Mark Watches ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I’

In the first part of the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Voldemort is full of glee, Steve Kloves continues to ship Harry/Hermione so goddamn hard, and jesus christ I teared up so much in Godric’s Hollow. And we’re left with a movie that’s actually pretty good? If you’re intrigued, then it’s time for Mark to watch Deathly Hallows. Part I, of course.

I will do my best to make this post as coherent as possible, but I slept for three hours before I had to come to work. Time is LITERALLY oppressing me right now.  So I’ll depend on a format I’ve come to feel comfortable with in moments like these: A LIST.

I can hear you judging me so stop it immediately.

Oh, and for the record, this is full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen either the movie or read the books, I suggest you not read this.


  • Favorite scene: Bathilda Bagshot in Godric’s Hollow. Every moment she was on screen was steeped in suspense and terror. Beautifully filmed and played out.
  • Ron finally being more than just WEEPY and WHINY. Especially after he came back to the Forest of Dean.
  • How close it stayed to the book. Obviously, some things were changed or left out, but this is closest to the source material since the first two movies. I dig it.
  • Dobby’s scenes in Malfoy Manor and his death. His CGI has gotten better to the point where he almost looks real. (Same with Kreacher, but we’ll get to Kreacher in a moment.)
  • The cinematography. Much like my favorite movie, Prisoner of Azkaban, this movie almost made the locations a separate character. I will admit that when Harry and Hermione camped on that one hillside and it looked like it was some sort of ancient lava bed, I did laugh because it looked as if it was the most uncomfortable place to camp ever. Still, so much of this movie was crisp and had a beautiful, grim tone to the color of all the scenes. I appreciated it.
  • Hedwig’s death. I thought they were going to get rid of it and was PISSED, but she died and WHY AM I SO HAPPY ABOUT HER DYING?
  • Luna Lovegood. Even if she’s speaking lines that aren’t in the book, the writers still nailed her character perfectly. I think Evanna Lynch is perfect for the role.
  • Watching Hermione remove the memory of herself from her parents. I never thought we’d SEE that moment, and I instantly teared up. Shit was SO REAL.
  • All of Godric’s Hollow, for that matter. Filmed beautifully. I love the shot where Hermione finds Peverell’s grave and the camera turns to Harry in the distance, completely still. And you know he’s found his parents’ grave and then you get that lump in your throat and then everything is depressing and awful. Bravo.
  • The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming. Actually, I think the line was slightly changed, but I was so happy it remained.
  • I thought everything inside the Ministry of Magic was flawless. Just seeing Dolores Umbridge made my blood boil. But yes, near-perfect execution.
  • Neville. <3 <3 <3 <3


  • I’m going to start with the obvious. Steve Kloves, stop trying to make Harry/Hermione happen! It’s not going to happen! And look, I love Hermione until the end of time when I cease to be, but jesus christ, man. I understand why the dancing scene happened and it was cute in theory, but the entire time, I thought, “THEY’RE GOING TO MAKE OUT, AREN’T THEY? PLEASE DON’T LET THEM MAKE OUT. WHAT THE FUCK.” Even worse, though, is NAKED HERMIONE AND HARRY MAKING OUT. Like….seriously? Steve Kloves, STOP IT. WHY. WHY. WHY.
  • Why on earth was Voldemort so happy in this movie??? He was absolutely giddy throughout, except in Harry’s visions of him. The Malfoy Manor scene in the beginning of the movie is supposed to be foreboding, but I felt like we were in some weird alternate version of the Brady Bunch or something. We’re supposed to be terrified of the dude and he’s always laughing. Voldemort doesn’t laugh unless puppies are being crushed by a steamroller made out of your hopes and dreams.
  • Hinting at Potter Watch and then not playing it. I mean…without Ron looking for Potter Watch on the radio, they made him look very strange, as if he had no reason to listen to the radio. Well, I suppose you could say that Hermione’s reason she gave, about him NOT wanting to hear bad news sort of works, but they made him look irritating.
  • Hinting at Voldemort’s name being a trace and then not explaining it. I mean, they literally included every scene that would lead to Ron returning and telling them how they were found before, and then…nothing. Perhaps it will be explained in Part II?
  • No Kreacher’s tale. That part is such a huge moment in the whole series, and we didn’t get a second of it. BOOOOOO.
  • The pacing. SO. ODD. I thought that many scenes were allowed to breathe instead of the choppy treatment they were given in Half-Blood Prince, so let me at least appreciate that many parts of this movie were given space. But it still felt really bizarre in terms of flow; it didn’t segue very well a lot of the time, as if you simply were waiting for each part to happen instead of seeing it as a larger narrative. I will admit this might be because I am familiar with the book.
  • NO LUPIN. YOU ASSHOLES. How is it going to make his death the most tragic thing imaginable if you don’t include his whole tantrum? UGH. Was so upset that was left out. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


  • What happened to the scene that was released before this movie came out where the Death Eaters attacked that bridge in London? THIS WAS CLEARLY IN HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.
  • Peter Mullan, who played Yaxley, is in EVERY MOVIE EVER, I SWEAR. And it’s so hard to see him as Yaxley because I’m like OH HEY, YOU’RE THAT FUCKED UP PRIEST IN RED RIDING or YOU’RE SWANNEY IN TRAINSPOTTING or YOU’RE SYD IN CHILDREN OF MEN. It was kind of distracting.

I think that’s everything I can think of. I’d give this movie a solid B. Compared to Half-Blood Prince, it’s perfection, but just as a general movie/adaptation, a good B is fine. It’s still strange and the pacing bothered me, but I enjoyed it more than I expected it to.

All right, let’s get to discussing! What did you think of the the film if you saw it? I’m hoping the comments will trigger some other thoughts of mine that I may have glossed over, but again, I’m running on three hours of sleep. Cut me some slack!


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  1. Milou says:

    i'm quite annoyed that the diadem is still not mentioned, while Luna has a replica in her house.
    and i missed the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black, even trough i know it would be hard to show, now it makes no sense how snape could have found them.

  2. angelllla24 says:

    Honestly I've always been a fan of the camping in the book. I thought it was necessary to the character development and made the reveals and the revelations that much better in the end. So I may be more partial to this movie than those that hated the camping from the get-go. Because I truly loved the movie and its tone.

    BUT my biggest problem with it was the score. I mean, not one hint of Hedwig's Theme. Now, this may be partly due to watching the HP special on Bio channel, Sound and Music of HP, which went into great depths discussing the importance of music in the first six films. And after hearing John Williams himself discuss the importance of the soundtrack, this one was just lacking. Yes, the quietness fit the tone of the movie, but SO much more could have been done to enhance that tone through music and sound and not just utter silence for two straight hours. God forbid someone in your theatre had a cough or something because it was painful silence. But other than that one major flaw, I loved it.

