Mark Watches ‘Razor’ Liveblog

It’s time for the very first liveblog for Battlestar Galactica. This Saturday, join your fellow BSG fans here as we all watch the Razor movie together. USE THE COMMENTS AS YOUR CANVAS. By which I mean I EXPECT A LOT OF GIFS. Let us liveblog away!


The liveblog starts on Saturday, October 29th at 10:00am PDT. Please consult a world clock to determine what time this is for you.

At that moment, start your copy of Razor. Liveblogging is simply using the comments to e-vomit all of your thoughts and reactions as you progress through what we are watching, so have fun!

This is important: please do not spoil any future events in the comments, even during the liveblog. There will be people like me who have not seen this and I don’t want to be spoiled while watching.

The review of Razor will go up on Monday afternoon! SEE YOU THEN!

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343 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Razor’ Liveblog

  1. NB2000 says:

    Just so we're all clear: it's the Extended DVD cut we're liveblogging right? It would be slightly awkward if we all started and then suddenly realised that some of us were watching a completely different scene or kept going after the aired cut ended. I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Is that what is on Netflix/iTunes? That's the only thing I have available to watch.

      • NB2000 says:

        I don't know about Netflix and it doesn't look like the UK iTunes store has it, so I can't check what runtime they have listed. The preview of the US store listing the BSGWiki links to doesn't say how long it is. So I have no idea which cut is available to you, sorry.

        The aired version is 81 minutes and the extended 101 minutes if that's at all helpful.

        • nanceoir says:

          Well, that's not helpful at all. I just looked on Netflix Streaming, and what they show for Razor is 87 minutes.

          • NB2000 says:

            Yeah I'm starting to think those times may be wrong. I'm looking at the back of my DVD and it says it's 1hr 39 mins. I tried downloading the one on the tumblr post psycicflower has pointed people to in the past and it says it's 87 minutes.

            If Netflix is saying 87 minutes then it's probably the aired cut.

            • xpanasonicyouthx says:

              THIS IS ENDLESSLY CONFUSING. Mayhaps I shall try to find the DVD today?

              • NB2000 says:

                Sometimes I think the producers were trying to make things as confusing as possible with the multiple versions of episodes being available in different ways. I think we may have to go through this again for the second special as well.

              • chikzdigmohawkz says:

                Well, if you decide to try to find the DVD, check your local library. That's where I got the DVD I'm using tomorrow.

              • notemily says:

                Mark, let us know which version you're watching tomorrow! I'll find the extended edition somehow if that's what you're watching.

                • xpanasonicyouthx says:

                  I know we all might have different copies, but ultimately I think we'll be okay? I'll be using the 90+ minute Netflix version because I could not find a DVD copy on such short notice. :/

      • Guest says:

        I'm a new follower, came over from Neil Gaiman's blog. There are a few episodes of BSG that are extended on the DVDs, and Netflix doesn't stream them the last time I checked. Don't know about iTunes. I really recommend getting the extended editions of Razor and Daybreak.

        The extended Razor gives you a lot more character material, and adds a lot to Uryran Pnva. Not that her characterization is really weak in the short Razor, but she didn't click until I saw the scene where ure fvfgre vf nccneragyl xvqanccrq ol ergerngvat Plybaf. Gura V ernyvmrq gung Tvan qvqa'g whfg ercerfrag orgenlny be Pnva'f crefbany snvyher. Fur ercerfragrq gur raq cebqhpg bs gur Plyba uhzna rkcrevzragf, rkcrevzragf juvpu cebonoyl vapyhqrq Pnva'f fvfgre. Rirel gvzr Pnva ybbxf ng Tvan, fur frrf gur gbegher naq zheqre bs ure xvq fvfgre, naq fur unf ab ceboyrz qrnyvat onpx rirelguvat onpx gb gurz guebhtu Tvan.

        The short version is still a fun, creepy adventure and it'll set you up for season four, but the long version treats a couple of characters better, is all.

  2. Dear Michelle Forbes,

    I love you. I'm a little afraid of your characters sometimes, but I love you.

    A fan eagerly awaiting her very second Mark Liveblogs!

  3. enigmaticagentscully says:

    I have to confess – I've never seen Razor.

