Mark Predicts ‘Friday Night Lights’: Season 4

Oh, hell, y’all, it’s time. It’s time for me to do that thing where everyone either shrieks or laughs or cringes at my wonderful power of prediction. Bring it on, season 4 of Friday Night Lights.

Of course, let’s first go over my season three predictions!

  • The Dillon Panthers will not win state. I forgot I predicted this. So technically, I was prepared, but forgot I was prepared. Oh, well. 1/1
  • Tyra and Smash will graduate. OMG. 2/2
  • We’ll get an episode focusing on Smash’s time at Whitmore. Oh, shit. Nope! 2/3
  • Tim will find someone else to pursue instead of Lyla. Technically, he did! Devin! But LOL DID NOT HAPPEN. 3/4
  • However, Lyla and Chris won’t last the season. They didn’t even last the break between the seasons LOL. 4/5
  • Santiago will leave the team and leave the show this season. Hey! I’m not wrong! 5/6
  • Jason will move in with Erin. OH MY GOD HAVE I EVER GOTTEN SO MANY RIGHT 6/7
  • Matt will face competition from a new quarterback on the team who is just as good as he is. OKAY LET ME JUST KEEP THIS GOING EVEN THOUGH J.D. IS BETTER THAN HIM, SHUT UP, I NEVER GET THESE THINGS RIGHT. 7/8
  • Landry and Tyra will break up. Again. hahahah I AM ON FIRE. Does the break between seasons count? Yes, it does. 8/9
  • Buddy Garrity will face a scandal in the community. I mean, he always faces one, so this is barely trying, but STILL. HOLY SHIT. 9/10
  • Billy will get a girlfriend. I AM SO GOOD THIS IS THE BEST PREDICTION POST OF ALL TIME. 10/11
  • Tami will work on the Mayor’s campaign? I’d really like to see that storyline brought back up again. whoops THERE GOES MY STUNNING RECORD. 10/12
  • There will be at least three new players on the team who get lines. Damn, only JaMarcus and J.D. Boo! 10/13
  • Coach Taylor will clash with a new coach on the team. HAHAHAHAHAHA HELP ME THIS RULES. 11/14
  • But he will lead the Panthers to a win at state in the FOLLOWING season. this is ALREADY FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE OH MY GOD 11/15
  • Tim, Tyra, Matt, and Landry will all graduate high school by the end of season 3. I just realized I had two graduation predictions. Oh well! I got this wrong anyway, since Landry is only a junior. Apparently? Yes, I think that’s correct since he didn’t talk about colleges yet. 11/16
  • Julie will get a steady boyfriend this season, and that boyfriend will be Matt. I FEEL LIKE THIS COULD HAPPEN AGAIN. I AM PROUD OF THIS ONE. 12/17
  • I am unprepared. SHUT UP, MARK. 13/18

That’s seriously one of my best performances with these. ROUND OF APPLAUSE okay, I’ll be quiet. Let’s try not to repeat myself now:

Mark’s Predictions for Season 4 of Friday Night Lights

  • Okay, Landry will graduate from high school and get in to an awesome college.
  • Matt will continue working at the Alamo Freeze while supporting his grandmother.
  • Grandma Saracen’s health will worsen.
  • Matt’s father will visit at some point during the season, and he will fight with Matt’s mother.
  • Tami will have to cope with people in Dillon trying to turn her against her husband.
  • Eric will facing severe funding issues at East Dillon.
  • The Panthers will not go to state.
  • The Lions will not go to state.
  • At least five new characters will be introduced this season.
  • Tyra will leave the show. 🙁
  • Tim will leave the show. 🙁
  • Lyla will leave the show. 🙁
  • Julie and Matt will stay together the entire season.
  • Coach Taylor will stay at East Dillon High the entire season.
  • Billy and Mindy will break up at least once this season, but will get back together.
  • Joe McCoy will still be the most evil thing of all evil things forever.
  • J.D. will rebel against his father in a big way.
  • And finally, the Panthers and the Lions will play each other at least once this season, and the Panthers will win.

We start season four of Friday Night Lights on Tuesday! HUZZAH.

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