  3. mmcgonagall says:

    I actually thought Dobby's death was a little overdone. His rescue was perfect though. I'm hoping Part 2 starts with Dobby's headstone, because I missed it.

    Also, Neville is freaking HOT and made awesome use of his one line.

    • prosodi says:

      Agreed. I was initially genuinely devastated over Dobby's death (this coming from someone who was hurt, but never wanted to cry over it in the book), but the longer it went on the more I went 'Okay movie stop trying to make me cry.'

  4. Brad says:

    So funny to read your rant against Harry/Hermione, only to come across this bit:


    There you go. The Harry/Hermione scenes are *working*. It's only your slavish loyalty to the tired and simplistic canon relationships which has you protesting, trying to resist the most functional romantic couple of the movies.

    Put aside your bias and the chip on your shoulder, sit back and enjoy the H/Hr show!

  5. marieriddle20 says:

    My major things:
    The Dursley's goodbye scene(which apparently will be in deleted scenes according to mugglecast), Tonks hinted at being pregnant, when they were suppose to announce they were married, not enought about Dubledores life, they say nothing about harry's wand acting on its own, I dont get why it took so long to figure out the snitch and sword, Voldemort isnt summoned to Godrics or the Malfoys, Potterwatch and the taboo. Peter needs to die by his own hand in next movie.
    Most of those can be fixed in next movie.

    I loved the horcrux scene, the dance, both malfoy scenes, and the Dobby scene.

    Fun fact: Ravenclaws bust was in background at the Lovegood scene.
    Overall I think best movie to book adapting since the first 2.

    • Silverdoe says:

      The Erumpant horn was in the Lovegood's house, too! Can't wait for the DVD to look for all the detail. Either that, or some omnioculars!

  6. Milou says:

    i also loved how lucius now looks, compared to chamber of secrets. you can really see that he is not as important anymore

  7. orangerhymes says:

    I'm confused as to who the death eater who looked like Russell Brand was.

  8. Katie says:

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but I was disappointed by how much they left out of the Dumbledore story. I thought that Harry's reaction to finding out how little he knew Dumbledore and to the information he found from The Life and Lies was so important and I don't think they did that justice. ____I was also very disappointed that they left out so much of Lupin!! He is one of my favorites! ____Emotional scenes were great! Some of them even translated better on screen than in the book: Hedwig's death for example and Hermione obliviating her parents just as a couple of examples.

    • momzter says:

      I'm really hoping, banking really, on DD's story being brought in more in part 2.

      • Mrbellamy says:

        Me too. I'm hoping/banking on them taking a few elements that were in this first section of the book (Lupin's character development and Dumbledore's backstory being the two major ones), and emphasizing them more in Part 2 instead. That way it'll be a lot more fresh in our minds once we get to Lupin's death/Forest Again, and Aberforth/King's Cross. They only have about 200 pages left, they have plenty of leeway to extend and re-arrange everything, and they did promise us another 2.5 hour film for the finale.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      No, I completely agree that I didn't like how Dumbly's story was looked over. :/

  9. SymphonyOfRain says:

    The only thing about the Harmony-shipper dance that was awesome was that…. Dan seemed to be the "girl" more than Emma. I think it halted the film a LOT. It was much more significant what Harry did in the books, which was give her Ron's blankets. It was like he was letting Ron comfort her, not him, because Harry knows FULL WELL that he can't be that for Hermione.

    Also, Watson is finally starting to be a little more Hermione for me. STILL SAD AT THE LACK OF HER BEATING THE CRAP PUT OF RON. All in-all, I thought DH1 is one of the better films so far, up there with 1 and 2 in my opinion, which are the best to me.

    I liked the Three Brothers sequence, it was wesome.

    The whole theater cheered when they showed Dobby latched onto Mundungus.

    One of the funniest moment s for me was probably when Harry turned and saw Bathildagini and some girl in the theater screamed because she wasn't expecting it. That and when they showed the preview for Cowboys and Aliens (lolwhut), someone shouted "TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND!" behind me. And the reaction when they showed the title card, which was much lulz.

    I want to see DH1 again. So, so bad.

    • Mrbellamy says:


      This was totally in the film and was brilliant and hilarious?

    • Willow says:

      It was amazing seeing it with a cinema full of people because everyone was gasping and laughing in the right moments. And yes, screaming. HILARIOUS! Everyone chuckled at her after XD

  10. sageofmudora says:

    I finally saw the film! My sentiments match yours pretty closely. The only main difference is that I didn't mind the Horcrux love scene. Its Ron's nightmare, it should be terrifying. Also, he stabbed that abomination with a sword πŸ™‚

  11. lamuerta says:

    Random observation – the actor who plays Bill is the son of the actor who plays Moody. Which made me sadder when Bill announced that Moody was dead.

    – previously thepotionsmaster on buzznet

  12. Staaavy says:

    Dude Mark I have been reading your commentary on the Harry Potter books for the next month or so. Man you have really taken me back to those days when I had no clue what was gonna happen in the books. Plus you are hilarious as hell at times in the commentary. Thanks for sharing your experience man! I've been wanting to join on Buzznet to post there, but I couldn't for some reason. Guess I fail at signing up sometimes.

    Just saw the movie a few hours ago. It was awesome, by far the best one yet. There were some things I didn't like about it though. I've been reading some complaints people have in the comments and am surprised that people didn't mention some of these things that bugged me. Gonna have to multi-post here.

  13. Staaavy says:

    First of all, I hate that when someone turns into someone else via polyjuice, they keep their real voice. Yeah this is done for humor and to help the audience keep track of who is who, but it is very unrealistic. If you were to change into someone like that you would have their voice box, not your original voice. How did the trio not give themselves away at the ministry for having their same teenage voices? It's also odd considering that in the GoF movie they didn't have Moody sound like Crouch the entire time. I don't get why they didn't just do it like they did it in GoF.

    • amythis says:

      Agreed about the Polyjuice. I've now invented the movie backstory that Barty Crouch, Jr. was an amazing mimic, as we saw with his Hagrid imitation.

    • Mrbellamy says:

      I WOULD say that you can just imagine that in the actual world of the movie, their voices do change, but that we as an audience are only hearing the original voices in order for us to keep track…but Columbus/Kloves had to drop the ball long ago in COS by having that stupid line where Harry goes "Durr, Ron! We still sound like ourselves!" Dumb dumb dumb.

