Mark Watches ‘The 100’: S03E06 – Bitter Harvest

In the sixth episode of the third season of The 100, Clarke considers vengeance while Jaha finds help from Raven and Jackson. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch The 100.

Oh gods, there’s some interesting stuff here, LET’S CHAT.


I wasn’t surprised by Clarke’s choice in the end, and I highly suspected that in order to prove that her suggestion for peace applied to her own vengeance, she would relinquish her right to kill Emerson. (WHO I HAVE LAUGHABLY THOUGHT WAS CAGE WALLACE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.) It’s a natural story turn for this season, and it’s one of those things that demonstrates Clarke’s ability as a leader. When she can, she compromises in order to make things better. She recognizes when her wn desires won’t help others.

So I found myself more fascinated and entertained by her interactions with Lexa and with Titus. These kind of interpersonal relationships remind me of why I like The 100 so much. While Lexa is still keeping her distance from Clarke (romantically, that is), I got the sense that she might be reconsidering that. Unfortunately, that could very well be me reading too far into this because SURPRISE, THIS IS WHAT I DO. But Lexa respects Clarke a great deal more than she might let on.

Except Titus can see right through it, and good lord, he does not like Clarke. I understood that he didn’t want Lexa hurt by one of the other clans who rejected her proposal of peace. But he seems a million times more upset than everyone else, doesn’t he? Culturally, I suppose it makes a lot of sense. What Lexa is doing is completely against what these people have followed for generations. It’s a culture shock to suddenly deny it everyone, you know? But I worry about him. Is he going to keep supporting Lexa or not? What if he leads a coup or something???

The Village

So, I don’t want to sound like a broken record. I’ll get it out of my system: nothing is changing in the Pike/Bellamy plotline, and I honestly cannot see how this can end well at all. Now, though, the show has added Monty to the group with no explanation either. Is he there because of his mother? He seemed endlessly uncomfortable in every shot he was in, and aside from a few short lines, he just goes along with everything. Look, I have issues with Bellamy’s storyline, but at least there is some attempt to explain his position. Monty, however, is just thrown into this, and it’s particularly infuriating because the show can’t seem to give him his own storyline.

The whole decision to go after that village to take their land is foolish beyond measure, made only worse by the fact that Octavia was the only one sensible enough to just compel them to leave, instead of fighting him. Yet even in this, Pike finds fault. He’s so hellbent on violence that he can’t see Octavia’s actions as another option that he’d not considered. Instead, he sees her as a traitor, and he’s now focused on Kane (I’m guessing) as the mole passing information outside the group. PIKE, WILL SOMEONE STOP YOU. PLEASE.


FINALLY. FINALLY SOME STRAIGHTFORWARD ANSWERS. AND FINALLY A STORYLINE THAT I AM SUPER INTO AND CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MORE OF. Y’all: silicon chips that block shit in the brain so that a person literally cannot feel pain. (I missed the actual term. Inhibitors? Something like that.) So, Raven has not been magically healed. She simply can’t feel the pain of it anymore. Which… pain is there for a reason? What if she hurts herself in some other way and doesn’t know that she is hurt?

Nevermind, that’s a hypothetical situation. What’s not a theory is the fact that Jaha, for a brief moment, forgot his own son. I believe that means that emotional pain is blocked in much the same way, even if it means blocking a specific memory. THAT SEEMS REALLY BAD, Y’ALL. And the show certainly portrays it that way, too, by having Abby refuse Jaha the right to pass out more of the City of Light chips out before she can figure out what they are.

I was satisfied, y’all. If this plot had ended after that point, I still would have spoken positively of this plot. YET THE SHOW KEEPS GOING. Alie is searching for the 2.0 version of her software, the fix that her creator made in response to Alie BLOWING UP THE WORLD. On the surface, that seems like a good thing, but we don’t actually know what this software will do or why Alie wants it. What if it’s not the salvation these people seek? What if Alie has an ulterior motive?

BUT OH MY GOD. THE THIRTEENTH STATION. NAMED POLARIS. WHICH IS WHERE POLIS CAME FROM. Oh shit, what do the Grounders know about Alie??? They recognized the logo on the chip Murphy had. WHY? WHY IS IT SO OFFENSIVE TO THEM???

Ah, that was pretty good. TIME FOR MORE.

The video for “Bitter Harvest” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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