Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Season 4 Predictions

In the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica, stuff happens, and I am going to try to guess what it is. Then you will all laugh with glee. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to post predictions for Battlestar Galactica.

Let’s start off with my season three predictions first.

  1. I truly feel that the season two finale uprooted basically any running theory I had, so this is a lot harder than I expected. So I’ll start with the easy stuff, and move on to the “bigger” predictions. Here’s my first one: We will get flashback scenes dealing with the time spent on New Caprica from these characters specifically in terms of focus, meaning that the bulk of the flashback is about them. They cannot just appear in the background. And I have to get them all right, or it doesn’t count. So: Cally, Tyrol, Starbuck, Anders, Roslin, Adama, Lee, Dualla, and Baltar. Extra points (I’m self-assigning points FUCK YOU) if this all happens in ONE episode. I AM THE GREATEST EVER. I am going to arbitrarily give myself TEN POINTS for this because I AM A GODDAMN GENIUS.
  2. Cally is pregnant with a girl. lol no
  3. Tyrol shaves his beard by the end of the season. YES.
  4. I won’t like two episodes. NO. I actually rather liked them all!
  5. By the end of season three, Baltar will not be president. Roslin will be re-elected. (I feel this is kind of logical at this point? BUT BY GODS I COULD BE SO WRONG.) BUT GODS BE DAMNED, I WAS RIGHT.
  6. Adama will not shave off his mustache all season. (HE BETTER NOT.) WILL NEVER STOP MOURNING THIS.
  7. This is like my free bingo card because I kind of feel like I’m going to get 90% of these wrong, but: Bear McReary’s music will be awesome. It was!
  8. All right, let’s get to some real shit. Anders dies by the end of the season. As much as I like seeing Starbuck happy, and as amazing as their dynamic is, I think the show is going to move towards putting Lee and Starbuck together in the final season. LOL NOPE.
  9. So, the Cylon plan! I think that Caprica Six and Boomer will reveal in the opening episode that the Cylons have a new moral system that will allow the humans and the Cylons to co-exist. You know, I say no. This is not the case.
  10. Running off that (and sort of its own prediction), the humans and Cylons will try to co-exist for at least one full episode. I’m actually not going to count this either. The humans never really tried to co-exist. They were forced to.
  11. I predict that New Caprica will be abandoned by the end of the season. YES.
  12. Roslin will find new information about the location of Earth that will put her against Baltar and REKINDLE OLD HATREDS. Basically, I just want to see them battle again. Nope.
  13. The fleet/New Caprica colony (I’m not sure what to call them anymore???) will learn that Baltar colluded with the Cylons back on Caprica. Oh god…the whole fleet did not, though many people heard about Roslin’s vision. So I say no.
  14. So, Adama ordered the fleet that was orbiting New Caprica away, but we never learned where they went. I imagine he must have had a destination in mind, right? So we’ll find out that the location he had the ships jump to is one we’ve seen before. Nope.
  15. Kat dies in season three. I only say this because someone has to die, and what story does she have left to tell? can i take this back 🙁 🙁 🙁
  16. I say we learn what two more models of the humanoid Cylons look like, and one of them is a face we’ve seen before. LOL I HAD SO MUCH HOPE.
  17. Sharon finds out what happens to Hera and kills someone in response. I only get half a point.
  18. Gaeta betrays Baltar in order to help President Roslin or Admiral Adama. I know I’m cheating by listing both. I DON’T CARE. FUCK, THIS COUNTS. I mean he inherently helped her, right?
  19. Helo and Sharon get married by the end of the season. YES. BRILLIANCE. 
  20. And the big reveal at the end of season three? The humans find Earth. lol no BUT FUCKING STARBUCK DID.

So! That means I got 17.5 POINTS. Only because of the bonus points from the first question. I was somewhat prepared! And then I WAS TOTALY NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Well, this should be sufficiently embarrassing.

