lbh'er yrneavat, Znex. Lbh'er *jebat* bs pbhefr, ohg fgvyy yrneavat…

    "Pbeqryvn naq Knaqre jvyy oernx hc. Zl trareny gurzr sbe gurfr cerqvpgvbaf jvyy or: “Wbl pnaabg ynfg.” V guvax guvf vf n urnygul pubvpr gb unir."

    N tbbq zbggb gb unir.

    "Ohssl naq Wblpr jvyy unir na rkgraqrq pbairefngvba nobhg ure orvat gur Fynlre ng yrnfg bapr va gur frnfba. Rkgraqrq zrnaf vg unf gb ynfg ng yrnfg svir zvahgrf."

    V qba'g guvax jr trg bire svir zvahgrf bs n fvatyr pbairefngvba – ohg gura, gurl unir fb znal aba-rkgraqrq pbairefngvbaf gung vg qrsvavgryl nqqf hc…

    "Wblpr jvyy fynl n inzcver. Ybbx, V qba’g pner vs gung’f na veengvbany cerqvpgvba. V fvzcyl qb abg pner. V jnag Wblpr gb fynl inzcverf, naq V jnag vg abj."


    "Tvyrf jvyy zrrg fbzrbar ur qrirybcf n pehfu ba ol gur raq bs frnfba guerr."

    …qbrf Wblpr pbhag?

    "Natry jvyy or ergevrirq sebz Uryy."


    "V’z znxvat guvf frcnengr whfg fb V pna ng yrnfg trg bar cerqvpgvba evtug, ohg V guvax Natry jvyy pbzr onpx ivn fbzr fbeg bs zntvp gung Jvyybj qvfpbiref naq rkrphgrf."

    Ree, ab. Fur'f fgvyy jnl onpx ng sybngvat-crapvy fgntr.

    "Ba gung abgr, Jvyybj jvyy pbagvahr gb chefhr qbvat zntvp va frnfba guerr."


    "Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf “va” jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr."


    "Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver."


    "Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr."


    "Gurer’yy or na rcvfbqr nobhg orrf. Qbrfa’g rirel fpv-sv fubj unir n orr rcvfbqr?"

    V… pna'g guvax bs nal fpv-sv fubj jvgu n orr rcvfbqr. Nz V whfg anvir naq pyhryrff?

    "Fcvxr jvyy pbzr onpx, ohg abg Qehfvyyn."


    "112 crbcyr jvyy qvr bafperra. Guvf vapyhqrf nal fgnxrq inzcverf. ERZVAQ ZR GB XRRC GENPX BS GUVF NF GUR FUBJ ZBIRF NYBAT."

    …abg n pyhr.

    • KatieHal says:

      I KNOW!!! Heehee.

    • Bricker501 says:

      Nppbeqvat gb Ohssl Obql pbhag qbg pn, gbgny qrnguf sbe frnfba 3 vf vaqrrq bar uhaqerq naq gjryir!

      • @hazakaza says:


        (V npghnyyl qba'g pner ohg bzt, vs ur qvq guvf nyy jvgubhg npghnyyl purngvat gura ur arrqf gb gryy zr gbzbeebj'f ybggb ahzoref.)

    • Noybusiness says:

      Jryy, gurer'f abg whfg *bar* fanxr!

    • Elyssa says:

      V… pna'g guvax bs nal fpv-sv fubj jvgu n orr rcvfbqr. Nz V whfg anvir naq pyhryrff?

      Qbpgbe Jub unf gur "Havpbea naq gur jnfc"… n tvnag orr-yvxr zbafgre.

      Naq gurl sbyybjrq nyvra orr genvyf gb svaq gur Qnyrx ernyvgl obzo cynarg ratvar.
      Pna nalbar guvax bs bguref?

      • Noybusiness says:

        Tevzz "Orrnjner", Fb Jrveq "Orrvat Gurer", naq sebz gur Tbbtyr frnepu vg ybbxf yvxr zhygvcyr rcvfbqrf bs K-Svyrf.

  25. brandy says:

    Question for mods about Season 3 spoiler-related behavior:

    Vf vg pbafvqrerq fcbvyrel gb purre jura zl snibevgr punenpgre, Naln, vf vagebqhprq? V pna frr ubj vzcylvat gung fur jvyy nccrne va shgher rcvfbqrf pbhyq or pbafvqrerq fcbvyrel, ohg ure vagebqhpgvba vf pnhfr sbe pryroengvba VZB. 🙂

    • haguenite says:

      Abg n zbq, ohg V guvax V'z tbvat gb tb sbe zbqrengr fdhrrvat, nybat gur yvarf bs "fur'f fhpu na vagrerfgvat punenpgre naq V yvxr ubj fur'f abg qbja jvgu Pbeql'f zrnaarff naq jbhyq or n sha nagntbavfg gb unir nebhaq."

    • Mez says:

      Jura Wbanguna neevirq, jr qvq nyy bhe purrevat va ebg13. Vg jbexrq jryy.

    • notemily says:

      V'z univat gur fnzr ceboyrz jvgu Fpbgg Ubcr. V UNGR uvz. Ohg vs V'z gbb irurzrag va zl ungr vg zvtug vzcyl gung ur qbrf fbzrguvat yngre ba gung'f jbegu ungvat.

      • misterbernie says:

        Bu tbq, jung vf fpbgg ubcr jul vf fpbgg ubcr
        Nf va, V qba'g trg gur checbfr bs uvf punenpgre ng nyy, jnf ur fhccbfrq gb or n erq ureevat sbe fvqroyvaqvat hf jvgu Natry (uvag: qbrf abg jbex vs ur'f va gur perqvgf), be qvq gurl pnfg gung thl bayl gb svaq bhg yngre gung ur qbrfa'g unir nal ba-fperra purzvfgel ng nyy be jnf ur whfg gurer gb ubbx Qbhpursnpr naq Jungfureanzr bs rc 4 orggre vagb gur cybg BE JUNG RKCYNVA, FUBJ, RKCYNNNNNVA!
        Arire zvaq gur "ur gbyq rirelbar lbh'er tnl" ovg yngre.