  14. Willow says:

    Hey Mark, I was also weird about the naked-making-out of Harry and Hermione but my sister said that J.K. Rowling had imagined the scene that way (thoughts on that!?) but glossed it over because it was still supposed to be a book that children could read… I don't even know but I thought I'd share it.

    I was sad about Kreacher's tale and much of the Grimmauld Place stuff, especially the lack of photo and letter. There was clearly not enough about Grindelwald, I hope they resolve that. I'm going to see it again tomorrow so hopefully, like you, I will gain further perspective ^_^

    I agree with the first poster, it's nice to be able to comment finally! Your reviews have been amazing and I enjoyed my own challenge of: Read Along With Mark Reads Harry Potter. It was thoroughly awesome.

  15. OMG-MW says:

    A lot of people have been saying Lupin's argument could be put in the next film, but I'm wondering where. As of now in the movie we see him two more times, at Shell Cottage to announce Teddy's birth and in the RoR.
    – They could have him ask to join the trio after he announces Teddy's born, but if they change it to him leaving after Teddy is born, it changes his personality completely, for the worse.
    – If they have him come to Shell Cottage and ask to join the trio and Teddy hasn't been born yet, and then in the RoR he announces the birth, then it would seem odd for Tonks to leave a less-than-day-old infant at home, much different than a month or two-old.
    This is all speculation of course. They could eliminate the argument all together, but I still don't know how they're going to announce Teddy's birth after not announcing Tonks' pregnancy.
    Just some speculation to keep you thinking…
    (Loved the movie, by the way. Ministry break-in was my favorite scene)

  16. mrbobby says:

    "I mean…without Ron looking for Potter Watch on the radio, they made him look like a crazy person or something."


    Might have been pointed out already, but trawling through all the comments would take foreeeeever.

  17. amythis says:

    I’ve seen the movie twice and it seems to be firmly lodged at #3 on my list of the seven (so far), after PoA and OotP. Some things were better than in the book– Seven Potters transformation, bad-arse Hedwig, the Tale of the Three Brothers. Emma’s acting improved amazingly over the previous films. I’ve always thought Rupert was good to great, so no surprises there. Dan still doesn’t quite reach the levels he needs to, but I expect him to nail the “walk to his death” next film. As for the supporting cast, there were people who impressed me (Brendan G, the Twins, Evanna, the Ministry Trio, HBC), people who were all right (Luna’s dad, Thicknesse, Scrimgeour, most of the Order, Auntie Muriel, Umbridge, Kreacher, Dobby), and people I was meh on (Mundungus, Bill, Doge, Yaxley).

    I missed some of the gorgeous scenery from the trailers, but maybe they’re saving that for Part Two and wanted to start with some of the bleak shots. I really did find myself less comparing the movie to the book (because by now I see them as two parallel stories and didn’t feel that, for example, Lupin’s restlessness in his marriage fits with movie-Lupin’s story), and more the movie to the trailers and spoilers and stills. So I was in the odd position of not thinking, “Why doesn’t Hermione dance with Ron at the wedding?” (because I’ve known for months that that was changed), but rather “Why isn’t Hermione dancing with Krum and making Ron jealous in that GoF revisited scene?” As a Trio-shipper, the Harry/Hermione shipping worried me not a jot. What bugged me was there wasn’t enough Harry/Ron, although they did get a couple hugs and talks.

    Overall, I thought the movie was good but not great, a B+. I brought a bunch of tissues and didn’t cry, although the Hermione erasing her parents’ memory scene and a couple other scenes made me almost cry. It was funnier than I expected, probably more than it should be, like the Ministry sequence. From PoA onwards, I’ve seen the movies in theaters about half a dozen times each. This one I’ll probably stop with “only” four, although that’s partly due to weather. (Snow yesterday! On the Olympic Peninsula!) I had a lovely midnight release audience and then a crappy one on Saturday, so I sort of feel cheated of my second viewing. But it’s always good to be in the Potterverse, even if I didn’t love this movie the way I love the book. At least it didn’t frustrate me the way the movie version of my previous favorite, GoF did.

    P.S. I think I prefer this site to buzznet, although not even Mark can succeed where 100 Seattle hipsters have failed and make me watch Firefly. I am reading the second book of THG right now though.

  18. Mrbellamy says:

    Agreed! The epileptic feeling I got during this scene and the awkward comedy during the Malfoy Manor scene almost ruined the movie for me, but luckily Dobby's death/Voldemort & Elder Wand saved it.

  19. Shirley says:

    The only big problem I had with the movie was the doe, because HOW did Snape find them? They left out Phineas completely, what other way do they have for Snape to find them in the Forest of Dean? The only explanation I could think of was the mirror shard, but if Aberforth has it then again: HOW THE FUCK DID SNAPE FIND THEM? This just really distresses me.

  20. Alice says:

    Harry and Hermione made me want to cringe to death- there was no need for it.

    Bathilda scared the squiddly diddlies out of me- at one put I had my coat over me face!!

    How cute was Dobby with his trainers?!

    However, Harry and Hermione kiss in the horcrux scene in the book, and they needed show it really upsetting Ron, and as Harry said/ thinks in the book, it's last act was to torment Ron.

  21. cjazzle says:

    my eyes IMMEDIATELY watered as soon as hedwig flew back to help harry. her moment of glory was short but it was done in just the right way, same as in the books – sudden, and we couldn't linger because there was so much else going on. i'd have liked a mention of her later on just to help recognize how much she's missed. and mad eye's death was not that dramatic. they just kinda stood there and looked with empty eyes, i didnt really feel the devastation. nor harry's disgust when he sees his eye in umbridge's office later on.

    in regards to the H/H Shipping Dance of 2010 i agree COMPLETELY i thought they were going to make out. i would have been less squeemish about it had Hermione said something at the end like, "I miss Ron" or something of that nature. To readers its obvious what she's thinking afterward, but to those who have only the movies and have constantly been H/H shipped, they might remain slightly confused as to who is meant to end up with whom. for the few moments when harry takes the locket off hermione i was like PSHH i would totally go in for the kiss if someone approached me like that (or vice versa)!!

    kreacher was a let down. though he and dobby dragging in mundungus was funny. i also <3 all bill and fleur moments from the seven potters to the wedding dance, to the next movie where we'll see them at shell cottage (i was totally bummed we didn't see them before the movie ended).

