Mark Watches ‘The Terminator’: Liveblog

Hello, friends! It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a liveblog, so this is a perfect opportunity to bring them back. AND IT COMES WITH A SURPRISE. Let’s party!

So, a bit of an introduction: As I’m sure you’ve seen, I had to bump my schedule ahead by two days for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which now starts on December 8th. It would have been impossible to write my reviews for that show BEFORE this liveblog, and I still wanted to have them. On top of that, I have gotten more orders for Holiday Cards than I anticipated, so I was very worried I wouldn’t even be able to attend my own liveblogs because I had so much work to do. Thus, I decided to surprise y’all:

With video commentaries for BOTH Terminator films.

While I will still make every attempt to attend both liveblogs and yell along with y’all, I wanted to secretly document my first-time viewing these films for you. The Terminator video is $1.99, and the video for T2: Judgment Day is $2.99. For best synchronization, I watched the Skynet version of T2, which is two hours and thirty-three (2:33) minutes long.  Enjoy! I rarely record commissions for films, so consider this a holiday treat for all of you.

So! Liveblogs work quite simply. You will start your copy of this film at precisely 12:00pm Pacific time; it is best to get the film started from the menu screen and then unpause it at 12:00 so that you’re not a few seconds off. Treat the comments below as your canvas for live commentary. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ANYONE LIVEBLOGGING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Otherwise, the rules are very much the same for community conduct. These are a LOT of fun, so please enjoy yourselves!

The liveblog for T2: Judgment Day is located here, and it begins on Sunday, November 30, at 12pm Pacific time.

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