Mark Watches Firefly is now available for purchase

Look, I can have secrets. Though apparently “having secrets” means “telling everyone I saw on tour about this two weeks ago.” STOP JUDGING ME.

Mark Watches will not be immune from delicious eBooks, so I’d like to happily announce the very first book culled from posts from this site: Mark Watches Firefly

Mark Watches Firefly is available in three formats (PDF, ePub, and Kindle mobi) for only $2.99! All fourteen episode reviews and the review of Serenity are inside, edited and adapted for a book format. As a special treat, the book also contains reviews for three Serenity comics: “Those Left Behind,” “Better Days,” and “The Shepherd’s Tale.” Lastly, the book closes out with something you will have to read because I can’t describe it in any other way than “real life fanfiction of season 2 of Firefly.”

This is the start of the creation of books for each season of every show I’ve reviewed for this site. That means Doctor Who is next, and it’ll get the full re-watches treatment as well. EXCITE!!!

Money from the sale of this book will go towards paying for the Mark Does Stuff Tour 2012, which will cover the western half of North America starting next month! Support me if you can, and come out to see me speak, do live readings, and make a fool of myself in public.

Thank you, Whedon fans, for your support since November of 2010. This book could not exist without you! <3

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  1. clodia_risa says:

    Guys, trust me. YOU WANT TO READ THIS. Especially his RPF. Oh yes, RPF.

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