Mark Watches ‘His Dark Materials’ Liveblog – S01E03 – The Spies

Hello, friends! Welcome to the third of EIGHT public liveblogs as I watch His Dark Materials for the first time! All of these are available to everyone, and I’m so thrilled that I can bring some liveblogs back to entertain us while the vast majority of us are stuck indoors.

Today’s liveblog for “The Spies” begins today at 2:00pm Eastern time. If you’ve not participated in a liveblog, it’s very simple: At the appointed time, we all start our copies of the episode, and then use the comments below to PARTY ON. Please use rot13 to hide any spoilers for discussion of future episodes, since some of us will be watching this for the first time. Just refresh the page to see new comments!

Please see the full schedule for season one; you can also suggest future liveblogs here.


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