Mark Watches ‘Veronica Mars’: S04E06 – Entering a World of Pain

In the sixth episode of the fourth season of Veronica Mars, one bomber’s identity is revealed, and then everything is chaos. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Veronica Mars. 

Trigger Warning: For mention of white nationalism

This show is DESTROYING me.

Bomber #1

From a craft perspective, it’s so bold that this episode reveals the identity of the Sea Sprite bomber. We now know definitively that Perry Walsh put a bomb in the vending machine, that he was asked to do so by Dick Casablancas to target the property and Sul Ross specifically, but that the wi-fi going down meant the timer got delayed. The bomb was supposed to go off in the middle of the night, but it didn’t. I have no reason to doubt this; there’s no way that Clyde and Big Dick would have that conversation and fake it? But this also means that the other bombings weren’t done by them. Right? There has to be at least two bombers here, and the second one took advantage of the situation. Which makes me think even more that Veronica and Leo are on to something with all those “accidents” that happened during Spring Break in past years. So, is there actually a serial bomber who used to be a serial killer? Why did those three frat boys get so upset when Veronica asked them about their friend who died? AHHHH THIS IS SO SUSPENSEFUL. They’re on to something!!! 

Which is also another means of building tension in “Entering a World of Pain.” Both Keith and Veronica have not gotten incredibly close to a truth. Keith’s visit to Big Dick and Clyde was downright terrifying, and the way Keith played it, Clyde definitely knows that Keith is onto him. They retaliated against Penn; what are they going to do when Keith gets too close? And I have the same question for Veronica, who is clearly close to the truth of Daniel and Alonzo. The idea of Alonzo paying Veronica a visit is unsettling. And will Weevil intervene? He’s clearly a bit horrified by the prospect, but also? Veronica was cruel and rude to him in this episode, much more concerned with dunking on him than trying to be diplomatic. I know that after the events of the film, she felt that Weevil betrayed her and her family. But is it worth it for her to be antagonizing Weevil when she could attempt something else and maybe get information that she needs?


The only reason I bring that up is because I feel like this season is showing Veronica on a downward slide. From the moment Logan proposed to her, Veronica has repeatedly refused to compromise with her boyfriend. She’s done things that are reckless and risky. She asks others to do the same as her! It was a huge risk for her to ask Logan to seek out one of his Navy intelligence buddies to find the identity of Maloof’s blackmailer; it was even riskier for him to visit the kid. (And I gotta say, I appreciated that the show managed to show us a white nationalist who might seem harmless by appearances, but was hardly anything but. That kid harmed so very many people.) After completing a possibly-career-ending favor, Logan asks for one thing in return: for Veronica to attend one couple’s therapy session. One! That’s all! And she not only refuses to do it, but she insults Logan in the process. (Seriously, look at the way his face drops when he’s in her office asking her about this.) She doesn’t really respect that he’s into this.

And it’s taking a toll. I can’t believe that of all characters, Logan is the more mature and reasonable one in most of this? IT IS A LOT. But I’m worried about Veronica, especially after that uncomfortable temptation with Leo. UGH DON’T DO IT, VERONICA. I get why she has that night out with Nicole and Leo! She wants the release. She’s hurting, and maybe she even felt a little guilt over how she left things with Logan. But lord, that is a self-destructive path in that direction, and it’s hard watching her head that way. Even worse is that I can see some of the same impulsive tendencies in Matty, and Veronica isn’t really discouraging Matty from following them. She’s almost enabling her to become the same sort of person. Which is not to discount the kindness she is offering, either! She knows Matty hates her mother’s home and that she was staying in the Sea Sprite while grieving. But some people learn by example, and is Veronica setting a positive example? Is that even her responsibility? I don’t know! This is so complicated!


So, as I said, I am worried that Big Dick will retaliate against Keith, most likely using Clyde; I’m worried about how sloppy Veronica and Keith were in the hotel where Claudia spotted them; and I also COMPLETELY forgot about the surviving Carr brother until I saw him in the “Previously On…” segment. This show is so damn good at laying the seeds for future plots, y’all! I kept waiting for the inevitable: when would the survivor of Alonzo’s hit come back for Daniel Maloof? I thought it was the knock on the door, BUT NOPE. Clarence??? Clarence Weidman??? We haven’t seen him since the end of season two!!! Oh my god, of course Logan would call in that favor. INCREDIBLE. Except then the moment of relief provided my Clarence is ruined by the arrival of the Carr brother, who shoots Daniel and is then killed by Clarence. Y’all, Veronica and Keith are going to put this together, aren’t they? THIS IS SO BAD.

The video for “Entering a World of Pain” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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