        Oh look, I have a lot of feels about a minor BtVS element.

        • notemily says:

          it is okay I HAVE THE SAME FEELS

          nyfb vg’f uvynevbhf gung Natry vf FGVYY VA GUR PERQVGF orpnhfr va gur svefg guerr rcvfbqrf bs frnfba guerr gung zrnaf Ohssl unf gb unir n Fvtavsvpnag Natry Qernz va beqre sbe Qnivq Obernanm gb nccrne ba gur fubj

          • misterbernie says:

            The sign of a True Fan is not that they love everything unconditionally, but that they have feels on every. single. damn. thing.

            nunun LRF. Naq V zrna, va Naar, vg'f npghnyyl n tbbq fprar naq n cbvtanag whkgncbfvgvba orgjrra ure qernz naq ure ernyvgl, ohg va gur arkg gjb, vg'f whfg fb tenghvgbhf naq cynva fvyyl.

          • Dru says:

            It's just as well Znex'f xabjyrqtr bs gur gvzryvar vf fb pbzcyrgryl bss – ur qbrfa'g frrz gb unir ernyvfrq gung Natry gur Fubj ortna va gnaqrz jvgu Ohssl Frnfba 4 va 1999, ABG Frnfba 3 va 1998!

  26. @eruvadhril says:

    "Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr."


  27. xpanasonicyouthx says:


    • Kickpuncher says:


    • enigmaticagentscully says:


      Mark, I have no idea how you do this every time. I always look forward to the predictions posts and I totally forgot it's just gonna be ONE GIGANTIC ROT13 PARTAY.


    • Hee, if it makes you feel any better, that one GIGANTIC rot13 post is actually a prediction post about other people's predictions and reactions and not, say, a heartfelt essay on how right and/or wrong you are.

    • haguenite says:

      Look, it's not our fault that you correctly predicted the Joyce stakes a vampire bee with a toothpick plotline, okay?

    • @mairywo says:

      That's what I thought too. And the frustrating thing is that I don't want to read them because I haven't seen all of Buffy. I watched it ages ago until the beginning of season 4 and for different reasons I never got further. This time I'll watch it all because I've always loved it.
      But I just don't want to chance it and read some rot13 that goes beyond what I've seen. It's frustrating and I really don't know how you do it for all your reviews. I wouldn't have the self discipline… I try on the Buffy threads though.

      • haguenite says:

        I think that from now I'm gonna try to preface my rot13 stuff with "spoilers through season X" because I think there are more people in your situation.

        • @mairywo says:

          That would be awesome of course, but I've already been spoiled a little by not thinking about that earlier. I read some rot13 comment that told me that Ohssl naq Fcvxr jvyy or gbtrgure ng fbzr cbvag va fbzr jnl (qba'g xabj gur fcrpvsvpf nf V fgbccrq ernqvat gung vafgnag) and the first sentence on the cover of my dvd package for season 6 says "Ohssl vf qrnq naq ohevrq." Argh! Again I stopped reading and maybe it's not even that big of a spoiler, but it taught me to stay away from rot13 and dvd packages. In the future I will close my eyes when I take them out of the package and put them in the player…

          • haguenite says:

            Oh man, if you have the same DVDs I have (Euro box set), there will be spoilers abounding in the menu as well, especially from S4/5 onwards. I'm currently rewatching S5 and with every menu I keep going AUGH MY EYES POOR UNSPOILED PEOPLE. They're really not at all geared towards people who've never seen the show and want to remain unspoiled.

            • @mairywo says:

              Hmm, I have the German version of all the seasons (I translated that bit in my post before). So far I didn't pay attention to the menus but then, I've already seen everything so far. As I said… I'll just close my eyes and hope I'll click on the right links 😉

            • ZeynepD says:

              The American DVD set I borrowed had nicely detailed episode descriptions in inconvenient locations, like where your eyes would fall right after you removed a disk or opened the box set for the first time. I learned how to operate by touch pretty quickly.

          • DreamRose311 says:

            I'm going to try to start doing this too. I've started seeing comic spoilers and I'm not quite done with Season 8 yet :o/

            • Bill says:

              I wonder how many people on this site who haven't seen the series actually know about season 8 and 9? They couldn't possibly look them up without spoilers, but I hope more people are encouraged to read the comics after they are finished with the show here.

              • haguenite says:

                I read the first part of season 8, but the comics are hardly available and ridiculously expensive where I'm from. After years of distance between me and the end of the TV show, I had also become quite content with the way things were left and I didn't want to give Joss another chance to stop all over my aching heart. So I read S8 and 9 spoilers to my heart's content, because I'll probably never read them anyway.

    • feminerdist says:

      I'm scared too….

    • Just tell yourself it's Klingon rather than Rot13 and that you don't want to attempt to learn Klingon grammar rules to figure it out. I'm not worried about spoiling myself, but I'm just lazy to convert it. So Klingon it is!

  28. ajaxbreaker says:

    Ab frevbhfyl. Ur'f nyernql jngpurq gur fubj evtug? Guvf jubyr jrofvgr vf whfg uvz gebyyvat hf?

  29. stellaaaaakris says:

    I wrote these predictions over the weekend and tweaked as new ideas came to me.

