Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Daybreak Liveblog

Well, the time has come for me to finish Battlestar Galactica. I’d like to hold the first of two liveblog parties on the site over the course of the next two weekends. The first of these will be for the FULL “Daybreak” episode (that’s all three parts) that makes up the series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

So, if this is your first liveblog, the rules are pretty easy, though we will have a revised schedule this time around.

Because there are at least two (and possibly three) versions of the three-part finale in existence, it is inevitable that, based on what people have access to, we will not all be in sync. It’s just the reality of this. To accomodate this and to schedule in two intermissions for necessary breaks, we will split this liveblog up into three segments. The schedule is as follows:

The liveblog will be on Saturday, November 26th at 9am PST. Please consult a world clock to determine what time this will be where you live.

9:00am: Begin “Daybreak, Part I”
10:00am: Pause wherever you are for a 15-minute intermission. If you have one file or one episode, you might need to pause. If you are watching them split-up from Netflix, iTunes, or Hulu, your “episode” has ended. DO NOT GO TO THE NEXT ONE UNTIL AFTER THE INTERMISSION.
10:15am: Unpause or, in the case of  a streaming site/iTunes, start Part II.
11:15am: Pause if needed for second intermission.
11:30am: Unpause or start Part III of “Daybreak.”

If this is your first time watching this episode like it is for me, I advise staying on the first page of comments and leaving your liveblogging there. This is what I do to avoid spoilers if someone gets ahead of me. Simply use the comments as a space for you to flail, flip out, sob, post many GIFs, and console others.

I am excited to have this party with you! Next weekend, we’ll liveblog The Plan.

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1,047 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Daybreak Liveblog


  2. NB2000 says:

    I still love that Last Supper promo pic an unreasonable amount.

    Yay liveblog!

  3. knut_knut says:

    THAT PROMO PIC!!! Is Roslin gazing fondly at Adama? I'm just going to say yes

  4. Noybusiness says:

    I love The Last Supper. It was made to promote Season 4. The empty chair is Ellen's. I wish there was a version that showed her.

  5. robin says:

    oh god, fandom studied that Last Supper picture for SO LONG trying to figure out everything it would tell us about the final season.

  6. nanceoir says:

    Mark Watches Daybreak: The Liveblog world schedule.

    In case time zone math makes your brain 'splode.

  7. psycicflower says:

    I rewatched Daybreak today so I could make some gifs and now my main thought is, Oh Mark, you thought you were unprepared in the past but this is a whole new definition of the word.

  8. ChronicReader91 says:

    Sadly, it looks like I’ll only be able to do the first hour of this, if that. πŸ™ I just can’t blow off my guests to do a liveblog. I’m still on board with The Plan, though.

    That promo picture is all kinds of fantastic.

  9. psycicflower says:

    One hour

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  10. VoldieBeth says:

    Oh this is my first Liveblog, I'm so excited that it's BSG! I can't wait and Mark you are so unprepared, we all are!

    • psycicflower says:

      In case you didn't know since it's a great help during liveblogs, at the top of the comments there's a 'Sort by' section with three options. Clicking 'Last Activity' puts comments in order of the latest comment first (for example this comment would be top since it's the latest one) so you can keep up with the comments without having to constantly refresh the page and lose your place.

  11. VicarPants says:

    I may have to leave partway through. πŸ™ But I love liveblogs like I love cake.

  12. BSGfan1 says:

    Yikes, I just woke up! Whew, almost missed the start. Time for coffee!

  13. Suzannezibar says:

    I soooooo should not be liveblogging this with y'all. BUT I AM ANYWAY. SCREW OBLIGATIONS AND ALL THAT JAZZ.

  14. psycicflower says:

    I have Fringles and a box of Milk Tray (shh stop judging me, they're on special offer) and my windows open and ready to go.

    • VicarPants says:

      Shit I've got walnut whips downstairs but nothing salty to munch. D: Seeing as I turn to snackfoods when I'm upset, this is dire.


