Mark Watches ‘Fringe’ Liveblog: Forced Perspective

Oh, Fringe. You continue to amaze me. Let’s all gather tonight to celebrate just how real shit is getting on this show. Also, did you know last week had a boost in viewership? SUCCESS. I WANT A SEASON FIVE. Anyway, onwards to liveblogging!

Somewhat unfortunately, I’ll be missing tonight’s liveblog, though it’s for a good reason. I’m hanging out with a bunch of Nerdfighters and meeting John Green tonight! I will watch the episode and liveblog it tomorrow morning, though.

Because we are all on the exact same ground this time around, our spoiler policy for these blogs will be completely different. Anything that has aired in the past is fair game for discussion. Anything that has not publicly aired WILL BE CONSIDERED A SPOILER.

This liveblog will work in relative to when the episode airs for you. So, you may begin your livebloggy commenting down below when the episode starts. To avoid spoilers, I stick to the first page and comment away, and then go back afterwards to add any more

DO. NOT. POST. SPOILERS. This community is not the place for that. You have the rest of the Internet. Go there.

My review for “Forced Perspective” will go up on Saturday.

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276 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Fringe’ Liveblog: Forced Perspective

  1. monkeybutter says:

    Yay, Fringe Friday!

    <img src=""&gt;
    I have no idea what's going to happen this week. Multiple universes? Jones? Olivia? Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be awesome!

  2. brandy says:

    Just letting you know that my husband and I are working our way through season one right now! What's more, I paid cash money for the DVDs at Costco, so hopefully that'll help their renewal prospects more than downloading the eps somewhere would. I want to be all caught up to watch s5 live!

  3. plaidpants says:

    Once again I'm not going to be able to participate in the liveblog, but I will definitely post my reactions post-episode! I can't wait!

  4. Hotaru_hime says:

    I am hanging out with friends tonight, so I won't be able to liveblog! But I will make them watch it!! I AM NOT GOING TO MISS FRINGE WHILE I AM STILL IN AMERICA.

  5. teel77 says:

    Are you going to add the Fringe reviews to the Master Schedule or is it just assumed they will always be up the day after the liveblogs that are listed? thanks!

  6. SecretGirl127 says:

    It's my birthday today and although I really can't think of a better way to spend my birthday/friday night than with a Mark/Fringe live blog, others were able to come up with some ideas, so will not be live blogging.

  7. monkeybutter says:

    I feel this is relevant to our interests:
    [youtube uLBpEatp-kM youtube]

  8. ldwy says:


    Also, is it just me, or in the photo in this post, does Olivia not look a thing like Olivia? Weird.

  9. LucyGoosey says:

    ARGH! Having to choose between Fringe or the Chuck finale!…..Eh, who am I kidding, Fringe will win.

  10. knut_knut says:

    oh my god RoTK is on. Last week it was Jurassic Park. Why are all the good movies on during Fringe?? It's a conspiracy

  11. monkeybutter says:

    <img src="; width="600">

  12. ldwy says:

    ramsey is gone LET IT BEGIN!!!

  13. monkeybutter says:


  14. knut_knut says:


  15. monkeybutter says:

    She's taking that well

  16. Michelle says:

    AUGUST!!!!! *flail*

  17. monkeybutter says:

    psychic drawings?

  18. ldwy says:

    i had forgotten that fringe division had been tracking the observors

  19. knut_knut says:

    even during her psychic drawings, she takes time to shade? dedication

  20. monkeybutter says:


  21. ldwy says:

    Oooh, prophetic line drawings!!

  22. ldwy says:

    boo commercial.

  23. aurelia says:

    Callback to The Ghost Network?

  24. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, so when I was a kid, I wanted to see if I could do psychic drawings, and would stare off into space and scribble and see if anything came out.

    My powers did not realize themselves.

  25. knut_knut says:

    awwww, Walter

  26. monkeybutter says:

    A bb observer who was never picked up?

  27. ldwy says:

    death predictions up the yin yang

  28. monkeybutter says:


  29. knut_knut says:

    this episode got sad real fast

  30. monkeybutter says:

    Did one of the buildings on the wall look like the one that Walter's lab is in? Kinda? Also, was there a squirrel?

  31. knut_knut says:

    those chairs do not look comfortable

  32. monkeybutter says:

    I like Olivia's glasses. I want them.

  33. monkeybutter says:

    Migraines by fate?

  34. monkeybutter says:

    Also, I take that the increased number means that Peter's affecting her

  35. monkeybutter says:

    That never works.

  36. knut_knut says:

    so much blue!

  37. knut_knut says:

    no, really, there is a ton of blue in this episode. Is it always like this?