    -Buffy will return at some point in the first episode, but we will find out where she's been.
    -Angel will be back for the…last few episodes of the season, maybe a little build up to what I'm guessing will be a 2 part season ender.
    -Spike will return!!! (Please)
    -Joyce will stake a vampire (MARK, I HAD THE SAME THOUGHT!!!)
    -Sunnydalers will continue to be ridiculously oblivious to all things supernatural
    -BUT three more people will be in the know
    -Xander and Cordelia will still be together but he's going to mess things up, possibly by falling for Willow, by halfway through the season
    -Willow will be on staff and be more ~magical~
    -Principal Jerkface will find out Buffy's the Slayer and will bow down to her
    -We will meet the Mayor
    -One of the monsters of the week will be a bright green color, like Shrek. Hey, maybe there will even be an ogre!
    -Turns out Jonathan is secretly a…warlock. Do they have warlocks in this world? Hmmm…
    -There will be many meetups at the Bronze
    -By the end of the season, Buffy will burn down the Bronze
    -Buffy will get a new love interest
    -We'll see more Oz…but he was a senior. Um, maybe he'll be on staff with Willow! AND HE WILL NOT DIE, MARK, HE WILL NOT.
    -There will be slayage
    -I will be ridiculously tempted to decode everything on this site because there will be countless posts solely in rot13 with lots of upvotes and replies. THIS IS A FACT, NOT A PREDICTION, SINCE I KNOW IT WILL BE TRUE. (ETA: It's happening already. GAHHHHHH I want the knowledge.)

    • pica_scribit says:

      Patience, my child. In a month, you will know All the Things. And then we can all laaaaaaaaaugh together.

      • stellaaaaakris says:

        Haha, okay, I'm going to hold you to that. I expect to be laughing at the end of Season 3. But then I'll be experiencing this again for Season 4, 5, 6, and 7. Plus however many seasons of Angel there are. So much lack of knowledge.

    • Noybusiness says:

      By "staff", do you mean the faculty or the gang?

      • stellaaaaakris says:

        Faculty, of course! Willow is already very much in the Scooby gang and I consider Oz an honorary member.

        And I forgot about Ethan, so thanks! I stand by my prediction then. It's nice to know my prediction can happen in this universe.

    • Noybusiness says:

      "Do they have warlocks in this world?"

      Ethan Rayne?

    • Bonnie says:

      You're making me chortle about one thing!

    • stellaaaaakris says:

      *looks at you suspiciously* You did that on purpose, didn't you??? But I will be strong and resist.

    • misterbernie says:

      -Bar bs gur zbafgref bs gur jrrx jvyy or n oevtug terra pbybe, yvxr Fuerx. Url, znlor gurer jvyy rira or na bter!
      Qbrf Byns pbhag? Vs fb, jr unir na npphengr cerqvpgvba sbe frnfba svir.
      Naq bs pbhefr, nununun W (naq lrnu V'z whfg hfvat gur vavgvny orpnhfr uvf ebg-anzr unf orra, hu, fcernq), AB VQRN naq nyy.

      I feel like a troll now.

  30. Fbzr bs gurfr ner rrevyl npphengr yby!

  31. knut_knut says:

    My predictions!
    – Buffy will return to Sunnydale, but not immediately. I’m not tired of Sunnydale yet, but I think it would be a nice change
    – When Buffy returns, it will be sad?
    – Willow will continue to be cute, and Cordelia will continue to lack tact
    – We’ll see more demons who aren’t evil, but 100% more useful and interesting than the Whistler.
    – There will be…a cat? We had a puppy last season…I’M REALLY BAD AT THIS
    – We’ll find out what that Mayor-Snyder nonsense is
    – UGH, ANGEL WILL PROBABLY COME BACK but I predict he will grow on me. I’m giving him a chance.

    YAY BUFFY MIXTAPE!! I love mixtapes!!! SO EXCITED!

    • misterbernie says:

      RKNPGYL jul ner jr fhqqrayl fheebhaqrq ol cflpuvpf. V jnf arire gung tbbq ng cerqvpgvat fghss unccravat 🙁
      gunaxshyyl zl pngf graq gb vtaber fperra!pngf.

      • Fuchsia says:

        Nyy zl pngf hfrq gb whfg vtaber fperra navznyf, ohg Tvaal jnf irel fvpx bire Puevfgznf naq fur'f orra rkgerzryl whzcl rire fvapr. Vg'f abg whfg gur GI, nal fhqqra abvfr fgnegyrf ure. Ohg gur mbzovr png ernyyl hcfrg ure naq rirel gvzr vg fgnegrq lbjyvat, V unq gb pnyz ure qbja. Ohg bs pbhefr, fur jnfa'g fb hcfrg gung fur jbhyq yrnir gur ebbz!

        Bbcf, whfg nsgre V jebgr guvf, n onol pelvat ba gur GI fpnerq ure fb… lrnu. Abg whfg pngf.

        • misterbernie says:

          Njj, cbbe Tvaal 🙁 V xvaqn jnag gb tvir ure nyy gur uhtf – naq lrnu, V'z gur xvaq bs png crefba jub trgf hcfrg ernqvat nobhg hcfrg pngf.
          Zvar ner trarenyyl gbb ncngurgvp gb trg hcfrg, fb vg'f zbfgyl Arj Lrnef gung sernxf gurz gur shpx bhg, ohg gura gurl'er ohaqyrf bs jbr naq sevtug.

          Bhe gbz, Fnz, unq gb znxr n ahzore bs gevcf gb gur irg ynfg lrne, fb sbe n gvzr ur jbhyq trg hcfrg naq gel gb uvqr cerggl zhpu nal gvzr ur abgvprq V chg ba zl fubrf naq wnpxrg.

