Mark Predicts ‘Steven Universe’: Season 4

Seriously, predicting this show is so much fun. I HAVE SO MUCH MATERIAL TO GO OFF OF. So, let’s go over last season’s predictions and then embarrass myself for the entire Internet to see.

Last season… I didn’t do too bad, y’all!

  1. The drill will be activated. Huzzah!
  2. The Cluster will begin to emerge at some point. And it was horrifying!
  3. The Cluster will be destroyed. Coolest plot twist, y’all. NO DESTRUCTION. 
  4. We will see Lapis Lazuli again. MANY TIMES. IT’S GREAT. 
  5. We will also see Jasper. HAHAHA HA HA AH ha ah aha ahaha 
  6. We will officially meet the Blue Diamond as well. I did so well!!!!
  8. Yellow Diamond will send those gems to destroy Peridot, the Crystal Gems, and take back Earth. Sort of??? OH, everything ended up being way more complicated than this simple idea. 
  10. Steven develops a new power! MULTIPLE NEW POWERS.
  11. We’ll get a Rose Quartz flashback episode. YES YES YES.
  12. As well as a musical episode. And it was the best and I’m still not over it and did you catch that joke
  13. I WANT AN EPISODE ABOUT MR. SMILEY. Okay, I still want one. 
  14. Lars and Sadie will go on a date. I’m actually… not as interested in this as I was before? That’s partially because Sadie is such a cool character on her own that I don’t really care about her ending up with Lars. Just develop her character more!
  15. Peridot and Ronaldo will meet at some point. This was a weird one, I admit that.
  16. I have no clue how this season will end. I don’t think the Cluster will be the season finale at all, which means I don’t know what other story will happen. I’M SCARED. LET’S DO IT, THEN. Because I’m probably even LESS prepared for season 4.

Speaking of such, now is the time. ARE YOU READY.

Predictions for season 4 of Steven Universe

  1. We will see Jasper again.
  2. There will be one episode at the barn with Lapis and Peridot.
  3. We’ll see the Rubies again, but not Eyeball/Doc.
  4. We’ll get an episode about the Diamonds.
  5. We’ll see some of the corrupt creatures that Jasper captured.
  6. Another kindergarten will be revealed.
  7. Steven will fuse with Pearl at one point!
  8. Connie will get another training episode.
  9. We’ll meet another gem we haven’t seen before.
  10. We’ll meet another type of gem we haven’t seen before.
  12. Steven will learn how to un-corrupt gems!!!
  13. We’ll see Sapphire and Ruby in one episode.
  14. This season’s big arc: the Diamonds trying to retake Earth.
  15. The other arc: Steven learning the truth about who Rose Quartz really was.
  16. There’ll be another musical episode.
  18. I’m scared.

So, as of this post, all of season 4 has not aired. I’ll watch what’s been released, then continue on with Over the Garden Wall, then on to Gargoyles. As new episodes are released, I’ll review them the day after they air, provided I have time to do so. (It’s harder for me to add reviews on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.) Regardless, I’ll always tweet about it and add it to the Master Schedule!


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