Mark’s Clearly Brilliant Predictions For The Fourth (And Final) Season of Battlestar Galactica

  • I’m going to start out in a more general sense both to predict what I think what will be answered on the show before specifics, and so that I can actually have a chance to get at least two things right.
  • Okay, first proper prediction: We will learn why we keep hearing that everything has happened before and shall happen again.
  • We will learn who the final Cylon model is and it will not be someone we know.
  • We will learn why the children of humans and Cylons are important to the future.
  • We will learn where Starbuck was during the time she was “dead.”
  • We will learn what the Cylons “Plan” was this entire time.
  • Okay, now on to everything I will get wrong. Starbuck is not a Cylon, but she did die.
  • The fleet will find Earth and get there before the Cylon fleet.
  • The fleet will learn of the identity of the Final Five Cylons by the midpoint of the season.
  • We will find out that the Opera House that everyone has visions of is actually on Earth.
  • Gaius Baltar will become the leader of a cult in season four. LOOK IT’S A GUESS.
  • We will find out that the “Head” versions of Six and Baltar that each other see and interact with are manifestations of their minds, but are actually connected to one another. Wow, that is a terrible prediction.
  • Zarek will die.
  • So will Helo. And that is the day I sob myself to sleep.
  • Another model of Cylon will be boxed.
  • Three will somehow make a re-appearance in season four.
  • Gaeta will totally make out with me in this season. Okay, that’s ridiculous, but why can’t this gorgeous man just be ALL MINE.
  • When Cally learns that her husband is a Cylon, she will initially plan to kill him, but will give it up and accept him as he is.
  • Roslin, on the other hand, will have Tory executed.
  • Adama will immediately side with Tigh regardless of his Cylon nature.
  • Starbuck will be strangely okay with Anders being a Cylon.
  • And my big whopper of a prediction: The humans will have a chance to wipe out the Cylons definitely at the end of the series, but will ultimately choose not to.

I AM TOTALLY PREPARED, RIGHT? oh god no I’m not.

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63 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Season 4 Predictions

  1. bookyworm says:

    N snve nzbhag bs gurfr ner rrevyl pybfr.

  2. spectralbovine's Clearly Brilliant Predictions For The Fourth (And Final) Season of Battlestar Galactica

    Shit will get real.Mark is not prepared.

  3. cait0716 says:

    Your first prediction for season 3 really was a stroke of brilliance. 10 well deserved points.

  4. @LarrikJ says:


    No predictions specific to Razor?

  5. Maya says:

    Prediction: Mark will continue to ship Adama/Roslin.

    Let it be true 😛

  6. Albion19 says:

    We will find out that the “Head” versions of Six and Baltar that each other see and interact with are manifestations of their minds, but are actually connected to one another. Wow, that is a terrible prediction.

    I'm not sure what you mean. Connected to who?

  7. clodia_risa says:

    Zl tbqf, ur’f fhecevfvatyl evtug ba gur zbarl nobhg n ybg bs guvatf. V zrna – Onygne urnqvat n phyg? Fgneohpx npghnyyl orvat qrnq? Punapr gb jvcr jvcr bhg gur Plybaf? (Gung qvqa’g rknpgyl unccra, ohg gurer jnf n ybg bs zrepl sylvat nebhaq va gur ynfg rcvfbqr.) V’z vzcerffrq.

  8. knut_knut says:

    MARK, HOW DARE YOU KILL OFF HELO!! At least you didn’t kill either Roslin or Adama 🙁 That would be unforgiveable.

    I think you deserve half, or at least part of a point on some of your season 3 predictions! The general, vague idea of some of them were right, even though the details were off…

  9. bookyworm says:

    Also, did we ever get one looking at the season two predictions at the beginning of season three?

  10. Ryan Lohner says:

    My prediction for the final Cylon was either Zak or Boxey, just for maximum mindfrak potential.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:



      • Ryan Lohner says:

        It's not a spoiler, just my thoughts at the time. Nothing about whether either happened.

        • shoroko says:

          I'm fairly sure he's referring to lbhe bgure pbzzrag gung'f abj orra qryrgrq (urapr ur pna'g ercyl gb vg) pbapreavat gur fhocybg jvgu Tnrgn naq gur Fntvggnebaf gung jnf qebccrq. V jba'g fnl abj vs vg qvq trg erchecbfrq, ohg erirnyvat gung vg jnf n qebccrq cybg (rira vs jr xarj vg ng gur gvzr guvf jnf nvevat) vf n fcbvyre orpnhfr vg'f vaureragyl erirnyvat nobhg gur aneengvir/cybg bs gur fubj – nf va, vg fubjf gung gur Onygne-Tnrgn vapvqrag jnfa'g fbzrguvat gung jnf fgvyy cneg bs fbzr birenyy cyna/orvat jbexrq guebhtu, urapr onfvpnyyl gryyvat uvz fbzrguvat cerggl vzcbegnag nobhg gur shgher bs uvf cerqvpgvba. V xabj ur fnvq "Cyrnfr gryy zr," ohg ur jnf gnyxvat nobhg gur fubj, abg hf.

