Mark “Finishes” Supernatural: Q&A / Comment Party

Hello, Supernatural fandom! The day has arrived when I have fully caught up to all of you, and we must now suffer together. However, for practical purposes, I’ve “finished” Supernatural, since The Next Generation will now be taking its place in the schedule. In the fall, reviews and videos will resume on a weekly basis, being posted the day after a given episode airs, and will continue at that pace until the show is over. (HOW IS IT NOT OVER YET.) 

For now, though, I’ve basically reached the no-spoiler zone, and that means the longstanding rule against showing me any background material, behind-the-scenes videos, fan videos, fan fiction, etc., is now expired. That’s part of the purpose of this post: What have I missed along the way? I also like to use these comment parties as a chance to reflect on the series as a whole instead of just on individual episodes. Please feel free to ask me any Supernatural related questions about the series, as I’ll be sitting around answering them for a bit. (I do have some reviews to complete today, but I’ll let folks know when I have to bounce for 45 minutes to record a video.)

You can also use this chance to ask me pretty much whatever you want, and I’ll do my best to answer EVERYTHING posted in the comments. I have time and dedication on my side, SO LET’S DO THIS.

Thank you for this mysteriously-wank-free journey through all ten seasons of this show. It’s been a fantastic ride because of all of you. Let’s talk Supernatural!

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