Mark Re-Watches ‘Firefly’: War Stories

Thanks to Andrew for today’s commission, especially since I definitely needed more Zoe and Wash in my life. When don’t I need that?

The video file for “War Stories” can be streamed or downloaded with Quicktime Pro right here. Otherwise, it is on Dropbox.

  • It’s been about two-and-a-half years since I last saw this episode, and it’s still one of the better Firefly stories. Well, character-wise, at least. I don’t remember this episode for the plot related to Niska. I remember it because of Wash and Mal fighting over Zoe while being tortured. 
  • Well, and the ear thing. I remember that.
  • I really don’t think I understood the gravity of the entire “heist” sequence. Hell, I didn’t even realize that if you understood Mal to be cargo, then “War Stories” definitely had a heist sequence in it. But I didn’t really comment on River’s talents and how they’re contrasted with Kaylee’s quiet fear, how she’s unnerved by what River did in this episode.
  • I also didn’t know that I’d never get Book’s backstory in the show or the film, and then I read the comics, and then my heart was never the same. Just make sure to read his comic. DO IT.
  • I can’t remember if we ever see Niska again in the series. I don’t believe we do? No? Okay.
  • Jewel Staite is in an upcoming Dead Like Me episode I review AND IT TOTALLY THREW ME FOR A LOOP OMG. My brother told me that Gina Torres just showed up on Hannibal, too. I adore her.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll cover the second half of My Mad Fat Diary. Thanks again, Andrew!

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