          Rffragvnyyl, or pnershy nobhg cbfgvat oruvaq-gur-fprarf vasb rira vs gubfr bs hf jub jrer jngpuvat nf vg nverq jrer njner bs vg ng gur gvzr (V xabj fbzrgvzrf gung'f orra tvira n cnff urer, ohg vg'f orggre gb ree ba gur fvqr bs abg cbfgvat jura vg pbzrf gb fbzrguvat gung uvagf ng guvatf gung ner lrg gb unccra). Tvira gung cneg bs gur nccrny bs guvf fvgr vf gung Znex tbrf vagb guvatf jvgubhg zhpu be nalguvat va gur jnl bs sberxabjyrqtr bs fcrpvsvp rkcrpgngvbaf, vg'f orfg gb ree ba gur fvqr bs pnhgvba jura vg pbzrf gb nalguvat gung pbhyq rira inthryl uvag ng shgher riragf (rfcrpvnyyl va cerqvpgvba cbfgf, jura V xabj vg'f ernyyl grzcgvat gb pbzzrag ba jung ur'f jevggra).

  11. Kate says:

    prediction: Mark will squeeeee like a little girl every time Roslin and Adama are even in the same scene and will pause his dvd and draw little hearts around them 🙂 And I mean this in the most adorable way possible 🙂 (as I pretty much do the same myself)

  12. stellaaaaakris says:

    My predictions:

    -I will be unprepared. You are all laughing at how unprepared I am.
    -We will find out that Lee actually hallucinated Starbuck's ship crashing and she just found a window made by Will Parry's subtle knife and found a way to Earth. OOOoooo, the Eye of Jupiter is actually one of those natural windows the angel was talking about in The Amber Spyglass!
    -We'll find out what Starbuck's destiny is.
    -They will find Earth and it will be AWESOME.
    -Dee will get back with Lee.
    -Lee will be a pilot again.
    -Roslin will make me jealous with her hair.
    -Roslin will die before they reach Earth, BUT she's the final Cylon and will download into another body. (I know, she didn't hear the music but I don't care. This is my ridiculous prediction and I don't want her to die for reals.)
    -Caprica Six will leave Baltar and raise Hera with Athena and Helo. I don't know.
    -Baltar will shave his beard.
    -Tory will have screen time and lines.
    -Chief, Anders, and Tigh will all confess to somebody and will try to fight with the humans but their programming will get in the way and something bad will happen.
    -Baltar, Lee, Chief, Roslin, and…Doc Cottle will be seriously injured, maybe die.
    -I won't see Billy again :'(
    -I will sob tears of endless sadness.
    -AND WORLD PEACE. I'll settle for a somewhat happy ending. Or at least the hope for one at some point in the future.

    • redheadedgirl says:

      -I will be unprepared. You are all laughing at how unprepared I am.

      Yup. This is 10000000000000% accurate.

    • cait0716 says:

      Qrr jvyy trg onpx jvgu Yrr

      Naq abj V'z whfg fboovat

    • monkeybutter says:

      If Roslin is a Cylon, I will be inexplicably mad. She has to be human. She, Adama, Helo, and Starbuck are the only people I need to be human.

      But I agree with the gonna die prediction. 🙁 I hope she at least knows that they're nearly to Earth and that the journey was successful because of her, so that she can die in peace, otherwise I'm gonna be angry crying forever.

    • ChronicReader91 says:

      We will find out that Lee actually hallucinated Starbuck's ship crashing and she just found a window made by Will Parry's subtle knife and found a way to Earth. OOOoooo, the Eye of Jupiter is actually one of those natural windows the angel was talking about in The Amber Spyglass!

      Best. Crossover. Idea. Ever.

      Tory will have screen time and lines.