          • Fuchsia says:

            Jryy, fur'f svar bgurejvfr, fb sbe gung V'z gunaxshy. Onfvpnyyl, fur unq n ernyyl, ernyyl onq rne vasrpgvba naq vg nccrnef gb unir qbar fbzr cbgragvnyyl creznarag areir qnzntr [vg tbg orggre juvyr fur jnf ba zrqvpvar ohg fur arire tbg onpx gb 100%]. Zbfgyl, ure onynapr jnf nssrpgrq, fur jnf snyyvat nyy bire gur cynpr gb gur cbvag jurer fur jbhyqa'g jnyx zber guna n srj vapurf [naq fvapr jr yvir va n gjb fgbel ubhfr, V jnf pneelvat ure hc naq qbja gur fgnvef sbe srne fur'q whfg ghzoyr qbja gurz], ohg nyfb ure urnevat va ure evtug rne jnf ernyyl onq sbe n juvyr [ohg frrzf gb or onpx gb abezny abj], juvpu vf jul V guvax ybhq abvfrf fgnegyr ure abj orpnhfr fur'f abg hfrq gb urnevat gurz.

            Ohg nfvqr sebz n fyvtug ynfgvat gvygrqarff naq fcbbxvat rnfvyl, fur'f qbvat zhpu orggre abj. Fur jnf fgvyy irel urfvgnag gb zbir nebhaq naq pyvzo hc guvatf sbe n juvyr, nsenvq gung fur jbhyq snyy ntnva, ohg fur'f tnvavat ure frafr bs nqiragher onpx. V'z tynq gung V tbg gur rkcrafvir png gerr gung unf fgnvef gb gur zhygvyriryf, gubhtu. Gurl unq arire orra hfrq va gur guerr lrnef V'ir unq vg ohg abj fur hfrf gurz naq srryf pbasvqrag! [Nygubhtu, n srj avtugf ntb, fur fcbbxrq va gur zvqqyr bs ure fyrrc naq sryy pbzcyrgryl bss gur orq, juvpu erfhygrq va ure nibvqvat gur orq sbe gur erfg bs gur qnl. Ohg fur frrzf gb unir tbggra bire vg ntnva. V whfg arrq gb znxr fher gung fur'f abg fyrrcvat fb pybfr gb gur rqtr ntnva!]

            I'm sure she'll be calmer in the future, it's only been a few weeks and we live in a relatively calm house, aside from a couple of the cats wanting to rough-house with her a few times a week [ahh, the joy of foster kittens!]. She's just still getting used to it.

  32. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    PS: I have obviously seen this week's episodes and I'm keeping track of deaths. PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I MISS ONE.

    • 00guera00 says:

      There is a website that has all the deaths recorded. It's spoilery (obviously) but it gives the death tolls for human, vampire and other for each season.

  33. robin_comments says:

    All I basically have to say is… RISE AGAINST. You are awesome, sir.

  34. tehrevel says:

    Znex vf cerggl ba gur onyy guvf gvzr. V guvax ur vf tbvat gb trg uvf zvaq oybja ol Snvgu, Ubcr naq Gevpx. Fvapr ur qvqa'g thrff nobhg n arj fynlre naq vg vagebqhprf 3 punenpgref. Funzr Ze Gevpx qbrfa'g trg arneyl rabhtu fperragvzr gubhtu, ur'f cebonoyl zl snibhevgr aba znva punenpgre inzcver va Ohssl be Natry.

  35. DreamRose311 says:

    Bm jvyy qvr va frnfba guerr. Bu gunaxf tbbqarff sbe gur Ab gb guvf bar
    Wblpr jvyy fynl n inzcver. Njjjj, abj V'z fnq gung guvf arire unccraf
    Tvyrf jvyy zrrg fbzrbar ur qrirybcf n pehfu ba ol gur raq bs frnfba guerr. Jrfyrl?

  36. plaidpants says:

    So I don't want to post predictions, since I could be unintentionally influenced by stuff I've seen online and accidentally spoil Mark. Also, I may have already watched the next episode…. But still, I'm looking forward to season 3!

  37. LucyGoosey says:


    Nyfb, V ybir gung Znex fgvyy cebonoyl jbag frr Snvgu pbzvat, rira vs gur gjvfg vf n ercrng.

    Fb tynq ur'f jebat nobhg Bm

    ORRF, fb tynq Ohssl arire qvq orrf rvgure.

    112….uneq gb purpx jung jvgu gur haxabja tenqhngvba obql pbhag

  38. 00guera00 says:

    According to Buffy Body Count, there were 27 human deaths in Season two. I'd count that close enough to a win 😛

  39. Karen says:

    It's so hard for me to make comments in these posts because I just want to have emotional reactions to things that would be totally spoilery.

    So I'll just be over here, sitting on my hands so I don't give anything away.

  40. KatieHal says:

    Cerqvpgvbaf Gra guebhtu Gjryir unir zr penpxvat hc!

  41. haguenite says:

    V nz FBIRELZHPU ybbxvat sbejneq gb F3. Lbh unir ab vqrn, yvxr jubn! V xrrc tbvat guebhtu nyy zl snibevgr rcf naq dhbgrf va zl zvaq. Sbe fbzr ernfba, bar bs zl irel snibevgrf vf Zf. Onegba va Onaq Pnaql, jura fur'f gnyxvat gb Jvyybj. "Jvyybj. Gung'f n gerr. Uru, lbh'er n gerr! Ner gurer nal anpubf va urer, yvggyr gerr?"

  42. alliancesjr says:


  43. SnarkyWriter says:

    Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.


  44. aurelia says:

    Ahzore gjb makes my heart hurt. Ahzoref gra guebhtu gjryir fill me with utter delight.

  45. arctic_hare says:


    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">


  46. Meltha says:

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf “va” jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr. / Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver. / Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.

    Hu… bxnl, gung vf whfg cynva sernxl.

  47. guest_age says:

    To paraphrase Oz: Mark, we are SO mocking you with our monkey pants right now.


