Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: S03E18 – The Son Also Rises

In the eighteenth episode of the third season of Battlestar Galactica, Lee Adama is put in charge of safeguarding Gaius Baltar’s lawyer, who proves to be both a mysterious and convincing character. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Battlestar Galactica.

Jesus fucking Christ, Starbuck is really gone.

Of course I entertained the notion that this was a trick, that maybe this episode was secretly part two to “Maelstrom.” I don’t care if it was a narrative trick or sleight of hand. I don’t care if I got cheated out of a story. Starbuck is my favorite character in this show, and I want her back. It hurts to see her photo in that birthday card she made, and her smile is teasing me. It hurts to see Lee (and later Anders) in that room with all the photos of the dead and the missing. In fact, the entire ship feels out of sync without Starbuck around; the fact that both of the Adamas are still mourning the loss of Kara Thrace comes out in the actions of the two of them throughout “The Son Also Rises.”

There really are a lot of things jammed into this episode, and I feel the writers never let them tangle up to confusion. We have to deal with Baltar’s oncoming legal trial, and the fact that Admiral Adama is on his legal tribunal; Lee is assigned to security on Baltar’s second lawyer, as the first one was blown up; the Adamas’ issues with one another are exacerbated by the growing rift between their feelings on Baltar’s case; Anders and Lee continue to mourn Starbuck in various ways; and Romo Lampkin is Mark Sheppard and nothing hurts ever.

NO, MARK SHEPPARD IS ON BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!! OH MY GOD, THANK YOU FOR NOT SPOILING THIS WONDER OF BEAUTY AND PERFECTION. I may–may–have fallen deeply in love with Romo Lampkin, as he might be the best guest character this show has ever given us. From the beginning, I thought he would just be some careless, scuzzy lawyer, but every time he opened his mouth, his character became more and more complicated. He worked under Joseph Adama! He carries a cat in a duffle bag! He’s a kleptomaniac! He wears his sunglasses at night! And it’s like he’s speaking both in a poetic sense of brilliance, and as if he has known all of these people for his entire life.

His first interview scene with Balter sets the tone for how he operates, and it’s riveting. Lampkin clearly has other ideas about how to defend Baltar, though he is very reluctant to actually share what they are. He encourages Baltar to keep writing, but he operates as if his brain is on another plane of existence the entire time. Why? Why is this man like this? Why does he seem to speak in code? My initial thought was that I suspected that he might be a Cylon, but I soon realized that at this point, pretty much any person on the screen aside from Starbuck, Admiral Adama, and Lee Adama could be Cylon. I say that with the understanding that these are the only three characters who we have seen personal memories and flashbacks from before the Cylon-human hybrids were created, meaning that without a canon history before the Cylon war, any other character could logically be a Cylon.

And look, can we talk about that? When Three all but confirmed outright that one of the Final Five was someone she had seen before (and she’d spent time on Galactica, don’t forget that!), it changed how I look at every action on this show. I imagine that for all of you who watched this in real time, the amount of theorizing and intense paranoid suspicions you harbored were at a critical high. I say that because it’s only been a couple weeks since I watched “Rapture.” In those two weeks, I’ve found a way to suspect pretty much anyone on Galactica for being a Cylon. And it is HURTING MY HEART SO BADLY. I can’t imagine how this is going to be! Your whole life has been constructed to this point, and now you find out you’re a programmed machine? Oh god, WHAT IF IT’S MORE THAN ONE MEMBER OF GALACTICA.

I couldn’t help but think about this the first time that Caprica Six and Lampkin meet. The scene is both unbearably confusing and endlessly entertaining; it’s like the two of them are speaking in some secret language we don’t recognize. I know I could be wrong about this, and I sort of hope I am, but I started to sense that Lampkin was a Cylon. Just for the first minute or so of his conversation with Caprica Six, that is. When he brought out the pen, I started to go through this bizarre mixture of bewilderment and fear. Was he giving her a weapon to kill herself? When it was clear this wasn’t the case, I then couldn’t figure out what he was doing. (At the time, I mean. It’s confirmed later.) Why was he discussing love with her in that specific way? Why was I so creeped out by it?