    speaking of the ending, the climax: voldemort getting the elder wand was one half, and the trio escaping malfoy manor only to watch dobby die was the other, and i felt like the trio's half just didnt pack the same emotional punch. THAT IS TO SAY i am not black hearted and didn't cry when dobby died, it was actually quite beautiful and the way he said Harry Potter so lightly and desperately before they realized what had happened broke my heart (not unlike when hermione begs ron to take off the locket before he storms out of the tent). but it wasn't made clear to the audience that the trio realized voldemort had gotten the elder wand. sure, the audience is like OH NO!!! but was this vision revealed to us through harry? in the books yes, but in the movie, it just feels like a stand alone scene, and the trio don't apparently know it. for those of us who've read the book we know that they know, because harry sees it and tells them, but in the movie we don't see the trio FREAKING OUT, along with their already high emotions about dobby's death.

    the music was much better. i wanted more from the chase in the woods scene, cause the clips in the trailers were so bad ass. the scene where hermione is standing behind her enchantments and the snatchers cant see her but can smell her – that was pretty awesome.

    overall the pacing was a bit slow and awkward, though it generally flowed together well. and where some people thought there might not be enough to put in this film i was thinking the whole time they still have to go here and get this and do that and ron returns and then this and that, etc. it was kind of like one foot step in front of the other with bits of action here and there. hermione and harry jumping out the window at bathilda's house was bad ass, but where the F was voldemort?! that would have provided a sense of urgency. if anything, i didnt get the sense that voldemort really was chasing them down, that they were on the run and on the brink of being caught or killed. but that's not a huge complaint overall.

    xenophillius lovegood's scene was good, but dissapointing because i wanted more aloofness. he was just sad and desperate, which i completely understand, but even in the books he does seem to exude a certain cheery weirdness even though his daughter's kidnapped and he plans on selling them out. speaking of this scene and bathilda bagshot – in the book, after they realized bathilda had gone bad and almost got killed, and then decided to go to xenophilliu's house, i was like NOOOO this is a bad idea, you're gonna get screwed over again! and then xenophillius lured me into a false sense of security and i was somehow surprised that this plan had backfired like the one before. i felt the same way in the movie (though wished Xeno had been less dramatic) with the dark tone lending to the sense of impending doom even though this person was supposed to be an ally.

    well, i think i've said enough. i literally got back from seeing the movie, so it's fresh in my brain, but i'll stop now. haha.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      I agree that it totally felt like putting one step in front of the other. That's probably the best description of the pacing I've seen yet. I wonder how those who have never read the books perceived the film.

  22. Phoebe says:

    it definitely was the movie so far.
    best parts:
    -deathly hallows scene
    -snatcher scene (the actor was PERFECT!)
    -dobby was *so* cute
    worst parts:
    -draco malfoy is kind of just *there*. he has no lines.
    -dobbys death. mega mood whiplash. the funeral didnt last long enough and all of a sudden while im still crying they cut to voldemort
    -no lupin
    -harry and hermione looked like aliens in the horcrux
    -the dance scene was at an awkward spot

  23. kayelle says:

    Not sure if this was hit on, but I thought the dancing scene between Harry and Hermione was beautiful. I think, more than anything, it was a sign of friendship: they still have to go on, even without Ron. And at the end, they stop smiling and walk away from each other – they realize that things just aren't the same without Ron there with them. I thought that, after they haven't spoken since Ron left, it just sort of reaffirmed their friendship and that they have to be there for each other. It told them that they were going to be okay, even though it doesn't feel like that and they don't even really believe it.

    Yeah, like I said… it's just a moment of friendship and reaffirming strength but when it comes down to it, they're not as happy as they were when it was all three of them together.

  24. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    An excellent observation!

  25. Riley says:

    I actually liked the Harry/Hermione dancing scene and while I don't think it's something the book characters would have done or that it was really necessarily, I did enjoy it and it did have a reason for being there. I think we are supposed to feel like they are about kiss and that's actually what Yates told Dan and Emma to do — act as though this was a scene where they were going to kiss each other — and it played out brilliant.

    There is a moment, when Hermione is taking off the locket on Harry's neck and they're so close and I was sitting there going, "Oh my god, are they going to kiss?" but then there's this reflection in their eyes where they come to their senses and realize that, no, they are not going to kiss each other. They know where their relationship is and that is friendship and family and home, not soulmates and people who kiss and lovers. I don't think it was actual sexual tension that some people have said, rather Harry was trying to cheer Hermione up and in the processed they learned something about themselves, but even J.K Rowling has said herself that they — Hermione and Harry — did share something that Ron and Hermione never did and that it could have gone that way. That said I am very much a Ron/Hermione shipper and will fight for them to the death.

    I liked the movie, but didn't love it like I thought I would. I have learned, however, not to put up high expectations for the movies because they can't possibly reach all of them. I think them splitting the book into two movies was a very good call because it allowed for better coverage of the issues faced. I thought the scene where Harry goes into the old cupboard under the stairs and sees the old toy solder was fantastic and horribly nostalgic; it reminds us all that it is really ending and that he is finally leaving behind his cupboard, his makeshift home for good. I missed the scene in the Lovegood's home where the trio sees Luna's room and the mural of them and the golden looped letters that spell out 'friendsfriendsfriendsfriends' though that was to be expected because they aren't telling us about the backstories or sub-plots, but the main story — Harry's story — which I happen to think is one of the reasons that a lot has been missed in the prior adaptations.

    Did anyone else like The Three Brothers and the "Twilight's good, better even." line that Ron dropped seconds before? I thought the way the figures looked like shadow puppets, but inspiring. I found it somewhat odd that there was no upfront denial of these objects existences like there was in the book, not to say that it was outright accepted either, but with Hermione's "Honestly Harry, there's no such things as <insert what you wish here>!" in the past, I was a bit surprised. I think the end was anti-climatic and would've been more climatic had they cut to Harry before the end and had him say, "He's got the Elder Wand!" or something along those lines.

    Overall, I give it an 8 out of 10, but I fully expect the finale to blow me away and get an Infinity out of 10.

  26. Collin says:

    I've always heard people referring to the movies as "Pretty illustrations to go with the book", and I've honestly only ever felt that with the first two….and now this one. I think it just seems like David Yates and Steve Kloves tried so hard to create something that fans could really cherish that they forgot to actually make a movie. I thought the same thing about Chris Columbus too, and while I definitely appreciate their efforts (and I do think Yates has oodles of talent as a director, so that's something), at the same time, it's less of an entertaining and well-constructed movie in its own right, and more of "A series of the best fan art one could ever hope for, set in motion".

