Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: S03E11 – The Eye of Jupiter

In the eleventh episode of Battlestar Galactica, Tyrol stumbles upon a temple that may hold the next clue to the location of Earth, but the Cylons’ interest in this same temple creates a chaotic situation. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Battlestar Galactica.


I’ll get back to that later. So, y’all remember when the humans were occupied by the Cylons on New Caprica? It’s been just six episodes since then, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. When I stop and think about it, a whole lot has happened in this season, and as we pass the halfway mark, it’s clear there’s a whole lot more that needs to happen before we reach the finale. I was reminded of the two-parter “Home” from season two more than anything else while watching “The Eye of Jupiter,” and there are a couple thematic similarities between the two. Obviously, the human fleet finds another sign post of sorts left behind by the Thirteenth Colony; Starbuck and Lee are still fighting because they’re the very worst adults of all time; and the crew faces possible loss for pursuing a mythological artifact to help find earth. But the similarities stop there, as this episode has a much more intense dynamic to it. I think that “The Eye of Jupiter” could have suffered from confusion or plot that was too heavy, but I was impressed with how well time was split between Galatica, Tyrol, and the crew harvesting algae. And the tone for this episode is also set just from the cold open: this story is going to be a huge chunk of mythology, and it is going to be painfully awkward.

I like the idea of Starbuck/Lee, but the execution of it by those two characters continues to be sloppy and disrespectful. I found myself cringing while they made out. Look, you both…okay. Just stop it. Stop making out with each other even though you have spouses. It is just weird and kind of gross and I am a bit biased towards cheating. Also, Lee says he won’t cheat but he already did and I kind of count make-out sessions as cheating as well. I just want to go out of my way, though, to say that I’m not complaining about the writing. It’s just character frustration, because apparently I think these are real people who will listen to my advice.

But they won’t and they will continue to hurt their respective partners and it kind of makes me hate them a bit so LET’S TALK ABOUT TYROL. I was intrigued by the idea that someone who is not a believer would be subject to the weird pull of the Temple of the Five, so I want to know more about why Tyrol was the only one drawn to this place. And HOW COOL IS THAT TEMPLE. It’s so huge! And those things up on top of the main column…are they the same things Three saw in her vision? OH GOD THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH.

Hell, I think that’s basically how I feel about “The Eye of Jupiter.” This is all so very much to handle. But it only continues to get worse. It’s like that first kiss in the cold open is the snowball gently shoved off a mountain, and every 60 seconds, that snowball continues to grow until forty-five minutes later, when it’s a fucking avalanche of awful. Because just when I get excited that they’ve found this place, four basestars jump into orbit of the planet. It is such a surreal thing to see these giant ships so near to the fleet and not see a slew of Cylon Raiders or vicious warfare following it. But the Cylons don’t attack the fleet, even after they all jump away aside from the Galactica. In fact, someone contacts the Galactica.

When the voice of Baltar came through on that line, I shrieked. OH, THIS IS GONNA BE SO GOOD. Look, I swear I am not joking, but I literally paused the episode and made a bowl of popcorn. It’s soothing to eat while you watch television! STOP JUDGING. And it’s honestly so ridiculously appropriate for this scene because the tension is so thick it hurts my whole body. The return of Baltar (along with a group of Cylons) is one of the best things ever. I love that Roslin just flat out refuses to talk to Baltar. I understand that Gaius does care about these people on some level, and that he probably does want to return to the fleet on that same level, too. But he arrives here with far too much hope for acceptance or forgiveness. That’s not a criticism of the way that Roslin, Adama, or Tigh treat Baltar; they’re absolutely justified in feeling nothing short of contempt for this man, especially when he waltzes onto the Galactica as if he is doing them a favor. Good for you, Roslin, for just leaving the proceedings! The very notion is offensive to her.

So when the Cylons decide to cut the bullshit and get right to it, I’m not surprised that they want the Eye of Jupiter. I knew this would be the set-up. I wasn’t shocked that Adama refused. Then Cavill offered Baltar in return, and EVERYTHING SUDDENLY BECAME FUCKING RIDICULOUS. What the fuck, WOULD THEY REALLY DO THAT? Of course they would! What else could Baltar possibly get them?

I was fascinated how this episode came to represent these powers bluffing to one another. Would the Cylons actually hand over Baltar? Adama, not content with this idea, gives Three an ultimatum: either they leave the humans alone, or the Galactica will nuke the whole planet. Do the Cylons believe him? Is Adama willing to destroy to the Temple of Five just to keep it out of Cylon hands?

But the worst bluff of all comes from Boomer. When she got separated from the group by Sharon Agathon, I didn’t realize what a disaster this was until it cut back to the two of them. Then I knew that the inevitable would happen, and it did: Boomer tells Sharon that her daughter is still alive. This bluff is entirely different, though, because we know that Boomer is telling the truth. Can Sharon accept the faith she has for the humans she decided to side with? Or does she know, deep down, that Hera is still alive?

Guess what? THINGS ARE STILL GOING TO GET MORE FUCKED UP. This is just the tip of the iceberg in “The Eye of Jupiter.” The events on Galactica sow chaos down on the algae below, as Admiral Adama orders that the Temple should be destroyed before the Cylons can get to it. Lee takes it upon himself to use Anders to help reign in the civilian force to fight against the oncoming Cylon force, and it’s basically the worst possible thing to stick on Anders. He already knows that Lee and Starbuck are doing something together, so the idea of taking orders from Lee is like dropping a match in a pile of gasoline of Anders’s anger. Even though Starbuck steps in to diffuse the situation, THIS IS ALL AWFUL AND NOTHING GOOD.

Are we at Maximum Suffering yet? Nope, not even close. D’Anna has taken it upon herself to follow the destiny that she believes is hers and hers alone. I can’t believe that Cavill suggests the only clear option for the Cylons and NO ONE TAKES HIM UP ON IT. I mean, if I was a Cylon (WHAT DID I JUST TYPE), why wouldn’t you just blow up that one ship and wait things out? It’s not like Cylons rust or anything. Wait that shit out!

