Mark Watches ‘Person of Interest’: S03E19 – Most Likely To…

In the nineteenth episode of the third season of Person of Interest, this is really funny until IT IS VERY MUCH NOT FUNNY. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Person of Interest

Trigger Warning: For nonconsensual drugging.

I laughed and then I WAS NOT LAUGHING BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK DID THIS SHOW JUST DO. Can an episode not escalate ridiculously? Please??? (Just kidding, never stop.)

Another Side

I definitely allowed myself to be fooled by the sense of humor in “Most Likely To…” I couldn’t help it! Lionel got to spend the night in a nice hotel! LOOK AT THE ROBE AND THE SLEEP MASK! Then we get to see the utter disaster that was asking John and Shaw to go undercover at a high school reunion. I could not imagine two characters less suited for this mission, and as we witness, it was clearly TERRIBLE. Oh, they sure tried hard enough, but these two aren’t suited for normal life at all. (You know who would have been super good at this? Carter. I STILL MISS HER.)

This episode was a neat chance to get to know a different side of these three characters, and I appreciate that. As relentlessly stressful as this show can be, I’m glad they can still crack a good joke every now and then.

Wrongful Death

Wow, Doug was THE ACTUAL WORST. Leave it up to a typical Nice Guy™ to not only cause the death of someone by drugging them because they felt they deserved a woman’s affection, but then they spent years BLAMING IT ON SOMEONE ELSE. I started to worry that Matthew Reed was actually some awful serial killer or something, but instead, he was consumed with the need for revenge. Which these characters can greatly relate to, you know? I admit that Reed didn’t feel all that developed compared to other guest characters, though I blame that on just how full this episode was. There was a lot going on, you know? But at the very least, I’m glad that Doug got what he deserved after doing such a terrible thing, and that includes getting shot in the leg. Otherwise, this plot felt more fun to me than part of some greater message… well, until this episode did THE THING, but I’m getting to that.


I guess this more or less answers my question about Vigilance’s reaction to Harold’s team. On the one hand, they’re adversaries, and Collier had no qualms about trying to take them out. If he could have, he would have disposed of John and Shaw, and there’s a part of me that thinks he wants to take out Shaw for rejecting the offer he made her. They are single-minded in many respects as a group, and the fact that Collier seems to be the only one of them who ever talks is a sign of that. But when it comes to Harold, Collier doesn’t seem to want to take him out. He recognizes that while Harold might be using Northern Lights, he’s using it to help people. How much of that distinction will ultimately matter? Or will Harold eventually become an enemy of Vigilance?

I’m not sure yet, but Harold at least tried to get Collier to see that they were… well, I was going to say “on the same side,” but that’s not quite right. Tangential to one another? Regardless, I wonder how much of this is going to matter. This whole time, the war between the Machine and everyone else has been unfolding “privately.” Granted, even when bits and pieces spill out into the public, no one truly knows. And up to this point, Harold and Control have both done whatever they could in order to keep the knowledge of the Machine private. Thought that’s for different reasons! Control has a vested interest in keeping this from the public because they will JUSTIFIABLY freak the fuck out. But Harold, well aware of the cost of knowing about the Machine, doesn’t want the public to know out of fear for who will be targeted next. THIS IS EVEN MORE TERRIFYING IF SAMARITAN COMES ONLINE. And now that Collier went public with Northern Lights, it seems the Machine has given all its numbers to Root???? HOW IS SHE GOING TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THEM HERSELF???

This show is Too Much.

The video for “Most Likely To…” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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