  48. Jordan says:

    rfcrpvnyyl gb ryrira gjryir naq guvegrra

  49. @sesinkhorn says:

    One of these made me laugh extra-special hard, but of course I'm not telling Mark which one.


  50. Kickpuncher says:

    Season 3 Predictions:

    1. Jonathan is a Cylon sleeper agent.

    2. Giles is the Twelfth Doctor.

    3. Oz kills the moon by punching a fish. Naturally, this cures his lycanthropy.

    4. Willow receives a belated letter to Hogwarts.

    5. Angel, thanks to his nasty habit of talking in movie theaters, meets Captain Malcolm Reynolds while in Acathla’s hell dimension.

    6. N zbafgre bs gur jrrx sebz gur avagu rcvfbqr jvyy or gur terngrfg svpgvbany punenpgre bs nyy gvzr.

  51. hpfish13 says:

    Indeed!! I love prediction day, it always fills me with so much glee!

    • Fuchsia says:

      Prediction day is one of my favourite days. I just want everyone around me to constantly make predictions about my favourite shows that they know nothing about. I don't think I'd ever get depressed again!

  52. mzh says:

    BTW, speaking of music, everybody should check out the score CDs for both Buffy and Angel. The spoiler sensitive should wait until after the end of each show though because of track titles. But anyway, quite a bit of lovely music. There's some good tracks that can be found online (from demos and composer websites) which aren't on those CDs as well.

    There's also been a few song soundtrack CDs for Buffy. The first one is sorta weird because some of the songs weren't even used on the show at all. The second CD has two versions, US and UK. The UK version has a ton more songs than the US one, but is missing several of the US ones. Who knows who the fuck thought that was a good idea.

    • Noybusiness says:

      Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album only has songs from Seasons 1-4, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Score is only spoilery through Season 5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale (of which there are two versions, US and UK, and you need both to have all the songs) and Angel: Live Fast, Die Never are spoilery through to the ends of their respective shows. And there's a special soundtrack for a Season 6 episode.

  53. elisi says:

    7. We will find out where the Anointed One disappeared to. Didn’t he just….go away? I mean, we didn’t see him die or anything, so…perhaps he’ll go the way of the unaddressed plot thread? YES. OMG I AM SO GOOD THIS TIME AROUND.

    Um… Spike killed him. Shoved him in a cage, hoisted him up into the sunlight and poof! No more Annoying One, just an empty cage. Guess they didn't show him burning up/turning to dust, since he was a kid and that might have been a tad upsetting?

    Here it is in screencaps (no spoilers on page):

    (I'm not saying whether he comes back or not – this is Buffy, EVERYTHING is possible – just that this was what happened.)

  54. Bricker501 says:

    I kept track of the deaths. There is some ambiguity as to what counts as 'on screen' (and even some ambiguity as to what counts as human), so I may be off by a few.

    Total count: 25

    School Hard: 4 (3 un-named by Spike and Sheila Martini by Drusilla)
    Inca Mummy Girl: 3(Rodney Munson, bodyguard, and real Ampata by Inca Mummy Girl)
    The Dark Age: 1 (Philip Henry)
    What's My Line: 1 (neighbor by bug Order of Taraka guy)
    Innocence: 3 (smoking woman and uncle Callander by Angel, movie patron by the Judge)
    Phases: 1 (Theresa Klusmeyer by Angel)
    Passion: 2 (woman outside bar and Jenny Callander by Angel)
    Killed by Death: 1 (doctor by Der Kindestod)
    I Only Have Eyes for You: 1 (Mrs. Frank by possessed janitor)
    Go Fish: 5 (3 swimmers turned into fishpeople, nurse and coach by the fishpeople)
    Becoming: 3 (curator and Kendra by Druscilla, un-named offering by Angel)

    Add one if person yanked from a window in School Hard counts.
    Subract two if Rodney Munson and real Ampata do not count.
    Add one if Ford from Lie to Me counts.
    Subtract one if Buffy's neighbor's death not on screen enough. Add one if you think the assassin Buffy killed in the ice rink was human.
    Add one if you think the little girl in a body bag counts in Killed by Death.
    Subtract 3 if you think being turned into a mindless fish person isn't doesn't count as dead.

  55. Ellie says:

    “Wblpr jvyy fynl n inzcver.”

    Jul bu jul qvq guvf arire unccra?!?!

  56. Raenef_the_5th says:


    I love all of you. And Mark. And Mark's predictions.

    V pna'g jnvg sbe gur arj ivrjref gb qvfpbire Snvgu, naq ure njrfbzr eryngvbafuvc jvgu gur znlbe. Naq jngpu gur Pbeql'f "qrngu" snxr-bhg orpnhfr gur perngbef yvxr ynhtuvat ng bhe cnva. Naq Onaq Pnaql. Naq ABG-WRAAL VA NZRAQF. Naq Inzc Jvyybj. Naq Wbanguna. Naq LBH UNQ FRK JVGU TVYRF? (GJVPR?!)


  57. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, now that I'm done laughing at your predictions, I wanna say awesome mixtape. I'm gonna listen to this, and then the Snape mixtape that a commenter named Karyn came up with back in the HP reread. GOOD TIMES.

  58. Hella says:

    Ururur. Lbh ner pbeerpg nobhg Flaqre'f qrngu. Naq gur znwbe cynlvat n ovttre ebyr fvapr bs pbhefr ur vf gur ivyyvna.

    Ohg BZT vg'f Ohssl ynfg frnfba va uvtu fpubby.

  59. threerings13 says:

    "Jr jvyy svaq bhg jul Cevapvcny Falqre vf “va” jvgu gur Znlbe bs Fhaalqnyr, naq gur znlbe jvyy cynl n ynetre ebyr.
    Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr."


    No, still laughing, HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  60. mzh says:

    Randomly: I wonder if gets a spike in traffic when Mark posts go up.

