Mark Watches ‘The 100’: S03E08 – Terms and Conditions

In the eighth episode of the third season of The 100, Kane and his allies go up against Pike. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch The 100. 

I think there’s a strength to “Terms and Conditions” that comes from the fact that the entire storyline focuses solely on the Arkadia plots. I thought this was one of the stronger episodes of the season, and the hint of the future we get here is downright exciting. YES TO THESE PLOTS, YES TO PEOPLE FIGHTING BACK.

Let’s chat.


I am so thankful that Raven was given a story so complex because I love that she is the one who makes the choice to do as she wants. So much of her appearance on this show feels like the writers flinging one horrible thing after another on her, and thus, her decision to fight Alie feels something uniquely suited to her. Initially, though, I wasn’t sure that she would resist. The bliss that Alie’s AI gave her was so all-encompassing that even when she did have challenging questions, she skipped right over them. She manipulated Jasper into helping her by exploiting his alcoholism, and she didn’t seem to care about this at all.

It’s fascinating, though, that Jasper’s pointed questions about the chip are what trigger Raven’s disgust with the technology. I wondered if he was asking her about Finn as a test, but I now realize how desperate he is to move beyond the pain he feels for Maya. He wanted to know if the chip would make him forget her, and he’s shocked to find out that it made Raven forget Finn, someone she loved with all her heart and who she watched get executed. If that’s the case, then it might work for him. EXCEPT RAVEN REALIZES THAT HER LACK OF PAIN IS NOT WORTH HER FORGETTING FINN.

!!!!! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT PLOT TWIST, and now I want to see hacker Raven fighting Alie and building a resistance force against her. THIS IS THE SHOW I WANT, PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME. Also, Jaha is just… wow. Alie literally spelled it out to him: she cannot override someone’s free will or consent. So he’ll do it for her? NO, DUDE. NO.


It is so hard listening to Pike talk because the guy so actively manipulates everyone around him. I realize that one of the major reasons I dislike him is because he reminds me of arguments with my mother. He cannot ever, ever have a discussion because he enters all conversations with one goal in mind: to win them. Everything is a debate, there is no good faith on his side, and there is no chance he is wrong about anything. Even further, he twists events and gaslights people around him so that he looks sensible. I AM SO TIRED OF HIM REFUSING TO ADMIT THAT HE STARTED THE WAR. YOU DID IT, PIKE, WHEN YOU SLAUGHTERED ALL THOSE PEOPLE. PEACE WAS COMING, IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED, AND YOU RUINED IT.

Thus, the work that Sinclair, Kane, Miller, and Abigail do is necessary. If Pike succeeds on his next mission, it is entirely possible that hell will rain down on Arkadia. And for what it’s worth, Kane tried other options! He tried to convince Bellamy that he was on the wrong side, and he tried to compel Pike to back down from his position. The joint prison riot plan only came about after Kane had exhausted his other options, which is about as stark of a contrast with Pike that I can imagine. Pike sees one plan here – violence – and sticks to it. There’s no mutability, no compromising, just unending, relentless war mongering.

And for a moment there, I truly thought Pike and the others were going to get away with their plan to hand Pike over to the Grounders. I really did! Instead, “Terms and Conditions” goes to a much darker place, but it’s one where Monty and Bellamy finally question what Pike is doing. (Well, Monty has more or less been questioning it the whole time, but you get what I mean.) Granted, it should not take Kane getting a death sentence for that to come about, but still. There it is: Bellamy doubts. He sees how willing Pike is to execute someone who has done so many good things for Arkadia, and he realizes he may actually be on the wrong side. I hope Miller’s boyfriend is also willing to change affiliations, and Hannah’s conversation with her son and Bellamy might also be a suggestion that she’s willing to re-think things.

Truth is, this could go a million different ways. We still don’t know where Octavia and Indra are, nor do we know how Bellamy and Monty will plot against Pike. I suspect that Sinclair and Lincoln will both be at risk from Pike’s retribution, too, so will they try to save them as well? I HOPE SO, NEITHER CHARACTER HAS HAD MUCH OF A STORY THIS SEASON.

Where’s Abby during all of this, by the way?

The video for “Terms and Conditions” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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