On top of having to deal with all this weirdness, the main thrust of the plot is mixed in with the continued anger between Lee and his father, as well as a (frankly) forgettable terrorist plot. Which is not to say it isn’t important, but it feels plotty instead of emotional. To be fair, I thought that the confrontation scene with the deck crew was done well, especially Cally’s insistence that they have to stop forgetting that the Cylons want to continue to fracture the trust of these people. I mean…yes, it’s ironic that Captain Kelly was behind this whole thing. YOU WRONG, CALLY. And I thought Kelly’s confession was pretty chilling, especially when he outright told Lee that he had to lock him up or he’d never stop. DAMN.

But honestly, the fact that “The Son Also Rises” sets up the Adamas on opposite sides of the courtroom is endlessly fascinating to me. It appears that Lampkin’s unreal ability to both read and manipulate people is how he gets Lee to basically turn against his father. I think he did all of this on purpose, and it’s clear that is what happened when you watch the way they interact in the sickbay after the second attempt on Lampkin’s life. For once, it seems that the lawyer’s guard is down around Lee. His honesty is refreshing because it appears he is not running some sort of game on Lee.

I think he is. Cylon or not, there is a reason that Lampkin wants Lee to assist him. Maybe it’s as simple as him recognizing Joseph Adama’s best qualities in his grandson. Maybe it’s more sinister. But that note that Lampkin leaves Baltar at the very end of this episode hints that the trial that is to come is going to be a lot more surprising than we think. We are left with the Adama men at their throats in frustration and Lee ready to go gung-ho for Baltar, which I imagine won’t go over well with the other crew members, by the way. We still have no clue how Lampkin is going to defend his client, and we don’t know if Baltar is hiding any secret evidence that might exonerate him.

Oh, right. I’m basically extremely unprepared.

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75 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: S03E18 – The Son Also Rises

  1. Jack_of_Hearts says:

    So Mark Sheppard's been in 3 shows that our Mark has reviewed so far, and we have yet to hear his natural accent. Apparently English producers would rather cast him as an American, and American producers would rather cast him as an Irishman or, better yet, a slightly different type of Englishman. Also he's travelled in time and/or space in every role we've seen him in. That is a particularly odd mix of specificity and versatility.

    • Jenny_M says:

      And yet every time I see the dude on a new show/guest starring spot, I rack my brain going "WHERE DO I KNOW HIM FROM?" Because apparently he's so good that he embodies his characters completely enough that I spend the entire episode going "Hey! It's that guy!" until the credits roll and I can look up his name on IMDB.

    • cait0716 says:

      What is his natural accent? Why don't I know this?

    • brandy says:

      He showed up in an episode of the x files I was watching a few weeks ago, and I felt like I'd just won some guest-starring bingo game or something.

    • threerings says:

      On the commentary, RDM says Mark Sheppard IS Irish, but he doesn't have that accent. So I think possibly he had a fairly neutral English accent, but is actually Irish?

    • notemily says:

      I'm impressed by his ability to do different accents, actually. I always assumed his natural accent was Badger's for some reason. Now I want to hear him talking as himself and not as a character!

      Also, Video Proof That Mark Sheppard Is Science Fiction's Ultimate Badass.

  2. Sadie says:

    MARK SHEPPARD. That is all.

    I have been waiting for the review with baited breath. Lampkin is possibly my favorite character in the 'verse, and his interaction and chemistry with other characters, especially Lee, is amazing. Really, simply because of him, this may – may – be my favorite episode of the series.

  3. knut_knut says:

    Bless BSG for bringing Mark Sheppard- his arrival could not have been more perfect! I was still all blubbery from the card Starbuck made Adama (see? Even Kara approves of the pornstache!) when OMG IS THAT MARK SHEPPARD?! AND A GRUMPY, FAT CAT?! :’D Everything is still terrible but now slightly better than before!!

    I wish more members of the crew were affected by Kara’s death though. I guess maybe she wasn’t a big part of their lives and only seems that way because she is (was?? T_T nyooo) a main character, but not even a sad Helo? No one to comfort and support Lee, except for Sam kind of not really? I guess it has been a while and they are in the army… (ETA: and everyone deals with grief differently)

    Very OT but last night I dreamt that Tigh and I were making paper snowflakes and he was REALLY good at it. Every time he unfolded his paper it was some giant masterpiece with, like, a bear in the middle even though he started with 1 sheet of legal sized paper and made about 2 cuts. It was weird.