  61. Fiona says:

    As soon as anyone mentions bees it's pretty much obligatory for someone to yell COVERED IN BEEEEEESSSSS, in my eyes. (If you don't get it then go and look up some Eddie Izzard and thank me later). That prediction may be the best one ever :D.

    'Tvyrf jvyy zrrg fbzrbar ur qrirybcf n pehfu ba ol gur raq bs frnfba guerr.'
    Vs bayl. Gur ynpx bs ybir cebcre frevbhf ybir vagrerfgf sbe Tvyrf nyjnlf znxrf zr fnq. Ur qrfreirq gb or unccl qnza vg! Terng, abj V'ir erzrzorerq gung frnfba rvtug unccrarq ntnva naq V jnag gb xvyy Wbff rira zber guna hfhny.

    Also, Laura Marling's an excellent choice. She's about five months older than me and I am supremely jealous of her level of talent. Night Terrors is my personal favourite, or Hope in the Air, both of which would actually kind of fit Buffy too.

  62. VicarPants says:

    Jbj, n srj bs gubfr ner rrevyl vzcerffvir. Anzryl bar, gra, ryrira, naq gjryir jvgu obahf gvr-va sbe vg orvat n ZNFFVIR SHPXVAT FANXR GUNG VF GUR ZNLBE NAQ VG RNGF FALQRE fb vg'f yvxr gra ryrira naq gjryir pbzovar ornhgvshyyl ng gur raq, gurer…naq sbhegrra.

    Fcvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxr. <3

  63. IceBlueRose says:

    V'z fb nzhfrq ol ubj npphengr gur znlbe cerqvpgvba naq fanxr naq Falqre cerqvpgvbaf ner. Lrf gb nyy fvapr fanxr!Jvyxvaf rngf Falqre! YBY sberire.

    Avpryl qbar ba gur cerqvpgvbaf naq rira jvgu ubj znal ner npphengr be zbfgyl npphengr…..ABG CERCNERQ. (Uvvvvvvvvv, Snvgu fgbelyvar!)

    I'm having so much fun getting to see your reactions even though I don't get to reply as much anymore. Still…so awesome! And remembering the fun of people discovering Buffy for the first time is making me have fun with my "Why You Should Watch….Buffy the Vampire Slayer" post. It's hard to keep describe my love for certain things or characters without going into plot details but then if someone who hasn't watched Buffy happens to see it, I don't want to spoil them either. So thanks for helping me remember to watch out for that! 🙂

  64. Shiroikami says:

    Haha. Love the predictions. Can't wait to see you watch S3, Mark. It's always been my favorite season. 😀

  65. feminerdist says:

    Oz will die in season three. I am basing this prediction solely on the fact that I like him, I think he and Willow are cute, and Joss Whedon cannot tolerate joy over the course of one season. He’s been around too long and I imagine Whedon was just itching to pull the trigger at this point.

    I really really really really really really REALLY hope you are wrong. Oh god, I will hate this show forever if they kill off Oz.

  66. theDMG says:

    -Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    -Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.

    ROFL a million times over.

  67. Guvf vf gur HYGVZNGR gebyyvat ol Znex – abg bayl ner gur cerqvpgvbaf RREVYL npphengr ohg jr pna'g rira nfx uvz vs ur unf orra fcbvyrq orpnhfr vs ur unfa'g gung jbhyq nyreg uvz gb gur npphenpl naq vs ur unf ur'f whfg ynhtuvat ng hf! ZNEX VF NA RIVY TRAVHF – GUR UNGREF JRER EVTUG QHA QHA QHHHHHHHHHHA

  68. icy says:

    I am interested in people's predictions for what new character scenes/shots from Season 2 will make it into the season 3 credits. Any takers?

  69. Noybusiness says:

    # Gurer’yy or na rcvfbqr nobhg orrf. Qbrfa’g rirel fpv-sv fubj unir n orr rcvfbqr?

    Shaal ubj n ybg bs gurz qb, ohg Ohssl qbrfa'g.

  70. Suzannezibar says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mixtape idea!! Can't wait to get home so I can listen to it 😀

    Ynhturq n ybg ng gur falqre trggvat abg rngra ol n inzcver cerqvpgvba. OJNUNUNUNUNUNU


    (I can't say as I know anything specifically for season three, so this is done completely blindly)

    1. Buffy will return in the first episode, but it will take at least four episodes for things to be resolved from the finale
    2. Willow will do more magic
    3. Spike and Dru will return, but in a hilarious way
    4. We will meet another Watcher
    5. Ethan will return, and it will have damaging consequences, but not for GIles
    6. Vampires will be slain (I HAVE TO GET ONE RIGHT OK?)
    7. Joyce will have gone to Giles for advice during Buffy's absence, and they will be BFFs (pipe dream, I know)
    8. There will be a new teacher and they will be totally suspicious, but totally innocent
    9. Snyder's motives will be revealed
    10. Hell will be hilarious and badly done and we will love it anyway
    11. there will be a terrible MOTW episode, but it will have one redeeming factor
    12. Oz won't die, but will be taken from us in a heartbreaking way
    13. I will be unprepared
    14. My sister will laugh at how unprepared I am
    15. Buffy's hairstyle will be different. (OK I NEED TWO THINGS OK)

  72. Robin says:

    There is most certainly a Smiths song for every occasion! Can't wait for season 3!

  73. Kickpuncher says:


  74. Noybusiness says:

    Pre – dict! Pre – dict! Pre – dict!

  75. PotaoesAreOnFire! says:

    My friend: What is this blog?
    Me: A guy's reviewing Buffy.
    Friend: Ooooh!
    Me: Yeah, he's just finished Season Two. And he doesn't have any spoilers at all. Poor Shmuck.