      Yes! And even do things. Important things. Maybe smile once or twice. (She's seems to me to be the most solemn person in the show, which is saying something)

    • notemily says:

      -Roslin will die before they reach Earth, BUT she's the final Cylon and will download into another body. (I know, she didn't hear the music but I don't care. This is my ridiculous prediction and I don't want her to die for reals.)

      I'd be totally on board with her being the final Cylon, except then she wouldn't have needed Hera's blood to save her from teh cancerz.

    • Dru says:

      We will find out that Lee actually hallucinated Starbuck’s ship crashing and she just found a window made by Will Parry’s subtle knife and found a way to Earth. OOOoooo, the Eye of Jupiter is actually one of those natural windows the angel was talking about in The Amber Spyglass!


      (well, someone needs to write this anyway)

  13. klmnumbers says:

    Ebfyva, ba gur bgure unaq, jvyy unir Gbel rkrphgrq.

    Yby, V jvfu.

    Also, STOP WISHING DEATH UPON HELO. Isn't this the second time? MY EMOTIONS.

  14. ek_johnston says:

    I've been wondering since you posted your predictions for season three how you would score #17.

    Oh, season four! You are not prepared (I don't even think *I'm* prepared, and I've already been here…).

  15. @lula34 says:

    These are the best predictions I've ever read. Viewing the series through your eyes is just PURE JOY, Mark. I'm not laughing at your unpreparedness. No, I'm just longing to hug you and say, as we southerners are wont, "Bless. Your. Heart."

    OMG, Season 4. SEASON FOUR. My excitement is ridiculous and I do not even care.

  16. Shadowmarauder78 says:

    I predict there will be many tears.

  17. @LizatLAX says:


    Look what happened to poor Kat after Mark wished death on her!!!! Leave my bb Helo alone! 🙂

  18. TreesaX says:


    I mean.. interesting.

  19. monkeybutter says:

    You know, since everyone thinks that Baltar colluded with the Cylons, you should give yourself that point anyway. Gotta keep the Trelawney average up.

    Let's see, predictions:

    1) Dance party on Earth
    2) Roslin comes to trust Caprica Six because of the dreams (also, I thought the Opera House was on Kobol)
    3) The Cylons and Humans get along for five minutes
    4) Roslin dies, I'm very upset, and Adama is devastated
    5) Any attempts on Helo's life fail because Tahmoh Penikett, like all Canadians, has super healing abilities (DON'T EVEN MENTION SUCH THINGS MARK)

  20. Linzy says:

    Tnvhf Onygne jvyy orpbzr gur yrnqre bs n phyg va frnfba sbhe. YBBX VG’F N THRFF.

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg gung gur “Urnq” irefvbaf bs Fvk naq Onygne gung rnpu bgure frr naq vagrenpg jvgu ner znavsrfgngvbaf bs gurve zvaqf, ohg ner npghnyyl pbaarpgrq gb bar nabgure. Jbj, gung vf n greevoyr cerqvpgvba.


  21. ChronicReader91 says:

    My utterly unprepared Season 3 Predictions

    1. There will be flashbacks covering what happened in the past year in a little more detail. Oh, yeah. *Cough* Unfinished Business *cough*

    2. Adama will have to trust Sharon (who I presume is still on the ship) to give him information about the cylon motivations and how to attack them. HELL yeah!

    3. There will be a resistance movement against the Cylons, led by Starbuck. I only wish Starbuck could have been badass alongside the Resistance Leaders of Hilarious Irony instead of being held prisoner by Leoben.

    4. Anders will be taken hostage by the Leoben because the cylons want something from Kara. She won’t cooperate, and he will be killed. LOL, why did everyone expect Anders to be killed off?

    5. People will quickly look to Roslin again as a leader in a political sense, and a source of hope. She will be forced to become a grittier, less compassionate leader, and to adopt new methods of Cylon killing, as throwing someone out of an airlock on the planet’s surface doesn’t do much of anything. Yes to the first part, but I don’t believe she gave up the title of Madame Airlock for a second.

    6. Eventually Helo and Sharon will learn that their daughter is, in fact, alive. That one was a no-brainer, but I still didn’t expect it until much later, like a season finale. I seriously underestimate BSG season finales, don’t I?

    7. The baby’s adopted mother will die, and Tyrol and Cally (not knowing her actual identity) will adopt her. Well, 50% right.