  27. Stephanie Myers says:

    Well, my favorite part of the movie was the acting. BIG WHOOP to Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. I loved the Ron/Hermione moments in the movie.

    I loved the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy. He looked terrified. Amazing.

    I LOVED how Bellatrix carved ‘mudblood’ into Hermione’s arm. It was terrifying. poor girl. :'(

    I did not like the Malfoy Mannor scene. bleh. It was way to different and funny when it shouldn’t have been. WORMTAIL SHOULD HAVE DIED!!!!!

    I thought Dobby’s death was cheesy. I still teared up, but I like the book’s version a lot better.

    Also. HOW DID SNAPE KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM IN THE FOREST OF DEAN??? They took out the portrait of the Headmaster in Hermione’s bag, so my question is how are they going to show that it was Snape’s patronus and how he found them? hmmmmm?

    I loved the Horcrux scene (minus the make-out bit). When it exploded I jumped so high. I loved how evil and terrifying it looked. And Rupert Grint is amazing.

    I hated the dancing scene. WTF? Harry wouldn’t do that. It was… weird. bleh.

    I saw it in Imax, which was spectacular. Best way to see it. Every little sound reverbrated of the walls. When Voldemort snaped Lucius’ wand.. it was almost bone-chilling.

    And NAGINI… HOLY HELL NAGINI! amazing. and terrifying.

    I didn’t like that Harry just knew to look into the mirror while in the dungeon. ummm, what? They didn’t even explain where they got it. I was with my friend who hasn’t read the last book yet, and she kept asking, ‘Where did he get that mirror?”

    and finally, Ron & Hermione FOREVER <3

  28. mrs_potter_1983 says:


    DAMNIT KLOVES. They didn't even mention Tonks being preggers or anything like that. THANKS MAD-EYE YOU CUT OFF THE GOOD NEWS. GRRR.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was the better of all the book adaptations.


  29. Warmouth says:

    I definitely liked how close the movie was to the books. And the Silver Doe/Locket scene, loved it!

    But please PLEASE stop it with the Harry/Hermione. Just no, stop.

  30. cjazzle says:

    the decoy detonators were AWESOMEEEEEE

  31. Hermione_Danger says:

    Oh my god, yes, Bathilda. Scariest thing ever.

    The only cut that was surprising to me (and therefore the one that bothered me the most) was cutting out Dudley's redemption. I said this on Tumblr already, but basically it seemed cruel to cut out the one moment in which Dudley shows that he's not stupid or incapable of understanding what's going on. The whole damn book is, to me, about redemption and forgiveness, and about choosing other (better) ways than the people who came before you, and Dudley's redemption is so closely tied to that theme. Sigh.

  32. ladysugarquill says:

    Why on earth was Voldemort so happy in this movie

    Well, in the first scene he was winning, so…

    Hinting at Voldemort’s name being a trace and then not explaining it.

    I suspect that's going to be on Part 2.

  33. SorrowsSolace says:

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but some of the comments make me really excited. I did like Rowling's understated way of having Hermione explain the lengths she went to protect her parents; it was really heartfelt. Still to actually see it sounds amazing and it really speaks to Hermione's talent and genius to do it herself, in the fics I've read other people have either helped her or done it instead which takes a bit away from her sacrifice. About the Harry/Hermione Dance Scene I liked the explanation for it; even if it does sound squished in there. And Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour?! I keep seeing Victor from Underworld when he talks and it's exciting, his voice fits the role. For the rest I'll wait eagerly too see the movie!

  34. tarantallegra42 says:

    I feel like I'm attacking people when I say this, but I can't help it.
    How do people not see the Harry/Hermione subtext in the dance scene (particularly in the sustained, prolonged look shared between them afterwards)? Emma has said in multiple interviews that they were directed to play the scene as if Harry and Hermione might kiss after the dance. So, it's not like those unhappy with this scene are imagining things here or trying to stir up controversy where it's not necessary.

    • Catie says:

      I don't think anyone's arguing that the romantic subtext isn't there at all. I think people are just arguing that it's not completely impossible to read the dance as just a nice moment between friends too, so if someone (like me!!!!) hates the idea of seeing a Harry/Hermione romance being supported in these supposed "official" film adaptations, we can still turn the other cheek and enjoy it. We have options here, there's more than one interpretation available, so you don't HAVE to read it as a Harmonian's wet dream…

      …unlike the Ron/Hermione scenes, which couldn't be read as platonic if you tried πŸ˜‰

  35. oohlivia says:

    I actually thought that Voldemort was at his creepiest in this movie. Kind of like how at first Umbridge acts all nice to the students but it's so patronizing and horrible. And it's like one minute Voldemort is acting reasonable, but you know there is something seething underneath and you don't know when it is going to loom. He's just batshit and you don't know when he'll snap.

  36. ZigZag722 says:

    One thing they added to the movie which I really liked was how Bellatrix carved "mudblood" on Hermione's arm. Just seeing that gave me shivers down my spine. And let's face it, they could hardly have Greyback threatening to rape her and keep it PG13 so this was a good, still very scary substitute.

  37. tapette says:

    I have to admit that Prisoner of Azkaban aside, every single HP movie has disappointed me. Part of it is shitty adaptation and part of it is that there are too many details that don't translate well into movies. I didn't expect every detail. Some things weren't integral, such as the lead up to the wedding, the ghoul or even the conversation with Krum. Other stuff was needlessly altered or left out.
    Harry's relationship with Ginny has been given scant attention in the films, which makes it all the more confusing when the director ships him with Hermione in the dance scene. The love between Hermione and Ron, and Ginny and Harry, respectively, felt a lot more real in the books. And the scene at Malfoy Manor of Hermione screaming and Ron breaking down was, for me at least, one of the most climactic moments in the book. This didn't come across in the film, and again it's not because the actors' fault, it's the screenplay.

    I will say that liked the scene of Hermione obliviating her parents, the sets, the silver doe scene.