      • psycicflower says:

        Ooh, I haven't had a walnut whip in ages.
        I have salt and vinegar Pringles which I'm pretty sure are coated in some kind of drug they're so addictive.

        • VicarPants says:

          Everyone around me seems to despise salt & vinegar crisps but they are my favouritest. πŸ™ Once I ate 90% of a tube of S&V Pringles before I realized how far gone they were.
          Still, it means when I have them I can offer to share the bag 'round and feel altruistic even though I know no one else will want them. >_>

    • NB2000 says:

      I have a glass of coke right now, but I've worked out that I should be able to make pizza during the first intermission, yay pizza!

  15. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  16. knut_knut says:

    shit..I forgot to eat… will I make it to 3:30 without eating?

  17. cheshire7 says:

    Woooo! Ready to go! The last episode! Tissues here.

  18. NB2000 says:

    Three minutes…or possibly two…SOON!

  19. stellaaaaakris says:

    Yay my first liveblog. Might have to leave part way, but still, that's better than nothing.

    Shit, I don't have tissues. I'm probably going to need tissues, right?

  20. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    JFC one minute left. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE

  21. cheshire7 says:


  22. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  23. psycicflower says:

    Please don't use 'insane'on this site.

  24. NB2000 says:


  25. VoldieBeth says:

    Previously on Battlestar Galactica!

  26. ChronicReader91 says:

    I'm here! Can't stay for long, but I'm here!

  27. NB2000 says:

    OMG PREVIOUSLIES, all the awful stuff that's lead to this moment.

  28. psycicflower says:

    Previously on Battlestar Galacatica nothing was beautiful and everything hurt.

  29. robin says:

    I have made my peppermint mocha and re-watched my favorite parts of Island yesterday (ie. Starbuck scenes, Caprica/Baltar) and I am ready to roll.

  30. NB2000 says:

    Straight into the credits with no teaser, OH GOD

  31. cheshire7 says:

    I'm going to miss the opening credits of this show.

  32. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    But where are the drums?!

  33. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  34. NB2000 says:




  35. stellaaaaakris says:

    What, no drumming? That's fantastic! I didn't have to cover my eyes!

  36. ChronicReader91 says:

    OMG The last time I'll watch these credits :'(

  37. Narcissaa says:

    I haven't watched a single ep during MWBSG and ugh I forgot how much the title tune gives me chillssssssss.

  38. psycicflower says:

    I love how gorgeous Caprica City looks.

  39. NB2000 says:

    Oh pre-attack Caprica City, so pretty.

  40. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    Omg suit and tie Adama

  41. NB2000 says:

    Love Gaius and Six's contrasting monochrome outfits, and Gaius' stripey socks.

  42. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Love this scene! 'Do you always drink and drive?' 'I drink. He drives.'

  43. stellaaaaakris says:

    Oh, Baltar, what an awful outfit hahaha

  44. psycicflower says:

    Love Gaius in his full white suit and then stripey socks.

  45. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  46. ChronicReader91 says:

    Caprica City flashback!

  47. VoldieBeth says:

    Awww Caprica and Baltar! So cute!

  48. robin says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah My Caprica/Baltar! I am such a shipper. "I prefer not to rely on others as much as possible. Less chance of being let down this way."

  49. NB2000 says:

    "I've actually forgotten your name." it's awful but I'm so amused they made that canon. It was mentioned in interviews before this.

  50. knut_knut says:

    Baltar is so dapper in his weird white outfit and stripped socks

  51. VicarPants says:

    shit shit SHIT why do I get a text at two minutes past the hour telling me I need to leave the house NOW



    go on without me

    be strong

  52. NB2000 says:

    OMG LAURA! All happy in her party clothes with her sisters <3

  53. Suzannezibar says:

    Oooooh, happy Laura.

