Mark Watches ‘Wonderfalls’: Episode 8 – Lovesick Ass

In the eighth episode of Wonderfalls, Eric and Jaye help a woman who was stood up by an online lover, and it turns into the biggest mess yet. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Wonderfalls.


  • Well, I figured most of this out during Dead Like Me, especially once I realized a lot of Bryan Fuller’s work (so far) reminded me of a more palatable version of Todd Solondz’s films. And I still think that comparison stands, but I like Bryan Fuller’s shows more because they’re so genuine.
  • “Lovesick Ass” is a great demonstration of how the writers Fuller assembles are able to navigate a path between stories that are deeply disturbing and beautifully affectionate. It’s impossible to ignore just how terrifying Peter Johnson acts here, just as it’s impossible to ignore how heartbreaking it is that he’s lashing out because he misses his mother, who died of cancer. And even amidst this, there is a fantastic love story that doesn’t involve a twelve-year-old ordering a bride on the Internet.
  • Y’all, I literally said that ANYONE COULD HAVE SENT KATYA THAT LETTER BECAUSE IT’S THE INTERNET, and I had no clue just how right I was.
  • I’m not sure that the writers engage all that much with the idea of how much of a stereotype Katya is, and I could certainly see people having a problem with it. What I did like about her character was the fact that people didn’t belittle her heartbreak and her panic, especially since she flew from thousands upon thousands of miles only to find out that she didn’t have a life waiting for her. Like the previous episode, we also see that Jaye needs less and less coaching from her little animal friends to find out what she needs to do to help people in need. Hell, this is one of the few times there is no animal communicating with Jaye for the entirety of the last half of the episode!
  • That doesn’t mean this is an easy situation for Jaye, though, as Katya’s appearance spurns a very messy, complicated back-and-forth between Eric and Jaye about the possibility of them exploring a relationship with one another. While I get that in the context of the show, Jaye is experiencing something supernatural or mystical, there’s actually a very sweet message at the heart of Jaye and Eric’s romance: It’s okay to be damaged and to have issues.
  • Seriously! Think about it. Eric has what amounts to a triggered nervous breakdown when he is in the wedding chapel, and Jaye is in a constant struggle with her own sanity and self-worth. While Eric has certainly been more eager to start something with Jaye, she hasn’t been able to accept that she’s desirable. And let me just tell you, as a person with a whole host of mental issues revolving around self-esteem, PTSD, and anxiety, I can identify with any character who believes that no one actually wants them. That sort of perception went hand-in-hand with my own depression, you know?
  • So while there’s a lot of unsettling comedy to “Lovesick Ass,” I was ultimately drawn to the nuanced and complicated portrayal of two people who are struggling to find out if they can love again. I know I’ve been doing that thing where I imagine I am smushing Eric and Jaye’s heads together because NOW KISS, but I’m so glad that these two got the chance to talk through their problems with dating in this manner. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but I found that it was some of the most honest conversation that they’ve ever had.
  • That means the rest of this hilarious, over-the-top episode is just icing on the cupcake. I don’t think I’m familiar with any other roles that Spencer Breslin has played, but he is SO PERFECT as Peter. It’s unnerving in a horribly visceral way, and I’m sure you can tell from the video commission for this episode that I reacted… um… well, rather dramatically to everything that came out of this kid’s mouth. HOW. HOW.
  • I hope we get an episode where Sharon does get the girl, and there’s no complication, and everything is awesome.
  • Also, can Eric get divorced before he pursues Jaye any further? I feel like that’s a huge thing to ignore, writers.
  • Anyway, this is one of the most relentlessly quotable episodes, it’s hilarious, and JAYE AND ERIC KISSED. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. IT HAPPENED AND IT’S CANON AND YOU CAN’T UNDO IT. HUZZAH.
  • PS: Did Peter seriously set Eric’s car on fire????

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