Mark Predicts ‘Doctor Who’: Series 11

You know, I hadn’t been able to do one of these for Doctor Who in a long, long while, and with the introduction of a new Doctor, this seemed PERFECT timing for me to try my hand at some predictions for this show. LET’S DO THIS.

In case you’re new around here, I do things a bit different here on Mark Watches. Please read all of this!

1. Please do not spoil me. It may seem obvious, but every once in a while, people still try to. Use rot13 cyphering for all spoilery comments.

2. Please do not spoil other people. There are often people posting their own predictions! Treat them as you would treat me.

3. Do not pretend to be watching this for the first time and post “fake” predictions. It’s happened. It’s been a while. Still, don’t do it.

So, with that out of the way, here’s what I think we’ll see in series 11 of Doctor Who.

  1. I’ll start out with an easy one: the first episode will feature a new TARDIS console.
  2. And a new outfit for Thirteen.
  3. And a new Sonic Screwdriver!
  4. And a new food interest/obsession of the Doctor’s!
  5. I think the new console will be sleeker and more modern than Twelve’s.
  6. We will meet the new companion in the first episode.
  7. And that companion will be joined by a SECOND companion by the end of the fifth episode. 
  8. This season’s major Big Bad will be an antagonist we have seen before, but I won’t recognize them until the penultimate episode.
  9. I think four episodes will be in the past, five in the future, and one in the present day. 
  10. The Doctor will not see or interact with any of her past regenerations.
  11. We will see the Daleks once.
  12. NO CYBERMAN. (More of a request, really.)
  13. The Doctor will rescue her companion in the first episode.
  14. And at some point in series 11, the companion will return the favor.
  15. There will be at least one episode with a “famous” person from history in it.
  16. I WILL CRY DURING THE FINALE, this is also cheating because… well, odds are I’ll cry and also i cry at everything.
  17. There will be only two two-parter episodes.

Okay, that feels pretty solid. Onwards I go!

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