Okay, I’m being ridiculous. But I could see a problem in what D’Anna was doing, and that problem was two-fold: Baltar is too interested in either being a Cylon, or taking the glory for himself. (He is literally the most perfect Slytherin in the entire goddamn universe, I swear. Salazar Slytherin is a fucking poser when you put him up against Gaius Baltar.) Secondly, she is acting in her own interest as well, and this means that she is separating herself from what we normally see from Cylons. But at the same time, would the Cylons excuse this if her destiny proved to be true? Hell, we might not even get to see that, because D’Anna’s actions throw a wrench into everything: she already sent a Heavy Raider down to the surface.


But let’s go back to Baltar. Because there’s one HUGE moment in this episode that is…well, it’s not looked over, but it lasts only a few seconds. D’Anna is convinced that it’s her destiny to see the Final Five Cylons, but I’m pretty damn sure that when the Hybrid starts talking about the “five lights of the apocalypse” and “sin” and the “chosen one,” she is looking at Baltar! Isn’t she??? I mean, I watched that part twice after the first time, and it’s clear to me that because D’Anna has her eyes closed, she doesn’t know who the Hybrid is looking at.


So, at this point of the episode, I feel like my brain is a maelstrom of confusion and excitement. It’s just all mixed up in there, and I don’t know what the fuck is going on, and I don’t know how this is all going to be resolved in less than ten minutes. Here’s the best part: SHIT HASN’T EVEN GOTTEN REAL AT THIS POINT. “The Eye of Jupiter,” in its final moments, sets up every single plot point we’d seen for utter disaster: Admiral Adama finds out from Sharon that Hera is still alive, confronts Roslin, and then WALKS OUT ON HER IN ANGER. Oh god, my beautiful ship is disintegrating before my eyes.

You ever had a kid try to explain the plot of something to you? This is what my mind turned into for the end of “The Eye of Jupiter” and it goes a little bit like this:




















I only just found out that the third season was split at this point. And I am just so, so, so sorry that this was something some of you had to experience in real time. I screamed FUCK YOU at the screen when I saw that “To be continued…” message. I won’t replicate that experience, which is half the fun of doing this in this way. But my god, it’s like six thousand cliffhangers all rolled into one.

How the fuck is anyone going to get out of this?

PS: Everyone watch the hell out of this incredible cover of “Violence and Variations.”

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  1. Please Tell Me This Isn't Like That Damn Train Song

    I liked this episode more than the last couple, which…isn't saying much, given how little I liked the last couple episodes. But it was still much better and felt more like old times, what with human/Cylon conflict and drama on the ship and drama down on the Planet of the Week(s), which is awesomely called Algae Planet (though I take issue with Tyrol's joke about Hot Fudge Planet because, really, hot fudge? They have hot fudge? Have we even seen that they've even discovered chocolate? It felt too "us.").

    All hail the return of ChipSix!! They need to find some way for Baltar to get back on Galactica so she can whisper in his ear more often. I loved that he felt at home, and I loved that he was all, "I saved your life that one time! And then, just now, sorta, by telling them not to blow you up! I mean, I also allowed the occupation of New Caprica and didn't do a damn thing about it, and I was also pretty much responsible for the genocide of humanity to begin with, but I SAVED YOUR LIFE THAT ONE TIME AND JUST NOW SORTA."

    So I should be bothered that it's patently obvious they pulled this Eye of Jupiter thing out of their asses this season. Because I can't even remember what the fuck ever came of the Arrow of Apollo now. Wait, that took them to the light show on Kobol, right? Ah, yes, that was good times. In any case, whatever, here's an artifact that was mentioned for the very first time last week. But I don't care when it gives us Cavill improvising by sweetening the pot with Baltar and calling humans a "pestilence" and reminding his Cylon brethren that they're MACHINES and thus time is not exactly of the essence, per se.

    By the way, D'Anna: nice cleavage.

    When Sharon met Boomer, I got confused and tried to remember the tracks of the two different characters/identities, and then I was still confused, so I gave up. Maybe I should watch "Downloaded" again. That was some good shit.

    Sharon and Helo didn't go off on some bloody rampage upon discovering that Hera was alive. Hrm. That's no fun.

    I forgot Anders was a civilian. Which is why I didn't understand exactly why Lee wouldn't like the idea because it seemed perfectly sensible. Why not Anders? I like him now.

    But I want to slap Lee and Kara a lot because, whatever. I don't want to hear about your sacrament and fucking sacred vows when you're brazenly making out with and likely frakking your One True Love. You can't have your cake, etc. Anders and Dualla should have some sort of torrid affair to entertain themselves.

    I love Centurions and their clanky walk.

    I also love the cosmic joke of the humans and Cylons converging at the site of a potential supernova. I hope we get to see that thing explode.

    Finally, I don't know what the hell Adama is on, but there's no fucking way he's going to nuke the planet, so…meh? This is a frustratingly dumb cliffhanger. Last year's was much better. Yes, I'm interested in seeing what happens, but there will be no nuking of the planet, clearly. And Baltar is not going to be a Cylon, so they should stop pretending he might be.

    But wasn't that like the worst promo EVER? What is with these people?

    • monkeybutter says:

      But I want to slap Lee and Kara a lot because, whatever. I don't want to hear about your sacrament and fucking sacred vows when you're brazenly making out with and likely frakking your One True Love.

      Just leave the two of them down on Algae Planet to bicker and fuck until the star explodes.

      • @lula34 says:

        Each comment you leave is better than the last. At this rate, GOOD LORD, WHAT WILL YOU HAVE TO SAY BY THE TIME MARK GETS TO SEASON 4?

        I am unprepared for you, monkeybutter.
        Also, that is a splendiferous moniker.

