Mark Watches ‘The 100’- S01E02 – Earth Skills

In the second episode of the second season of The 100, this show cares not for any of my emotions. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch The 100.

Jesus, this show is not fucking around. At all.

The Council

Well, I’ve got a lot to discuss, so let’s start first with the soul-crushing political situation aboard The Ark. I’m realizing that this show is like LOST and Battlestar Galactica smushed together at once, which is a GREAT THING, but that also means I’m treated to the relentlessly terrifying atmosphere on the Ark. As far as I can tell, there were elections amongst the various stations to make Jaha the Chancellor, but is he Chancellor of the whole thing? What about the other eleven nations on the Ark? Is this a case of a dystopia referencing other countries but never showing them? So, let’s assume, then, that the Chancellor runs just the American section. (Or something?) I say that because there were only seven members on the council who decided whether or not begin to cull people on the station.

Okay, this might be sloppy worldbuilding, but the point is that Kane seems more eager than anyone else to kill hundreds of innocent citizens in order to guarantee that he survives. I simply don’t buy his assertion that it pains him to have to make this decision. The dude seems overjoyed to be able to kill other people! I think there’s something else going on here, but in the meantime, there’s no sense focusing on it. I love that while Kane exists here to be the perpetual worst, the writers choose to center most of the Ark’s narratives on Dr. Griffin, Jackson, and newcomer Raven, who all present an interesting potential story: Can they prove that life on Earth is sustainable if the 100 are removing their bracelets?

Obviously, Dr. Griffin has a personal stake in this because her daughter is down on the ground, but I also love that she’s unmistakably committed to a sense of morality while she tries to figure this problem out. It echoes what she said in “Pilot”: she wants to make sure that humanity deserves to survive. What about Chancellor Jaha, though? What got his son banished? I viewed his abstaining vote as an opportunity to politically provide Dr. Griffin more time because deep down, he believes in her. I don’t know that he can publicly throw his weight behind her, but at the very least, he’s bought her ten more days. Ten days in which Raven is supposed to fix a drop pod for her and Dr. Griffin. THAT SHOULD BE FUN.

The 100

I’m absolutely not surprised that for the most part, the 100 are unwilling to do much of anything to protect themselves, at least until the splinter group comes back without Jasper. Even then? I see the 100 as being reluctant to do anything that singles them out for attention. Why? Why would they band together as a group that won’t question Bellamy?

I’d say most of that is based in fear, and Clarke is spot on in asserting that. She was quick to point this out when she got Bellamy to accompany her and Wells to go rescue Jasper, and I don’t think she’s wrong. I’m willing to bet that a majority of the 100 are terrified, despite that they seem to be enjoying themselves. The inevitability of their predicament is creeping closer and closer to them, and Bellamy allows them to forget that. They can imagine that their freedom comes without ramifications, and they can ignore the fact that Octavia was attacked by a GIANT, MUTATED RIVER SNAKE or that Jasper was nearly killed by GROUNDERS.

It’s why no one seems particularly disturbed by the events of the second day on Earth except those who are paying attention. At this point, I’d say that only Wells, Monty, Finn, Clarke, Octavia, and Atom are mentally prepared for what might happen here. Even then, that’s a stretch. Atom’s burgeoning affection for Octavia allows him to entertain a future with her, one where these two will have all the time in the world to get to know one another. And what of Bellamy? He’s not a fool, and after seeing what the Grounders did to Jasper, I don’t imagine he’s ready to forget it all. He knows how fucked up the inhabitants are, and yet? By all outward appearances, he’s ready to continue the fantasy of some sort of futuristic Lord of the Flies nonsense. He posits himself as the de-facto leader of The 100 while espousing bullshit about freedom and chaos. He speaks charismatically about how there are no more rules or rulers, and then he compels people to remove their bracelets in order to be fed. He’s a walking contradiction, and it’s terrifying how much power he’s amassed in less than 48 hours.

This is all happening while the world is pretty much waiting to eat these people alive. I bet that Finn and Clarke are correct in asserting that the Grounders are using Mount Weather as their own base, but the border issue is now moot. One of the Grounders is spying on the entire group, and it’s only a matter of time before these people are attacked. Again. Not only was Jasper’s display a trap, but it allowed the Grounders to follow the 100 right back to their drop ship.

What else awaits out in the forest? Will Atom survive the night? How the hell are these people going to survive as long as they refuse to be organized and stop celebrating their newfound freedom? WHY DOES EVERYTHING HURT SO MUCH ALREADY?

The video for “Earth Skills” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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