Mark Predicts ‘Leverage’: Season 5

It is with sadness in my heart that I make my last prediction post for this show. I hate that I have to type that because I never, ever want this show to end.

For real. I have such an affinity for this show that I know I’ll bawl through the series finale. Until then, let’s go over some predictions and make more of them!

  1. Sophie and Nate spend most of the season trying to hide their relationship from the team. WELL. 
  2. They utterly fail, meaning that the team is going to reveal that they knew all along what was going on. COME ON, THEY ARE TOO PERCEPTIVE. I mean, I was kinda right, but not really. I don’t count this one.
  3. Sterling will come back. And in a damn fine episode, too!
  4. Tara will not. I’M SO GLAD I WAS WRONG
  5. Hardison backstory! I’m using this again.
  6. Down with IYS!!!! Bring this back! Shit. But not a terrible prediction, honestly.
  8. We’ll also learn more about Eliot AND Parker’s pasts. Does this count? I think I expected something more complicated or significant.
  9. There will be an episode where all five characters have to grift at once. Can I count the last episode as them grifting as themselves? No?
  10. I want another offbeat episode like “The Roshamon Job.” Give it to me! THERE WERE SO MANY, ACTUALLY. 
  11. We’ll get a hint of this season’s arc in the first episode, but like season 3, there won’t be a whole lot of episodes addressing it. HELL YEAH
  12. I know this is short, but I honestly don’t know what else to predict. All the stories were wrapped up! STILL WASN’T READY.
  13. Ooooh, wait, we’ll get an episode about the team infiltrating a BIRTHDAY PARTY. Yes, good. Still a good prediction.

Okay, like season four, I feel like there’s not much carrying over, but it is the last season. I’m expecting a few big things. LET’S DO THIS.

Predictions for Season 5

  1. I think a great deal of this will cover Nate and Sophie’s attempt to have a more serious relationship.
  2. That also means we’ll see more of Parker and Hardison doing the same.
  3. I think there will be glimpses of the past from each of the five main characters.
  4. At least four characters from past episodes will appear in this season.
  5. Birthday party infiltration?
  6. I wanna see more of Eliot cooking.
  7. Hardison will get over his fear of heights/falling.
  8. I think Nate will finally get to go after IYS.
  9. I think he’ll also stop drinking.
  10. Jim Sterling will appear in the finale.
  11. As will Maggie!
  12. As will Tara.
  13. I predict that the team will have to break-up TEMPORARILY at least once this season.
  14. We will learn Sophie’s real name.
  15. I will cry profusely during the series finale.

#15 is a freebie. WE ALL KNOW IT’S TRUE.

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