  76. Imo says:

    Qnza. Ryrira, gjryir naq sbhegrra ner fcbbxl npphengr!

  77. Danielle says:

    "My general theme for these predictions will be: “Joy cannot last.” I think this is a healthy choice to have."

    Ah, you have become well versed in the ways of the Whedon. Sadly, you are still very unprepared.

  78. hassibah says:

    I'm kind of bummed that there's hardly any Buffy tribute bands around the way there are for Harry Potter and (obviously) Tolkien, or maybe I should be relieved. Or even like a tribute album covering Bronze bands alone-just cause I'm evil. If the Simpsons had one, Buffy should too.

    This is an idea though, if I get bored I might start compiling soundtracks for the episodes like it's a british tv show or something.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      It's strange to me that Nerf Herder did the theme because I grew up seeing them live all the time and had no idea.

      • hassibah says:

        Oh holy crap I know. Except I had no idea that was them untill I had almost finished the show.
        Unlike a lot of people here I started watching 2 years ago so the whole thing was a really weird blast from the past.

    • Danny_SAP says:

      So I was inspired by this post to go looking for Buffy themed music and I discovered Megan Gogerty's album "I Miss Buffy" with songs like "Daddy Issues (Giles Giles Giles)" and "The Legend of Mr. Gordo." It's on Spotify! It also contains SPOILERS.

      • hassibah says:

        After I logged off I remembered that I stumbled on a Buffy themed hardcore band on tumblr a while back, I can't for the life of me remember what they're called now.

  79. amyalices says:



  80. robin_comments says:

    You know, I have only rewatched season 3 ONCE since it aired. In all the years. (Though there are 3 episodes that I've seen individually a bunch of times). So I actually have some uncertainties about my reactions that I'm curious about.

    V unir ybat pbafvqrerq Frnfba guerr zl yrnfg snibevgr frnfba naq gung'f jul V'ir bayl erjngpurq vg gur bapr nsgre vg nverq. (Gubhtu V'ir vaqvivqhnyyl frra Ybire'f Jnyx, Jvfu, naq Qbccyrtnatre frireny gvzrf naq bs pbhefr V erzrzore nyy gur cybg & punenpgre qrgnvyf sebz gur frnfba qhr gb ernqvat gbaf bs OgIF zrgn.)

    Bar snpgbe znl or gur ynpx bs Fcvxr, jub'f bar bs zl snibevgr punenpgref va gur Wbffirefr. Ohg gb or ubarfg, gur znva ernfba vf gung V arire jnezrq gb Snvgu. Naq gura gur zber snaqbz ybirq ure naq pryroengrq ure, gur zber pbagenel V sryg nobhg vg. (Gbgnyyl vyybtvpny, V xabj, ohg gurer lbh tb.)

    Svanyyl yngre ba Natry V terj gb yvxr ure bx. Fur arire orpnzr n snibevgr sbe zr, naq V yvxrq ure yrff va frnfba frira bs Ohssl guna ba Natry, ohg zl srryvatf nobhg ure qvq fuvsg naq V pbhyq nccerpvngr ure nf n punenpgre.

    Ohg V unira'g erjngpurq frnfba guerr fvapr zl Snvgu srryvatf punatrq, fb abj V'z ernyyl irel phevbhf gb frr vs zl nccerpvngvba jvyy ubyq snfg naq V pna svaq arj rawblzrag va gur frnfba. V gragngviryl cerqvpg gung V jvyy trg vagb frireny rcvfbqrf zber gung V qvq orsber.

    V'z nyfb phevbhf nobhg ubj V'yy srry nobhg gur Ohssl/Natry fhocybg bs gur frnfba. V guvax vg'f yvxryl gung gurve sbeovqqra ybir erhavba jvyy or rira yrff vagrerfgvat gb zr guvf gvzr nebhaq– orpnhfr, nsgre nyy gur frnfbaf bs Natry, V unir zbirq orlbaq nal rzbgvbany vairfgzrag va guvf pbhcyr, fbeel gb fnl.

    V guvax V pna qrsvavgviryl cerqvpg gung V jvyy fgvyy svaq gur Jvyybj/Knaqre fhocybg qrrcyl hacyrnfnag… gubhtu znlor vg'yy ghea bhg gung V'ir zryybjrq ba guvf gbb abj.

    • V nofbyhgryl pnaabg uryc ohg svaq Jvyybj/Knaqre njshy, njshy, NJSHY. Vg'f fnq, orpnhfr V ernyyl yvxr gur erfg bs Frnfba Guerr? Ohg gung fhocybg cenpgvpnyyl ehvaf vg sbe zr. Vg qbrfa'g uryc gung vasvqryvgl vf n UHTR gevttre sbe zr, ohg. Lrnu. Vg'f npghnyyl cnvashy gb jngpu.

  81. fantasylover120 says:

    Mark, thy unpreparedness for this season knows no bounds.

  82. canyonoflight says:

    Cevapvcny Falqre jvyy qvr ol n perngher gung’f abg n inzcver.
    Jr jvyy frr bar fanxr va frnfba guerr.

    Qlvat, godu.

  83. misterbernie says:




    ETA: But I can do an update on the comments:
    <img src=""&gt;

  84. gsj says:

    oh man – one time for connor aka i made a buffy mixtape for every season

    i should update/upload those sometime they were p. goo

  85. dazyndara says:

    AAaaaah Mark that mixtape idea is brilliant and it has Janelle Monae who is just perfect and it's Cold War which is just so spine-tinglingly awesome and now it's even better cause it so works for Buffy and the Scoobies and this has totally made my evening yay this is the bestest!

    *cough* I mean, thoughtful, insughtful response, yes.