    This is SUCH a weird fangirl-y thing to do but I honestly just can't bring myself to watch it because then I will have seen all the Battlestar Galactica there is and that makes me unendingly sad…

    So, er…have fun everyone! I'll be sitting this one out.

    • cait0716 says:

      I've never seen it, either. Or the other movie. And I didn't know there were webisodes until Mark started watching them. I may end up sitting it out, too, for the same reason.

    • notemily says:

      I've never seen Razor either, or the other movie. I want to watch this one, but I'm confused as to what version the liveblog is for.

  4. Weston says:

    I know the the thing I'm looking forward to, and I look forward to it with fantastic eagerness.

  5. Chris says:

    13 days Mark?! We had to wait 377and days between the end of season 3for and beginning of 4! It was terrible! Can’t wait to read your reactions. It’s so fun to read or hear a new fan’s thoughts! So not prepared!

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Mark, I discovered your site about a week ago, but I think it's awesome and am totally jumping onboard! I watched BSG as it aired, but I'm currently undergoing my first rewatch since the series finale. I'd just finished Crossroads and was searching for fan reactions to it when I discovered this place, and so decided I might as well watch at your pace! I love hearing new fans' reactions to this epic-and-amazing show. Also EVERYTHING ELSE you read and watch is either among my favorites or is on my list of stuff to read or watch! So yeah! You are so not prepared for Season 4!

  7. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  8. xpanasonicyouthx says:



  9. knut_knut says:

    I'm going to miss the liveblog to frolic in the snow 🙁 but have fun! You are not prepared 🙂

  10. NB2000 says:

    20 minutes! I'm currently thanking the gods of technology that my internet connection has been restored in time (it's been off all day for some unknown reason).

  11. I'm going to be watching the Netflix version. 🙁 Sadtimes.

  12. psycicflower says:


    *pulls self away from election coverage*

  13. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    omg omg

  14. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  15. NB2000 says:

    Clock says 6 so, starting! Universal logo! WOO!

  16. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    I loooooooove the opening monologue!

  17. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    omg this is already so cool COULD YOU IMAGINE THIS IN A THEATER

  18. NB2000 says:

    Hi Stephanie Jacobsen and your lovely accent!

  19. psycicflower says:

    Back when they first discovered the Pegasus. Sigh, simpler times.

  20. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    omg i have so many feelings

  21. psycicflower says:

    Did they just kill off the Pegasus crew as quick as they could?

  22. NB2000 says:

    It's a bit slower than usual and we didn't get the actual words but this is a very effective Previously On.

    Yay credits! *may be singing along as badly as humanly possible*

  23. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    I know it's only been two weeks for me, but I MISS THESE CREDITS SO MUCH.

  24. psycicflower says:


  25. NB2000 says:

    Aawww Lee and Kara being siblings. The good old days.

  26. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    omg who is this beautiful woman

    • chikzdigmohawkz says:

      She is Kendra Shaw and she is my favorite forever. Sorry, Helo and Starbuck, you only get to tie for second.

  27. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Well, that looks painful.

  28. psycicflower says:


  29. NB2000 says:

    That's not an awkward place to inject yourself.

  30. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  31. NB2000 says:

    Awww intact Caprica. So pretty.

  32. psycicflower says:

    'Persistent insubordinate behaviour' Is she the Pegasus Starbuck?

  33. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    oh shit caprica OMG

  34. drugs FLASHBACK! standing and insubordination I LIKE THIS PERSON SOMEHOW DON'T JUDGE ME

  35. Peter says:


  36. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Awww, I love their explanation for how we've never before met this character, even though she's been there the whole time.

  37. Peter says:

    I'm a sucker for the pre-apocalypse in this show, aren't we all?

  38. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  39. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    omg cain. OMG HOW I MISSED YOU.

  40. NB2000 says:

    HNG Steve Bacic, hiiiii

    Cain actually seeming like a human being, thinking of visiting friends, it's amazing.

  41. psycicflower says:

    Mmmm, Pegasus XO is quite nice to look at.

  42. Peter says:


  43. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    I wanna go Scorpio Paragliding! (Well, not really – I'm a bit terrified by heights. But I'd probably do it anyway.)

