Mark Finishes ‘The West Wing’: Q&A Party!

Hello, friends! Let’s send this series off with style. Now that I have seen every aired episode of The West Wing, it is time to UNLEASH THE SPOILERS.

If you’ve never attended a Q&A party, this works fairly simply. I’ve actually cleared my schedule so that I can SIT IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER, and I will be reading the comments thoroughly and completely. It’s my policy to save most of the behind-the-scenes stuff, all the fanfic, all the fanart, until I’m completely done with a series. Thus, unleashing the spoilers! So, here’s how this happens:

1) Feel free to ask me any West Wing–specific questions, either focusing on specific episodes or entire seasons or the whole thing. I started doing these because a lot of the time, I don’t get to write about my overarching thoughts on a series. I’m caught up in the minutiae of an individual episode, you know? Let your questions spill forth!

2) You can now share all West Wing related media, meta, fanart, fanfic, interviews, gag reels, behind-the-scenes specials – literally anything that I have missed along the way. If something spoils another series, please warn for that, though, just in case. There are no spoilers left, so LET’S DO IT. What did I miss? What did you experience if you watched this in real time?

3) Since I am guaranteed to actually be here and reading comments, you are ALSO welcome to treat this as a general Q&A. All topics are acceptable! I don’t often have the time to answer questions on Tumblr, so I’m making the time now.

4) The site’s rules still apply.


And now, let’s have some fun this afternoon.

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