    Lots of details irritated me:
    -no goodbye to Dudley (good shot of Petunia though)
    -Bill's info dump in the beginning just felt sloppy
    -Hagrid and Harry going in the tunnel/through traffic
    -Harry recognized because of Hedwig, as opposed to expelliarmus as his signature spell
    -moving the part about snitches with flesh memories
    -they refer to Thicknesse by name but not Scrimgeour. I'm still waiting to hear how it's pronounced.
    -no Polyjuice for Harry at the wedding
    -barely any mention of Dumbledore's history (though this wouldn't translate well on film)
    -no Lupin announcing the pregnancy, barely even a mention of his marriage to Tonks
    -no Kreacher's tale
    -Harry revealing himself to Umbridge at the Cattermole hearing and failing to take Moody's eye
    -no replacement of Umbridge's necklace (a key point in hiding the fact that they are chasing horcuruxes)
    -Ron kissing Mrs Cattermole
    -the sword of Gryffindor being missing instead of in Snape's office
    -Ron looking suspiciously at Harry and Hermione before he left; this never happened in the book, he was more upset about being hungry and having no leads
    -the dance
    -no Polyjuice at Godric's Hollow and Harry claiming he didn't want to use it because it was his hometown
    -no sign of Voldemort almost catching them at Godric's Hollow
    -Xeno Lovegood doesn't emphasize that the true invisibility cloak is unique, the inclusion of this detail would have been easy, as well as some of the argument between Xeno and Hermione about the viability to the Hollows
    -no mention of the trace on Voldemort's name (especially seeing that that's how they were followed to London from the wedding)
    -Malfoy Manor: not enough of Hermione being tortured and Ron reacting to it (cut out the dance scene if this was about cutting time), Bellatrix carves 'mudblood' on Hermione but doesn't say the line about 'finding out how dirty her blood really is' when she's holding the knife to her neck
    -how did Pettigrew fall down?
    -Grindelwald giving up the info to Voldemort, why change this?
    -I missed Luna's words at Dobby's burial
    – no mention of the cloak at all

  38. whitney says:

    First of all, this is my favorite movie. But is it just me, or do they take away too many of Harry's Badass Wizard moments and give them to Hermione? (in the cafe, at the ministry, at bathilda's because we don't know harry's having a voldy conniption)

  39. lindseytinsey says:

    Oh and the Tale of the Three Brother's reminded me of a mixture of A Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Like it was made by Tim Burton.
    Also, Scabior the Snatcher is brilliant and yum. You all should join the facebook group thingy … I just found it today πŸ˜›

  40. Jen says:

    I felt very uncomfortable with the locket-Harry/Hermione scene. These are children from a children's book. They should not be insinuating anything sexual. It's corrupting my poor childhood. D:

  41. Spork says:

    Actually, I thought that was suposed to be the opposite thing. Since Kloves had done a bunch of Ron/Hermione crap previously, I felt like this was his way of making a save. Dumbledore was voicing an opinion a lot of the fans had, but Harry basically went "No, I don't feel that way at all". So I have the opposite opinion to you. I think a lot of the scenes that people are all like "KLOVES YOU HARRY/HERMIONE JERK" in this movie are that way too.

  42. peacockdawson says:


    And I hated them taking out Wormail's bit, too. HE IS SUPPOSED TO STRANGLE HIMSELF.

    Also, I'm so glad someone else gets how wrong it is that Grindelwald sold out Dumbledore. Everyone told me I was overreacting.

  43. hvaad says:

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just saw the movie.
    I really enjoyed the very beginning with Hermione obliviating her parents and Ron standing outside the burrow. I also really liked the silver doe scene, although I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the two year old in front of me hadn't started crying right when it started (seriously how would anyone think it was a good idea to bring a two year old to a ten pm showing of this movie).

    I usually have lots of problems with book to movie adaptations and this is especially true with the Harry Potter movies since I know the books so well so I am really aware of all the changes and most of the time I am not a fan. Anyone who has had the displeasure of seeing one of them with me knows this because I can't help complaining a lot. That being said this movie annoyed me on average less than the other ones (except maybe poa). However there were some things that I really didn't like.

    First of it really bugs me when people change things for no purpose what so ever especially when it would have been easier, made way more sense and not taken more time to keep things the way they were. It would have been way easier for the story in the movie if they had included the information about the taboo.

    A very small detail but it bothered me that in the chase with the seven potters they had Harry stupefy one of the death eaters. It would have changed absolutely nothing for the movie if they had had him use expelliarmus or anything else but its annoying since in the book there was a point made of Harry's unwillingness to stupefy.
    On the same note the fact that they did not include Harry reassuring Ron that he only loves Hermione like a sister was pretty stupid to me. It is such a powerful scene in the book and would have been really easy to keep.

    Lastly the dance . . . I can never stand a scene in any movie where couples start to dance when they are not at a dance or a party but their backyard or living room, especially when there is no music and everything is all of a sudden covered with Christmas lights. I just can't handle the cheesiness. So just by being a ballroom type dance in a tent the scene annoyed me then on top of that it being a scene not from the book and somewhat harry/hermione shippy I really did not care for it.

    I apologize for the length of this whining but my mom, who I saw the movie with, wouldn't listen to any of my complaining so I had to get it out somewhere.

    Quote from my mom in the car: "I just don't understand why Hermione would choose Ron and not Harry. What does she see in him? He's a redhead and that's fine but he is really unattractive and that's fine but he is unintelligent and not funny." "They spent wayyy too long camping"
    couldn't disagree with her more

  44. forthejokes says:

    Having seen it a second time I now agree with your comment about the pacing. Also I loved the Tale of the Three Brothers, I thought that was amazing.

    I do agree with the majority of your comments in fact. Voldemort's voice in the first scene bugged me both times I saw it, Rowling always described it as cold, he seemed to friendly. I also hate Kloves and his Harry/Hermione-ness, but I didn't mind either scene. I'd read a review where it mentioned that a nice touch for fans is that they dance and was upset, but it was daggy and trying to make light of a good situation. The naked making out was a bit too intense, but I believed it fit the situation as the Horcrux was depicting Ron's worst fears.

  45. lyvvie says:

    Right, I know I'll probably be restating stuff already put but I've only just seen the film and I HAVE THOUGHTS.

    I'll start off by saying that I really enjoyed the film, the darkness, the forboding and the greatly improved acting. Hermione telling the Tale of the Three Brothers was beautiful animation and the only time everyone in the cinema I was in were completely quiet.

    Other good stuff:
    – Lucius Malfoy – in the books I hardly give him a 2nd thought, I don't think he's much of a character, but in the films Jason Isaacs demands attention with his performances and has been one of the (very) few improvements that the films have made to the text.
    – Hermione wiping her parents memories was so sad I was sniffling and it was only 2 seconds into the film!
    – Harry jumping into the pond. I was shivering just looking at it.
    – The carving of 'mudblood' so awful but so great.
    – Extra Neville

    (splitting for the bad stuff…)

    • lyvvie says:

      Now for some bad. It doesn't have an ending, which I was aware of going in but which still annoyed me. I'm glad that we're getting to see the books in more detail and I wouldn't have wanted them to cram it all into 2 1/2 hours but I still wish they'd brought more of a temporary resolution at the end of this film. It made me want to watch more, which was the idea, but left me unsatisfied.

