Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’ Liveblog: The Snowmen

Are you getting a little overwhelmed by family togetherness? Do you need an escape from noisy kids and/or infuriating relatives? Do you simply miss your fellow Mark-Watchers? Then JOIN US on Christmas Day for a liveblog of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special!


(I really wish whoever does these promo blends would lay off the face smoothing; they make the faces look a bit unreal and unnatural. Even so, Matt Smith’s face is still a lovely thing to see.)

Remember, this liveblog starts relative to you — just start commenting when you start the episode. Regardless of whether you watch the show “live” or timeshifted, come comment with your real-time reactions; they are fun(ny) to read later.

Let the festive Whovian liveblogging begin!

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