  38. monkeybutter says:


  39. knut_knut says:

    YOU could have ended up on the Fringe team! What a missed opportunity

  40. monkeybutter says:

    Hiding the daughter…

  41. monkeybutter says:


  42. monkeybutter says:

    And she has a red backpack…is she from over there?

  43. knut_knut says:

    that look was NOT comforting, Kennedy

  44. knut_knut says:

    EVERYONE IS WEARING BLUE. Something about the blue universe? maybe?

  45. monkeybutter says:

    Even her hair is kinda reddish. I'm gonna obsess over this color thing.

  46. knut_knut says:


  47. monkeybutter says:

    I think she does. She just doesn't remember. :C

  48. ldwy says:

    If Massive Dynamic already knows about this girl, then I bet that Nina knows about Olivia's "fate."

  49. monkeybutter says:


  50. monkeybutter says:

    With underlying tension, of course

  51. monkeybutter says:


  52. knut_knut says:

    thank you for calling out nina

  53. knut_knut says:

    they MUST have lived by Reiden Lake

  54. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, I guess a teenager would have a hard time getting out to Reiden Lake. But maybe that's where her powers come from?

  55. monkeybutter says:


  56. ldwy says:

    Oh gosh, so many figures!

  57. knut_knut says:

    MAGIC??? lol probably not

  58. knut_knut says:

    I wonder if she's going to predict Olivia's death

  59. monkeybutter says:

    Well, one goes with the other

  60. monkeybutter says:

    Poor kid

  61. monkeybutter says:

    jeez, Olivia, way to be subtle

  62. knut_knut says:


  63. monkeybutter says:

    That sounds a bit cruel, Peter

  64. Michelle says:


    • knut_knut says:


    • ldwy says:

      I wonder if there is a significance to the amount of season one callbacks. Like, not that the particular events are significant, I'm sure they are, but that season one shares some significance to the current season. Maybe some major theme will be strongly repeated.

  65. monkeybutter says:

    Argh, she heard the hum around Olivia

  66. knut_knut says:


  67. monkeybutter says:

    Massive Dynamic?

  68. ldwy says:

    Creepy visuals.

  69. monkeybutter says:

    Darn, I was wrong

  70. monkeybutter says:

    He's the one who does it?

  71. monkeybutter says:


  72. knut_knut says:

    is Mr. Duncan a shapeshifter???

    NINA *shake fist*

  73. monkeybutter says:


  74. ldwy says:

    Oh wow. He's the criminal!

  75. monkeybutter says:

    Yes, House will be a jerk to a patient's relative. That's what he does.

  76. ldwy says:

    What if some of the bodies in the girl's vision were Fringe people?

  77. ldwy says:

    There hasn't been a ton of Lincoln in this episode.

  78. knut_knut says:

    her backpack is blue AND red!

  79. monkeybutter says:


  80. monkeybutter says:

    Nina works fast

  81. monkeybutter says:

    If it's not Nina, I will feel silly and apologize just this once

  82. monkeybutter says:

    How do her parents afford to move constantly?

  83. ldwy says:

    Oh, no Olivia? On the park bench?

    At first I thought her Dad.

  84. knut_knut says:

    wait. how'd he know?

  85. knut_knut says:


  86. ldwy says:

    That is a big old bomb.

  87. monkeybutter says:


  88. knut_knut says:

    is he doing this to go after ONE guy???

  89. monkeybutter says:

    You know, if your go-to revenge is mass-murder, taking them out of your custody was probably a good idea

  90. ldwy says:

    Interesting sci-fi music is happening, maybe she will do it with her SPECIAL POWERS.

    • ldwy says:

      Oh, nope. Just her super special powers of PERSUASION

      • monkeybutter says:

        Either way, Olivia is still awesome

      • knut_knut says:

        maybe her super special powers of persuasion stem from her Special Powers.

        I just want her to use her powers again

        • fieldofwhitetulips says:

          Nick Lane had the ability to control other people's emotions, so perhaps cortexiphan does have something to do with her powers of persuasion. Also, the device they used on Emily is the same one they used on Olivia to help her find Nick Lane. Peter even remembered the way he was able to calm Olivia down when he was under and had Emily's father do the same. The parallels in this episode are insane!

  91. knut_knut says:


  92. monkeybutter says:


  93. monkeybutter says:

    And dammit possibly-Nina-or-someone-in-cahoots-with-her

  94. knut_knut says:

    who transports dry cleaning in a black van?

  95. ldwy says:

    If Olivia goes to the lake Emily will get the VIBE with her and know!

  96. monkeybutter says:

    You know, the park bench reminds me of Olivia and Peter's scene in that gif I posted on the first page

  97. Michelle says:


  98. knut_knut says:

    no, emily, don't do it 🙁

  99. ldwy says:

    Or OMG she saw her own death?

  100. ldwy says:

    Or she's mistaken? She drew both her and Olivia on the bench….

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