      Completely agree about the H/Hr stuff. The dance ended up quite nice and goofy but the beginning bit with Harry staring at Hermione from across the room, walking over to her purposefully, taking off the locket etc. just really had me cringing. I didn't for one minute feel like Hermione was interested in him, which I was glad for as if it'd been a moment of mutual attraction I would have been even less amused, but Dan really had a whole smoldering desire thing going on which made it seem like Harry was really into Hermione, which was super-confusing because up until that point even in the films I don't think Harry has shown any other-than-friends interest in her (well, maybe when he smiles when he sees her in her dress for the ball but that can be argued away, this not so much).

      • lyvvie says:

        Grindelwald giving up Dumbledore broke my heart a little. Even though he was evil and manipluated Dumbledore and probably killed his sister there was still that moment of grace for him in the end in the books where he wouldn't give up Dumbledore maybe because he did actually care for him. In the film this is done away with easily.

        I found Ron actually telling the story of how he returned really strange and clunky. Yes it led to a little joke later but come on, this is film, show don't tell.

        • lyvvie says:

          Now a complaint which could be applied to all the films. I just don't think you could understand what is going on without reading the books. In this film Harry spends a long time looking at his piece of mirror. Has it ever been explained in the films what this piece of mirror is and why it's important? I don't think so. The trace isn't explained (instead they find them because Hermione smells so great or something). I'm not sure if Harry wins Draco's wand in the correct way so I'm wondering if they're going to do away with that plot twist. Also, Bill and Fleur suddenly getting married was pretty meaningless. I have the same problem with the revelations of the previous film. How does Dumbledore know where the locket is? How does he get the ring and why is it important? And as relevant to these last films, why are any of these objects important to Voldermort?

          • lyvvie says:

            Stuff they missed out that I wanted to see/thought it would have been useful for them to show:
            – Dumbledore backstory. Maybe they're leaving this for the 2nd part, or maybe they've decided to cut out all the stuff, but the taking of Dumbledore down from his pedistal is one of the best things about the last book.
            – Kreature and Regulus, sad but not unexpected
            – Ditto anything with Lupin who has been sidelined since the 3rd film.
            – The half-picture/letter that Harry finds from his mother that we later find Snape has the other half of.
            – Dudley's redemption (it's never explained in the films that there is actually a good reason for Harry to keep living with the Dursley's).

            All I have to say is they better not cut too much of Snape's backstory in the 2nd part.

            I'll end on a shallow note, Dan Rad looked stunning. I never really found him attractive before but the stubbly/careworn thing was really working for him.

  46. Enzie says:

    *waves* Hello, I'm new around these here parts.

    I discovered MRHP a week ago, and have made it through the entries on the first three books already. I SQEE'D so loud.

    I just have one question. Someone already introduced Mark to Wizard Rock, right? If not, shame on you all. πŸ˜€

  47. Tinabug23 says:

    I finally saw it so now I can discuss! lol.

    The fact that Kreacher's tale was left out really bothers me. I definitely think that they should have included that, & them not doing Potter Watch also really bothers me. I think those are probably my two biggest complaints. along w/ not enough Lupin.

    I also thought the Godric's Hollow scene was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect in my opinion.
    I tried so hard to not cry when Dobby died, but I just could not help it. The tears rolled down my face & I could not stop them. Hedwig's death was just like getting punched in the gut.

    I also really liked Fleur's wedding dress. it was different & kind of weird, but I think that's why I like it.

  48. Stephanie says:

    I have 2 main complaints with this one that you didn't mention. I completely agree with you on Kreacher, though. First, I really don't like that they left out the whole Grindlewald-being-a-bad-guy storyline. I thought that it was really essential to Harry's questioning how well he knew Dumbledore. I do like that they showed that in other places, but I really thought that part was important. Besides that, it was a huge part of Dumbledore's characterization at the end of the series. It showed that he was flawed, just like every other person ever. I thought that was so integral in the books to how Rowling shows that no character is one sided. All of the good guys, even Dumbledore, have flaws. Nobody is perfect, and all of the main bad guys (Snape, Malfoy, even a little bit of Voldemort) is pitied at some point. That just really bothered me. I get that if they didn't leave some things out, all of the movies would be 6 hours long, but I would have no complaints if that happened. Problem number two: WHERE ARE THE PEACOCKS AT MALFOY MANOR?!?!

    • Abbie says:

      I completely agree – I feel like they just decided to completely shunt all the Harry/Dumbledore development that was so integral to the story, to the side. We don't really get a sense of the person Dumbledore used to be – or how Harry feels about it, and I understand that's difficult to do on the big screen but an effort really should of been made – Harry spends a good portion of the book angsting about Dumbeldore.
      Another thing I hated, which relates to that, is cutting out Harry's obsession with the Hallows, which is also filled with much questioning of Dumbledore. Harry is basically at the "Forget The Horcruxes, Let's go after Hallows!" point when they get caught…as opposed to the film where they go straight from Xenophilius's to Malfoy Manor.

  49. Ellen says:

    I couldn't help laughing hysterically at the part when Bill walks in (Bill, who hasn't been in any of the previous movies yet at all, ever) and they're like "This is Bill. He likes raw meat now!"
    If I hadn't read the book, that line would by so hilariously pointless to me. Actually, it was still sort of pointless — why mention him being a werewolf at all, since they skipped the scene where he was mauled, skipped Fleur and Mrs. Weasley's confrontation about it, and it's not really integral to the plot in the future that he's a werewolf?

    • Anonymouse says:

      I think they kept it in because a) a billion fans would be very angry if it didn't even get mentioned (though how they figure that when the TONKS IS PREGNANT thing got totally skipped over…) and b) because it kind of shows the damage the death eaters can do, even if it's only mentioned casually. It would have been nice to get that story included in HBP, but…

  50. Anonymouse says:

    Hey Mark! I've been following this on Buzznet, but haven't ever commented before.

    I thought this was a great movie! LOVED the whole locket scene… that was my favourite scene in the series and I thought the movie captured it PERFECTLY! <3 I also really thought the Ministry scene was superb! However, the plot could ALWAYS use more Lupin (ALWAYS)!
    There is going to be so much for them to cover in Part 2 and I'm reserving judgment until then. Also hoping for an extended version to come out on DVD! Maybe if we ask nicely, or yell loudly…

  51. Brianna says:

    Although the whole naked Hermione and Harry thing was kind of weird, I thought the execution of the destroying of the Horcrux was amazing. They really made that a powerful scene and I was happy with it. It gave me major goosebumps.

