Mark Watches ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’: Episode 24

In the twenty-fourth episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena, I’ve now seen two people on this show turn into cows. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Utena.

This is what my life has become.

  • A clip show, all through the eyes of Tsuwabuki’s diary, which not only shows us how dedicated he is to openly stalking Nanami, but then offers up alternate versions of events that place him in the role of the heroic figure.
  • This is actually a really fascinating episode to me? It’s oddly placed after the absolute mind-melt that is “Qualifications of a Duelist,” I admit, and having a clip show that summarizes Nanami’s experiences up until now is even weirder. Why her? Will her character play a larger part in the next arc?
  • Even if she doesn’t, I do wonder if what happens here will matter in the next set of episode. After discovering Tsuwabuki’s diary, Anthy and Utena learn that Nanami hates Anthy and intentionally tried to ruin her life. On top of that, Nanami comes to discover just how creepy Tsuwabuki is because of his “list” of “strategies” that he’ll use to win her favor.
  • That’s pretty unsettling, too, isn’t it? Because understanding that relies on understanding that for Nanami, no one is more perfect than her brother, and Anthy and Utena just barely scratch the surface here. Of course, it’s an extra level of weird because aren’t Anthy and Akio doing… something? I DON’T KNOW YET.
  • Regardless, Tsuwabuki’s story still touches on issues surrounding obsession and adoration, which I’ve had the chance to write about frequently these past couple of weeks. I mean, it’s not shocking that Tsuwabuki is obsessed with Nanami. We already knew that. But “The Secret Nanami Diary” demonstrates a kind of obsession that’s delusional because he sees Nanami act terribly and bully others and he willfully views this as a positive attribute. He idols her so much that he can only interpret all her behavior in a way that makes her look flattering.
  • And yet, as serious as all this is, this is one silly episode. I didn’t know those three dudes who always harmonize “Curry!” swapped places with elephants! Could they get their own episode?
  • Watching the elephants torment Nanami, Keiko, Yuko, and Aiko was a pleasure, and I will never tire of it. NEVER.
  • I honestly thought that Tsuwabuki would convince Nanami to give up her cowbell and rejoin humanity with a sweeping speech that touched on how much he loved her perfection. I DID NOT EXPECT HIM TO JOIN HER BY PUTTING ON HIS OWN COWBELL.
  • Holy shit, that was such a hilarious moment.
  • I don’t understand this show, but I sure do appreciate it.

The video for “The Secret Nanami Diary” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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