Mark Watches ‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Discussion Post

Why can’t we have one of these? The movie ruled (despite how flawed it was WHICH WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT), and I think it will be fun to host non-review conversations about things that I’m not writing about.

rot13 IS NOT REQUIRED FOR SPOILERS OF THIS FILM OR THE TWO BEFORE IT IN THE TRILOGY. So, unfortunately, the comments are going to be spoiler-rific. Please rot13 spoilers for any other movies or books or anything else not pertaining to Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Another question: what other stuff would it be fun to hold discussions for? I would love to host them!

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1 Response to Mark Watches ‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Discussion Post

  1. Lady X says:

    *squees* Yeah, so discussions. We should have one for Man of Steel (Did you see the trailer in your theater? I had no idea Nolan OR Zac Snyder was involved, and just about had a fangirl melt down.) and we need to do a liveblog of Inception. Over all I think this was the weakest of the trilogy but that isn’t to say it isn’t a very good movie. Anne Hathaway definitely brought her acting chops to her role, and at no point did I go “Hey! It’s Mia!” The thing I didn’t like was the tone, it still was depressing in quite a few parts but it didn’t have the dark gritty feel. I understand they probably lightened up on some things giving the toll it took on Heath Ledger so really you can’t have the heart to whinge about it. I wished they went more omg!apocalypse with the whole nuclear bomb thing instead of French Revolution, but it makes sense because the latter is more theatrical. Cillian Murphy. ‘Nuff said. I did like the things they pulled from nowhere and surprised you with when really you shouldn’t be surprised at all. The Talia twist, omgitsthegreengoblin, the by the way Robin bit. Also, unless you believe in coincedence in a Christopher Nolan movie Blake is probably Catman’s son. Yes, Catman. They have the same last name and they go out of the way to tell you that his father was killed over a gambling debt and he was known to be big gambler. Plus there’s the story about how he got adopted/kidnapped which no thanks I still don’t even fully understand. But if he was in a orphanage you never know.

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