Mark Predicts ‘The Legend of Korra’: Season 3

You know, I never did predictions for season two. I suppose I didn’t think I’d get to it for a long time? Or didn’t know if there’d be a season two? Regardless, it’s time to embarrass myself publicly for this fandom. I SHALL RISE TO THE OCCASION.

As usual, please don’t confirm or deny the correctness of these in any way. Play nice. The same rules are in place for those who are watching along with me. Don’t spoil them either.

Mark’s Predictions for The Legend of Korra, Season 3

  1. Okay, in the first episode, we’ll see visual confirmation that the spirits are still roaming free in the human world.
  2. By the third episode, we’ll have a story or plot that takes place within the spirit world.
  3. Korra will not date anyone in season three.
  4. Bolin will, however.
  5. Future Industries will become very successful.
  6. We’ll get an episode in the Earth Kingdom!!!
  7. We’ll also see more of the Fire Nation.
  8. At least one new hybrid creature cutie will be introduced.
  9. A major character will die. (WHY AM I PREDICTING THIS.)
  10. Korra will resume training with Tenzin, but will not need to anymore by the end of the season.
  11. At some point, Korra will get assistance from a spirit!

I’m happy to report that The Legend of Korra reviews will only take a week-long break while I travel to Kansas City for ConQuesT 46, where I’m the Fan Guest of Honor. We’ll start season three on June 1, and unless something else comes up, there shouldn’t be another break in Double Features in the foreseeable future. HUZZAH!!!!

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