    • knut_knut says:

      ahaha I completely forgot about the Arrow of Apollo. What is with these random artifacts that lead the way to earth? And why do they look like really bad arts and crafts projects? The temple looked nice and then there was the clunky Eye of Jupitor just sitting there -_-

      I love the Centurions! I think they're strangely adorable with their weird, long fingers. I think maybe their hands remind me of squids? That's weird, I should stop typing

      • notemily says:

        Your naming guide to Earth-finding Artifacts: [noun] of [Greek or Roman god]

        The Ashtray of Mercury
        The Squid of Saturn
        The Dot-Matrix Printer of Aphrodite

    • hassibah says:

      Sharon and Helo didn't go off on some bloody rampage upon discovering that Hera was alive. Hrm. That's no fun.

      This is where I'm at right now.

    • notemily says:

      god I hate that train song with a burning passion. and everything train has ever done, ever. *stabby*

      one time i heard that the jupiter song was played for astronauts going to the space shuttle or whatever, and I was like WHY WOULD YOU INFLICT THAT ON THOSE POOR ASTRONAUTS. haven't they suffered enough for our country

  2. Megg says:

    I think it was around this point that the awesomeness of BSG started to get overshadowed by my annoyance with Kara/Lee. I mean, are we supposed to be rooting for them or what? Gah…this show makes me feel conflicted.

    • nanceoir says:

      I don't think we're supposed to be rooting for them, actually. I think, at most, we're supposed to be rooting for their feelings, maybe, but certainly not their actions, their hypocrisy, their hypocrisy about each other's hypocrisy, and so forth.

      At least that's the way I've always looked at it.

  3. monkeybutter says:

    "Are we prepared to sacrifice Lee?"


    Yes we are.

    I feel awful for Caprica Six when D'Anna is like nyaaah, I'm important and you're not and you can't play with us anymore. I hope that she can somehow stop all of the bad shit that's going on at the end of the episode. I don't get how suddenly this isn't her destiny, and maybe that means that what Baltar and D'Anna are doing isn't what really needs to be done.

    Please let the Hera reveal mean that Helo and Athena are gonna get their baby back.

  4. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Oh god, this is the point where I just got so SICK of Kara, Lee and the Quadrangle Of Doom. Are they trying to make me hate them? Really? Because they're doing a good job of it. I love Starbuck on her own, and Lee is likeable enough too, but what they're doing here is just cruel and disrespectful to their partners. I have no sympathy whatsoever.
    Sam and Dee are WAAAAAY too good for 'em. I guess in a way that makes Lee and Kara perfect for each other – they're both willing to be complete assholes to get their own way.

    • @LizatLAX says:

      The part that gets me is Lee. Kara's damaged and still fighting off her trauma from New Caprica and all that, so I give her a bit of a pass. She still wants to hurt others as she's hurting, and I think being reckless like this is part of that, given how she refuses to entertain a divorce. But Lee doesn't have that excuse: Dee is Right There, and then he has the gall to say "I won't cheat unless I divorce." Well, gee whiz, Lee, you don't think if Dee was making out with Hotdog that you'd think she was cheating on you, even if they didn't actually frak? And since she obviously knows what's going on, this isn't the first time. But he's trying to have it both ways, no matter who it hurts, and really, I had thought better of Lee. It was so disappointing.

  5. knut_knut says:

    So while I didn’t mind the love triangle at first, and was actually kind of excited to see what happened, IT NEEDS TO END NOW. I heard that it would be resolved in this episode, but no, I was fed a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE LIE. It should have been resolved, but it wasn’t, at all. I AM FULL OF IRRATIONAL RAGE.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen next so I’m not even going to bother to prepare myself. I just hope Sharon and Helo find their daughter (alive. And relatively healthy- I don’t want them to be reunited just to have Hera die AGAIN for real this time) and don’t kill Roslin/Adama. Oh god, what if this pushes Sharon over the edge? What if she actually kills Adama?? AASL;DKFJA;SJDFA;SFJD

    • Noybusiness says:

      "I heard that it would be resolved in this episode, but no, I was fed a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE LIE."

      gjb zber rcvfbqrf

  6. @LarrikJ says:

    I have to say, you are enjoying season 3 WAY more than I was at this point in its original run.

    I HAVE noticed that BSG is better in straight DVD/Netflix runs, instead of having to wait week-to-week (and then a year, and then week-to-week, etc).

    • Yeah, same here. I figure it must play better mainlined because you have less wait between episodes and less time to have expectations; you just get wrapped up in the story and don't have to worry.

      • breesquared says:

        i watched the entire series on Netflix in under a week this past summer when Mark started it, and also because one of my professors is a fan.
        Yeah it was pretty much the best television experience of my life, laying on my bed staring at BSG.

      • ChronicReader91 says:

        I think expectations do influence the experience. I heard someone say beforehand that this was their least favorite season, so I went into without the same high expectations I had for season 2, but so far, with a couple of exceptions, I haven't been disapointed.
        Not having a week or more between episodes definitely helps too.

  7. NB2000 says:

    First and most importantly: "Until someone finds the hot fudge planet" I WISH TO LIVE ON THAT PLANET PLEASE!

    I'm starting to sound like a broken record I know but GRACE PARK IS AMAZING AND NEEDS ALL THE AWARDS. The conversation between Athena and Boomer shows just how good she is, they totally feel like completely different people that just happen to look the same. The look on Athena's face right before she demands to see her daughter is terrifying!

    Speaking of Hera, SHE GOT SO BIG! AND SO CUTE! And sleeping in what looks suspiciously like the cot from Gaius' Kobol visions. Boomer doesn't seem to be handling childcare duties too well though.

    Gleby'f fgbevrf nobhg uvf cneragf' snvgu vf n avpr ovg bs onpxfgbel, funzr vg'f nyy snxr.

    "We come in peace." Oh Cavil I've missed your snarky comments.