    • ChronicReader91 says:

      LOL! Your dream cracked me up. Clearly, Tigh needs to participate more in Fleet Arts and Crafts night. 😉

      • knut_knut says:

        YES! He should also teach art to all the little kids going to school. I would never act up in art class if he was my teacher.

  4. psycicflower says:

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">
    No. I refuse. You are not allowed to do this to my emotions right now. (Although I love that most of Starbuck's file is disciplinary notices.)

    ‘The President's glasses. She looks better without them. They're serious. Serious catches on, in the courtroom… (Adama’s button) ‘They tarnish so fast.’ ‘It was like that when I plucked it. Everybody else, Tigh, the others, you, all shiny. The soldier in him has had enough for a while. He'll be glad to sit in that courtroom and fire his missiles there… (other lawyers sandal) Miss prosecuting attorney down the hall. It's not what you think, they were appropriated with the noblest of intentions. See the soles; see how the soles are worn.’ ‘She drags her feet.’ … ‘So what did you take from me?’’I was thinking the photograph that you carry. The girl, the pilot. The one you're carrying. But you've had enough stolen from you already.’

    I really love Romo Lampkin. He’s such an intriguing character and I love how he figures everyone out and manoeuvres them for his own ends so well. Also Mark Sheppard I love you forever and always.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  5. Ryan Lohner says:

    Pretty much everyone suspected that Lampkin was a Cylon, as the last time we saw a seemingly minor character this overtly quirky was Brother Cavil. And of course, then you start thinking that maybe the writers were counting on us getting that impression, so he's not a Cylon. But then maybe they thought we'd think that, and he is, but then…

    At least, that's the way my mind was working at the time. Mostly I was just happy that Badger was back on TV.

    Next is the two-part season finale, so I'll just say now: you are less prepared for the season three finale than any other episode of BSG so far. Yeah, just sit back and let that sink in. Mine is an evil laugh.

    Gurer zhfg or fbzr xvaq bs jnl bhg bs urer, fnvq gur wbxre gb gur guvrs…

  6. NB2000 says:

    YAY MARK SHEPPARD! Being super awesome! Just, YAY!

    He wears his sunglasses at night!

    Not just night, he's wearing sunglasses in SPACE! Because he can.

    The opening scene with Sam standing on the Viper, apart from being impressed at his balance, is so heartbreaking. It's obvious how much he loves Kara and doesn't want to accept that she's gone. The card Bill finds is somehow hilarious (almost makes the pornstache tolerable…ALMOST) and the saddest thing ever.

  7. cait0716 says:

    I just love that Starbuck had a mustache in the birthday card. And I'm taking it as undeniable proof that she supports the pornstache as much as I do.

    For some reason I thought Romo didn't show up until the 4th season. Everything after the Exodus sort of bleeds together in my head and I don't have a clear idea of the timeline of events. Probably because I haven't seen any of the later seasons in years. I'm glad no one spoiled you about Mark Shepphard. But, really, you ought to have known. He's in *everything*

    Can I ask about your suspicions of the various characters? Mostly I just want to laugh because I have the answers and I think it will be funny. But I would really like to see your thoughts on who might or might not be a cylon and why. What little clues have you been convincing yourself mean something more?

    • ChronicReader91 says:

      I just love that Starbuck had a mustache in the birthday card. And I'm taking it as undeniable proof that she supports the pornstache as much as I do.

      Or, she was a portstache opposer, and that card was her way of showing him that it doesn't look good on anyone. ;P

  8. monkeybutter says:

    Mark Sheppard makes an awesome magpie lawyer.

    I really liked this episode, even though I'm still not over Starbuck. The birthday card crushed me (she was so great! I loved their relationship!), and Adama's tarnished button was so sad. I also feel terrible for Anders; I want to know what they're going to do with his character. Oh, and Lee putting her picture on the wall next to Kat's made me realize that while I was okay with, even prepared for Kat's death because her story had been told, Starbuck's wasn't. :/

    My initial thought was that I suspected that he might be a Cylon, but I soon realized that at this point, pretty much any person on the screen aside from Starbuck, Admiral Adama, and Lee Adama could be Cylon.