    8. Gaeta will renounce his loyalty/support/whatever to Baltar. Wow, I’m really getting a lot right this time!…. Only because I made a lot of no brainer predictions last time around.

    9. At some point, Lee will become incapacitated and/or have to leave the Pegasus, leaving Dualla as the acting commander. Through that experience she will get tons of character development. Ha. The only development she got AT ALL was through being Lee’s wife and take part in the fucking Quadrangle of Doom. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    10. One of the characters that has died so far (Billy, Crashdown, hell, even Cain) will show up again- as a cylon. Well, that depends on whether my prediction about Starbuck’s return was right or wrong.

    11. Speaking of Cylons- What’s going on with them? More specifically, why bother invading New Caprica when it would be much easier to just another bomb?

    A. Caprica Six and Boomer were able to convince the others to leave the 12 colonies, as evidenced by them leaving Caprica. But shortly after that, public opinion turned against them, so they agreed to a compromise to maintain power- to let humans in the settlement live, but only under cylon rule.
    A2. Alternately, The ending of the occupation of the colonies was a trick to encourage the humans to let their guard down. They never actually came around to what CapriSix and Boomer were suggesting, and those had to publicly renounce their opinions to keep from being boxed.
    B. They intend to force the residents into slavery as revenge for their own enslavement at human hands.
    C. Look, I don’t know. It was probably closest to A1, but I think they actually DID hear what Caprica and Boomer were saying, but somehow that message got turned into “we need to live together peacefully, and the only way to do that is to force them to accept our rule!”

    12. And a fun one- one of the many romances to develop will be between Kat and Hot Dog, resulting in the second best portmanteau couple name ever: KatDog. (The best being KatPee from The Hunger Games.) 😉 *Sigh* Poor, innocent, unsuspecting past me.

    • @LizatLAX says:

      4. Apparently y'all have something against tall hotties and wish death on them. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT. 😀

      12. KatDog remains an awesome name though! that made me laugh when you posted it before. (and then I cried bitter tears, but it was funny at first)

    • stellaaaaakris says:

      I maintain that Kat called Hot Dog "baby" in the episode where she died. And she meant it in an affectionate way, not a "shut up, you crybaby" way. So they were having a secret relationship before then. True story. A figment of my imagination maybe, but a true story all the same.

  22. ChronicReader91 says:

    Predictions for the Fourth and Final (omg whyyyyyyy) Season

    (I already watched “Razor” because I didn’t know it was considered part of Season 4, so this is from the end of that on.)

    1. Starting with the easy ones: we’ll find out WHAT THE HELL is going on with Starbuck.

    2. “All Along the Watchtower” will turn out to be connected to the Opera House they all see in their dreams. And they will both have something to do with Earth and humanity’s connection to it.

    3. The Final Cylon (The Final One?) is a woman. I don’t think that’s such a radical guess, since so far they have seven men and only four women.

    4. Probably going out on a limb here, but I think Starbuck IS the Final Cylon, but since that seems way too obvious, at first we’ll be given a different story about her apparent death. Only much later will the truth be revealed. I’m not putting ANYTHING past Ron Moore at this point.

    5. The Watchtower Four will try to keep their true nature a secret, until one of them accidentally (or intentionally) outs them, causing controversy and chaos in the fleet.

    6. At least one of the “main seven” knows more than the others about the Final Five. I’m saying this because it seems just way too convenient for four of the five to be in important places in the fleet just by coincidence.

    7. At some point, the humans and the cylons will converge on Earth. There will be many epic battles, both in space and on the planet itself, and ironcially enough Earth will be accidentally destroyed, or badly damaged, in the process. If it isn't completely destroyed, it will result in some kind of cease-fire/truce/temporary peace agreement.

    8. This is probably a no-brainer, but I think we’ll find that there is some kind of real connection between the human and cylon religions, or that there is some element of truth to both of them.

    9. We’ll FINALLY learn what the cylon plan is. I’ve been saying this for the past few prediction posts, but I feel confident saying it’s now or never.

    10. Since the season finales are getting progressively more mind-blowing with each successive one, I’m not even going to try to predict anything about it, except that it will reduce me to a wreck, whimpering on the floor in the fetal position. Hell, it’s the series finale, so it will reduce to a wreck whimpering on the floor in the fetal position regardless.