  8. Jenny_M says:

    So, in other things I've forgotten about this show: I thought the eye of Jupiter temple was on Kobol and had those two completely mixed up in my mind, so when I was watching the Kobol episodes I was like…wait, wasn't this supposed to be a bigger room with some symbols?

    Also, blech to Kara and Lee. I like them better when they're being the Twins. Space Mommy and/or Daddy should tell them that having an affair with your faux-sibling is like the worst kind of incest. Poor Sam and Dee.

  9. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Ok, this isn't relevant exactly, but I just found this tiny GIF of Mary McDonell doing a little dance in the C.I.C.and it made all the bad feelings in the world go away. Thought maybe we could all do with cheering up after all that angst…

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  10. guest_age says:

    Your popcorn idea is brilliant. I wish I'd done that. Maybe tonight when I watch the next episode.

    Anyway, gah, Starbuck, Lee, Anders, and Dee are making me feel ~*all the things*~ at all four of them and I go from wanting to punch each of them to wanting to hug each of them all in a matter of seconds. (Okay, maybe not Dee…she doesn't deserve a punching, I don't think. She can just have the hug.) Gah, show, stop it. Make someone happy for once, yeah?

  11. Karen says:

    UGH. I was already Not Amused by the Lee/Kara stuff in "Unfinished Business", but this episode… UGH. WHY?

    I like Kara. Lee is interesting enough when interacting with his father. BUT THEY ARE BEING SO INSUFFERABLE. I think I am slightly more annoyed with Lee here because he's all "I don't want to cheat!" all the while his tongue is down someone else's throat. Hate to break it to you bro, but in my books (and probably Dee's books) YOU ALREADY ARE. WTF.

    Lee and Kara are being the literal worst right now.

  12. klmnumbers says:

    Lee… Kara…
    <img src=""&gt;

    Just no. I said this last post, but I began to really dislike Lee in this season because of this plotline. He parades around as this noble, sacrificing dude (and he is for the most part), but I hate how flippantly he treats his marriage here. He was just waiting for Kara to come around, and it enrages me on Dee's behalf.

    At least Anders married Kara knowing she would cheat on him, and he accepted that. He steps back when it gets to be too much, but he knew what he was getting into. Dee thought she was marrying Apollo Adama, not a vow-breaker. (this is also my broken home syndrome talking, to be fair.)

    • I've ended up despising Lee. He absolutely DOES parade around like the noblest of the noble, and even though she's being a hot mess I think Kara is a lot more honest with herself and with others and esp. with her spouse. And she also has more of a reason to pull away from Anders (her months of forced domesticity with Leoben on New Caprica) whereas Lee is sort of just like WAH BUT I LIKE THIS OTHER GIRL THO DEE YOU'RE SO NICE THO. Fuck you Lee. Fuck you. I am sick and tired of your FEELINGS.

    • LostAurora says:

      The thing with Lee is that while he's idealistic and noble and self-sacrificing in his professional life he's frequently kind of a dick in his personal life.

      Honestly, I think the idealism contributes to the dickishness.

    • Noybusiness says:

      Dee's lines when accepting his marriage proposal aren't quite so idealist about it. But anyway, RAGE.

    • notemily says:


      I agree–I think if Kara agreed to divorce Sam, he'd divorce Dee in a second. Which is so unfair to her. If you don't care about her enough to stay with her, then don't stay with her. Whatever Starbuck does shouldn't matter in that case, because it's not about them, it's about Lee's heart not really being in his own marriage.

  13. elusivebreath says:

    I've heaped a lot of love on Kara in the past, but I have to say that after the last few episodes, I'm not liking her as much. I realize that there are some complex things going on but just no, stop it. You too, Lee!

    On to the more exciting, BALTAR. Why do I love him so much?? I just want everyone to forgive him and welcome him back to the fleet with puppies and rainbows! Although, watching him live among the Cylons is fascinating as hell, so maybe not too soon.

    That scene with D'anna, Baltar, and Caprica was gutwrenching, btw. Never thought I'd be rooting for her, lol. This show just takes everything I think and feel and flings it around and mocks me while it's doing so.


  14. stellaaaaakris says:

    NOOOO. TBC…why are you doing this to me??? Sigh, at least it's not a weekend. Or a mid-season break. You poor people, watching in real time. I'm so sorry.

    Athena and Helo finally know about Hera. Listen, I like Laura, but I totally didn't agree with her decision and I was glad to see her shut down in this episode when she told Adama the truth.

    I'm really intrigued by Caprica Six and Boomer. They're the two who convinced the other Cylons to stop killing humans for 5 minutes, all because of their love for two men. And now, they just keep getting burned all over the place. I can understand the Galactica crew's hesitance to allow Boomer on board, what with her having shot Adama, but I think she's been really underused. And Caprica. All she does now is stay in bed with D'Anna and Baltar and she doesn't even get that anymore. Now she just gets to look worried/sad every once in a while.

    Speaking of Caprica…this is really random, but when I was watching the scene where Baltar wakes up in the bed, I was just thinking about how bare the room was and how disheartening it must be. But then I remembered Caprica projects trees, so she might be seeing this:

    <img src="×199.jpg"&gt;

    Actually, I imagine this more but I can't insert the image directly, so link it is! Plus, I think it'd be really cool to sleep in this bed if we could ensure the bugs and insects stay far, far away (I have a phobia of bugs and when they come near me it results in screaming and hysterical crying) and that I am protected from the elements.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Word on the bug thing. I actually love the outdoors but I hardly ever step outside because I have a massive fear of Bees/Wasps.
      I wish I could do that projecting thing!

    • Noybusiness says:

      There actually are pictures of them in bed in a forest, so the scene must have been cut.

  15. @lula34 says:

    "Baltar is too interested in either being a Cylon, or taking the glory for himself. (He is literally the most perfect Slytherin in the entire goddamn universe, I swear. Salazar Slytherin is a fucking poser when you put him up against Gaius Baltar.)"