  86. haguenite says:

    V jngpurq zbfg bs gur rcvfbqrf unysjnl guebhtu F5 nf gurl bevtvanyyl nverq naq gura qvqa'g frr gurz ntnva, be nalguvat gung pnzr nsgre, hagvy 2008, jura V obhtug gur QIQf. V jnf gubebhtuyl zru ba Snvgu gur svefg gvzr nebhaq, fgvyy dhvgr zru ba ure gur frpbaq gvzr, naq abj gung V'z ba zl frpbaq pbzcyrgr erjngpu (pheeragyl ba F5 orpnhfr pbzr ba, jub pna jngpu whfg bar rcvfbqr n qnl) V nccerpvngr ure n terng qrny zber. Jvyybj/Knaqre jvyy nyjnlf or greevoyr gubhtu.

  87. Vikinhaw says:

    Yay! I love the mixtape idea. I'm really enjoying it, helping me get through a shit morning 🙂
    Also Janelle Monáe!!!! I have such a crush on her.

  88. @stephen_g says:

    Haha! Oh Mark. I love your prediction posts.____On an unrelated note, I need to make a point to listen to The Sufferer & The Witness. Why is it not on my ipod? Darn it! But it seems to be on Grooveshark and hey Grooveshark mobile is free now and works on my Blackberry. I've been a pretty big Rise Against fan ever since I first heard them while I was in school for Radio Broadcasting and we had it on our playlist for CKDJ ( No, I'm not above plugging my old college radio station.

  89. canyonoflight says:

    General opinion spoiler about season 3:

    V nz fb tbqqnza rkpvgrq sbe Znex gb jngpu guvf frnfba! Vg vf bar bs zl snibevgr frnfbaf! (Gur bgure pbzrf yngre). V znl jngpu jvgu uvz guvf gvzr vafgrnq bs whfg tbvat ol zrzbel; gung'f ubj zhpu V ybir guvf frnfba. nxqyfwnsxy;wsfn

  90. tethysdust says:

    That's a very cool idea with the season two playlist. I think I'll try to do it, too, for season three!

  91. lula34 says:

    I make playlists for a living. Not for money, but for my sanity, my enjoyment, and at the request of my friends. It's my THING.

    And of course I have a Buffy mix, but you sir…oh, dear. I am so embarrassed that my love of Laura Marling has never found its way into said Summers potpourri of tunes. I commend you for including "Ghosts" on your Buffy playlist. Big round of applause. Gold star. That is so worthy, yes.

  92. Waffles says:

    I just had to make this comment to say that I completely agree with you about Janelle Monae! She is just about awesomeness incarnate.

  93. Rebcake says:

    12. We will see one snake in season three.

    Okay, where is this coming from? I mean, we had the yucky snake-demon in "Reptile Boy", and there may have been snakes in "Nightmares" (if there weren't there should have been), but why snakes? Is this just like the bee thing, something that must be dealt with in horror? Or is it a fond remembrance of "Indiana Jones"? IDEK.

  94. theunlikelyone says:


  95. Don Sample says:

    By my count you were off by one body, 27 people died in season 2. For the full list of season 2 deaths go to (And if you avoid clicking on links to pages for other seasons, (except 1) it will be spoiler free for future seasons. The top portion area of the page is limited to the people who died ON SCHOOL PROPERTY

  96. DogEyedBoy says:

    I've always thought of "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths as Buffy's theme. Not for any particular episode, but the series as a whole.

    Good times for a change
    See, the luck I've had
    Can make a good man
    Turn bad

    So please please please
    Let me, let me, let me
    Let me get what I want
    This time

    Haven't had a dream in a long time
    See, the life I've had
    Can make a good man bad

    So for once in my life
    Let me get what I want
    Lord knows, it would be the first time
    Lord knows, it would be the first time

    [youtube DMQbzLrvwlE youtube]

  97. rawrtrisarahtops says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. So, I’ve been going through Buffy while following along with these posts for about 4 days now and am officially in capital L-O-V-E with this whole series. The characters, the plot twists, the monsters, the jokes…what DOESN’T this show have? Except Happies. It’s seriously lacking in the Happies department dammit Joss. Anyway, so I wanted to throw my own season 3 predictions in, even though I’m way late. Here goes!!

    1. There will be vampires and Buffy will slay them.
    2. Angel will come back via some sort of Techno Pagan/gypsy magic (by the way, I think techno pagans are the coolest things since crushed ice.)
    3. Buffy will not want to be romantically involved when said return happens. This will probably crush Angel. Or vice versa.
    4. Spike will continue to be my favorite. Spike backstory, please? :3
    5. The Big Baddie will have something to do with Snyder and this mayor. I’m guessing he wasn’t elected.
    6. Snyder will die and I will rejoice.
    7. Speaking of Joyce, she and Buffy will have a nice chat about what being a slayer in her house means and she will set up some adorably caring rules that Buffy will inevitably break.
    8. Someone I love is going to die. This is Joss Whedon. How could they not?
    9. Buffy will get her drivers license.
    10. Something will make her cry heartbreakingly (okay, vague, I know. But really, have you been reading the rest of these? They’re so vague it’s sick.)
    11. Lots of civilians will die.
    12. Someone else will learn Buffy’s secret, but not necessarily join the Scoobies right away.
    13. Buffy will be pseudo arrested for the third time.
    14. And she’ll find a way around being expelled.
    15. Willow will be the lovely perfect being she is and learn more about magic.
    16. I will cry.
    17. Couples will break up and new ones will form. Although HOLY COLD OPEN PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE CORDYxXANDER. I mean, I know he loves Willow and all but I never really wanted them together…

    Okay. I think that’s it. I’m pretty sure I covered all my bases. I suppose I’ll check at the end of the season and do the whole “puppy dog eyes was I right?” routine. Also, CAN I HAVE SUNSHINE THE DOG BACK PLEASE? WHERE DID HE GO I MISS HIM SO

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