  44. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  45. notemily says:

    Hey, another Australian to join Lucy Flawless in the cast!

  46. Peter says:

    HI GINA!!!!!!!!!!

  47. NB2000 says:

    I love this shot of the Raptor approacing, seeing the ship through the windshield (I'm sure there's a more space-y name for it).

    Pegasus hangar deck looks in now way like the Galactica one with a few bits of decoration moved around *cough*

  48. psycicflower says:

    GINA! 🙁

  49. notemily says:

    I'm ten minutes behind everyone because I tried to download the iTunes version but it was like "lol 9 hours remaining" so I was like "fuck you I'm watching on netflix"

  50. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  51. NB2000 says:

    Oh Gina 🙁 Nice tablet computer thingy. Super subtle last name btw girl.

  52. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Oh, Kendra – you figured out what her name means, and you still have no idea what it really means.

  53. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  54. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    So how was your coffee?

  55. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    sweet fucking christ.

  56. I"m feeling a hell of a lot more sorry for myself.

  57. NB2000 says:

    Yup, Kendra is in fact the Alt-Starbuck.


  58. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    admiral cain you are destroying me

  59. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Hoshi! How I've missed you.

  60. Peter says:


  61. psycicflower says:

    Hoshi! I love seeing the background characters some more.

  62. chikzdigmohawkz says:


  63. psycicflower says:

    And then nothing was beautiful and everything hurts

  64. NB2000 says:


    Go Cain helping people back to their feet.

  65. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    I love the camera and sound work in this sequence. So beautiful and other-worldly.

  66. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    omg this is terrifying but THIS IS SO COOL TO FINALLY SEE

  67. NB2000 says:

    THE CGIIII!! Damn these are some nice disaster effects

  68. NB2000 says:

    Awww shit the blind jump

  69. notemily says:

    admiral cain apparently wasn't big on chairs

  70. psycicflower says:

    Meanwhile miniseries Galactica and preColonial One have no idea what's going on yet.

  71. chikzdigmohawkz says:


  72. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  73. Peter says:

    Don't hold back just because I've got a pulse

  74. NB2000 says:

    "or the impression that your daddy just gave you a Battlestar, like he was tossing you the keys to a new car" heee I like her.

  75. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Love that 'Daddy handing you the keys to a new car' line. And, um…kind of true.

  76. psycicflower says:

    Go Lee!

  77. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    OH SHIT.

  78. notemily says:

    awwww, gina was a techie!

  79. NB2000 says:

    Is it weird that I kind of want one of those Pegasus tees?

    Go Kendra being scary XO

  80. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Love the gun sequence. Excuse the language, but I must make an exception here (first and last time, I promise) – Kendra is one stone-cold bitch.

  81. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  82. Peter says:

    The fact that she and Kara don't get along is so awesome… I mean, how many times has Kara not gotten along with people (Tigh, Kat) only become like besties/siblings/same people?

  83. psycicflower says:

    I love her.
    'I didn't think it was possible for you to find an XO meaner than Saul'

  84. NB2000 says:

    Heee "99 bottles of Ambrosia"

  85. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Kendra, ILU

  86. psycicflower says:

    It's sad seeing Cain at her best given that we know how this all ends for her.

  87. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    OMG I love this relationship already.

  88. NB2000 says:

    The upside down handset for speeches! Looks like it's standard fleet practice then.

  89. notemily says:

    man it doesn't matter how many times i see the missiles passing through empty space where a battlestar was a second ago, i never get sick of it

  90. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Despite her flaws, you can see that Cain just cared so much about her crew.

  91. NB2000 says:

    Love the contrast with Adama and Roslin choosing to run in the miniseries and now Cain making the choice to fight.

    and then the So Say We All moment, <3

  92. psycicflower says:

    It's an interesting contrast. Pegasus goals in the aftermath of the attack were revenge and war while Galactica's were hope and survival.

  93. chikzdigmohawkz says:

    Confession – I like Cain's motivation speech better than Adama's. There, I said it and I'm not ashamed.

  94. psycicflower says:

    I bet Adama's jealous of their 'So say we all' skills.

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