Mark Finishes ‘Jane the Virgin’: Q&A Party

Hello, hello, hello! As is customary around here when I finish a longer series, I like to throw a little party online to celebrate the journey I’ve been on. Well, I have other (and more selfish) reasons for this, and we’ll get to that. Let’s talk about Jane the Virgin!

So, first things first: Let’s talk about my predictions for this final season, which I think I did pretty well at? Sort of???

1) We will find out that Rose was behind Michael’s faked death and disappearance. See? Off to a good start.

2) Michael and Jane will attempt to date one another. And everything will hurt. 

3) It won’t work out. STILL HURTS.

4) Jane / Rafael is end game. (This feels like an educated guess to me. It’s just that Jane and Rafael have grown so much together over the past season that I don’t sense the show willing to abandon that? Also, Michael did not seem as enthused to see Jane. SOMETHING IS UP.) SEE. SEE I DID REALLY, REALLY WELL. 

5) Xiomara will not have a recurrence of cancer. FIVE IN A ROW.

6) Alba and Jorge will fall in love. SIX!!!!!!!

7) The Passions of Steve will not be a hit at first, but will eventually become a major success. Actually, I am not really that sure this ever became a thing? Like, it kinda fell to the side in terms of a being a major plot. I mean, it got a series order, so that’s good? 

8) Mateo will have a difficult time adjusting to Michael being back. UH. YEAH. 

9) Jane Ramos will be around for a few episodes, but I think she leaves Petra by episode five. help me why was I right

10) Jane Ramos shot Milos. Okay, glad I was right about this one.

11) Magda will die this season. (PLEASE GET RID OF HER.) Unfortunately not dead

12) So will Rose. HELL YEAH

13) Here’s a wild, poetic prediction: Rose dies by Luisa’s hand. H E L L  Y E A H I am so glad this ended up being right. 

14) Jane will finish her second book this season. LOOK, THIS MIGHT BE MY BEST RUN OF PREDICTIONS EVER.

15) It will also be published. Well, we didn’t see that happen in the chronology of the show, but she got a deal. 

16) AND IT WILL BE FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN HER FIRST!!! Same with this, so technically, I didn’t get this one right. 

17) I think the series finale will have a major time jump, and we’ll get to see a snapshot of all the main characters FINALLY HAPPY. Okay, this was a good prediction, though unfortunately wrong. BUT HAPPINESS! That part I got right!!!

Honestly, look at me. However, I have to point out that while I was prepared for many of these twists, the actual experience of watching season 5 was far more stressful than this makes it seem. IT HURT SO MUCH.

Anyway, party time! If you’ve never attended one of these, I basically hang around throughout the day to answer questions about watching this show. People usually ask me things like favorite episodes, favorite seasons, etc. But it’s also a chance for there to be a SPOILER-FILLED DISCUSSION! Now’s the chance to link to interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, fandom joy… all the stuff you couldn’t post to me throughout this. A FREE-FOR-ALL. I want to see it all!

As a reminder, we’ll be working through the adaptations of The Colour of Magic and Going Postal next! I hope you’ll join me in revisiting Discworld.

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