Mark Predicts ‘Alias’: Season 2

Hello, Alias friends! I have made it to my first prediction post, and I shall now embarrass myself to the whole Internet!

If this is your first time experiencing a Mark Watches project in realtime, welcome! These posts were conceived as a way to get me to reflect on a season by trying to guess what is coming next. They’re a lot of fun, and you only need to know a few things going in.

1. Please do not spoil me. It may seem obvious, but every once in a while, people still try to. Use rot13 cyphering for all spoilery comments.

2. Please do not spoil other people. There are often people posting their own predictions! Treat them as you would treat me.

3. Do not pretend to be watching this for the first time and post “fake” predictions. It’s happened. It’s been a while. Still, don’t do it.

So, without further delay, here’s my take on season 2 before I’ve seen a second of it:

  • Dixon will find out the truth about Sydney
  • And he’ll be asked to join the CIA as a double agent.
  • Vaughn survived the destruction of the Circumference.
  • He and Sydney will attempt to go on an ACTUAL DATE.
  • Will is gonna accept a position for the CIA to help Sydney
  • He will have to then manage the same double life that Sydney has, except towards Francie.
  • Francie will find out the truth about Will AND Sydney at the end of season 2.
  • Marshall will go on a mission this season.
  • We will find out that Emily died FOR SURE in season 2.
  • Which will mean that Arvin Sloane will get EVEN WEIRDER towards Sydney.
  • We will see cyberpunk OR gothpunk Sydney at least twice this season. BONUS POINTS IF IT’S TWO OF EACH.
  • We will see inside another SD branch.
  • The Alliance will fall apart by the end of season 2.
  • Khasinau is assassinated.
  • Sydney will try to get revenge on Sark, but will fail.
  • Most of this season will track Sydney’s relationship with her mother.
  • And the season will end with a massive showdown between Sydney and her mother!!!!

AM I RIGHT? WRONG? Only you know!

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