Mark Watches ‘Angel’: S02E01 – Judgment

In the first episode of the fifth season of Angel, one of Cordelia’s vision is just vague enough that Angel does something that he regrets. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Angel.

Well, this premiere was just fantastic. Like, it is full of things that are REALLY WONDERFUL. Here is a LIST of ALL THOSE WONDERFUL THINGS.

  • Julie Benz, I just love your face. I’m glad that it’s clearly taken all summer to acclimate Darla to returning to life. You know, since she’s been dead for a long time. I wasn’t shocked by the idea that Wolfram & Hart brought her back to ruin Angel, so I’m more interested to see how she’s going to do that. I mean, Angel doesn’t really have feelings for her, does she? Anymore, that is. See, if I had some idea, I might feel better about this, but I have none. So I’m back to being unprepared. Goddamn it. I’m trying here!
  • Caritas
  • The Host. The Host. I… I don’t know how to explain what is happening to me. Extremely sassy, karaoke-loving demon who is psychic and uses his powers to comfort those around him? Can we just get married already? You’re all invited. I just can’t. What an incredible character! I am BEGGING this show to please bring him back. PLEASE MORE. MORE. MORE.
  • Oh my god J. August Richards is in the opening credits. YES. GUNN IS A MAJOR CHARACTER. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH THIS.
  • It really was inevitable that the show would have to deal with this eventually, but I didn’t expect a season premiere to give us a situation where Angel took an innocent life. It really is a shocking moment in the show because there’s no coming back from it. You can’t undo it. Angel killed Prio Motu demon, and now he has to deal with the ramifications of it.
  • And here’s what I loved about the characterization written into Jo: it was entirely realistic that she wouldn’t just accept Angel and trust him. To me, “Judgment” is about Jo refusing to trust someone who routinely fucks things up until he finally does something she can quantify as worthy. Honestly, I think that’s completely understandable. Angel even vocalizes it: why should she trust him after he keeps ruining her chances of survival?
  • This really is the first time we see demons in a positive capacity on the show aside from Doyle. And I mean that they’re portrayed positively, they do good things, and the main trio all have to re-adjust their own prejudices regarding demons.
  • Caritas. I refuse to get over how amazing this place is.
  • Mordar the Bentback. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH.
  • No, for real, Gunn is such a fascinating character to me, and J. August Richards gives him a flair that I’m having a hard time describing. He’s more certain than ever that he’s doing what’s right, and it’s really neat to see him so easily help Angel out. But he’s off in his own world all the time, and I think that’s what I like about his characterization. There’s so much potential for him in this show, and I can’t wait to see more of him.
  • “Mandy.”
  • “Mandy.”
  • Angel is singing “Mandy” and he’s doing the worst job I’ve ever seen, and there’s nothing about this that’s not one of the best things on all of Angel.
  • No, for real, I’m entranced by the Host. WHAT IS HIS NAME. Oh god, can he never go away?
  • David Boreanaz is actually riding that horse! That’s pretty cool.
  • Also, I can verify that that was actually Spring and 4th street. I LOVE WHEN SHOWS USE REAL LOCATIONS. (Actually, now I’m thinking it might have been one street off to the east or west? But I’m pretty sure that’s Spring St. That parking lot was still there when I lived downtown.)
  • So how the hell did Jo get chosen to have to appear before the Tribunal? Do they just pick random people? Whatever, I kind of like that they don’t bother explaining this at all.
  • I genuinely felt bad when Angel had to admit that he was so excited about gaining back his humanity that he made a mistake. Like, yeah, he killed an innocent demon. But Angel just wants to be a human again! My heart, I swear.
  • I shrieked when Faith came on the screen. I think that it’s going to be quite comforting to name this very scene between Angel and Faith as one of the best-written and best-acted moments in the Buffy / Angel universe. The writers aren’t saying Faith has been miraculously healed or rehabilitated. She’s still on her own journey, as is Angel. But it’s a sign that they both care about one another, and it just hurt. I really miss Faith, and I hope we can see her again in the future. I AM SO GLAD I WAS WRONG ABOUT MY PREDICTION REGARDING HER.

Seriously, this was a great finale, and I already feel fantastic about season two. BRING IT.

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