Mark Watches ‘The 100’: S02E03 – Reapercussions

In the third episode of the second season of The 100, this show has to stop. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch The 100.

Trigger Warning: For nonconsensual medical procedures, kidnapping, body horror.

This show should also be titled, Absolutely Nothing Good Happens To Anyone. My god.


I don’t even know where to start with this show, but I want to note that literally every single plot in “Reapercussions” highlights some form of character development. ALL OF THEM. In the case of Octavia, she realizes that she’s truly fucked up here, putting both Nyko and Lincoln at risk. I don’t want to ignore that she’s also deeply loyal, and she would have gone after Lincoln regardless. But over the course of this episode, she offers herself up to Indra. She states that she is not afraid. And when the time comes, she gives up her own safety to act as bait for the Reapers. Despite that she is left alone, uncertain of where Lincoln is, she manages to prove herself to his village. It’s not exactly what she wanted in that situation, obviously, but I’d be foolish not to point out that she did want to win these people over.

But what the hell is she supposed to do next?

The Search Party

THE PARALLELS HERE ARE BRUTAL AND UNFAIR AND I AM JUST SO INTO THE FACT THAT THIS SHOW IS WILLING TO EXPLORE ALL THE SHADES OF MORALITY WITHIN A DISASTER SCENARIO. I’ll get to the adults’ version of justice and law in a bit, but let’s take a moment to appreciate that after sixteen episodes, Bellamy is now the character most willing to argue for the preservation of the life of their “enemies.” Despite that the group kidnaps the leader of one of the Grounders’ camps, Bellamy refuses to torture him. Why?

Because there are lines you can’t uncross. Those are his own words, and it’s such a huge change from the events in “Contents Under Pressure.” He is a changed man, even if he’s still dedicated to finding the rest of the 100. (Gah, the parallels between him and Kane are so unreal!!!) But you could say the same of Finn, couldn’t you? After nearly losing Raven, and with Clarke missing, he’s become increasingly desperate to get her back. How is it that Finn has turned into the person most willing to kill someone else just for their apparent status as an “enemy”? Of course, we know something that he doesn’t: THAT NONE OF THE GROUNDERS HAVE ANY OF THE 100. That doesn’t change the fact that he still murdered someone for… what? Living with the wrong people? Being collateral damage?

THIS IS SO FUCKED UP. When you’re doing shit that Murphy advocates, perhaps you should RETHINK YOUR EVERYTHING.

Camp Jaha

Again, I think that it’s vital to compare what Bellamy/Finn are doing and what Kane does at Camp Jaha. While there is certainly a different context at work here, I still think that there’s an important story being told through these parallel plots. Kane straddles the line between his past and the type of leader he wants to be. Despite that he’s clearly changed as a person, it’s certainly easy for him to rely on the simpler option to run this new community. Yet, he resists it! He doesn’t want to enforce the exact same type of law anymore because this is a new place. It lacks the kind of desperation that was found on the Ark, and that means they can do things differently.

That’s why he makes such a misstep here. There is a need for regulation and order on Earth, but at what cost? Was Paige’s suggestion of following the Exodus charter to the letter the best possible option? (I think that was her name, but I may have heard it wrong.) How was that supposed to curtail the actions of a group of upset parents? Seriously, that was the issue here. These people have no idea where their children are, and all they know about life on Earth is that there is a group of people called the Grounders, and they’re violent and murderous. That is why people overreacted and tried to kill that prisoner.

And yet, Kane is compelled to re-institute corporal punishment, despite that he knows deep down that this is wrong. You can see it on his face every time Dr. Griffin is lashed, and you can hear it in his voice as he hesitates more and more with each act of violence against her body. It’s a horrific thing to watch, especially since Kane just had the camp’s only doctor tormented and humiliated in front of everyone. (Well, Jackson is still important, but you get the point!) Plus, what did it accomplish? I was pleased to see Abby taunt Kane with this very question. Is everyone now magically disobedient? Good, because ABBY DOESN’T CARE. She’ll still do whatever it takes to save her daughter and the rest of the 100, no matter how many lashes she gets in the process.

Seriously, Abby and Clarke are so much alike it’s SCARY.

I’m focusing on Kane so much not because I want to explain away his actions as if to minimize them. What he does to Abby is deplorable. But The 100 understands repercussions better than most shows I’ve seen, and in the aftermath, Kane reflects. He’s able to admit he was wrong, and then he listens to Abby. He does exactly what she wanted, despite that it took him hurting her to get to that point. But how often do characters make the sort of moves Kane does in other works of fiction? Three episodes into this season, and Kane’s adapted once more. He’s no longer chancellor, and he’s going to go find redemption by finding the rest of the 100.

This is some fine storytelling.

Anya / Clarke

The same goes for this entire plot, y’all. It clearly overshadows absolutely everything else here, and for good reason. Amidst unrelenting terror, there is worldbuilding. Character development. Massive plot twists. It’s entertaining, it’s thought-provoking, and Y’ALL, I LIVE FOR PRETTY MUCH ANY USE OF THE TROPE WHERE TWO ENEMIES MUST TEMPORARILY BAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT ANOTHER ENEMY. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I NOW SHIP CLARKE/ANYA, FIGHT ME OVER THIS. Or not, because holy shit.

Again, where do I even start? Clearly, the upper echelon of management in Mount Weather knows exactly how they’ve been keeping their population safe. But as Anya and Clarke delve deeper into the literal and metaphorical bowels of this base, they discover just how disgusting and revolting these people are. THEY ARE FEEDING REAPERS WITH THE DISCARDED BODIES OF ALL THE GROUNDERS THAT THEY’VE KIDNAPPED AND EXPLOITED FOR THEIR HEALING BLOOD. Like, that sentence alone is a disaster because there are so many layers to this nightmare, but by the end of “Reapercussions,” we learn just how little we knew about this arrangement.

And while all of this is happening, Anya and Clarke have to contend with each other, too. Understandably, Anya has no interest in ever teaming up with the woman who was partially responsible for the deaths of nearly 300 of her people. I don’t think the show is ignoring that repercussion, either. Despite that Clarke may have the best of intentions – she did save Anya’s life – why should this cancel out Anya’s rage? It shouldn’t. And yet, these two have to deal with the presence of one another because there’s literally no other option. I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A MOMENT TO YELL AT WHOMEVER WROTE THAT SEQUENCE IN THE REAPER MINE CART BECAUSE IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST TENSION-FILLED THINGS EVER. I HATE THEM FOR IT.

Well, there’s also Anya and Clarke jumping into the dam, or Clarke being rescued from the Reapers by the Mountain Men (WHAT WAS THAT SOUND THING), or the moment where ANYA DESCENDED FROM THE CEILING LIKE AN ANGEL OF VENGEANCE. It’s just… so much. SO MUCH. And what the hell is Anya going to do with Clarke? Use her as bait?

The Reapers

I don’t get it, y’all. Are the Mountain Men curing the Reapers, or are they creating them? What was being injected into them? Oh my god, if I understand that final scene correctly, then the Mountain Men kidnap Grounders, do something to them (????), and then utilize them within the very same operation that kidnaps them and steals their blood. Which means… shit. They’re creating their own problem and pretending that the world outside is dangerous WHEN THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL.

What the fuck is wrong with this show.

The video for “Reapercussions” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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