Mark Predicts ‘The Next Generation’: Season 5

Well, if anything, I’ve got one huge thing to look forward to: season 5 of The Next Generation beating the bar raised by season 4. WHAT A TREAT.

All right, let’s do this:

  1. Somehow, Picard will be “cured” of his Borg transformation. True!
  2. Earth won’t be blown up or conquered. BUT A TON OF SHIPS WILL. :( 
  3. Data will discover the method to (temporarily) defeat the Borg. Huzzah!
  4. We’ll get a Q episode. And it was a weird one.
  5. We’ll get at least one reference to Worf’s decision to be ostracized from the Klingons. WE GOT SO MANY MORE THAN I EXPECTED.
  6. We’ll get one more appearance from Lwaxana Troi. And it will destroy me. 🙁
  7. Other than the opening episode, we won’t see the Borg in season 4. These are literally the best predictions I’ve ever had. 
  8. The finale will be a cliffhanger, too. AND IT’S SO UNFAIR. I’m counting it as a cliffhanger both because the story isn’t resolved and because the Yar reveal is… well, it counts. 
  9. I really want a Deanna flashback episode. I REALLY WANT IT. Hey, I got one wrong!
  10. Wesley will finally leave the Enterprise to enter the Academy. I HAVE NEARLY SCORED PERFECTLY.
  11. Picard and Dr. Crusher will go on a date! Ha. HA. Nope. Dr. Crusher and Parasite Man will, though.
  12. One episode will be full of Shakespeare references. (Again.) Ah, no dice.
  13. At some point, I will angrily shout at all of you for making me watch this show. I certainly yelled a lot about the show itself, but I don’t know that that counts.

Okay, so, I’ve got a few things to predict for the next season, and perhaps I’ll be as correct as I was for season four. (And yet? Still unprepared.)

  1. We’ll learn how that Romulan leader looks like Tasha Yar.
  2. I don’t think Worf is leaving permanently. He’ll rejoin the crew by the second episode.
  3. The House of Duras threat will also be dealt with in the premiere.
  4. But it will extend to a second episode later in the season.
  5. The bulk of this season will deal with the Romulan threat.
  6. We’ll get another Data-centric episode.
  7. As well as one surrounding Riker.
  8. And one surrounding Guinan!!! It’s about time for her to have one.
  9. Q will appear once.
  10. So will the Ferengi.
  11. So will the Cardassians.
  12. We’ll get one time travel episode.
  13. We’ll also get an update on Wesley.
  14. NOW Dr. Crusher and Picard will go on a date. (COME ON, MAKE IT HAPPEN.)
  15. The season 5 finale will crush my soul.


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