Mark Predicts ‘Alias’: Season 4

Oh, friends, it is time for me to venture once more into the unknown, and that means: MORE PREDICTIONS.

So, let’s go over what I thought would happen in season 3 of Alias.

  • We won’t see Will for most of the season because he’s in witness protection. Hey, look, not a bad start!
  • We will meet Vaughn’s fianceé/wife in the first episode. (I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM TYPING THIS.) Second episode, actual. 
  • We will find out that Francie’s double died the night Sydney discovered her. OH NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE. 
  • Sydney will discover what happened to her (in full) by the halfway point of this season. AT THE EXACT HALFWAY EPISODE, OH MY GOD.
  • And we’ll find out that she was kidnapped by some organization and brainwashed to work for them. Y-yes? Sort of? Close?
  • She escaped and broke her programming, which is why she woke up years later. Oh, I was so, so close, but NOPE, STILL NOT RIGHT.
  • We will learn what the Telling was. Holy shit, we actually DID find out what this was! Hi, Nadia!
  • Vaughn and Sydney get back together by the end of the season. JUST STOP ME. STOP ME BEFORE I GO TOO FAR. 
  • Sydney and Irina have another showdown this season, but it will be BEFORE the season finale. AHHHHHHHH not at ALL.
  • I think Irina will die this season. Not even on the same map.
  • Dixon will start dating someone this season. Look, I tried. 
  • Jack will get closer to his daughter and then do some foolish shit and get pushed away LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES. LOOK AT THIS. THE EXACT PERFECT PREDICTION FOR THE FINALE. I wish that was what I actually meant, but oh well. 
  • The finale is going to deal with Sydney and Arvin Sloane. Mostly!
  • And the season will end with something to do with Rambaldi. INDEED IT WAS.

Look, I didn’t actually do too bad there! Still completely not ready for season three, which I enjoyed A GREAT DEAL. So, the time has come: here’s what I think will happen in season 4.

  1. We will find out what is at the coordinates that Nadia gave Arvin.
  2. They will both be disappointed in what they find.
  3. We will find out what is on that secret file in the first episode.
  4. My guess? Based on what Lauren said, Jack has actually been into all this Rambaldi stuff the whole time, and he had Sydney fed that hallucinogenic drug when she was a kid.
  5. Vaughn and Sydney will try dating again in this season.
  6. Marshall will have survived Lauren’s attack.
  7. Sark will die this season, but not until the final 3 episodes.
  8. Irina will come back to the show!
  9. And then she’ll die by the end of the season, too.
  10. We will not see Will again.
  11. Arvin Sloane will have a public fall from grace.
  12. Nadia Santos will join the CIA and be on the same team as Sydney.
  13. We will discover by the end of the season that the prophecy regarding Sydney and Nadia isn’t real.
  14. I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE COULD HAPPEN THIS SEASON. I suspect there’s an arc I do not see coming, and I am SCARED.

Here’s to more Alias! Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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