    I am sad, nay, ASHAMED, that I call myself a fan of both HP and BSG (love me, I use the initial lingo!) and never once made this connection.

    Oh, but I have compared Gaius to someone else…however that's a season four spoiler so I'll close the blue book now & walk away, all confident & sassy-like, in my best River Song impersonation. (In my dreams, at least.)

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      There's only one person I could think of comparing Gaius too, and it's probably the same person.

  16. bookyworm says:

    First: “(He is literally the most perfect Slytherin in the entire goddamn universe, I swear. Salazar Slytherin is a fucking poser when you put him up against Gaius Baltar.)”

    I KNOW RIGHT!!!!

    “V srry yvxr zl oenva vf n znryfgebz bs pbashfvba naq rkpvgrzrag”.

    Znex hfrq gur jbeq “znryfgebz” va uvf cbfg! Gung’f gur rcvfbqr gung vf gur ovttrfg fhpxre chapu rire orpnhfr Xnen qvrf! BU GUR VEBAL.

  17. toneDef77 says:

    Mark, awesome piano cover linked there at the end, but you seriously need to be careful, cause there are future spoilers in the titles of related videos. Seriously. Like as in for reals.

    I really don't know how you keep yourself un-spoiled.

  18. nanceoir says:

    Look, I swear I am not joking, but I literally paused the episode and made a bowl of popcorn. It’s soothing to eat while you watch television!

    And with that, even though I've still got two bags left, you've got me looking on Amazon at microwave popcorn. (What? It's generally priced pretty similarly to the grocery stores around here, and since I don't drive and have Amazon Prime, it's, like, super convenient.)

    In conclusion:

    <img src=""&gt;

  19. shoroko says:

    And I love this whole post.

    Very brief things, but –

    – I defended Lee/Dee before, but that wasn't due to having any love for love triangle or quadrangles or whatever storylines. I generally hate all love-geometric-figure stories on principle. Except if there are gay people. Though I'd probably hate those too if they were in every form of media ever and not just mainly when I watch Revolutionary Girl Utena. But THE POINT IS – yeah, I don't like this. It's frustrating and tiring, and I also just don't care about it compared to the other things that are happening. And you know Kara if marriage is such a SACRAMENT that you can NEVER BREAK, maybe don't suddenly and impulsively marry Sam? I'll acknowledge that both traits are consistent with her character, and I can understand her disinclination to anything approaching domesticity right now, but… blah.

    – I don't want to talk about a lot of the other stuff that's going on in this right but… I've liked Adama's characterization in all this? As uncomfortable as it was, I liked that he walked out on Laura when she admitted to Hera's fake death. It's clear that everything Helo said about him knowing what the death of child is like is true, and I guess it's interesting to pair that up with what's going on in terms of him aiming nukes at the planet. I also tied it back to the previous episode, when he told Kat he'd hoped for a daughter. It seemed to be a nod to the fact that the people among the crew who aren't his XO but tend to be come his confidants and proteges do tend to be women like Starbuck and Sharon. … I think what I'm rambling on about is that I appreciate the attention and detail given to this aspect of his character.

    … and yes, that is all I'll touch for now.

    • I always thought it was odd but so perfect for Kara to be dead-serious about marriage. She's deeply religious and she keeps her promises, even if she is a mess. And even if she married Sam impulsively I feel like she DOES love him and she DOES want to stay married to him. She just isn't monogamous: he married the unstable boozy top gun, and he knows that and married her anyway. Apparently I've ended up a Sam/Kara shipper. All right then.

      • shoroko says:

        I agree that it made sense for Kara to feel that way about marriage – in fact I'd say it would be inconsistent with her character for her to not feel that way about marriage. And I'd say it's consistent with her character to act so impulsively about it despite that.

        But frustraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation. Then again, I'm not a big shipper on this show for anyone not Sharon and Helo, so that is kind of also my problem.

      • notemily says:

        Apparently I've ended up a Sam/Kara shipper. All right then.

        Welcome! We have cookies.

    • Crackers says:

      And you know Kara if marriage is such a SACRAMENT that you can NEVER BREAK, maybe don't suddenly and impulsively marry Sam?

      And here's where that self-destructive streak of hers comes into play……she married him because it was her way of deliberately destroying everything that she and Lee had – their newly-acknowledged feelings, their friendship, his support, EVERYTHING. All because she couldn't deal with loving someone that much – it was easier for her to ruin things deliberately (because that way at least she kept some control over what happened, even if it hurt her as much as it hurt Lee) than to take a chance on the relationship and risk losing him (like Tigh points out, they're still at war. He could die.).

      She knew her beliefs, and she knew them going in – there's just enough perversity in her to choose to do the ONE thing that means she can never go back. That's Kara for you *sigh*

      • LostAurora says:

        Seriously, her entire life and all her emotions do not revolve around Lee.

        Honestly, I think every step she takes away from Lee is her getting past the self-destructiveness. He's terrible for her.

        And she's not good for him. At least in the romantic sense. They bring out a lot of each other's worst traits.

        • Crackers says:

          Seriously, her entire life and all her emotions do not revolve around Lee.

          I don't recall saying or implying that. The fact is, she did marry Sam as a reaction to chickening out of a relationship with Lee, UB showed us as much. And Lee, like him or not, is a big part of her life.

    • Narcissaa says:

      Oh god you are so spot on about Adama and I'm kind of flailing at your eloquence about his character. I just love everything that man chooses to be.

  20. @LizatLAX says:

    I love that Temple so much. It's such a beautiful set and just so interesting. I also really appreciate the SFnal addition of the algae planet which supports some life, and it's tolerable for humans short term, but is not a lush temperate Earth-like planet.

    And it'll never stop being funny the way Cavil offers Baltar, like he's some stray dog he picked up.

    I was glad Sharon and Helo finally found out about Hera, and glad that Adama had nothing to do with it. Even if it made it quite nerve-wracking wondering what they were going to do about it.