    And Helo! Because he had a baby with a Athena, and Cylons can't reproduce together, right?

  9. Jerssica says:

    MARK SHEPARD IS THE GREATEST!! I can't describe the amount of flailing and yelling I did when I watched this episode for the first time. There's only one other guest appearance that made me freak out this much on BSG, but Mark Shepard wins everything. I just love him and his cat SO MUCH. When I first watched this, I decided the cat was probably a Cylon.

    And season 3 finale. You are not prepared at all. Ever.

  10. TreesaX says:

    I am literally counting down the days to when you do your review for the season finale. It will be one of those instances that will be mentioned on your site for years to come by us commenters. "So, were you there when Mark's head exploded and he questioned his knowledge of everything ever?"

    Oh yeah, I loved Lampkin too. I though the was a Cylon from the first moment I saw him.

  11. Sadie says:

    Also, my mom knows how much I love Mark Sheppard, and she insists on calling him "Lumpkin".

    True story.

  12. janype says:

    "Oh, right. I’m basically extremely unprepared."
    When the plot shifts into higher gear, it's always good to know that there are undying certainties like this one.

  13. feminerdist says:

    Again, as I did with Lucy Lawless and Dean Stockwell, I had this reaction to seeing Mark Sheppard:


  14. fantasylover120 says:

    Yeah, I'm still hurting over Starbuck. That card was just salt on the wound.
    But hey there Mark Sheppard. You make everything awesome.

  15. Oh, Romo Lampkin, you have such a silly name. But you're no Rolo Tomassi.

  16. ChronicReader91 says:

    Nothing can fully heal the Kara Thrace shaped hole in my heart. But Mark Sheppard comes pretty close. I didn’t remember where I knew him from at first, until he took off his sunglasses, and then it was, “Hey! It’s Badger!”

    I wanted to know more about Lampkin for the moment he was introduced. I definitely thought he could be a cylon, or have some connection to the cylons. I think he was SOME kind of motivation for taking the case that he hasn’t revealed just yet, but I hope that he’ll be here for several episodes to come(I imagine the trial will take up quite a few of the next episodes, so we’ll have him for all of that time- YAY!)

    Still, the show just doesn’t feel right without Starbuck there. It’s made even worse by the fact that they don’t seem to be showing a lot of the aftermath of her death. Of course, Adama going through her disciplinary notices (and finding that amazing card) was heartbreaking; and of course poor Anders getting drunk, crying, and falling off of things made me want to hug him. But I would have liked to see more. How about Helo talking about his feelings with Sharon? (OK, I just want more Helo and Sharon, period.) Or Tigh dedicating a round of drinks to her? Or the other pilots honoring her in some way, like they did for Kat? I understand that it was two weeks since Maelstorm, and that we can presume a lot of mourning took place in that time, but I guess I’m so invested in these characters that I’m getting greedy.


    This will probably be a source of great amusement to anyone whose seen the full run of the show, but- I don't see how it can possibly top the past two finales.

  17. Clare says:

    Romo Lampkin is just made of amazing. and talk of Joseph Adama is why you MUST watch Caprica, Mark!

    Caprica spoilers (just in case anyone here has watched that amazing series) vg'f nznmvat urnevat nobhg Wbfrcu Nqnzn va OFT naq gura FRRVAT uvz va Pncevpn, rfcrpvnyyl vzntvavat gur qrirybczrag orgjrra gur gjb Wbfrcuf.

    • John Small Berries says:

      Caprica spoilers: Naq gura gurer jnf gur rivy, rivy gevpx gurl cynlrq jvgu anzrf. Ba gur bgure unaq, Grely Ebgurel.

    • BSGfan1 says:

      I loved Caprica. That is all.

      • Clare says:

        It's honestly one of my favourite programmes ever.

        • BSGfan1 says:

          I was so disappointed that it ended where it did. I wanted one more season to really see the progression to BSG.

          Zbfg sevtugravat fprar vf jura Qnqql Terlfgbar chgf gur evat bs sver nebhaq Mbr. Gung jnf nznmvat!

  18. dasmondschaf says:

    OK, yes. Romo Lamkin is amazing; everyone loves a space-cat in a space-bag owned by a man with space-sun-glasses; Anders and Lee and Admiral Adama all break my heart at different points; BUT every time I watch this episode there is only one thing on my mind.

