Mark Predicts ‘The Next Generation’: Season 2

Hello, Trekkers and Trekkies and everyone in between! The time has arrived for my very first prediction post for The Next Generation. How embarrassing will this be? How oddly prophetic? How unprepared am I???So! If this is your first prediction post, welcome! These generally operate fairly simply, but in case you’re new, you should know a few things.

1) Do not confirm or deny the truth of my predictions in any way. People always try to find a way around this; don’t do it. Just let them sit there, in their rightness or wrongness. Use rot13, PLEASE.

2) Treat other first time predictors as you would me. Their posts deserve the same respect.

3) Don’t post your own predictions if you’ve seen this season/show. We’ll know you’ve done this.

4) Have fun! These posts are ridiculous. Think of it as public evidence of my ridiculousness.

With that said, here goes:

Mark’s Predictions for Season 2

  1. We’ll get a new castmember to take Tasha Yar’s place.
  2. We’ll get a separate new longstanding character aside from this one.
  3. Wesley will get into the Starfleet Academy.
  4. There will be at least one episode devoted to the quiet, burning love between Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard.
  5. There will be one Holodeck-only episode. (The vast majority of an episode has to take place in it.)
  6. The Holodeck will malfunction twice.
  7. The shields will malfunction seven times.
  8. There will be no major character deaths in season two.
  9. I’ll recognize four guest stars this season.
  10. I will tell Riker to shut up twelve times.
  12. We will learn what the Romulans meant by their return.
  13. That Romulan arc will be the major arc in season two.
  14. We’ll meet four new alien species.
  16. The disc of the Enterprise will NOT separate from the ship this season.

Onwards I go!

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