    • bookyworm says:

      OH CAVIL. How can you be so evil and so hilarious AT THE SAME TIME???

      Also, as awkward as the Adama/Roslin confrontation was, I agree that it's great it's finally over. Before it was kind of a dirty little secret sniveling in the corner that everyone was just trying not to look at because it was too uncomfortable. (Like Sharon and Helo didn't actually angst about it that much out loud except at appropriate moments. And Roslin never was shown thinking about it.) And hopefully people can start to get over it and heal and stuff.

      Also I completely forgot about the HUGE MOMENT OF AWKWARD when Baltar hails (Trek talk sorry) Galactica and is all "hey guys, I'm alive!" And Roslin leaves in disgust…kind of childish I guess but TOTALLY JUSTIFIED and she manages to pull it off with dignity anyway because it's Laura.

      I find it quite interesting that for once the Cylons and Humans aren't blowing each other out of the sky. I mean those are the most tense negotiations ever and Adama might very possibly nuke the planet but…they're talking to each other. And it is fascinating. And somehow more frightening than when the Cylons were just kind of stalking the fleet and randomly turning up for some fights. (Not that that wasn't nerve wracking either.)

      • John Small Berries says:

        (Whoops, messed up the deep link the first time)

        Also I completely forgot about the HUGE MOMENT OF AWKWARD when Baltar hails (Trek talk sorry) Galactica and is all "hey guys, I'm alive!"

        The outtake of that scene always cracks me up. (NSFW language; spoilers in other parts of the video, but the scene immediately after that one isn't.)

    • notemily says:

      I also really appreciate the SFnal addition of the algae planet which supports some life, and it's tolerable for humans short term, but is not a lush temperate Earth-like planet.

      Even if it could support them, they wouldn't be able to live there. There's a star on the verge of going supernova right there.

  21. Crackers says:

    Oh gods BSG. You just weren't going to make it easy for anyone, were you? So finally, FINALLY, Kara and Lee have made up and acknowledged their feelings and stopped fighting…………….and you have to make them do the least likeable thing possible. Extremely unpopular opinion here – I still love them and imo genocide, (almost) forcible abortion, abortion bans, (attempted)election-stealing and baby-stealing are worse things that people have done over the course of this series, but WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD?

    (I hate the bloody Quadrangle of Doom)

    PS: The comment Anders made about Lee "not being the first" or whatever….Katee Sackhoff said that she and Michael Trucco basically decided it wasn't true, that it was something Sam made up in an attempt to try to cut Lee down. So take it whichever way you want, because I'd like to believe Kara didn't actually cheat on Sam between their marriage and her captivity. And as for Lee, I don't think he'd ever cheat if it weren't Kara. In a twisted way, she's the exception to almost all his good-boy rules, and it breaks my heart.

    I REALLY hate the bloody Quadrangle of Doom. Though it was kind of inevitable really, this show only likes things to be messy. *is sad* Lee and Kara went into marriages they only made because they were too terrified to deal with their feelings (Kara) or thought they couldn't have each other in any way, not even as friends (Lee) and now, NOW, they have to deal with that and the fact that their feelings for each other haven't gone away, and never will.

    • Lost Aurora says:

      I tend to go with the "Sam lied" interpretation because I can't quite see her getting around to it in the 8 months or so between them getting married and the Cylons showing up. A couple of years, eh, maybe. But months? Naw.

      There's an interesting "tell not show" problem with Kara in that there's this idea that she'll sleep with anyone anytime that's floating around the character that I think comes more from the Starbuck in the original series then anything that Kara Thrace has ever done.

      Frankly, if the writers wanted that interpretation of the character maybe they should have shown her actually sleeping around.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      "I still love them and imo genocide, (almost) forcible abortion, abortion bans, (attempted)election-stealing and baby-stealing are worse things that people have done over the course of this series,"

      I feel like this is more annoying because, awful though those things were, at least they were done with selfless intentions. Whether we believe it was a good idea or not, or if it ultimately worked, all those horrible decisions were made to try and protect the survival of the almost-extinct human race in a time of war. They were life and death.
      Whereas Kara and Lee…are just being selfish douchebags, trying to have their cake and eat it. Don't get me wrong, I understand their motivations, and they're not in an easy position, but it's hard to justify causing so much pain and awkwardness just so you can be with the person you want.

    • notemily says:

      I like to think that Kara hadn't actually cheated on him before, but that the point still stands–he knows who Kara is and he knows who he married. He's way more broken up about the fact that Kara is pushing him away than the fact that she's been with Lee behind his back.

      Also, it totally works. The look of betrayal on Lee's face is pretty great. And also horrible.

  22. Crackers says:

    I also don't give a flying frak about the Cylons. There, I said it. I think they were cooler and scarier when they were just out of sight instead of all the weird Baseship interior crap (seriously, that is one weird-looking set).


    I'm not reading any more of these until the last handful of episodes of the season, and won't be missed – but I'm tired of feeling like I want to cry during the rewatch, I'd forgotten how draining watching the whole show can be. *sigh*

    • BSGfan1 says:

      I'm doing a rewatch of TW and occasionally BSG during Mark's watch. I guess I don't need to watch too many episodes for the 10th time because I pretty much can't forget any of them. That said, I realize I like my sci-fi dark and disturbing. I'm weird.

      • Crackers says:

        Nah, for me rewatches are total commitment . And BSG just shatters me too hard, especially this season.

  23. lyvanna says:

    My reaction to Roslin was pretty much the same as Adama's

    <img src="; alt="Adama walks out on Roslin in disgust">

    She made a liar of Adama, she wanted to kill someone's baby, then when it was born she stole it and told the parents it was dead then she's relieved that the baby is alive suddenly?! 'thank goodness the baby is alive, oh you thought it was dead? funny story–'. I wouldn't want to hear her justification for her actions either.

    And then we come back to poor Sharon, we heard in previous episodes that she feels she has to fight every day to be accepted and now she finds out that her baby has been stolen from her, the people she has been trying to impress have lied to her and treated her like the 'thing' she has been trying to prove that she isn't.