    11. OK… The characters who have a moderate-to-high likelihood of being killed off are: Baltar (redemption death!), Roslin (her cancer), Starbuck (for realz this time), Lee, Tigh (I guess any cylons would technically be boxed, not killed, right?) Tyrol, Anders, Tory, Caprica, Boomer, Athena, Helo, Cally, Dee, Gaeta, Seelix, Hot Dog, Racetrack, Skulls, Doc Kottle, ummmm… oh yeah, and Adama. Look, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a Kill ‘Em All finale, so I’m trying to PREPARE MYSELF FOR HEARTBREAK.

    12. In that same vein, I think Galactica will be blown up or destroyed in some way in the final episode. Just one more way RDM to go for the jugular.

    13. There is so much DOOM AND GLOOM in this prediction post, so I’ll say we’ll get one more comedy episode before everything turns awful. Or at least what passes for comedy on BSG.

    14. Bear McCreary will rock my socks off.

    15. All of this has happened before. All of it will happen again.

    • notemily says:

      11. That's not fair, you're just naming EVERYONE. 😀

      • ChronicReader91 says:

        Well, I have a strong feeling that I got at least one person right. 😛 In my defense, I did start out just naming a certain few, but soon enough I was like "Screw it, NOBODY'S safe."

  23. Jonathan says:

    Go back and re-watch both parts of Crossroads now that you know what the music is. It’ll blow your mind. And it’ll hold you over until you can watch new episodes. Trust me, you should do this.

  24. feminerdist says:

    I love these posts, but seriously, Mark, and all you other first-timers to BSG should know this:

    There seriously is no possible preparation for this season. No one could have ever prepared. Ever.

    • skinchanger says:

      Actually, I think Mark is a prepared as it is possible to be. Which isn't that much, but more than I was.

  25. fantasylover120 says:

    My predictions for Season 4: My mind will be blown and It'll be awhile before I recover…

  26. notemily says:

    My all-spoilers all the time reactions:

    BU TBQ gubfr svefg srj cerqvpgvbaf: jr oneryl rira yrnea NAL bs gung fuvg. Gur Plybaf' Cyna? Cerggl zhpu whfg Pnivy orvat n qvpx. Jul rirelguvat unf unccrarq orsber naq jvyy unccra ntnva? Orpnhfr gur havirefr ybirf ercrngvat vgfrys, be fbzrguvat? Fgneohpx? JUB SHPXVAT XABJF.

    "Bxnl, abj ba gb rirelguvat V jvyy trg jebat. Fgneohpx vf abg n Plyba, ohg fur qvq qvr."

    NUNUN npghnyyl gung bar vf pbeerpg!

    "Tnvhf Onygne jvyy orpbzr gur yrnqre bs n phyg va frnfba sbhe. YBBX VG’F N THRFF."

    Znex vf zbfg evtug jura ur guvaxf ur vf cebonoyl jebat!

    Zber guna nalguvat ryfr, V guvax Znex vf GUR ZBFG HACERCNERQ sbe jung unccraf gb Tnrgn, bu zl tbq. 🙁

    • Zozo says:

      Ernyyl, zl snibhevgr cneg bs gur jnl gurl jenccrq hc gur frevrf jnf gung gur Plybaf’ “cyna” jnf onfvpnyyl Pnivy jbexvat bhg uvf zbzzl vffhrf.


  27. notemily says:

    And my actual predictions for season four:

    – Shit will get real and Mark will not be prepared for it.
    – Bear McCreary's music will be posted a lot in the comments and I will click play on every single youtube video and let the awesomeness wash over me.
    – There will be much great discussion in the comments because YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. I love this place. <3

  28. ldwy says:

    Mark, I LOVE going back and revisiting your old predictions. It is a wonderful wonderful activity.

  29. VoldieBeth says:

    You know, Mark, you may be a little prepared for your unpreparedness. But really, you're not prepared. 🙂

    Oh and spoiler, Bear McCreary's music will be awesome. But I think everyone could figure that one out.

    I can't wait for more!

  30. lastyearswishes says:

    lol "Not prepared" is an understatement omg. Seriously though, these are really good predictions, Mark!

  31. hassibah says:

    My only prediction for this season is that Baltar will be reborn a televangelist.

    And I think the Cally/Tyrol/Boomer triangle is coming back in a big way and that I won't like it 🙁

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