  54. VoldieBeth says:

    Young!Happy!Roslin!!!! LOVE!!!

  55. robin says:

    I love how Caprica is watching Gaius freaking on the phone…

  56. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    Omg I love you Roslin

  57. psycicflower says:

    Roslin is so happy with her sisters.

  58. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Roslin, you are so pretty! (Is anyone else amazed at how the makeup people managed to make all of the actors look so young in these flashbacks?)

  59. NB2000 says:

    Awww Kara with short hair. Her old apartment! It looks much tidier here.


  60. psycicflower says:

    I love her and them

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  61. knut_knut says:

    Roslin!!! <3 she's adorable!

  62. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    'Oh, frak me!' Well, if you insist, Starbuck…

  63. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot

  64. VoldieBeth says:

    Starbuck and Lee's first meeting!!

  65. cheshire7 says:

    Remember–this is BSG! You are NOT PREPARED!

  66. stellaaaaakris says:

    Lee's hair!!!! YAY

  67. NB2000 says:

    Zak! Awww dinner party.

  68. ChronicReader91 says:

    Roslin at a baby shower omg they're her sisters?

  69. psycicflower says:

    Lee and Starbuck and Zac!

    Wait Starbuck's apartment looks similar to her New Caprica prison actually.

  70. knut_knut says:

    i wish i was Roslin's little sister :'(

  71. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Girlfriend Stealer!!!

  72. Suzannezibar says:

    "And a girlfriend-stealer for a brother, niiiice!!"

    a;lkdjfasdflkjas I CANNOT EVEN

  73. Narcissaa says:

    GAIUS' DAD UGH. <3


  74. VoldieBeth says:

    Gaius and his father! LOVE how much depth he has!!!

  75. NB2000 says:

    Ugh this scene with Gaius' father is so awkward and uncomfortable. Once of the worst in that respect for me at least.

  76. knut_knut says:

    AHAHHA awkward

  77. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Gauis' dad is just so. frakkin'. awesome.

  78. psycicflower says:

    And Gaius' backstory is true!

  79. cheshire7 says:

    Do the Adama brothers REALLY look like brothers?? Hmmm

    • Noybusiness says:

      In "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down", Ellen said that Lee looked like his mother and Zak like his father.

    • Noybusiness says:

      Like EJO wearing blue contacts and Jamie dyeing his hair brown. Not that you think about it when you watch them together.

    • BSGfan1 says:

      Not all brothers like alike. But I think there is enough resemblance to give it a handwave

  80. rockintherococo says:

    Is it just me or did he say fuck instead of frack?

  81. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    What is even happening.

  82. robin says:

    I love every moment of Caprica with Gaius and his father… she's so fascinated, she's seeing more bits of the real Gaius, his humanity…

  83. feminerdist says:

    Gaius and his dad make me so…. ugh. I love that we see a hint of his old life before he got all ashamed of his past.

  84. NB2000 says:

    Awww Caprica Six's little wave is cute though

  85. cheshire7 says:

    What's happening, Mark? Lots of frakkin flashbacks…

  86. knut_knut says:


  87. psycicflower says:

    Despite how Gaius treats him, I love Gaius' Dad. He's unapologetically himself.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  88. ChronicReader91 says:

    OMG HIS DAD? OMG I love this

  89. VoldieBeth says:

    *too many tears*

  90. Narcissaa says:


  91. psycicflower says:

    Here's the heartbreak, right on time. Can't have someone happy for too long.

  92. stellaaaaakris says:

    Oh no, misery is starting, isn't it?

  93. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Roslin, why are your pj's so pretty I want them.

    Also, why did you do this to my Roslin, whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  94. Suzannezibar says:

    Remember that one time Laura Roslin was happy???

    It was so fleeting D:

  95. knut_knut says:

    this can't be good

  96. Suzannezibar says:

    Utilizing this gif for the first, but not the last time:

    <img src=""&gt;

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