    I'll just

    leave this here

  19. Noybusiness says:

    Nothing to do with the episode, but I just got the idea that next time I watch BSG I should pay attention and see if anyone says "Gee", which, being short for Jesus, shouldn't be a word they have.

    • evocativecomma says:

      Oh, that's just hair-splitting. I mean, "goodbye" is short for "God be with you," so what do you do with that? They use plenty of words that are from Latin and Arabic and French (check out the chalkboard in Roslin's schoolroom tent on New Caprica). Baltar's "lower-class" accent (from The Planet of Central Casting, apparently) was simply one of the better-known non-RP accents of British English. Since the show is written in English, and English is a language that was created and expanded through several invasions and conquests by other, older languages from disparate sources, there is simply no way that the spoken and written languages of the show can exist in a socio-political cultural vacuum from "our" socio-political culture.

      • Noybusiness says:

        That's easy, "gods be with you".

        Having the same languages and Shakespearean phrases is one thing, "gee" is kind of specific. But I can't remember it ever actually being used, I'm just musing.

    • Zozo says:

      They use Shakespeare-derived idioms a few times—though “pound of flesh” is the only one I can remember right now—so you either have to assume it’s a translation conceit (are they really speaking English?) or just breathe deeply and recite the MST3K mantra…

    • notemily says:

      There have been a couple of ad-libbed "Jesus"es. The wiki talks about them. Tigh has one and Kat has one. They kept them in, but they weren't originally in the script.

  20. @LizatLAX says:

    As much as I like Mark Sheppard, I have to say Lampkin still feels like he comes from a different show — his name, his antics, his cat… it's all so goofy it's like they were trying too hard so I didn't feel like he 'fit' exactly.

    But other than him, I love that this episode is a continuation of Maelstrom and we get to find out how people, especially Sam and Lee and Bill are handling Kara's passing. I know after this ep aired there was some discussion about why Sam and Lee didn't fight and Ron said that he didn't want to do the more expected thing. I think the way they handled it was lovely, acknowledging they both grieved her loss and in some ways, the other was the only one who could understand how he felt.

    But "my girl's too lucky to check out' will always get me RIGHT HERE. *tears forever*

  21. earis says:

    Romo Lampkin!!!! I swear, his scenes with Baltar are pretty much the best thing about the episode. Sneaky bugger.

    I've never been the biggest Lee Adama fan, but this episode goes a long way to making me really root for the guy. His daddy issues and his sorrow at Kara's loss sort of gently inform his down the way of a real moral choice.

  22. Sadie says:

    Much as I hate to say it, I think that if Kara's death had to occur, it came at an opportune time; juxtaposed perfectly with Lampkin's arrival, it went some way towards salvaging Lee's character after the Quadrangle of Doom debacle, and sending him down a new, interesting path. After loving him in Season One, I lost all interest in his Kara/romance storyline over the course of Seasons Two and Three, and his involvement with Lampkin breathes fresh air into his personality, and most importantly, his relationship with his father, which will always be my favorite of all Lee's dynamics. I'm a sucker for family relationships, and theirs is unusually compelling. So, aside from loving Mark Sheppard forever, I'm also extensively grateful to him for making Lee even slightly interesting again.

    • erinmarie says:

      All of this. I love Lee an obscene amount, but even I can't deny that his character suffered in season three. This episode (nybat jvgu uvf CRESRPG CRESRPG CRESRPG fcrrpu va Pebffebnqf Cneg VV) let the audience really root for him again. Plus, Lee Adama/Daddy Issues is basically mah OTP.

  23. Crackers says:

    Jamie Bamber's just getting better and better here – I loved Lee's quiet falling apart, the way he wasn't even letting himself grieve openly for Kara and how it's pushing him onto a new path for his character. It also breaks my heart that the Adama men can't mourn her together because that's just not the way they roll – just when they probably need the mutual support most, they're floundering.

    And the photograph of her – and him putting it on the wall – just guts me, every time. That smile, she should have got to be happy more often 🙁

  24. akacj18 says:

    remember when you said that even though we told you how unprepared you were leading up to the season 2 finale, you really had no frickin clue how unprepared you were? yeah, you're still there. you have no idea how much you have no idea how unprepared you are. im sure that made grammatical sense, but thats how unprepared you are.

