Mark Watches ‘The Hobbit’ (Animated) Liveblog

oh god WE ARE STARTING THE TOLKIEN LIVEBLOGS NOW. THIS IS SO TERRIBLY EXCITING. I don’t think any of you understand how desperately I need to watch these films. DESPERATE. THAT’S NOT EVEN A STRONG ENOUGH WORD. I wanted to include the Bass/Rankin version of The Hobbit to ease us into the LOTR liveblogs, so this one will be first!

Oh god OH GOD.

The liveblog for the Bass/Rankin version of The Hobbit will take place on Saturday, March 24th, at 12:00PM PDT. Please consult a world clock to determine what time this is for you. We will sync our copies with the Warner Bros. logo and press play at the appropriate time. Then, use the comments below as your area to liveblog away! Remember, site rules still apply. Since the film is under an hour and a half, there will be no breaks. It’s just a straight shot.

I am so terribly excited to see this. Hope you can party with the community this weekend!

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