    <img src="; alt="Helo and Sharon are in shock from the news that Hera is alive">

    (I do actually like this episode though! Despite the above and other unpleasant things that happen in this episode – Lee/Kara I'm looking at you – Adama continues to be my hero, Hera is finally revealed to be alive and Baltar back on the Galactica is just as awesome as you'd have expected)

  24. Ryan Lohner says:

    I love how Cavil is always ready to offer up Baltar to the humans as a sacrifical lamb. And this time it sort of works.

    I watched the first two seasons on DVD, and it was season three where I started watching in real time. So yeah, it was hell, and I won't go into what season four's midway break was, but that was even worse.

  25. BSGfan1 says:

    This was not one of my favorite episodes. In fact it bordered on my not liking it at all. I've yet to understand why I didn't care that much for it. I get the quadrangle of doom thing, but I didn't care about that. Kara made no sense to me here. She was willing to cheat but not divorce. Okaaay? Was it wrong that I was hoping Lee and Sam would have made out? Sadly that did not happen.

    That said, it absolutely sets up the next episode…and that one well. YEAH….


  26. karate0kat says:

    Oh my god, STUPIDEST CLIFFHANGER EVER. Not the bomb thing, the Lee/Anders stand off.

    Anders: "Really? This is the cliffhanger you want to go with?"
    Lee: "I don't know what you're talking about."
    Anders: "Dude, really? Is anyone buying this? You need me so bad I can't leave, but you're going to shoot me if I try? Either way you end up without me, which you've just said doesn't work for you, so obviously this is a really dumbass bluff because you have no leverage whatsoever."
    Lee: "I know, OK? I know. But the script calls for none of the intelligent people in this room to recognize that fact, so you could you just shut up and go with it please?"
    Mathias: "I don't get paid enough for this shit."

    And in other news:

    <img src=""/&gt;

    I've always loved this little bit, IDK why (BECAUSE I AM A RABID SHIPPER THAT'S WHY). Something about her grabbing him so casually seems so much more intimate than any amount of Lee and Kara swapping spit. Kara and Sam are married, you know? They lived a life on New Caprica, together. That doesn't disappear just because they're on the outs.

    I really, really kind of always wanted Athena to smack Roslin. I know she had her reasons, but the baby stealing was always kind of a line for me. I never really forgave her for that, for what she put Helo and Athena through.

    • @LizatLAX says:

      *applauds your script, because lol, yes* But it warms the cockles of my heart anyway that Ron and co tried to make it a cliffhanger at all.

      I wasn't even that impressed with the bomb, since this is the same Admiral who said they'd never leave Lee behind, and now I was expected to believe he'd nuke the planet, kill his only surviving child, not to mention half of his senior staff, just to keep the Cylons away from something they don't even know what it is? I believed he'd threaten it, but I never bought that he'd actually do it.

    • LostAurora says:

      The standoff is really all kinds of silly, isn't it?

      I do think there's something going on in this episode where Lee is getting a clue that, yes, Sam and Kara had a life together. That Sam does know her, perhaps in a way that he doesn't. IDK, Lee always seemed very dismissive of Sam.

      • Purpledoll says:

        I can understand his attitude a bit because she did marry Sam on the spur of the moment, at least partly because she couldn't handle her feelings for Lee. Also she hadn't known him that long, whereas she and Lee have a HISTORY.
        He's wrong though. Sam and Kara are in love, and if anything it's more, not less valid because it's not tangled up with guilt over his dead brother, proving himself to his father, and the fatalism all the pilots share. Lee and Kara are close in a lot of ways, but almost all of them are bad.

    • notemily says:

      Anders: "Really? This is the cliffhanger you want to go with?"
      Lee: "I don't know what you're talking about."
      Anders: "Dude, really? Is anyone buying this? You need me so bad I can't leave, but you're going to shoot me if I try? Either way you end up without me, which you've just said doesn't work for you, so obviously this is a really dumbass bluff because you have no leverage whatsoever."
      Lee: "I know, OK? I know. But the script calls for none of the intelligent people in this room to recognize that fact, so you could you just shut up and go with it please?"
      Mathias: "I don't get paid enough for this shit."

      This is a piece of brilliance.

  27. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    I am realizing that since I do not have to see this show in real time, I completely split with most of fandom on what I like.

    This is the theory put forth by @spectralbovine during lunch this past weekend. I SUPPORT IT.

    • breesquared says:

      I watched it even quicker than you with basically no fandom interactions in between and I have so many fewer complaints than most. Then I consider the complaints there are and I can see where they're coming from but I just don't care LOL.

    • Robin says:

      I side with you Mark. I'm not sure why the people on this site insist on projecting their opinion of characters' actions on the show's quality. This happened all through season 3's original run and rewatching it I've realised I actually think the quality is just as good, if not better at times, than the first two seasons, I was just led astray by peope bitching about the characters' choices. Yes, Lee and Kara are being insensitive boobs, they essentially admit it themselves, yes it's a horribly awkward situation that is better off avoided, but that's the entire point. I'm actually invested in these characters at this point and I suppose everyone else is if they are taking all this to heart so much.

    • Robin says:

      Anyway, there's a lot more to this episode other than Lee/Kara, most of it awesome. The scene with Baltar and the cylons meeting with Adam/Roslin and co. is one of the most tense and charged in the series run, not only will Roslin not talk to Gaius, she won't even LOOK directly at him. One issue I have with the episode though is how did the Cylons find this planet? Was it really just a big cosmic coincidence? I would have liked a bit more of a point made of this fact if this is the only reason.

      Also, it would be nice to have a rundown of your top 5 favourite episodes from each season say at some point, and everyone could contribute their lists.

  28. Suzannezibar says:

    "When the voice of Baltar came through on that line, I shrieked. OH, THIS IS GONNA BE SO GOOD. Look, I swear I am not joking, but I literally paused the episode and made a bowl of popcorn."

    MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART. I consumed SO MUCH POPCORN while watching this show, oh gods. So muuuuch…

    I don't have much more to say right now. Except I am listening to that Violence and Variations cover while reading all the comments and appreciating all the different forms of beauty that came out of this show. Even as it made me tear my hair out from cliffhangers.

  29. feminerdist says:

    First, yes. Baltar is the bestest slytherin ever. Seriously. You speak the truth sir, about Salazar paling in comparison to Baltar.

    And secondly, I also got sick of the love quadrangle. And for this reason: Anders is CLEARLY superior to LEE. Sorry. But Michael Trucco is STUPID HOT. NO CONTEST.

    • Zozo says:

      Ah, the algae planet arc. Or, as I like to call it, the “Anders walks around all sweaty and dirty and sleeveless” arc. Unf.

    • erinmarie says:

      I was firmly on Team Michael Trucco FOR YEARS. YEARS. From BSG to One Tree Hill (shut up) to Castle. Then there was the Dane Cook comparison. It literally can NOT be unseen. I've tried, and I've tried. never forgiving you, mark.

      Plus, Jamie Bamber's no slouch

      • notemily says:

        I don't mind the Dane Cook comparison, but seeing Michael Trucco as a serial rapist in an episode of Law & Order SVU was kind of creepy. He's still hott on BSG, though.

  30. kristinc says:

    I can't even say how much I love Adama for the fact that pretty much his first action, when he finds out Hera is alive, is to go straight to Sharon and Helo and tell them the truth.

    And Roslin? You should be glad he's doing it. You should seriously consider kissing his feet. Because they are going to be pissed. They are going to be pissed that they both put their lives on the line multiple times for Galactica and the Colonials, that they have given nothing but honesty and loyalty, and you repaid them with lies and a lack of respect. Adama's obvious consideration for them is quite possibly the only thing pulling your ass out of the fire.

  31. Weston says:

    We had to wait five weeks for the next episode. Five. Weeks.


    • evocativecomma says:

      Yes, but then some of us got to see the next episode in movie theaters packed with other fans, plus members of the entertainment media.


  32. ChronicReader91 says:

    This and “Rapture” are my favorite episodes of season 3 so far, for reasons I can’t really talk about until today’s review comes up.

    Btw, where did the nickname The Quadrangle of Doom come from? Because it’s completely accurate. I don’t have any patience for love triangles, and adding another person and another layer of complication doesn’t help. It feels like this whole mess is going to implode very soon.

  33. notemily says:

    Are we at Maximum Suffering yet?

    Mark I think you stumbled on the motto for this show! Congrats.

    I want to go to the hot fudge planet.

    NOOOO. STOP CHEATING ON PEOPLE. Even though it's totally hott to watch you guys make out. STOP BEING SO PRETTY SO I CAN JUDGE YOU.

    Lee is like "I feel guilt for cheating on my wife! Let us resolve our emotional issues!" and Starbuck is like "shut up and get on with the cheating, already." I kinda love them. (I mean, they're making horrible decisions, but I love their characters.)

    Meanwhile, Chief senses ~something is amiss.~

    "Marriage is a sacrament." Oh, Starbuck.

    You know, Lee, you could always get a divorce and keep enabling Starbuck to cheat on her husband. I'm just saying, it's an option. Not a great one.

    But that's not what he wants, is it? He wants Starbuck to get a divorce, to show him that she loves him as much as he loves her. But that's not how Starbuck works.

    I just now noticed that Gaius's "room" is a giant four-poster bed in the middle of nothing, literally NO other furniture, and it's cracking me up.

    Aw Hera, your curls are SO adorable. Maybe Uncle Gaius can cheer you up.

    Chief's spidey-senses are still tingling. And then he finds a HUGE MAN-MADE STRUCTURE on the algae planet. Dude. That is So. Cool.

    I thought it was 2,000 years ago that the thirteenth tribe… oh, whatever. I don't even care with the timeline anymore.

    I totally lose my SHIT when they hear Baltar's voice. Hee hee hee hee!

    Visually, Baltar's looking a bit Jesus-y these days.

    "Well you just lost your visiting privileges." I love the way Hogan delivers that line. It's so SMARMY.

    I like Baltar best when he's being honest and actually emotional. He really is glad to see Laura and he feels genuine regret for everything that's happened. Aw. AND POOR GAETA IS THERE AS WELL AW

    "And… we'll throw in Baltar." Hee. Cavil is delightfully smarmy as well. I still hate him though.

    The image of Chief dancing around naked with porn magazines is too awesome.

    lbh thlf, gurl UNQ gb unir xabja puvrs jnf bar bs gur svany svir ng guvf cbvag. ur trgf SRRYVATF nobhg gur rlr bs whcvgre! ur ERIRERF vg! ur jnf cneg bs gur guvegrragu gevor h thvfr!!

    I like Sam's little speech to Lee about having married Kara, and it's his business. Reminds me of Tigh saying he knows Ellen gets up to shenanigans with other men, and he doesn't really care. Ah, marriage.

    DAMMIT THREE. Stop hurting Caprica Six. CAPRICA SIX RULES.

    You know who else rules? ADAMA. You do not steal babies. YOU DO NOT STEAL BABIES! HE KNOWS THIS!

    Dammit you guys, this is not the time to argue "who loves Kara more."

    Supposedly the Hybrid quotes the song "plastic jesus" during this scene, but I couldn't figure out where that was for the life of me. It's supposed to be in the scene where she's talking to Baltar and Three about the Chosen One, but I don't think it's in the Netflix copy. I even looked up a script and the lines are there, but the scene goes slightly differently on script than it did on Netflix. It must have been in the aired version, because Jacob heard it, and I found a reference to it being in the DVD version as well. Maybe Netflix couldn't get the "Plastic Jesus" copyright? This is bugging me way too much.

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