    Also, the comedy in this was amazing as well. Especially Dobby's, "Dobby did not mean to kill…only maim or seriously injure." OMG, I laughed so hard…but then I cried because that stupid whore Bellatrix killed him. πŸ™

  52. PoketheDevil says:

    Do you know what SUCKS?
    DH is not playing where I live… yet. And I am so so jealous reading all these comments πŸ™
    I want it noww!!!!!

  53. cassanova says:

    I don't know if anyone's mentioned the Bellatrix torture scene but..
    Writing "Mudblood" on Hermione was infinitely worse than the Cruciatus Curse, in my opinion.

    I agree with you about pretty much everything except for the Harry/Hermione dancing scene. I think it was adorable and it clearly was there to cheer her up even if it was for the length of a song.

    Also, the Tale of the Three Brothers was most definitely my favorite scene cinematographically.
    And, am I the only one, or was Kingsley's patronus just a ball of white mist instead of a lynx? Just wondering.

  54. Madii says:

    So finally reading this xD

    Okay. Bellatrix… What the fuck. When she was on Hermione like that… Also, not enough Draco but that's just me. And sorry but naked Harry and Hermione… HELLO, THERE ARE KIDS WATCHING THIS SHIT. Yeah.

    What genuinely annoyed me was the fact they didn't include the whole thing with the Dursleys where Dudley is somewhat nice… Gutted. :/ And I can't even remember if they found the letter in Sirius' room… It was pretty scrappy the way all the scenes were put together but… Good movie I guess. >< Lucius' hair was beautiful. JSYK.

  55. Abbie says:

    The thing that absolutely killed me was how it went directly from going to the Lovegood's to Harry, Ron, and Hermione being caught. Harry's obsession over the Hallows is such a tremendous aspect to his development a character, and also to the development of Dumbledore's character as well and it was completely cut out. That's not just a little tweak to the story – that's a huge plot change.

  56. Xocolatl. says:

    MARKmarkmarkmark….first of all, I hope you check out comments on old posts or this is gonna be worthless. But basically, can you please do a Mark Watches A Very Potter Musical!?!? That would be so awesome and cool and awesome and I would love you forever IT WOULD BE SO COOL PLEASE?! I mean, I know for sure people post tons of quotes from it and you would finally understand where we're getting the quotes, not to mention since you've finished all the books you would understand all the references! PLEASE?

  57. Guest says:

    So a random Harry Potter tumblr page pointed this AMAZING, MIND-BLOWING insight into the 3 brothers tale and I thought you might find it FREAKING AWESOME! You may have already heard/read this, but just in case:
    The 3 Brothers = Voldemort, Snape, and Harry
    One died for power
    The other sought dead love
    And the last greeted death as an old friend

  58. elyce says:

    you know… I don't think I ever commented on this. I can't really remember.

    Anyway, MY favorite scenes were the Tale of the Three Brothers (such beautiful and interesting animation!) and the part where Ron talks about the ball of light touching his heart (not the stupid joke Harry makes afterward, but the actual explanation). I definitely teared up there – I might even go so far as to say that it's my favorite scene of all of the HP movies combined (which says a lot considering I love the Sectumsempra scene a ton). It made it ten times more real and for the first time I actually felt the Ron/Hermione love.

    As for things I didn't like… which there are always plenty…

    Wormtail's non-death. Maybe they'll explain it in part two? but for now, it's annoying.
    Harry/Hermione shipping. Will it never end?! I cringed at the naked makeout scene. And the dance, so terribly awkward.
    Shoving Dobby where he doesn't belong. I know in the movies, he's been MIA for 4 movies, but still. He was so annoying when he just showed up with Kreacher. – here i was sitting in the theater thinking, I'm going to have to be sad when he dies in about an hour but right now he's just annoying. And we lost Kreacher's Tale.
    No Dean D:
    I don't like that they changed Harry's line about Ron coming back, from "he must have known you'd always want to come back." I think it's a real character-defining moment for Ron and they changed it.
    I still don't like the Tonks/Lupin relationship, and I know I didn't really like it in the books either, but in the movies it's completely blah. And we only got the vaguest hint of the pregnancy, which we only know because we've read the books.
    Dobby's Death. I was expecting to bawl my eyes out, but they dragged it on and added things he didn't say and it just didn't feel quite right.
    Ron yelling in the basement of Malfoy Manor. I loved the Hermione torture scene. It was great. But I wanted Ron to be distraught with emotion.
    Shell cottage: That house is going to fall down on the next high tide. Whoever planned the house obviously has never lived/been to a beach.

    On the bright side, though, the acting improved phenomenally in this movie. For the first time, I believed what Emma Watson was saying. For the first time, she actually convinced me she could act. Rupert was fantastic, as always. Even Dan finally learned to cry (you have no idea how happy I was when I saw him cry at his parent's grave). DH part 1 is definitely my favorite movie so far and I cannot wait for part 2 to come out.

  59. Guest says:

    Deleted Scenes for the movie areeeeeeeeeeee

    -Harry/Dudley/Aunt Petunia BONDING MOMENTS YES
    – Ron/Hermione skipping stones <3
    – Ron telling Harry/Hermione about the taboo!!!
    – Runcorn!Harry talking to Mr. Weasley at the Ministry!!!
    – Harry/Ron chase a rabbit?


  60. Jon David says:

    I have to agree with what you said, the best film so far since the Goblet of Fire and the most loyal to the book since the Chamber of Secrets. I'm happy that they ADDED the Hermoine scene in the beginning, that was touching and heartbreaking that if she dies…her parents will NEVER know of her.

    One thing they should have put in and didn't was the scene with Dudley, how he shook Harry's hand. That simple gesture spoke volumes.

    I cannot wait for part two, the ACTION FILM. lol


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  79. tori says:

    No Kreacher's Tale was the worst part of that whole movie. It was one of my favs in the book and they cut it out!!!!! What the hell Warner Bros? What the hell? And even though I usually hate movie adaptations that leave things out or insert things, this particular movie had three amazing new scenes that need mentioning. The dance scene, though most people hated it, was touching and sweet. And the music paired with it is a jolt of reality that these are just two little children throw into war. Another one that I love is when the Snatcher smells Hermione's perfume. The visuals in that scene were amazing and the whole thing was filled with suspense. And finally, the animation sequence during the reading of The Tale of the Three Brothers was chilling and done really well. I loved it!

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