  25. Robin says:

    This is one of those wonderful smaller character episodes that might be considered "filler" on a lesser show but are the sort of thing I live for on this show. Lampkin is the bomb. Now onto the part 3 finale, so damn excited!

  26. Brian Fowler says:

    Not. Frakkin'. Prepared.

    And… MARK SHEPPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.

  27. BSGfan1 says:

    It's been fun to read all the reactions to Mark Sheppard as Romo Lampkin. I knew nothing of the guy before BSG. I'm giving BSG all the credit for putting Sheppard on the map so that he can be on everything else.

    I saw a clip of him sitting next to John Barrowman at Comic-Con this year where, because of a lack of space on the stage, he briefly sat on John's lap. I about died and thought okay those two need to be on a show together and but soon :). It goes on to show panelists introducing themselves and talking about their backgrounds etc, and Sheppard says, "Where do I begin!? I've been in everything and killed a lot of people. I'm happy to be here!" Even Barrowman, who's usually the life of the party busted up on that one.

    Long story short I really like Mark Sheppard 🙂

    And Mark, you thinking you are unprepared, does not come close to touching how really, truly, deeply unprepared you are for the finale.

  28. threerings says:

    How much do I love Romo Lampkin? This was actually only the second thing I saw Mark Sheppard in, so I just knew him as Badger from Firefly, but I LOVED him in BSG. Honestly, Romo Lampkin is the character I judge all other Mark Sheppard characters by, and they usually don't quite stand up.

    Also, as others have said, this is the point at which I become interested in Lee's character again. We're past all his romantic foibles. And I think I like him more in the courtroom than I do as a military officer, cause he kinda sucked as a military leader. (At least when he was a commander.)

    And finally, I couldn't resist watching the two part season finale yesterday and I CANNOT WAIT for those posts. As impossible as it seems, THIS is the most shocking BSG season finale of all, in my opinion. It's mind-blowing in SO MANY WAYS. *insert evil laugh* Znex vf GELVAT gb or cercnerq, ohg ur'f FB RCVPNYYL HACERCNERQ.

  29. notemily says:

    Anders is doing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern up on top of a ship. Man, WHY IS EVERYONE STARING AT ANDERS. If I saw a dude drunkenly crying and flipping coins because his wife just died, I would LOOK THE FUCK AWAY.

    SAAAAM DON'T CRY. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Bye Baltar's lawyer. You got one, pretty funny, line, but you were just a prelude to MARK SHEPPARD.

    When he first appears I have to laugh out loud because he's wearing fucking sunglasses indoors on a spaceship. Also: KITTY

    I can't pin down his accent. It's not quite Badger's, it sounds more Irish, but fuck if I know from British accents. (I mean, maybe it's an Aerilon accent…)

    Lee does not look very much like his grandfather. (Spoiler for the prequel series, I guess? If you consider casting choices a spoiler.)


    I laughed when I figured out where Gaius's pen had gone. Hee hee. I love the scene where Lampkin shows Lee all the stuff he's nicked from people. COLLECTION OF THINGS.

    WTF KELLY IS THE BOMBER?!! I HAD NO MEMORY OF THIS. I love when I can be genuinely surprised at things I've seen before. 😛

    I like Lee standing up to his father. Once you find something you want to do, go fucking do it, dude. Don't let other people's expectations of who and what you are be the only thing that shapes your life.

  30. notemily says:

    Also, I found this on the wiki and it delighted me because I love cats and also Mark Sheppard:

    Mark Sheppard discusses a deleted scene involving Jerry, the cat:

    Mark Sheppard: There is this lovely scene that they cut out. At the end of the scene when Lee says if anything moves don’t touch it, if anything is in the wrong place, it’s when he is worried about me finding a bomb. And my line is if they want to kill me they’ll find a way, now how do I get to see the Cylon woman. And I looked down and Jerry the cat is sitting there and what is funny is I looked at him and there is a line [where I say], "Please go boom." And what happened is the cat looked up at me when I spoke to him, then as I looked away, he looked away. It was very funny. (laughs) Cats do what they wanna do.

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